ID Grabbed by Quote :
30ruup : you seem like someone who would be an ass master
4533 nerd|gone <bbbeluga> he's a cool guy that lives in st louis, mister sand in my florida pants
30nylm : I haven't desensitized my penis to the point where I need to jerk off with steel wool and have a monkey slap my ass with a barbwire wrapped club to get off yet.
30km1d : sushii|interneti: get back in my sex dungeon
30kcxf : bk stands for "beer king" clearly
30kble : "SPEAKING OF BALLS!" rikkitikki 2015
30kbhl : they totally do butt stuff
30jtx4 : im easy.
30jc7d :
4525 rikkitikki <bk> I can't believe it's nut butter
4524 monkers <Nyghtshade> faggit
4523 ||cw <scittles> the ol' bus in hole routine
4522 spif <frisv> unzipping is how babies start in the first place
4521 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> Thanks a lot frisv. I fucking trusted you, and now I'm sitting here eating chips and salsa the day AFTER national chip and dip day like some kind of asshole.
4520 k27463 <dolemite7> We're talking about the discreet cloning of eastern european prostitutes on a massive, MASSIVE scale
4519 monkers <_Deity> thanks DTbot
4518 monkers <_Deity> there is no reason to be upset
4517 monkers <TenthTARDIS> And you beat me
4516 monkers <frisv> I can measure lots of things in penis units
4515 k27463 <TenthTARDIS> YOU CAN'T DO THAT
4514 _Deity <TenthTARDIS> I agree with _Deity
4512 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> so there's always butt plug sitting on the counter of the kitchen
4511 _Deity <Omega037> an oil check was shoving your thumb in their ass
4510 introspectr <dolemite7> Shoutout to uteruses, the original 3D printers
4509 _Deity <Nerfdude> I am going to go outside and murder the shit out of my neighbors
4508 _Deity <sushi_> _Deity has a huge cock
4507 _Deity <frisv> My friend passed out now we can't 3 way anymore
4506 monkers <sushiiii> were like fish-rescuing superheroes lol
4505 rikkitikki <dolemite7> I AIN'T ASHAMED
4504 _Deity <sushi_> i'm not into black men unless i'm drunk
4503 timotab <bbbeluga> so your grandpa got to feel those!?
4502 Nyghtshade <_Deity> I hope someone comes
4501 bbbeluga <frisv> helicopter is like hula for your penis
4500 _Deity <Merlin00> of course I missed the damn oil bottom because my cash is still settling :(
4499 timotab <bk> I think hydro gave me an STD :(
4498 spif <Merlin00> spif the comedy genius
4497 spif <Merlin00> balls and asshole
4496 Merlin00 <brittbot>
4495 _Deity <rikkitikki> One rikkitikki is enough to blow your mind
4494 rikkitikki <_Deity> I just have low standards when it comes to identical twins that are willing to share me
4493 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> would you eat 10 fart flavored spiders just because they were $1.50?
4492 spif <dolemite7> this place is cursed with urinary problems
4491 Omega037 <anotherbofh> "Industry Leading Frozen Semen Technologies"
4490 bk <rikkitikki> I only have one fan
4489 Nyghtshade <|mErLiN|> it's really fucking wet right now
4488 |mErLiN| <sushi_> ._.
4487 timotab <Electropop> hey..clean balls matter.
4486 Omega037 <misspwn> stick it in her butt and wake her up
4485 bk <rikkitikki> Also those boobs prolly weigh like 5 lb each
4484 timotab <Electropop> I mean..I can send you one with me topless for science
4483 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> you might as well boil barf over an open flame
4482 k27463 <rikkitikki> Join my cult and suck my dick
4481 rikkitikki <bk> hahaha he REALLY wants this hot dog I'm eating
4480 rikkitikki <k27463> not everything in my life is train related
4479 sushi__l <misspwn> or you'll never get to pee in that butt
4478 bbbeluga <barro> preferrably right in the tip of a chubbed out dong.
4477 introspectr5 <Merlin00> the only time people talk religion in here is to belittle others' religious beliefs
4476 DeSJ2017 <dolemite7> an animated gif of a guy fucking another guy in the ass and the fuckee's dick spinning around like a helicopter
4475 scittles <DeSJ2017> oh please, Ive seen people pee in other peoples butts on a couch before at a party, I think I can handle it
4474 DeSJ2017OAFK <dolemite7> burman's be thy name
4473 Omega037 <grobend> niggers
4472 scittles <frisv> no one said lather peanut butter on your crotch and let a dog chew the hairs off
4471 k27463 <frisv> i think scittles has discovered a celebrity jeopardy category. "goats ear train". "i'll take goatse art rain for $200"
4470 k27463 <res0> the giver is my spirit animal
4469 spif <misspwn> oh god the poop is coming back
4468 spif <Nyghtshade> The fear of reprecussions needs to outweight the desire to punch someone in the face.
4467 Omega037 <xxxt> if it wasn't for date rape i'd never get laid.
4466 nerd|sportsball <DeliriumTremens> KILL WHITEY
4465 nerd|sportsball <Electropop> I DONT FUCK WITH YOUUUU
4464 nerd|church <bbbeluga> you can do it, put your back into it
4463 nerd|church <aaronn> but... but... im white!
4462 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> well tripe looks like grey spongebob dick
4461 Omega037 <Electropop> how do you even start kinky sex
4460 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> your face looks damned good on you
4459 nerd|gofyourself <bbbeluga> i swear to bob spif, you bring a pie and i will be on your face
4458 nerd|gofyourself <drdasos> I'd love to rid the world of all the whites
4457 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work> I want to put more into it
4456 bbbeluga <frisv> yeah get something stiff to stick through that hole ;)
4455 GreetingsADM <rikkitikki> like, if I ever cosplay someone that isn't 12
4454 rikkitikki <frisv> Fool I am a cracka
4453 ktrains <kitkatkaytee> Now I smell like I worked at 5 guys
4452 sushiiii <scittles> christian science
4451 ktrains <frisv> ktrains is his nick he uses so we can grab his ass
4450 spif <secretninjaket> heels help with the booty shakin though
4449 sushiiii <frisv> aldi has great prices on titty sprinkles
4448 spif <sushiiii> the penis thing again? you guysssss.
4447 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> introspectr3: you still gonna keep pooping now that you're a professional turd?
4446 rikkitikki <drdasos> I have a PhD in studying dat ass
4445 memmek2k <rikkitikki> Electropop: warning, this may turn into a birthday orgy
4444 Merlin00 <axe9|work> Merlin00 got me pegged.
4443 spotmonk <bbbeluga> come if you can, if you can't that is okay too. I just wanna have a night of fun.
4442 frisv <bbbeluga> i needed at least double that
4441 funkyb <misspwn> good i was just gona bring condoms
4440 _Deity <crevecoeurchick> It's penis. Stop sugar coating the penis.
4439 nerddtvg <willisnutz43> sucked anymore dicks lately?
4438 nerddtvg <spotmonk> the video I shot with your mom involved a train
4437 introspectr <baslisks|work> if he went any deeper he'd be ramming the uterus of my mind
4436 introspectr <kerouac> nerddtvg: yeah , for she had to have sex with you twice to get it
4435 sushiiii <Omega037> i would absolutely fail as a father otherwise
4434 spif <_Deity> enough dick blood*
4433 Omega037 <k27463> misspwn am i a sperglord?
4432 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> your mom is the Orly of french vaginas
4431 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> i wonder if Nyghtshade ever broke both of his arms
4430 _Deity <willisnutz43> you're a peice of shit, goodnight.
4429 deity|phone <willisnutz43> no, but there's a need to hope you suffer before you die if you drive like an idiot.
4428 rikki|afk <MadTony71> well I'm glad you guys ar making 'new' people welcomed, rofl, and by that I mean yer not.. rofl
4427 Merlin00 <crevecoeurchick> Yes, i will do nudes.
4426 _Deity <crevecoeurchick> Can i have the item first before the head?
4425 funkyb <kitkatkaytee> We're all technically eskimo brothers. Minus the sex. And substitute it for facebook friendship with monkers.
4424 _Deity <crevecoeurchick> I dont even need the monies.
4423 demophoon <rikkitikki> I want my buttplug as elegant as my outfit
4422 _Deity <MadTony71> I've come close a few times, but eventually I'm going to get 100% fed up with the rat race and disappear into the weeds never to be seen again...
4421 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> your mom's related
4420 bbbeluga <scittles> i like hello kitty so i'm pretty much expert in all things japanese
4419 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> DT wa kawaii desu = DT is cute
4418 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> what colored dress is Leonard Nimoy going to wear to his Llama themed funeral being streamed live after the conference on Net Neutrality?
4417 Omega037 <_Deity> they have 15 year old girl prostitutes also
4416 _Deity <Omega037> thats why you gotta have like 5 guys on the line
4415 Omega037 <kitkatkaytee> What's your name jailbait?
4414 Omega037 <rikkitikki> RIP llama_beans' bowels
4413 _Deity <frisv> I'll be right behind you res0
4412 _Deity <DeliriumTremens> frisv smells like turds
4411 Electropop <DeliriumTremens> kitkatkaytee: it's a known fact that chinese food tastes 3x worse when you have to eat it with silverware
4410 dolemite7 <misspwn> i just shampooed the rug
4409 Nerfdude <willisnutz43> DeliriumTremens be postin' n00ds for d00ds that only the pedos would view also
4408 de|it|e <res0> I'll give you an inch around 2am
4407 res0 <bbbeluga> YOU WOULD ENJOY IT IF THEY ARE OLD
4406 spif <memmek2k> Yup, cuz male sexuality is completely uncontrollable and it's completely on women to make sure they're not too provacative
4405 spif <frisv> I would totally not put a penis in jennn
4404 kitkatkaytee <Primesauce> No, because squirting implies that the woman enjoyed it. I don't want anyone to have fun but me.
4403 rikkitikki <memmek2k> a hemipenis if you will
4402 k27463 <frisv> you're not showing off your penis enough
4401 rikkitikki <de_it_e> I fuck me all the time even though im too hot for me
4400 spif <rikkitikki> Slappin' all them taints
4399 spif <bbbeluga> clearly i enjoy snacking on ballsax
4398 Nyghtshade <deity_> I totes love the fatties.
4397 rikkitikki <frisv> i wouldnt even need your dick after all that
4396 kitkatkaytee <rikkitikki> Why did no one grab that
4394 k27463 <kitkatkaytee> Dick pics are best pics.
4393 k27463 <rikkitikki> Everyone wants a know it all when she has an ass that doesn't quit
4392 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> I'm basically the Dr. Phil of this channel.
4391 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> hopefully i dont turn into a pigfucker
4390 Nerfdude <res0> I am a pretty princess.
4389 rikkitikki <_Deity> i mean, i may be good, but i am usually drunk when its happening
4388 Omega037 <misspwn> i get the squirts daily
4387 nerddtvg <nerddtug> not all of us can be as cool and sexy as you :(
4386 rikkitikki <memmek2k> rikkitikki: I like fish dicks.
4385 TenthTARDIS <GreetingsADM> You should play with more boobs, they're fun
4384 nerd|work <frisv> can confirm, am older brother and ridiculously hetero
4383 nerd|work <bbbeluga> Sorry guys, im gay now.
4382 nerd|work <bbbeluga> I have no brothers so I can't be blamed for turning them gay!
4381 rikkitikki <GreetingsADM> You're not Mormon unless you attend a Utah Jazz game
4380 k27463 <Electropop> masturbate.
4379 GreetingsADM <spif> well captain planet does turn people into trees
4378 spif <GreetingsADM> a planet where it never reaches 4:20
4377 TenthTARDIS <_Deity> kerouac, let me know when you go to asia... i would like to bone a native
4376 rikkitikki <res0> WHERE IN THE WORLD IS RIKKI SAN DIEGO
4375 spif <kerouac> now you'll never see my 1/2 inch peen
4374 rikkitikki <Electropop> I smell so damn good
4373 rikkitikki <kitkatkaytee> rikkitikki is creepy, that's why we keep her here.
4372 _Deity <kerouac> i want to stick my toungue in that yummy cheese
4371 nerddtvg <GreetingsADM> Turd Burglar is among my favorite insults
4370 bbbeluga <kerouac> glad to hear my penis is still an option
4369 _Deity <kitkatkaytee> that im best gay of the day
4368 rikki|afk <DeliriumTremens> awww sleet sleet sleet sleet
4367 spif <bbbeluga> that's just a light spank really
4366 rikkitikki <memmek2k> romance with me is always a jolly good show
4365 res0 <rikkitikki> sounds like a wet drone
4364 DeliriumTremens <frisv> i love nuts
4363 k27463 <frisv> all my weight is in my junk
4362 nerd|work <frisv> your mom has a red button
4361 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> I'm changing my name to Handfist McSnatch
4360 k27463 <bbbeluga> i feel like it is still hard
4359 res0 <frisv> The best part about gay porn is that there is no smell
4358 rikkitikki <frisv> man, necks are awesome
4357 Omega037 <res0> a bigger, blacker dick cake
4356 res0 <misspwn> mm dark meat
4355 k27463 <dolemite7> misspwn's mom is hot
4354 Electropop <frisv> "welcome to michigan. fuck michigan"
4353 rikkitikki <frisv> can i pledge 6 inches of my dick to slap across her face?
4352 Omega037 <Electropop> Is it hard?
4351 nerd|gone <rikkitikki> I find it pleasurable
4350 nerd|gone <rikkitikki> "Oh, is this about myself? Sweet."
4349 GreetingsADM <scittles> axe9|work: she's legit psycho, but not in the obvious ways where people feel sorry for you
4348 nerd|work <frisv> CAUSE YOUR JUNK IS INACTIVE
4347 _Deity <bbbeluga> What tickles my blow hole is a great subtitle
4346 Omega037 <_Deity> your butt gets pumped
4345 Omega037 <bbbeluga> i love your wiener, llama_beans
4344 rikkitikki <Electropop> look younger rikki
4343 Electropop <GreetingsADM> so, plenty of places to bury the bodies
4342 nerddtvg <rikkitikki> If I had a cock I'd totally buy that
4341 nerddtvg <k27463> i still suck
4340 Omega037 <_Deity> yu gotta pee on an underaged girl
4339 _Deity <Merlin00> everyone is DTF when _Deity is involved
4338 spif <frisv> maybe i'll just kiss a burrito and get a free evin
4337 introspectr3 <bbbeluga> booo orcas
4336 k27463 <frisv> Electropop i hope you're just going on dates for the free meals
4335 DeliriumTremens <frisv> excited for chubbies tonight
4334 frisv <Nerfdude> Netscape says I need a plugin to see this content
4333 Electropop <sushiiii> i shit on my desk daily. its good for the soul
4332 k27463 <dolemite7> "How much can't could a white girl can't if a white girl literally could not even?"
4331 Nerfdude <Omega037> aopjfep give me GREEN ewqifpjeqwp !!!!! yaya :):):(
4330 spif <Nyghtshade> The dog wants your butthole.
4329 kitkatkaytee <GreetingsADM> though you typically don't have to soak a penis in water for a week to get it to grow to its fullest size
4328 ||cw <GreetingsADM> My soup pot would pirrouette on the flat-tope
4327 Omega037 <misspwn> i'm half tempted to make a CL post to find some lady friends
4326 grobend <GreetingsADM> He's saying no, but really he wants it
4325 spif <GreetingsADM> if butts had nipples, then we'd have somethign to talk about
4324 spif <rikkitikki> You can penetrate an ass
4323 spif <GreetingsADM> Just make sure you get in the box before the can, the other way is unhygenic
4322 rikkitikki <frisv> it must be weird to have a guy cum inside you
4321 _Deity <frisv> F it i'm getting a donut and not telling anybody
4320 res0 <misspwn> cucumbers are great for that too
4319 k27463 <misspwn> world needs more misspwn
4318 res0 <misspwn> i make finger goal and look through just fine
4317 Omega037 <llama_beans> licking my pants
4316 spif <scittles> i've got a hankerin for fun dip
4315 spif <spotmonk> my name is Gene and I'm totally a male prostitute
4314 spif <scittles> "if i could live on any planet it'd be uranus"
4313 GreetingsADM <frisv> i dont care about paying but i try to make the girl feel a little guilty so they'll make it up
4312 whiteruski <Nerfdude> My hair clogged the toilet :/
4311 k27463 <res0> I read that as "Pornography meeting"
4310 spif <whiteruski> your mom's pussy is so dry that the crabs carry canteens
4309 nerddtvg <Nerfdude> It's all fisting and snapbacks
4308 nerddtvg <res0> that was quick
4307 _Deity <monkers> i'll lick a girls ass too i dont give a fuuuck.
4306 Omega037 <misspwn> is there anything you don't do, other than anal?
4305 spif <Electropop> How do I make it stop? Find someone to randomly suck on them?
4304 res0 <bbbeluga> and im not sensitive i can take things
4303 spif <scittles> poop is out of fashion?
4302 spif <scittles> then it sounds like you just need to let your nipples flow free
4301 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> Would you rather poop one horse sized poop, or a hundred duck sized poops?
4300 k27463 <frisv> will her poop be larger than a duck?
4299 spif <GreetingsADM> People do pegging all the time on the tables at Cracker Barrel
4298 k27463 <dolemite7> I WILL SHIT ON EVERYTHING YOU LOVE
4297 spif <Primesauce> Ladies love a bedazzled cock
4296 bbbeluga <spotmonk> becca is excited that his penis doesn't work
4295 bbbeluga <spif> lol
4294 spif <scittles> i'm going to drink booze tonight and have crazy sex just to spite them, if anyone has any marijuanas they can bring me i'll take that too
4293 timotab <axe9|work> I remember my first one. it was pretty fun.
4292 Nerfdude <Killsudo> listening to an animal cry in pain from a rubber band on their nuts is just upsetting when it's for no reason
4291 TheDeity <misspwn> llama_beans, this weekend we might be doing girl things if you are into that stuff
4290 spif <bbbeluga> but then the moaning got more excited than painful
4289 nerd|skewl <TwoWorlds> oh, okay, kinda like when the female corn is on her period
4288 spif <frisv> maybe he will electropop your cherry
4287 k27463 <dolemite7> thank you and here's my ip address
4286 introspectr3 <frisv> I gave your mom an error 413 last night
4285 bbbeluga <introspectr3> Tits are the Alpha and the Omega, the First and Last, the Beginning and the End.
4284 res0 <llama_beans> ah tacos
4283 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work> my balls hurt today for some reason
4282 k27463 <bbbeluga> how many inches did you get ;)
4281 nerddtvg <res0> bbbeluga is a secret racist
4280 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> my cream was delicious, thanks for asking res0
4279 nerddtvg <Omega037> man, i gotta poop
4278 nerddtvg <DeliriumTremens> it's poop all the way down, boys!
4277 timotab <bbbeluga> separate tubs seems to make it harder to do it
4276 timotab <dolemite7> I PAID FOR A LADY, NOT CORY AND TREVOR
4275 dolemite7 <misspwn> always falling out my pocket
4274 k27463 <spif> bbbeluga: I'M SORRY
4273 memmek2k <rikkitikki> I'll show ya my kinda panties Electropop
4272 happyincolor <rikkitikki> I like my clothes to support human suffering
4271 dolemite7 <rikkitikki> DeliriumTremens: excuse me, I wear period accurate crotchless bloomers
4270 DeliriumTremens <Electropop> JUST FUCK BIEBER
4269 rikkitikki <_Deity> people will never lose the desire to learn new ways to fuck
4268 rikkitikki <frisv> train porn will be the new thing in 2015
4267 k27463 <Electropop> Sounds hard..
4266 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> or that smell when you fart under the covers after eating white castle and it slowly creeps from under the covers right into your face
4265 funkyb <ThatDeadDude> I guess more cunt than poon
4264 happyincolor <spotmonk> I think it's a fickle mofo
4263 timotab <happyincolor> we really want to come this year
4262 rikkitikki <DLbot> misspwn's boobs are perky appleballoons.
4261 Electropop <misspwn> toot toot is the new zoom zoom
4260 ||cw <Electropop> My tits are amazing.
4259 introspectr <Primesauce> I don't think we've met. Hi, I'm Primesauce. I'm not going to change who I am or what I do.
4258 rikkitikki <GreetingsADM> how big is he?
4257 Deity_ <monkers> yes free flights for everyone
4256 Electropop <frisv> news from CMU this morning, a toilet overflows in an apartment and a resident died. it all started when the deceased roommate took a corgi sized shit
4255 DeliriumTremens <Zeryl> don't make me blow your man
4254 k27463 <res0> rikki pays ME for sex
4253 rikki|phoney <res0> rikki is such a whore
4252 misspwn_ <res0> these hos won't keep off mah dick
4251 k27463 <grobend> Anyone here into buttplugs?
4250 Nerfdude <bbbeluga> omega how many times do we have to ask you not to talk about your wife and her baby making or her boobs or her parts
4249 spif <Barro50> boned it raw
4248 spif <Barro50> what happened to the good old days of grabbin' the girl by the tit tay and saying "Let's go, woman, we have work to do"?
4247 misspwn <DeliriumTremens> i can eat jalapenos again today, my pucker portal has recovered
4246 Deity_ <llama_beans> unless it also teleports magically through my phone to my mouth
4245 timotab <llama_beans> just go rub one out and relax fellas
4244 nicomachus <GreetingsADM> Liberal Christians love them some Sufjan
4243 spif <GreetingsADM> "We enjoy regular heterosexual lovemaking"
4242 bbbeluga <introspectr3> its 9am, i think ill go gorge some rump roast
4241 k27463 <GreetingsADM> Is a restraining order a form of rejectiong?
4240 res0 <spotmonk> on days that you aren't gay of the day do you crave more or less cock?
4239 res0 <Sabriel> spotmonk: I crave more cock
4238 TheDeity <monkers> so after my mom dies im going to kill myself
4237 Deity_ <grobend> I'm trying to score some LSD
4236 nerddtvg <misspwn> salt lickaaaaaaaa
4235 res0 <bbbeluga> do you want a poofy one misspwn
4234 spif <spotmonk> my freaky testicles are nobody's business DLbot
4233 Omega037 <Deity_> prison is for people that want to get raped
4232 Omega037 <Nerfdude> Every time you binge eat, cum on your face
4231 Deity_ <frisv> no one uses their smartphone to browse the internet
4230 timotab <frisv> i have a booger i just can't reach
4229 k27463 <frisv> the problem with real life is that there are no grabs
4228 timotab <frisv> i must be sniffing your brain fart
4227 whiteruski <Nyghtshade> Watchmen, without the giant blue floppy penis.
4226 _Deity <whiteruski> i'll give you some of my fat _Deity
4225 _Deity <Electropop> Id bang her.
4223 bbbeluga <dolemite7> i know someone else with a white sauce aversion...
4222 DeliriumTremens <misspwn_> i gues not really pooping if i was just shooting water out my anus
4221 bbbeluga <DeliriumTremens> or i can hand sand to completion
4220 hawkgpg <frisv> i'm sure if you got drunk right before giving birth, it wouldnt affect the baby
4219 k27463 <bbbeluga> so i should right the words on my boobs?
4218 Electropop <DeliriumTremens> i dont have 8 nipples
4217 k27463 <dolemite7> At the rate I'm going, I'm gonna be giving handies behind the New Life Evangelical Center in 2 years!
4216 rikkitikki <Nerfdude> Whatever I'll be in the front car eating babies
4215 spif <frisv> Truly though, aside from furiously is there any other way to masturbate?
4214 k27463 <frisv> What about rule 34 Rikki pics?
4213 k27463 <Nerfdude> Irc... Irc never changes
4212 _Deity <Electropop> I can think of the biggest one Nerfdude
4211 Electropop <Nerfdude> Paul walker was the man and I miss him ever dae
4210 k27463 <Electropop> I want to fuck The Rock, with his big ass tattoos and his adorable smile, and his muscles...
4209 k27463 <Electropop> My roommates boyfriend drank my milk
4208 _Deity <Electropop> will you suck my blood?
4207 Electropop <_Deity> well we know what kind of porn you sick fucks watch
4206 _Deity <rikkitikki> I don't know nothin
4205 _Deity <frisv> 4 nerds just came in kimcheese
4204 timotab <Merlin00> I think this is the first thing timotab has said I agree on
4203 Omega037 <jgrant> Omega037: No wonder people hate the Jews, if you're the /Gold/ standard.
4202 k27463 <Omega037> talk about poop or suffer the consequences
4201 k27463 <misspwn_> i've pooped in public places
4200 k27463 <frisv> according to my wellness survey i have high stress AND THIS ISNT HELPING
4199 spif <jgrant> I mean the annoyance is, have a certified full blown mental breakdown that negatively effected me for a year; 70 pounds of weight gain in 5 month, mental health not great, and then I get shit for sucking. I know I suck, it's taken me literally a year not to have 0 self esteem and them people are "razzing me" no, I've been berated by you Omega037 for now 5+ months over my mental health.
4198 k27463 <DeSJ2017> oh jeez. they're getting longer
4197 spif <Omega037> then again, im also just a dick
4196 k27463 <jgrant> Well, how queer.
4195 DeSJ2017 <frisv> clitorious bastards
4194 Omega037 <jgrant> frisv Mainly because I've been framed as a villain here, to a pretty large degree. So most anything I do that's not a big deal, people will blow up to be huge. Then when I calmly respond, people think I'm all defensive and tell me to "calm down!"/
4193 k27463 <frisv> my e penis is so small though ;(
4192 k27463 <axe9|work> misspwn_ That's a penis
4191 k27463 <Omega037> so, about DeliriumTremens's poop
4190 rikkitikki <frisv> blacks dont want to be too far from africa
4189 spif <Nicomachus> Can you sell white infants on the black market?
4188 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> What about K Cups that can then be reused as a tampon?
4187 spif <dolemite7> digiornosexuals
4186 k27463 <Electropop> for the record: I am wearing underwear right now.
4185 _Deity <bbbeluga> yeah yeah, men are superior
4184 rikkitikki <spif> I love you rikkitikki
4183 rikkitikki <spif> I don't know anything
4182 dolemite7 <axe9|work> I'm... I'm really cursing in these videos too much to use them as instructional videos.....
4181 Nerfdude <jgrant> Subtitle is tentatively, "a gay romp into computational thought".
4180 spif <jgrant> Sorry, wiping on numpad...
4179 _Deity <jgrant> I fucking hate cooking and will eat near any and all meat.
4178 Deity_ <jgrant> Brb, night sausage attempt 2.
4177 spif <res0> power of my farts
4176 Deity_ <Omega037> my son needs to stop pooping in the tub
4175 spif <DeliriumTremens> wild jew sex?
4174 DeSJ2017 <_Deity> teachers are getting hornier and hornier every yea
4173 Nyghtshade <_Deity> its actually more like || instead of \/
4172 _Deity <hydr0> as long as nobody is banging kids on here i think they're just regular ol' americans
4171 spif <llama_beans> its been a long day with my legos and whatnot
4170 spif <res0> surprisingly little humping involved
4169 res0 <k27463> the hardest part is making it that big
4168 spif <GreetingsADM> If it's large enough, and I press hard enough I can
4167 spif <bbbeluga> But you can't fit you face in between one boob
4166 introspectr3 <secretninjaket> I get distracted by weird thoughts when watching some porn. like I hope that dude didn't eat Mexican for her sake..
4165 Electropop <secretninjaket> I read that as Sluts and got really excited about that sort of show
4164 spif <hydro|> i have more meaningful interactions with DTbot than i do most confirmed humans
4163 DeSJ2017 <hydro|> where are my pants?
4162 k27463 <bbbeluga> my mom is closed on monday
4161 spif <bbbeluga> i live in sin all the time
4160 k27463 <grobend> I was just penis
4159 timotab <axe9|work> Merlin00 I'll upload duck video to private youtube
4158 dolemite7 <Electropop> How do you put it in?
4157 ||cw <DeliriumTremens> i dont have a stub handy
4156 bbbeluga <misspwn> wan get swole wtih me bb?
4155 _Deity <misspwn_> i'll borrow their donkey
4154 Omega037 <whiteruski> your mouth says no but your butt says yes
4153 DeSJ2017 <_Deity> no vchip in me
4152 timotab <Electropop> God..he was so gentle.
4151 DeSJ2017 <_Deity> cup da bawls
4150 _Deity <misspwn_> i'm quick witted it's okay if you aren't
4149 whiteruski <_Deity> if i had to pay 5 cents to see them I would want my nickelback
4148 DeSJ2017 <_Deity> it was the fucking yum
4147 _Deity <Electropop> Sorry I am PMSing hardcore
4146 _Deity <frisv> Yeah I wish I was in high school these days with all the teacher on student sex going on
4145 Deity_ <Notbrad> peace nigs
4144 spif <frisv> thats ironic cause big dicks never quit
4143 frisv <mccafe> i cant deneigh that
4142 spif <bbbeluga> i'll keep you in mind when i hear about an amber alert
4141 spif <spotmonk> all the times I've wanked off thinking about her she's been pretty good
4140 spif <bbbeluga> and I am fantastic in the sack so clearly it is all true
4139 timotab <bbbeluga> we all agree, you should not be in here during school hours. Because we all believe our solid education got us where we are today. Wealthy, healthy, employed, and fantastic in the sack.
4138 GRABY <misspwn> lies
4137 GRABY <ajwalsh44> lol
4136 GRABY <DLbot> outm first said "yees!" on 2015 01 14 13:50:32.
4135 spif <frisv> "girls pussy" seems obvious. like cheese quesadilla
4134 DeSJ2017 <dolemite7> well, does your mouth or butthole feel weird this morning?
4133 skizermetimbers <Nerfdude> He just whipped out a little tooth crowbar and went to town
4132 GreetingsADM <Nerfdude> I promise it's not a dick this time
4131 spif <Omega037> people blamed us, but let me tell you, if Monsanto was behind it they would all be fucking gone by now
4130 DeSJ2017 <DeliriumTremens> its coming from INSIDE THE PHONE INSIDE OF FRISVS ANUS
4129 DeSJ2017 <anotherbofh> my anus decided it needed its own account
4128 spif <frisv> My left ball is gigantic compared to my right
4127 DeSJ2017 <hawkgpg> i read that as wank first,lol
4126 DeSJ2017 <frisv> I like my joes how I like my hoes, brown and extra sloppy
4125 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> I'm such a shitlord.
4124 memmek2k <_Deity> but if shes hot and you eat her ass you pretty much are guaranteed a sloppy blowjob
4123 _Deity <GreetingsADM> [12:38] <_Deity> im going out to eat girl ass after work
4122 frisv <spif> just this craving for fresh milk
4121 DeSJ2017 <bbbeluga> having nipples and having boobs are very very different
4120 DeSJ2017 <frisv> bbbeluga has underage boobs
4119 spif <GreetingsADM> together, my nipples are 64 years old
4118 DeSJ2017 <frisv> these days everything is grabable
4117 DeSJ2017 <frisv> my balls combined age is almost 60
4116 DeSJ2017 <bbbeluga> if they were just two orbs of fat, they wouldn't make me so happy
4115 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade> I'm a tax professional.
4114 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> keep up with the fiber and you'll shit an entire wicker swingset
4113 timotab <Omega037> its prob best not to get me started on Japan
4112 spif <res0> secretninjaket has two massive talents
4111 DeSJ2017 <secretninjaket> I'm rather good at not puking during road trips now
4109 Nerfdude <spif> gamecube burned your house down?
4108 DeSJ2017 <_Deity> and you will get a kickback from pornhub
4107 spif <bbbeluga> you mean fisty ;)
4106 spif <rikkitikki> And I don't even have a dick
4105 _Deity <frisky> I can pop my dick like I can pop my knuckles
4104 spif <_Deity> SDS Snapped dick syndrom
4103 spif <rikkitikki> I've never had a dude snap his dick on me
4102 spif <Nerfdude> I've snapped my dick, that's a thing
4101 spif <Nyghtshade> Took me forever to restrain my mad humping.
4100 spif <_Deity> snapped your dick?
4099 spif <Nyghtshade> Like... I snapped my dick multiple times when I was 16
4098 DeSJ2017 <_Deity> the best birth control ever is oral sex
4097 rikkitikki <frisky> I so wish I could punch a girl in the face
4096 spif <Nyghtshade> Like... if a chick punches me in the face... Like... I have every right to cold cock her right in the jaw.
4095 frisky <Nyghtshade> I know what pregnancy is like.
4094 Nyghtshade <rikkitikki> Aw, boohoo, you couldn't get rejected by women there
4093 spif <Nerfdude> Hey 15 year old look at my dick http //
4092 res0 <Electropop> I wanna win just for a dildo...
4091 spif <secretninjaket> That's why I call all my boyfriends daddy, obviously
4090 _Deity <secretninjaket> Dad dicks are always huge
4089 spif <Electropop> How does a freckle get on the dick?
4088 rikkitikki <memmek2k> normal state for a dick is kinda wrinkly
4087 memmek2k <Nerfdude> My dong is smooth even without ironing
4086 spif <secretninjaket> who'd want wrinkley dick pics anyway
4085 spif <Electropop> Im just a 21 year old girl..
4084 spif <Electropop> so my tanning lotion is frozen solid
4083 spif <Nyghtshade> We could go Black Mirror on this.... Live stream the conversation and we'll let mob rule determine what you say.
4082 TenthTARDIS <_Deity> that was your one and only delquote ever for life Nyghtshade
4081 spif <Electropop> Im not wearing underwear~!
4080 GreetingsADM <Nyghtshade> I like potato soup.
4079 spif <Nyghtshade> I feel like the ass and mouth have to come into play somewhere along the line.
4078 nerd|chores <misspwn> i can confirm though no boner problems here
4077 nerd|chores <Nyghtshade> Not ripping at the skin throbbing and bulging... but those half assed ones, you struggle to get up when you're drunk.
4076 GreetingsADM <Nyghtshade> Nobody robs my boner.
4075 spif <rikkitikki> Am I a potato of the OreIda Nation? I think so.
4074 Electropop <spif> Nyghtshade: time flies when you're having a terrorist takeover of a region of the world
4073 spif <Nyghtshade> Like... is there a floppy flesh extension between your legs?
4072 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade> So a Ford dealership is routinely fucking my parents up the ass with Diagnosis charges for their ford Focus.
4071 k27463 <rikkitikki> don't stop < that's what your mom said last night
4070 k27463 <spif> nobody fucks uncles quite like you
4069 spif <bbbeluga> Bump and grind it
4068 rikkitikki <GreetingsADM> have you tried putting your ear up to your cat's urethra?
4067 DeSJ2017 <DeliriumTremens> places the malformed scrotum in his scrot kiln
4066 k27463 <||cw> scrotumsmith? like, hand crafts nutsacks?
4065 DeSJ2017 <DeliriumTremens> i figured you twerked at it and gota freemovie
4064 _Deity <rikkitikki> I have no preference on the size
4063 rikkitikki <_Deity> it can be tiny if you want, but ill definitely pay you
4062 _Deity <DeSJ2017> I'm pretty wide eyed during the day but the afternoon man... thats when it gets weird
4061 _Deity <rikkitikki> Calm yoself
4060 spif <frisv> we're all smoking whale
4059 _Deity <frisv> _Deity's only badge is in vadge
4058 spif <_Deity> I thought it was funny because I just learned at that time that superman says to slap a jap
4057 spif <bbbeluga> Big Beautiful Spif
4056 _Deity <bbbeluga> there are 6 different kinds of tea bags available to me at work
4055 k27463 <frisv> i try to live my life based on the conclusions of !8ball
4054 spif <GreetingsADM> If they want to go somewhere where their feelings are cherished, they should go to tumblr
4053 spif <GreetingsADM> High schoolers are just fresh meat here
4052 bbbeluga <frisv> i'm good at plugging holes
4051 k27463 <nerd|work> idiots.
4050 spif <Chewbaccer> The dead don't resist
4049 bbbeluga <DeliriumTremens> why is my dad the best person to ask about oxygenated sea monkey water?
4048 Nerfdude <DeliriumTremens> and this evening has peed out of her box twice
4047 bbbeluga <El Dubb> only the tastiest meats go in my mouth
4046 rikkitikki <res0> rikki's pretty hot for a 12 year old
4045 Omega037 <rikkitikki> I don't have the proportions of a midget
4044 Pb_ft <||cw> compilers have low standards
4043 k27463 <frisv> i wouldn't come here if it weren't for DLbot
4042 Omega037 <_Deity> shit im half inclined to hire someone to hold my cock anyway
4041 dolemite7 <bbbeluga> i made my own body butter
4040 spif <bbbeluga> men dont leak tears over typos
4039 k27463 <res0> Chank and res0 can't stop fighting about your mom.
4038 DeliriumTremens <Notbrad> your cock is immersive
4037 _Deity <hydro|> plenty of loose binders in the CWE
4036 res0 <Notbrad> my partner was like 7 inches taller than me so i felt like i had to reach really far
4035 spif <hydro|> finally I'm pooping
4034 dolemite7 <GreetingsADM> They're the ones that shave the meat in front of you
4033 _Deity <Nyghtshade> Funny thing, I could go to prison for telling you I'm certified by the government.
4032 spif <Nyghtshade> The pain was all dick.
4031 rikkitikki <dolemite7> i think i would've stuffed something in my ass during all that, distract myself
4030 funkyb <misspwn> smell not inhale, worst scent ever too
4029 k27463 <secretninjaket_> Oh no! My secret has been revealed! woe is me!!!!
4028 spif <secretninjaket_> Well I have boobs as big as my face. That's not scary at all!
4027 _Deity <spotmonk> I'd buy some romance from you Electropop
4026 spif <Omega037> god, why do i have to poop so much
4025 scittles <frisv> alton is the place to be
4024 rikki|afk <GreetingsADM> If you wear a hijab/burqua, you can poop anywhere
4023 spif <_Deity> and just put a picture of my balls on tinder and see what happens
4022 _Deity <hawkgpg> i better make that girls twitter tinder trolling
4021 spif <Merlin00> I guess dudes send messages on there and jerk off
4020 introspectr3 <Nyghtshade> Fuck my dates are all screwed.
4019 spif <Electropop> he just petted me like a dog.
4018 spif <grobend> I wish we were still allowed to eat our young
4017 _Deity <res0> hyth is the sound a gay snake makes
4016 res0 <Electropop> I can't even find my bra let alone a place in STL
4015 Electropop <frisv> I want to be a backup dancer on the hammer time music video
4014 res0 <Electropop> Do you like shit bleeding?
4013 res0 <Electropop> Can someone bless my womb?
4012 anotherbofh <Electropop> jesus I don't remember them sucking so much.
4011 anotherbofh <spif> I like meat
4010 spotmonk <Electropoop> Lol my Breasts hold sadness and despair.
4009 k27463 <Merlin00> they look pretty much the same size to me
4008 _Deity <DeliriumTremens> MISSPWN FARTED
4007 spif <Evin> 1. I wish I had an iron man sweater and 2. Funeral.
4006 nerddtvg <hydro|> have to remove the vestiges of British fisting and squirting
4005 Pb_ft <res0> a good way to make sure people don't take you seriously is referring to people as "chimps"
4004 res0 <frisv> i have so many things that become erect
4003 Chank <bbbelugaphone> You heard wrong. Boobs are fun!
4002 _Deity <DeliriumTremens> I THOUGHT YOU WANTED THIS
4001 spif <Nerfdude> It's like the mos eisley cantina with boobs and vagina
4000 DeliriumTremens <Electropop> I do res0 with my fists
3999 rdm <Electropop> It's long and complicated and just a pain
3998 Omega037 <misspwn> orfice party
3997 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> look, cat, you want your vag to stop hurting or not?
3995 whiteruski <_Deity> "Yeah baby, ill defrag that drive" "You like it when i grep | that ass"
3994 k27463 <Omega037> what sex do you have to change to for rikki to be happy?
3993 spif <bbbeluga> "let the creep flow through you"
3992 spif <misspwn> sira just means i hate fun
3991 Electropop <grobend> Black people shouldn't be allowed to get married
3990 k27463 <GreetingsADM> I imagine there would be a cream pie somewhere around there
3988 res0 <rikkitikki> People with genitals
3987 _Deity <hawkgpg> the crack fox was my first drag show!
3986 frisv <Evin> It is S&T, there's tons of women, but not that many.
3985 Omega037 <bbbeluga> I'm Carrie the redheaded conifer
3984 Omega037 <Nyghtshade> I should murder my family.
3983 Omega037 <Nyghtshade> My penis works!
3982 Omega037 <_Deity> there is nothing remotely troll about comparing my shit to opinions
3981 Notbrad <_Deity> i forget people that dont really do anything entertaining or have at least a little character
3980 _Deity <Nyghtshade> That came out of my dick
3979 _Deity <frisv> pull it out Nyghtshade !
3978 GreetingsADM <bbbeluga> hun, if we wanted to hook you up with expensive drugs, you would have to be more likeable first
3977 spif <Nerfdude> I'm going to marry a ferrari mounted fleshlight
3976 Electropop <hawkgpg> i use my penis for jello shots
3975 spif <Electropop> and the DJ put on single ladies..and my grandma got on the table and did the dance
3974 DeityKringle <Electropop> grandma and I will get some
3973 Nerfdude <Omega037> Electropop, once you take your first cum bath, you will understand it all
3972 Omega037 <DeityKringle> oral sex is indeed sodomy
3971 spif <ajwalsh44> where can i get a hot weina
3970 spif <dolemite7> GETCHA HOT JUICY WEINAS
3969 Omega037 <hawkgpg> i think at this point, it's now just tradition to burn down a QT whenever someone gets shot
3968 anotherbofh <Omega037> this wouldnt have happened to you Nyghtshade if you loved Jesus more
3967 spif <bbbeluga> sometimes its just hard, guys
3966 frisv <spindleblood> I just need a fucking machine shop
3965 spif <frisv> plus every bathroom visit comes with free masturbation
3964 rikkitikki <res0> El Dubb will pilot you through the turbulence of your first time
3963 _Deity <rikkitikki> Cuz I wasn't sure if people wanted to grab that
3962 rdm <kerouac> uncut is like natures french tickler
3961 Omega037 <rikkitikki> Again, I'm not an expert on these things since I don't generally do butt stuff
3960 spif <Electropop> Having a string in your dick deserves some ice cream.
3959 spif <Nyghtshade> Lol I have string hanging out of my dick. My whole purpose for being here is for people to tease me.
3957 rikkitikki <Electropop> So..does it like dangle?
3956 Electropop <Nyghtshade> SO I have a blue string hanging out of my dick guys.
3955 rikkitikki <spif> I don't know everyone
3954 HoneyBadja <frisv> if glazed sugar is causing dick problems, maybe you should ask your doctor about xarelto
3953 res0 <scittles> you can turn around in my driveway and shove it through the mail slot
3952 nerddtvg <Omega037> "hey baby, u been pregnant yet? *wink*"
3951 spif <Electropop> I learned a lot about drugs over the summer! 8D
3950 spif <Evin> The Holocaust never happened!
3949 spif <Electropop> I am not a butthole
3948 _Deity <spif> or a cousin love
3947 bbbeluga <spif> I love you bbbeluga
3946 ||cw <Evin> Sometimes you just want to cut your face up and then vacuum off the skin flaps.
3945 k27463 <bbbeluga> do you even internet?
3944 spif <bbbeluga> oh man, i bet squatting with balls is more complicated
3943 nerd|work <anotherbofh> The first time's always special
3942 Merlin00 <spotmonk> I bet bbbeluga smells like vanilla and pussy juice
3941 frisv <Electropop> I THOUGHT I GOT A 69!!!
3940 nerd|work <scittles> way better than gonorrhea day
3939 spotmonk <GreetingsADM> Now that I think about it, I'm not sure where my Nuts is
3938 spif <_Deity> if you shit something out of your vagina you would claim it too
3937 spif <misspwn> what if i sneeze and poop my pants
3936 timotab <frisv> yeah my meatloaf is smashed down like dough, maybe an inch thick
3935 bbbeluga <frisv> i know as much about paralegals as i do tampons
3933 k27463 <frisv> you can also wear the hat when you shave your pubes
3932 rikkitikki <dolemite7> RAZM FLAZM JIZM JAZM
3931 rikki|afk <DeliriumTremens> that stuff is like wiping with angels wings
3930 Merlin00 <DeliriumTremens> because i like my butt
3929 nerd|work <frisv> i was amazed barbara walters was still alive
3928 spif <bbbeluga> what is the penis game from my childhood that im supposed to remember fondly?
3927 nerddtvg <introspectr3> its cool though, when you have as few brain cells as i assume you must have, you gotta moderate
3926 _Deity <Nyghtshade> I can see how people would get hooked on Heroin.
3925 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> shepards hooks belong outside of the dick
3924 spif <xxxt> i keep my pubes in a nice little happy trail so the women can find my micropenis
3923 spif <xxxt> it probably tastes like unwashed lumbersexual
3922 Omega037 <rikkitikki> I AM FILLED WITH BABIES
3921 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> SUCK MY DICK DELL
3920 spif <Electropop> I have to have a big breast to accomplish that
3919 DeliriumTremens <scittles> i have never been or had a hummdinger
3918 Electropop <frisv> if my penis ever fell off, i'd be a lesbian
3917 spif <frisv> i dont think you pooped in my dream
3916 spif <bbbeluga> i wonder what pooping on a space boat was like
3915 k27463 <frisv> Then I can look at her butt while she is mixing things
3914 k27463 <frisv> go to alton square. it's the square beyond compare
3913 k27463 <scittles> SAILBOT
3912 spif <scittles> DUDE right?? mine smell worse freshly shaven too
3911 spif <frisv> no more 69 fucks
3910 GreetingsADM <Electropop> I want a banana now.
3909 res0 <scittles> restocking the bananas?
3908 k27463 <frisv> i prefer vaginal impaling
3907 k27463 <dolemite7> RUNNING A TRAIN ON k27463
3906 Merlin00 <DLbot> axe9|work has said the phrase "fuck work" 0 times.
3905 dolemite7 <frisv> whats the hot new thing this year? elbows in vaginas?
3904 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> but i do think they were rubbing their nipples
3903 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> Nicki Minaj's ass bends time.
3902 rikkitikki <axe9|work> ASIANS DON'T HAVE MUCH BODY HAIR
3901 DeliriumTremens <Nyghtshade> And my dicks farted twice now from the air trapped in my urinary system.
3900 nerd|skewl <Electropop> Looks like my ass is going back to AT&T on a plan
3899 nerd|skewl <Nerfdude> I plan to buy a sex bot and lots of neat shoes for myself
3898 _Deity <kerouac> we have a creampie named after us
3897 _Deity <fowl> all scientists want to do is create monsters of unspeakable horrors
3896 _Deity <Nerfdude> Every time I shave with an electric I get severe razor burn
3895 _Deity <xxxt> i overtrained this whole week and my body is on the verge of collapsing and shutdown
3893 funkyb <xxxt> her pussy looks like something youd see on the scrap floor at a pig slaughter farm
3892 _Deity <xxxt> my sperm turns from a liquid to plasma after being passed thru a red hot chicks ass.
3891 Omega037 <_Deity> i can tell you the strain from smell
3890 spif <DeliriumTremens> It's like you're watching people bang through a window
3889 spif <DeliriumTremens> that porn is HD as fuck
3888 timotab <res0> bbbeluga: that will require a special sword holder
3887 dolemite7 <bbbeluga> probably because im used to typing penis and so much
3886 k27463 <bbbeluga> cone boobies
3885 _Deity <frisv> I wish i still had one
3884 spif <introspectr3> fuckable is as fuckable does
3883 Killsudo <SantaDeity> Subaru*
3882 Electropop <hawkgpg> Colorado: the land of weed and Subaras
3881 nerd|work <spif> how is intarnat formed?
3879 rikkitikki <frisv> oh jeez i'm farting again
3878 res0 <frisv> i feel like jerry seinfeld would say something like "if you're eating pasta in the future, why do they call it pasta? they should call it futura"
3877 octalsrc <introspect4> God is a bunch of neurons!
3876 spif <frisv> My thighs are bulging with anticipation
3875 Nerfdude <bbbeluga> i'm the worst
3874 spif <frisv> Basically talk about balls or female parts and you'll get grabbed. Its easy for women.
3873 frisv <secretninjaket> there rolls are huge, like I can barely fit them in my mouth
3872 bbbeluga <frisv> I'm obsessed with pornography
3871 spif <secretninjaket> like I contribute besides providing the boobs
3870 k27463 <ajwalsh44> there's a buttplug for that
3869 spif <scittles> too many complaints of dick in the box
3868 spif <master_poop> i like them chewy for my poop
3867 rikkitikki <spif> I'd just like to find a girl
3866 k27463 <Evin> Keep your periods under control.
3865 SantaDeity <Omega037> ive never actually had sex with an asian person
3864 Nerfdude <funkyb> I can see it now "Here lies some dude....he had a hot wife. Too bad about the hammers."
3863 introspectr3 <SantaDeity> introspectr3: you just got an invite to the hunger games if i ever do want to kill someone
3862 Deity|notwork <bbbeluga> Deity|notwork, calm down silly
3861 bbbeluga <spif> creeper
3860 spif <secretninjaket> but i'm only a situational slut so there's that
3859 spif <secretninjaket> hey now. pussies can take a pounding, don't be fooled, fool
3858 k27463 <Deity|notwork> i am the dick... so that makes everyone else a pussy or asshole
3857 k27463 <spif> no sex til your mom
3856 spif <secretninjaket> bill gates is working on a silicone fancy condom which i'm hella excited for
3855 Omega037 <bbbeluga> I do love transgenic insertion
3854 spif <Nerfdude> anonymous = dicks
3853 spif <Nerfdude> I'm just saying I'd feel like bbbeluga feels all the time because of her gingerness
3852 Nerfdude <misspwn> i like dix
3851 timotab <Omega037> she also has a septum piercing, which is kinda meh
3850 _Deity <Nerfdude> SOMEONE CUT MY FORRDKIN OFF
3849 _Deity <Electropop> I can craft a mean mother fucking cooler yah'lls
3848 introspectr <Omega037> her penis?
3847 _Deity <hawkgpg> anotherbofh i've got a green man morphsuit!
3846 _Deity <anotherbofh> not taking it though... just knowing it's around
3845 DeliriumTremens <hawkgpg> like, i can take a button up top and tie it in that school girl fashion. but i got nothing to do for bottoms
3844 nerddtvg <_Deity> testes testes 1 2 3
3843 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> sometimes i feel like my boob bounce to the phrase "bippity boopity boop"
3842 nerddtvg <Electropop> My breasts hold sadness, and despair.
3841 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> i use boobs to hold many things
3840 nerddtvg <secretninjaket> I still want to see a helicopter dick...
3839 nerddtvg <Electropop> are dicks fun?
3838 nerddtvg <secretninjaket> nerddtvg, stop grabbing me prevert
3837 nerddtvg <secretninjaket> i would have a quote about big dick problems
3836 nerddtvg <secretninjaket> someone on bdp just referred to his dick as the great equalizer. lmao
3835 Omega037 <grobend> I'm a moron
3834 spif <grobend> Was I even drunk when I showed you guys my penis?
3833 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> TIL nerd|work is a pot brownie.
3832 _Deity <grobend> Let's start lynching them again.
3831 k27463 <anotherbofh> Erroneous, we're planning a do it in the butt meetup
3830 k27463 <grobend> Let's assassinate Nixon.
3829 _Deity <grobend> Daryl Parks is one ugly nigger.
3828 anotherbofh <grobend> How do you know how long my dick is just from that picture?
3827 timotab <Electropop> timotab is a fantastic man
3826 Pb_ft <Nyghtshade> You'd be a "bitch ass nigga" to be afraid of some "honkey in camo"
3825 _Deity_ <forest_> you guys are so cool
3824 timotab <DeliriumTremens> its so weird to hear a 5 year old say 'Seperatists'
3823 funkyb|dusty <nerd|work> better if I said "finger"?
3822 k27463 <frisv> apparently size does matter
3821 k27463 <res0> white pickup turning around in my driveway
3820 res0 <Nyghtshade> 21 24 inches is actually the size I'm looking for. any larger, and it won't fit underneath the hutch of my current desk.
3819 funkyb|dusty <nerd|crusty> an okay orgy is better than no orgy at all!
3818 nerd|crusty <Electropop> my upstairs neighbors having a mid afternoon sex session
3817 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> #occupytaint
3816 Nerfdude <pikhq_> Cop meets boy, cop shoots boy, cop walks, everything is now on fire.
3815 DLbot <hawkgpg> i hope this doesn't affect trivia.....
3814 k27463 <Nerfdude> They finally got all those hot n readys they couldn't afford
3813 rikki|riotty <Nerfdude> But seriously, I was eating a "triple layer nachos" and drinking an orange juice and it just kind of hit me that I'm eating peasant gruel in a living 1984
3812 rikki|riotty <Nerfdude> You use two seashells to scoop out your butt
3811 Deity_ <rikkitikki> Extra crispy little caesar's
3810 Deity_ <Nyghtshade> If I didn't have a job and didn't care about my future I'd be murdering people right now.
3809 rikkitikki <Nerfdude> I've made interracial love, the blacks pick up on that somehow
3808 rikkitikki <ajwalsh44> baja sauce + cum
3807 Electropop <scittles> Happy bday res0... Celebrate with looting
3806 TenthTARDIS <misspwn> my balls are big enough
3805 k27463 <misspwn> how about you grab my nutsack instead TenthTARDIS
3804 FalseProphet <TurkeyDeity> if he instigated the attack then fuck him i hope he goes to prison and gets raped by every inmate where he goes
3803 k27463 <dolemite7> THANKS DARREN WILSON
3802 nerd|work <GreetingsADM> oh God, I feel like I've done something horrible if I got a LOL from grobend
3801 nerd|work <GreetingsADM> Prevent unwanted pregnancies Keep it in the O
3800 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> Does your sister in law have a handlebar mustache and a fixie too?
3799 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> I'm a Big Mac Protector
3798 k27463 <frisv> zebra cake monday, cause even though the protestors are white, they're black on the inside
3797 k27463 <frisv> saint louis underground train, otherwise known as the SLUT
3796 k27463 <timotab> your mom was fun while she lasted
3795 bbbeluga <scittles> love hours make his fingers not function
3794 timotab <DeliriumTremens> He'll just take all their heads and arms off anyway
3793 k27463 <frisv> your mom has some big hangars
3792 Omega037 <_Deity> i support nazism and slavery
3791 nerddtvg <introspectr3> hey im about to light the typical irc fatty afire
3790 Omega037 <Merlin00> no amount of batwinging is going to make shaving balls a thing
3789 Omega037 <bbbeluga> Oh god, don't let agree to a guy who asks you if he can batwing your face
3788 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> what, you've never dipped your balls in a cup
3787 introspectr3 <misspwn> you don't want to nick your eggs
3786 timotab <Nerfdude> I don't do anything strenuous in the jeanz
3785 Omega037 <Nerfdude> My tractor beam peen is stronger than my smelly pants
3783 k27463 <tadni> TurkeyDeity: Too bad you aren't a cock, I would eat ya.
3782 frisv <scittles> black oppression http //
3781 k27463 <grobend> It's like all the lowest IQ groups of people are converging in ferguson!
3780 k27463 <frisv> or the trains! SAVE THE TRAINS!
3779 k27463 <Chank> is your bae turtling?
3778 GreetingsADM <scittles> good thing i'm in alton where everything is bad and cheap
3777 timotab <frisv> pretty big. jammed with meat
3776 Omega037 <willisnutz43> who is jizzing in tube socks now?
3775 Pb_ft <rikkitikki> Pb_ft remember that time I met you for like five seconds
3774 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> you guys seem to really want erectile dysfunction badly
3773 Pb_ft <_Deity> everyone loves my balls
3772 Omega037 <_Deity> tell him $20 and a bj
3771 res0 <rikkitikki> I'll squirrel it up for you baby
3770 Evin <Electropop> I cried while I killed them
3769 k27463 <res0> POKEFEST 2014 featuring RES0 and RIKKITIKKI
3768 timotab <Electropop> She is pretty but she can suck sometimes.
3767 timotab <DeliriumTremens> modx makes me want to slam my dick in a dresser drawer
3766 anotherbofh <kitkatkaytee> I think I'll stick to being a housenotwife,
3765 hawkgpg <anotherbofh> my mom walked in on me once... she was too embarassed to do anything but turn around. Later she acted all disappointed, but I think she was secretly glad I wasn't gay
3764 hawkgpg <Notbrad> a neckbeard fedora walks by and WHOOPS VAGINA
3763 DeliriumTremens <Nerfdude> So it's really easy to be a pedophile at anime conventions? Noted
3762 timotab <spotmonk> also, I always read your name as Electropoop
3761 timotab <frisv> finally i can buy a 55 gallon drum of lube
3760 DeliriumTremens <dolemite7> my friend's uncle once drank enough wild irish rose to think he could fly and jumped out a third story window
3759 spif <DeliriumTremens> i hope i'm not blacking out and killing a bunch of people then coming back to work
3758 spif <DeliriumTremens> unless like, autononmous blowjob bots came up out of the pavement as you drove past
3757 dolemite7 <scittles> it's all in the grip
3756 spif <rikkitikki> how have I not explored this corner of porn before
3755 spif <spotmonk> lesbian porn
3754 bbbeluga <frisv> "i've never had fatherwood this big before"
3753 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> I'm going to take your vegan lasagna to Ferguson just so someone will burn it.
3752 res0 <DeliriumTremens> We could rasturbate it and make a wall to wall cubicle wrap of my taint
3751 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> This whole conversation could have easily been avoided if you just would have said "Sorry, I should have tagged it. I'll go kill myself now."
3750 Notbrad <Nerfdude> I'm gonna turn that shit to poop
3749 Merlin00 <Nerfdude> Rad, imma put that shit in my face
3748 bbbeluga <frisv> I like my tables how I like my 3 way orgies: 4 legs and lots of wood
3747 Nerfdude <bbbeluga> did you see all of the balls i was holding!?
3746 DeliriumTremens <bbbeluga> my favorite part was getting to cup all the balls in my hands
3745 timotab <DeliriumTremens> but instead it just feels like someone shit in my mouth and pushed me down the stairs
3744 anotherbofh <Electropop> My coworker tried to teach me how to moan today at work.
3743 DeliriumTremens <timotab> We had french toast for breakfast, but where's the snow and riots?! I feel hard done by!
3742 Omega037 <introspectr> tell your mom ill come look at porn with her :)
3741 DeliriumTremens <scittles> DeliriumTremens i have 3 boxes. i wouldn't say overflowing
3740 timotab <DeliriumTremens> i'm a regular housewife
3739 k27463 <frisv> i still feel like i don't know the limitations of my poop sizes
3738 k27463 <tadni> I was a very big, baby faced fucker.
3737 nerd|gone <DeliriumTremens> Today on "dolemite7 goes full grobend"
3736 bbbeluga <frisv> he could take a pretty girthy cock
3735 frisv <DeliriumTremens> my ass is lonely now
3734 timotab <rikkitikki> when I think of DeliriumTremens I think of shit
3733 rikkitikki <scittles> i too am confused by just how gay Evin is for the record
3732 nerd|work <scittles> welp i guess we know what happened to his penis
3731 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> "The guy standing over there has a 15" dick, therefore by extension so do I"
3730 res0 <k27463> the kids like long trains
3729 spif <Merlin00> for naked boobs
3728 _Deity <Notbrad> i want to knock Omega037 up
3727 _Deity <spif> it's always about to get weird
3726 _Deity <Evin> I feel like she could win that game holding a 2 of clubs, a baseball card, the card with instructions on how to play, a stamp and a piece of cardboard.
3725 k27463 <frisv> i have some really short chubbies... my mom got them for me... they're basically ass shorts for men...
3724 res0 <bbbeluga> whale whale whale
3723 Merlin00 <dolemite7> Merlin00 has said the phrase "uNF" 69 times.
3722 frisv <DLbot> Obviously, I'm not doing something right.
3721 _Deity_ <hawkgpg> i went dumpster diving at lindenwood and got 2 new pairs of shoes. Yes. they were new.
3720 timotab <Electropop> Send me a live chicken. I know how to kill it
3719 Chank <frisv> strap it to your hips
3718 k27463 <frisv> 2 holes are better than one
3717 DeliriumTremens <bbbeluga> like your mom is so fat two whales tried to make her into a mom sandwich
3716 dolemite7 <frisv> all the darn neighborhood kids ejaculating in outdoor trash cans
3715 DeliriumTremens <scittles> that is quite the pile of meat tho
3714 funkyb <frisv> I would be at the same level of arousement if you sent me a dick pic
3713 bbbeluga <introspectr> ya, just hearing of people who receive near sexual plessure from something i just happen to do frequently...
3712 Omega037 <misspwn> pb ft peanut butter facetits
3711 k27463 <misspwn> oh i meant we all pile on her
3710 res0 <rikkitikki> the stuff that comes out of girls
3709 rikkitikki <axe9|work> y'all need jesus
3708 res0 <rikkitikki> Those are fun to play with :D
3707 Omega037 <xxxt> i want jessica rabbit to sit on my face
3706 tadni <Omega037> seems like a pretty big assumption that she would be into that
3705 Omega037 <tadni> My "sister", is what I call my blanket forts. So when people ask we what I'm doing down there, I say "leave me alone, I'm enjoying myself in my sister"
3704 tadni <Omega037> i sometimes misread tadni as little bitch
3703 tadni <Omega037> Electropoop, tadni's penis is like one of those fuzzy caterpillars
3702 Omega037 <tadni> So I can hang you by the fucking neck.
3701 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> it will be in 30seconds when i'm done
3700 Omega037 <misspwn> we can make big cocks together
3699 Nerfdude <timotab> if you want something XXX rated, what about that one with your mom in it?
3698 rikkitikki <xxxt> these carrots taste like bugs bunnys asshole
3697 k27463 <misspwn> god misspwn stop having a crush on bbbeluga so much
3696 Nerfdude <Omega037> see, in a situation like this you could say "man, i love the way a pearl necklace feels on my chest"
3695 Nerfdude <misspwn> Electropoop, then on date 3 if things are going good, let him pee in your butt, but not before that or he won't respect you
3694 nerd|gone <xxxt> sure, trannies, whatever
3693 k27463 <tadni> misspwn: I LOVE the dark meat.
3692 timotab <DeliriumTremens> the one i have is falling apart
3691 res0 <frisv> oh man i could've had an electro poop for real if i moved those electric physical therapy pads to my anus
3690 k27463 <scittles> are you a bookmark? because i want you in between my sheets
3689 k27463 <tadni> I'm just a caramel apple, stuck in a bear's body.
3688 rikkitikki <anotherbofh> tadni, a philosopher you are not
3687 rikkitikki <Queen_Laqueefah> one can not simply grab a grab of a grab if a grab could grab two grabs at once
3686 tadni <k27463> BRAAAAINS?
3685 k27463 <Queen_Laqueefah> what, a strong black independent woman like myself cannot enjoy a chilled grape beverage?
3684 k27463 <tadni> _Deity Not when I hold a pillow over their dumb fucking faces.
3683 anotherbofh <misspwn> WE HAVE THE SAME BUTTS
3682 k27463 <rikkitikki> my booty too big
3681 bbbeluga <frisv> I like my women how I like my Frisbees, hard and with big lips
3680 DeliriumTremens <frisv> Straight from the Wabash valley to my mouth
3679 Omega037 <Nerfdude> Yeah I also hate minorities and the gays now
3678 rikkitikki <doctorsound> How gay do you want it?
3677 k27463 <frisv> is missouri a gay state?
3676 spif <frisv> oh man i forgot i stole some baby's candy
3675 funkyb <||cw> brown tone? more like a butt fucking hobby lobby
3674 xxxt <tadni> Fat sleezes operate entirely within a cupcake based economy.
3673 bbbeluga <tadni> bbbeluga: I ONLY EAT COCK, PERIODS.
3672 spif <_Deity> sourtap, is that what they call an uncleansed trim job?
3671 Omega037 <Electropoop> Im an idiot.
3670 res0 <misspwn> i kinda regret eating hot dogs
3669 timotab <res0> you just have to shave his yak
3668 Omega037 <Nerfdude> I dated a girl who slept on a futon mattress in the middle of a living room full of pet birds
3667 timotab <Omega037> Deity, you are weird and i mean that in the worst possible way
3666 k27463 <tadni> It's gotten better/worse since I got on all those meds for bipolar, but I used to be able to sweat and go in underwear in the snow for like an hour.
3665 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> Jesus christ guys, we don't call him "One Piss Tadni" for nothing'...
3664 Nerfdude <tadni> k27463: I only go to Forest Park 3 times a week, I have maybe peed there 7 times, 3 have been in the woods, twice I "nearly" got caught.
3663 k27463 <hawkgpg> hold on...... is forest park a national park?
3662 k27463 <tadni> I could not imagine in any sane world, where peeing the woods of a national park not exposing yourself to anyone is more of a crime than having sex in a national park, in a parking lot, if you get caught.
3661 res0 <k27463> dolemite7 i only do it when tadni's there
3660 k27463 <dolemite7> what kinda magical penis do you have than you can clear your urethra by rubbing the tip on the bottle
3659 k27463 <hawkgpg> yeah, if i was caught it'd be public indecency. if tadni was caught he'd have to file as a sex offender
3658 k27463 <Nerfdude> Sex in forest park feels somehow less depraved than peeing all over everyone else's good time
3657 scarecrowdeity <misspwn> swap my butt spit
3656 nerd|work <bbbeluga> lol my britches are pretty dreamy
3655 xxxt <tadni`> Okay, going to shit and fap, bbl.
3654 Nerfdude <misspwn> it's just like sucking out of a hose so why not
3652 rikkitikki <frisv> you all smell bad
3651 rikkitikki <Evin> I cover myself in beer regularly.
3650 rikkitikki <Evin> talking about triggering people is my trigger, you shitlord.
3649 spif <rikkitikki> I think big boob gals will be fine
3648 DeliriumTremens <scittles> ok time for soup in my dark hidey hole
3647 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> I could take mark ruffalo seriously deep in my ass
3646 misspwn <tadni`> PumpkinDeity: If she's actually interested in me, she HAS to be a weirdo.
3645 res0 <DeliriumTremens> but you love cream pies!
3644 frisv <bbbeluga> strokes are hard sometimes
3643 k27463 <frisv> hmmm i found a stroke weight and changed it and now it's a little different
3642 misspwn <frisv> THE STROKES ARE TOO GIRTHY
3641 bbbeluga <frisv> i need to reduce the width of the strokes
3640 _Deity <xxxt> [23:50] <_Deity> if i had taken what i can get all the time id be flooded with fat girls and ugly broads
3639 Nerfdude <_Deity> its all like || instead of {}
3638 rikkitikki <Nerfdude> so flaccid right now
3637 rikkitikki <Primesauce> I'm entirely made of fat and acne.
3636 Omega037 <bbbeluga> She hooked up with me then stole my heart and then it died because it was no longer in my body.
3635 spif <frisv> pleasing our own peckers
3634 spif <dolemite7> pulsating oily obese penises
3633 spif <frisv> poor old overworked penis
3632 dolemite7 <frisv> you use other fingers?
3631 bbbeluga <timotab> so you have to extract the snot by some other means
3630 timotab <Electropoop> Well yeah wipe it off..thats just common sense.
3629 rikkitikki <Evin> sometimes you gotta put meat on your meat.
3628 k27463 <frisv> baby, get me a mcrib and i'll take you back to m'crib
3627 k27463 <frisv> i do it sometimes to find midgets and 6'3 former european basketball players for future intramural considerations
3626 dolemite7 <scittles> it's the most gristly piece of meat i've ever had
3625 bbbeluga <DeliriumTremens> There's your problem, you didn't milk up your penis pipe before trying to gulp the pie down
3624 spif <frisv> longest ass wipe in history
3623 spif <Nyghtshade> Ass sweat and goopy ass piled up midday.
3622 spif <frisv> i stopped dropping things when i became an adult.. which many argue hasnt happened yet
3621 spif <pikhq> I swear, I only suck cock on days of the week that end in y!
3620 nerd|work <frisv> lesson learned, don't get near bbbeluga's blowhole during whale trivia
3619 nerd|work <Evin> bbbeluga i like tasty meatsnacks
3618 res0 <DeliriumTremens> I agree with Primesauce on something. Mark the occasion in the books.
3617 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> I'm just gonna stop shitting in public. It's all too much work.
3616 GreetingsADM <Notbrad> sex is ok i guess
3615 spif <GreetingsADM> Puppetry of the Penis
3614 poisomike87 <dolemite7> i been seein double A batteries shootin out urethras since y'all was drankin similac
3613 nerddtvg <secretninjaket> nah pussies can take a pounding
3612 spif <hawkgpg> when i was in high school, i had friends at all girl catholic schools. they said every month was no shave november
3611 nerddtvg <Evin> My lady name is tina.
3610 nerddtvg <Omega037> electropop, nerd is a 47 year old house wife who chain smokes marlboros and wears hot pants
3609 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> so much meat
3608 k27463 <tadni> "Go pleasure yourself."
3607 k27463 <bbbeluga> i totally touched your butt multiple times
3606 introspectr3 <Omega037> it doesnt mean i know everything, just more than you about this subject
3605 Omega037 <bbbeluga> Your mom is an encryption cunt
3604 Omega037 <res0> puzzlecunt
3603 Omega037 <GreetingsADM> a pussy with a protective shell
3602 Omega037 <xxxt> i studied lock picking so i could open those damn chastity belts.
3601 Nerfdude <rikkitikki> What good is being a lolita and having bloomers if I don't wear them when they're actually useful
3600 bbbeluga <GreetingsADM> Kind of surprised it also doesn't make your penis turn inside out
3599 frisv <scittles> spif do you ever have run ins with fat ladies spraying you with things
3598 Omega037 <frisv> Although pasta semen ball is pretty accurate
3597 spif <rikkitikki> I'm not sure this ESP peeing thing works
3596 rikkitikki <Nerfdude> Maybe I'll miss my flight and just live here with my suitcase of crying sex dolls
3595 timotab <Omega037> dont be that guy
3594 spif <frisv> There is a secret on my back that I haven't shown you
3593 timotab <bbbeluga> difficult just makes it worth it
3592 anotherbofh <frisv> Maybe blowjobs cause ebola
3591 spif <tadni> Joking aside, it is really dumb they're just two orbs of fat.
3590 spif <frisv> I hope they are also pro dick cash then
3589 spif <tadni> I wish I didn't care about boobs; I'm an "adult" male, how gay is that?
3588 spif <frisv> GDI I've been grabbed like 38 times today
3587 spif <tadni> People just shouldn't wear clothes.
3586 spif <frisv> Women should just wear jean overalls
3585 spif <res0> buying KY Jelly?
3584 dolemite7 <frisv> I'm never eating one of those balls again
3583 spif <GreetingsADM> I wash my titties more than I wash my jeans, for sure
3582 spif <frisv> i would think the average titty is cleaner than the average pocket
3581 secretninjaket <frisv> situations that could get sticky is my forte
3580 spif <frisv> capslock can be scrambled to make slapcock
3578 spif <dolemite7> Everytime his wife gets hot, he covers her with dirt and beats her with a shovel
3577 spif <frisv> forget the bun, just use bacon
3576 k27463 <spif> sliced cheese? what is this, socialism?
3575 k27463 <spif> no donut
3574 spif <dolemite7> it's better to grab something you HAVE done, rather than grab something you HAVEN'T done.
3573 k27463 <spif> my bad experiences and negative feelings and obsessions haunt me
3572 bbbeluga <introspectr> lol can we get some scat too?
3571 GreetingsADM <frisv> like when I say I'm bisexual, it means I have sex with every other gender
3570 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> There's an underground communications network of IT vendors that they use to keep in jokes running on clients. I just know it.
3569 k27463 <kerouac> it's one thing to pay spifs mom for sex
3568 k27463 <res0> so long and thanks for all the boners
3567 k27463 <frisv> but thanks for the boner
3566 rikkitikki <GreetingsADM> I wonder how they determined nipple size
3565 rikkitikki <frisv> if that were true, i would be putting my penne in your mostaccioli right now
3564 res0 <secretninjaket> like fb needs to stay out of my vagina, just saying
3563 spif <Nerfdude> A robot arm is actively spraying my butthole at this very second
3562 Omega037 <timotab> you should have used lube
3561 res0 <Omega037> i feel like a fat man stuck in a slightly fatter man's body
3560 res0 <xxxt> pb_ft, to be fair, its hard to tell if the person is jaundice when theyre already yellow.
3559 bbbeluga <kerouac> but now you got me thinking about sausage
3558 bbbeluga <kerouac> i just cleaned that rack until it was spotless
3557 res0 <bbbeluga> girls want to feel sexy. if you want to get them to hire you, promise them sex
3556 rikkitikki <dolemite7> "leather cheerio" :(
3555 spif <rikkitikki> I just had the most amazing sex ever (
3554 spif <frisv> people are too grab happy in here
3553 spif <scittles> well i was going to help you out and grab you and quit but not anymore
3552 spif <Evin> it's like reverse rape.
3551 redfenix <scittles> | (" á")| (M%M‹)
3550 dolemite7 <frisv> all I see in that photo is evin's crotch
3549 redfenix <scittles> conservative manic pixie dream girl nudist????
3548 Omega037 <misspwn> click my cock
3547 xxxt <Omega037> crepes
3546 Omega037 <res0> I think I might've just called you a black slut
3545 k27463 <willisnutz43> you know what? if i ever met you in real life Omega037, i would probably just deliver a fucking haymaker in your fucking face just because you're such an asshole
3544 Omega037 <kerouac> yeah, misspwn fuck both
3543 k27463 <dolemite7> I NEED A CROTCH BEAR
3542 k27463 <scittles> i'm super bitter about it
3541 rikkitikki <frisv> rikki is so smart
3540 k27463 <rikkitikki> just put nutmeg on your dick
3539 redfenix <spif> .
3538 spif <frisv> sorry i couldn't prounounce condom correctly with a condom in my mouth
3537 k27463 <dolemite7> HEY, THIS ISN'T #BUZZFEED STLOUIS
3536 spif <scittles> omm nom nom com dom
3535 k27463 <frisv> who sucks dick with a comdom on
3534 res0 <scittles> the best thing about making it ourselves is we can make it ANY SIZE WE WANT
3533 nerddtvg <res0> bbbeluga does indeed have a great set of quotes
3532 k27463 <Evin> TIL rikkitikki is a former drug runner
3531 DeliriumTremens <k27463> for some reason young girls liked riding it
3530 spif <rikkitikki> am I in a threesome technically
3529 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> Sometimes I wish I could reply to an email with a foot that jumps out of the monitor and kicks the recipient in the dick
3528 Omega037 <bbbeluga> pegged you for younger
3527 rikkitikki <Hatsrodamus> you all are a bunch of weirdos
3526 bbbeluga <xxxt> because im Hatstrodamus
3525 spif <GreetingsADM> Some people like it so big that they can't fit their hand around it
3524 DeliriumTremens <frisv> ugh i spilled all this oil all over myself
3523 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> jeez rdm, you wiped your butt with that guys lips
3522 Nerfdude <bbbeluga> chicken titties actually
3521 spif <dolemite7> ý<ˆD\ˆ=‰ HARDER BETTER FASTER WONGER ý<ˆD\ˆ=‰
3520 nerd|work <GreetingsADM> his daughter was destined to twerk
3519 spif <kitkatkaytee> I was covered in vomit. :(
3518 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> You can do anything through the hole in the sheet.
3517 dolemite7 <misspwn> awww i used to have that same coffee table
3516 res0 <misspwn_> WHITE POWER
3515 Notbrad <kerouac> place i go to sells "fresh poultry live killed" panties
3514 k27463 <scittles> i was just going to park on the street, walk to res0's driveway, and do some spin moves
3513 spif <scittles> his wand was engorged and throbbing
3512 spif <frisv> all we ever did at lemmons was touch each others butts
3511 k27463 <rikkitikki> res0 I write erotic friend fiction about it
3510 k27463 <Evin> I'm very talented at jamming things into my mouth until everyone is uncomfortable.
3509 scittles <Evin> If I can fit two elk balls into my mouth, imagine how many marshmallows I could fit.
3508 rikkitikki <res0> rikkitikki "so glad those black people are dead!"
3507 scittles <frisv> I hate things that other people do that don't affect me in the slightest
3506 dolemite7 <res0> that'd be deliriumtremendous of him
3505 spif <HoneyBadja> you know, you google "cane with jewel" in it and butt plugs come up
3504 spif <rikkitikki> hey, but I can't eat myself (
3503 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens_> i will crap down the neck of my desktop when i get home
3502 k27463 <HoneyBadja> fart
3501 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> I have been pooping the same turd nonstop for over a decade.
3500 DeliriumTremens <scittles> misspwn why are your bowels so loose
3499 frisv <GreetingsADM> Hand Up, don't Choo
3498 spif <frisv> now that I did all this internet searching for cubs lingerie, other websites think I want to buy more
3497 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> but i brought home more yogurt!
3496 Nyghtshade <funkyb> OH FUCK
3495 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> because misspwn all about that them wipes bout them wipes no hemmorohids
3494 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> that stream is freakin sweet dolemite7
3493 DeliriumTremens <GreetingsADM> It was a bit slippery
3492 spif <Evin> wait, jews aren't wizards?
3491 spif <GreetingsADM> Forgive us for assuming this is the jew who cried wolf
3490 spif <bbbeluga> i wanted so bad to be a fly girl when i was a kiddo
3489 rikkitikki <xxxt> i hate food actually it all tastes like shit
3488 rikkitikki <frisv> bring your own child porn?
3487 k27463 <frisv> we wont stop until we quote scittles saying cock penetration 10 times
3486 k27463 <scittles> cock penetration
3485 spif <res0> I'm gonna piss on you.
3484 nerd|work <spotmonk> I wanna fuck that guy right in the pussy
3483 res0 <frisv> stop dressing like that and i wont have to rape you so much
3482 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> i wish i was made out of egg foo young so i could eat myself
3481 spif <scittles> hes going to be like "uh..." and i'll know exactly where he's going w/ it
3480 spif <scittles> cock penetration?
3479 spif <frisv> I usually get free balls because mine go down the shaft so quickly
3478 frisv <DeliriumTremens> She spreads her legs and it's like a Pterodactyl taking flight.
3477 spif <SmegmaTaxi> im bleeding over here i cant get it out
3476 rikkitikki <frisv> damnit now I have to poop right before my meeting
3475 rikkitikki <misspwn> i've already pooped so much today i can't handle any more spicy poops
3474 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> so hard
3473 bbbeluga <dolemite7> i just had a cinnamon sticky bun that cracked open like a pair of tearaway pants
3472 res0 <dolemite7> how you'll put someone's genitals in your mouth but you won't eat the brown parts of the banana
3471 DeliriumTremens <Evin> I might let some of you molest me, but probably not timotab.
3470 timotab <Evin> welp, now I've been thoroughly molested.
3469 timotab <Evin> LEARN HOW TO SUCK MY DICK
3468 res0 <rikkitikki> I have a question regarding smegma
3467 rikkitikki <bbbeluga> a girl had sparkly fancy stuff on the butt pockets of her jeans and she caught me looking at it and called me a lesbian really loudly and stormed off.
3466 dummey <StosselJohn> "I want to deglove your hand and use it as my personal sex totem"
3465 bofh|work <misspwn_> i'll feed u my meat
3464 funkyb <misspwn_> yeh i like your deck
3463 Nerfdude <anotherbofh> You don't wink that butthole until you're ready to use it
3462 k27463 <Primesauce> This is basically me masturbating in a public forum. Baby.
3461 k27463 <tadni> I ain't gonna argue with a mofo that didn't even fucking ever take and/or pass a stats class.
3460 k27463 <misspwn_> i cannot computer
3459 k27463 <Omega037> there you go
3458 Omega037 <spotmonk> wait til you see my dick!
3456 Omega037 <bbbeluga_> so? my job doesnt include wood working but I can build you a table that you could fuck a fat lady on. my job doesnt include cooking but I can make a hell of a meal.
3455 spif <k27463> can a whale even be a slut
3454 bbbeluga <frisv> when they're held for the pleasure they're the balls that I like best
3453 dolemite7 <Chank> i think you're supposed to pee on it
3452 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work> DeliriumTremens: A hula girl figurine with a grass skirt, and realistic labia
3451 spif <res0> tampons are remote mind control devices
3450 spif <frisv> you can almost spell "no pants" by rearranging tampons
3449 spif <DeliriumTremens> Much like the Wild Tampon Wildebeest that roams the inner vaginal plains, the puppet too has strings, though used for a very different purpose.
3448 GreetingsADM <frisv> everyone's moving to fenton. it's the alton of st louis
3447 frisv <scittles> i want a really big one
3446 spif <frisv> I need it to shoot my sisters
3445 rikkitikki <frisv> most anime characters would be fine in the boob department
3444 bbbeluga <dolemitex> it's like a tickle gun
3443 nerd|work <Notbrad> im never the gay :(
3442 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> mmmm mug of roasted butthole
3441 Notbrad <bbbeluga> im overflowing with integers
3440 tadni <Omega037> delete that, its stupid
3439 tadni <Omega037> tadni...
3438 Omega037 <tadni> yizarg: I'll let you butter my fly.
3437 nerddtvg <misspwn_> dem thong swiffers
3436 nerddtvg <GreetingsADM> oh shit, asian attorney is taking on a retired musician and a social media manager
3435 nerddtvg <GreetingsADM> oh good, it comes in a thong
3434 secretninjaket <frisv> i would definitely allow people to shoot that into my mouth
3433 timotab <bbbeluga> would that be blowjob business instead of murder
3432 funkyb <secretninjaket>
3431 rikkitikki <Nerfdude> i like gutter porn
3430 rikkitikki <GreetingsADM> "Who cares" is the troll mating call
3429 bbbeluga <Nerfdude> i can't just double down on wieners and not feel something
3428 nerfdude <bbbeluga> He'll show up in 5 years with that photo and do an ama
3427 Evin <Nerfdude> i want to stick my tongue in one of these holes really, really bad
3426 DeliriumTremens <alsoNerfdude> where's this load going trainman
3425 tadni_ <rikkitikki> ohgod
3424 rikkitikki <k27463> traaaaaaaaaains
3423 rikkitikki <misspwn> eh could have told her to swallow liek a champ
3422 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> but she measured the swelling and it was 14cmx10cm
3421 k27463 <Evin> wait, jews can beat women?
3420 DeliriumTremens <honeybadja> not there, i choke on small objects ;D
3419 res0 <||cw> if you don't need a shower after, you're doing it wrong
3418 k27463 <spotmonk> rikkitikki's birth control option is to threaten statutory rape
3417 k27463 <rikkitikki> WHY WON'T YOU JUST LOVE MEEEEE
3416 k27463 <res0> she's like the female version of "jizz in my pants"
3415 k27463 <res0> rikki and snail trails go hand in hand
3414 k27463 <rikkitikki> WELCOME TO #REDDIT STLOUIS
3413 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> I BETTER GET ON IT
3412 k27463 <scittles> isn't everything better w/ a sex partner
3411 res0 <rikki|phoney> Robot human love is forbidden DLbot
3410 rikki|phoney <frisv> i now need to go to a state line so that my dick can be spanning two states
3409 rikki|phoney <res0> rikki is rikki surprise surprise
3408 spif <frisv> yep.. i'm gonna get DP'ed in about an hour
3407 Omega037 <axe9|work> I donno, I feel like Saint Louis is missing a giant phallus to go with our gaping vagina
3406 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> and by pile of shit i mean 'i dont know how to use this'
3405 k27463 <zeryl> I don't have a clue, I don't check out my mom's rack
3404 res0 <frisv> if i keep my gatling gun of semen flowing?
3403 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> flappy beaver paddle tits
3402 DeliriumTremens <frisv> eh I ate half of these nasty jizz carrots thats good enough
3401 rikki|phoney <DeliriumTremens> Barreling on stage, a stream of hot brown chicory leaking out of his pant leg
3400 rikki|phoney <DeliriumTremens> 'Welcome to Windows Shart, a new innovation in front end skidmark technology!"
3399 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> I don't shit in your coffee cup and tell you it's coffee, so don't do the same to me.
3398 misspwn <DeliriumTremens> Nestle your phone betwixt your ass cheeks and set that mother to Haiti in vibration settings. You'll wake up, get a prostate exam, and not wake the baby all in one go.
3397 res0 <k27463> it's so hard
3396 dolemite7 <frisv> AND OF COURSE dont google image search japanese vacuum sealed bag
3395 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> The garlic sauce in this Simply Asia dish is black and tarry, like a dying alcoholic barfed on my noodles.
3394 monkerpaws <res0> [09 48 00] < bah> What's the latest feature to be added to DLbot? misspwn.
3393 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> but she was totally eating brown cat nuggets
3392 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> i have no eggs
3391 DeliriumTremens <GreetingsADM> They always put the pressure on the middle, not on the place below the button
3390 res0 <secretninjaket> monkers: go do something anatomically unlikely to yourself
3389 res0 <GreetingsADM> As usual, just move your fingers around until you hear the right sounds
3388 res0 <bbbeluga> I dont even know where to put my fingers
3387 spif <frisv> wow theres a big different between a girl in missionary and a girl in a missionary
3386 res0 <frisv> everybody is a poop machine
3385 dolemite7 <scittles> it got all over my pants
3384 nerd|sheep <zeryl> Was gonna give you my meat, but nevermind now.
3383 k27463 <frisv> if my dick stayed the same size all day i'd call the doctor
3382 Evin <misspwn> such a long hump
3381 k27463 <misspwn> Evin, i only need .25 inches anyway
3380 spif <Evin> Just because I like virgins and blood doesn't mean I like virgin bloody marys.
3379 funkyb <frisv> i hope I die in alton
3378 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> Alton, IL: St. Louis 2.0
3377 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> Haunted by the ghosts of clunkers and dunkers
3376 res0 <misspwn> i got a surprise in my butthole for you
3375 Omega037 <frisv> if i ever lost my testicles i'd replace them with old mouse balls
3374 misspwn_ <DeliriumTremens> fuck that my chode is enormous
3373 DeliriumTremens <misspwn_> xxxt: if you open and relax your throat you can eat more than anyone
3372 bofh|work <res0> what can brown do for your bullet wounds?
3371 monkers <misspwn_> it doesn't effect me so i don't care
3370 rikkitikki <zeryl> IT LIKED ME AND THE PETTING!
3368 nerddtvg <willisnutz43> misspwn_ and i had a good talk last night, and she convinced me to stop trolling the channel
3367 Omega037 <bbbeluga> i guess if it was long enough you could do some bondage stuff with your own hair
3366 funkyb <Omega037> i had to spend like 5 minutes getting cat hair and stickies out of his penis and balls
3365 misspwn_ <res0> I'm a prostitute
3364 res0 <DLbot> misspwn is an unfortunate dischargewagon.
3363 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> Do japanese women really have those high pitched voices or is that something they do for TV?
3362 timotab <kerouac> i think i'm responsible for a hindu schism
3361 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> also, i'd just pull out my dick
3360 k27463 <misspwn> i've actually gotten better about entering prematurely
3359 k27463 <res0> all rikki thinks about is what's in her box
3358 Evin <misspwn> rikkitikki, i'll get it on my butt
3357 rikkitikki <scittles> ugh i've been grabbed too many times today
3356 rikkitikki <scittles> and i want it in my face all the time
3355 nerd|work <Evin> Maybe some day I'll power wash my colon and see what stumbles out.
3354 timotab <rikkitikki> and yeah I poop like every 2 3 days, too
3353 k27463 <frisv> say poop, get grabbed
3352 rikkitikki <frisv> jeez this is the great poop grab of sept 18th
3351 k27463 <res0> rikki's a poop grabber
3350 timotab <rikkitikki> grabbin poop, smokin spiders
3349 Evin <frisv> don't grab my poop! gross!
3348 rikkitikki <frisv> I have to poop so bad
3347 nerd|work <tadni> scittles: I am a molester. There's a code in place.
3346 spif <frisv> most sex stuff gets grabbed
3345 spif <scittles> people only grab me when i say pee stuff or sex stuff
3344 Nerfdude <res0> masturbation is always pretty calming
3343 Nerfdude <res0> breast pockets for keeping breasts
3342 Nerfdude <funkyb> i dunno, i'd wager on average guilty feet have more rhythm than innocent feet do. just a guess.
3341 spif <GreetingsADm> Chief Titty Officer
3340 spif <res0> rikki's got a pork butt
3339 spif <GreetingsADM> I'm comfortable in my manhood with or without testicles
3338 rikkitikki <kerouac> i turn myself down for sex most nights
3337 dolemite7 <GreetingsADM> Pickle juice is in the fridge
3336 Evin <bbbeluga> sometimes i can handle more
3335 funkyb <Nerfdude> i saw a thing about how when whales bang they like, have a third dude show up to hold them together
3334 Omega037 <xxxt> what is up with these women with tattoos around their anus
3333 timotab <Omega037> i just poop in the river now
3332 nerddtvg <dolemite7> jack my dick with rented hands
3331 timotab <dolemite7> HORSE COCK
3330 timotab <Nyghtshade> Like seriously. He had a massive cock.
3329 Omega037 <introspectr17> degenerative disease is all well and fine, but do they smell like rikki|phoney?
3328 res0 <secretninjaket> ugh... my fart wafted from under the covers. gross
3327 res0 <k27463> i never knew there were so many women with arms bigger than my thighs
3326 dolemite7 <Merlin00> that is 100% unrelated to two unrelated gay guys fucking in a tent in my yard
3325 Omega037 <misspwn> me chinese me play joke, me go pee pee in your coke Omega037
3324 spif <Notbrad> yeah im actually just gonna kill everyone in the field
3323 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> amg i'm a girl
3322 funkyb <Nerfdude> war never changes
3321 Chank <misspwn> gota pick up paycheck from strip club
3320 spif <scittles> time to stab some kid's ears
3319 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> Is your mom a trucker?
3318 dolemite7 <frisv> if everyone had falcons we could pit them against each other and almost have real pokemon battles
3317 Omega037 <willisnutz43> it's like trying to have sex with a ghost
3316 res0 <DeliriumTremens> I don't want a pharmaceutical boner. I want a boner made from love.
3315 misspwn <dolemite7> don't sploosh
3314 timotab <DeliriumTremens> they they dont call me wet leg jason for nothing
3313 zeryl <res0> rikkitikki's smokin' hot body pillow
3312 funkyb <tadni_> LET ME, FUCK YOU.
3311 Omega037 <spotmonk> I'd let them all run a train on my ass
3310 rikki|phoney <Evin> I CHALLENGE YOU TO A FLOG OFF
3308 Evin <DeliriumTremens> the kids can watch a pixar movie while the parents cram eachothers turdcutters
3307 Omega037 <misspwn> i like money, specifically paper money that comes from a strippers ass
3306 bbbeluga <GreetingsLappy> You don't have to do anything, you just have to lay there and take it
3305 DeliriumTremens <tadni_> nerf|zzzz: I can only cram for two hours and then I need to take the test right after.
3304 nerf|gone <misspwn> tell them to stop having anal, problem solved
3303 nerf|gone <misspwn> it's one thing if he goes to a strip club and washes off the glitter. putting his dick on a dirty window is asking for a bad time
3302 rikkitikki <nerfdude> drawn girls > *
3301 rikkitikki <memmek2k> nothin' wrong with a little butthole cleaning
3300 rikkitikki <Omega037> yeah, my wives vagina is gonna have an echo by the time we are done
3299 rikkitikki <misspwn> penis ring
3298 nerddtvg <introspectr3> so many pretty ladies frolicking about the park today
3297 Omega037 <tadni_> Omega037: I ONLY POKE MEN.
3296 scittles <GreetingsADM> A neckbeard goes deeper than the neck
3295 res0 <misspwn> WHY U NO SEND ME N00DZ
3294 funkyb <misspwn> i don't even know what is real
3293 funkyb <Nerfdude> best i can tell it's a bunch of snake oil that joe rogan jacks off to, some of it seems interesting
3292 Nerfdude <bbbeldrunka> be prepared for some awkward boners
3291 funkyb <DLbot> I'm a white trash psychoclown. (o5p,)
3290 nerd|gone <res0> spif collects people in his freezer
3289 nerddtvg <frisv> if I put a bowtie on my noodle i'd call it bill nye
3288 funkyb <bbbeluga> its okay sluttface, we still like you
3287 spif <k27463> because theres very little belugas and a lot of porn
3286 DeliriumTremens <Evin> if I sat there laughing and scratching myself people would just presume I was a dev.
3285 res0 <rikki|worky> ANAL HIPSTER
3284 funkyb <Lapper> Mostly blowing dudes.
3283 dolemite7 <funkyb> just let meat soak in warm butter while working.
3282 Nerfdude <harrisonn> the only reason skype exists is for simulated intercourse
3281 Nerfdude <harrisonn> it's like looking through a one way mirror with your hand wrapped around your dong, slouched in your chair
3280 nerddtvg <Nerfdude> blonde pubes when he's threatened
3279 nerd|gone <Evin> your taint is only 2.5mm? you poor man.
3278 nerd|gone <DeliriumTremens> every inch of me is perfect from my grundle to my butt
3277 nerddtvg <Omega037> it gets enlarged if you are sick
3276 nerd|gone <k27463> hmmmm i thought i had to go to a gay bar to find this amount of dick
3275 Omega037 <misspwn_> you can pee in my butt later then
3273 GreetingsADM <scittles> you bunch seem like a bunch of trolls who come here to get a rise out of people
3272 Omega037 <secretninjaket> except for the one where he got addicted to fart gambling that one was too weird to be scary
3271 DeliriumTremens <bbbeluga> tight trench
3270 Omega037 <grobend> I came for the titties
3269 bbbeluga <GreetingsADM> Got my mind on my penis and my penis on my mind
3268 Omega037 <k27463> Omega037 I also like Nickelback
3267 Omega037 <tadni> grobend: Don't trust the Jew menace. It's a scheme.
3266 bbbeluga <Nyghtshade> Yea, but I'm the sappy type that actually enjoys doing the cuddle after sex crap.
3265 Nerfdude <misspwn> he'd be the most sensitive kid on the block
3264 doctorsound <rikkitikki> I can't stand all that grease drippin on my fingers D:
3263 rikkitikki <Primesauce> 1/1 Primesauces don't give any fucks, yo.
3262 timotab <tadni> Woah, so sore waking up.
3261 timotab <Greetings|Work> It's so happy to be out of your rectum
3260 timotab <scittles> that poop pillow is adorbs
3259 rikki|worky <doctorsound> Chank: Nah, I only do cocaine off of hooker's asses, like a real man.
3258 ||cw <Greetings|Work> not birthing a child big, but big
3257 Chank <misspwn> nothing is breaking for me yet except my vagina
3256 frisv <bbbeluga> i basically had a sloppy d with out the bun last night for dinner
3255 timotab <DeliriumTremens> louder than your mom on a tuesday in december
3254 timotab <DeliriumTremens> #NotAllNipples
3253 frisv <res0> your mom is a boning machine
3252 Pb_ft <Evin> frisv: I like my women how I like my servers; stored off site in cool, dark rooms.
3251 spif <scittles> the queefing trash can
3250 Pb_ft <bofh|work> Greetings|Work, have you tried unexpectedly toggling the power mode to operational revision standby?
3249 dolemite7 <misspwn> i'm so used to being a strong black independent woman
3248 Nerfdude <misspwn> every one knows eating steak on a date means you're gona get to pee in a girls butt
3247 DeliriumTremens <Omega037> ill show you a picture of me bald in private
3246 nerd|work <Omega037> btw, i basically look like uncle fester bald
3245 DeliriumTremens <funkyb> oh it's not hard
3244 funkyb <Nerfdude> And perioded all over our good time
3243 Greetings|Work <frisv> i found out the hard way that you do not sleep in c strings
3242 nerd|work <misspwn> so much poop
3241 dolemite7 <Greetings|Work> No horse picture is complete without horse cock
3240 ||cw <Omega037> i think my grandma gave it to my dad, who gave it to my wife, who gave it to me
3239 nerddtvg <willisnutz43> mighty rapists in a contest to rape as many women as possible
3238 nerddtvg <HoneyBadja> gotta lock that out, squeeze the bootay
3237 GreetingsADM <bbbeluga> i only fuck boys with good communication skills
3236 nerd|work <misspwn> because all i have to do is flash my boobs
3235 nerddtvg <misspwn> well then we willplay it by ear to around that time i spose, i gotta get back to my group orgy
3234 nerddtvg <rikki|phoney> the joy I'd get from that is knowing I helped a lonely nerd, nerddtvg
3233 nerddtvg <rikki|phoney> sometimes I imagine being a hooker for lonely nerds
3232 Pb_ft <harrisonn> nikki minaj's butt is gross
3231 nerd|work <grobend> I feel a dick pic night tonight
3230 nerd|work <||cw> does feeling a picture of a dick give the same feeling as a real one? I woulnd't know
3229 DeliriumTremens <dolemite7> ever seen someone shoot AA batteries out of their peehole
3228 funkyb <misspwn> i should just open with " i suck a lot of dick"
3227 nerd|work <axe9|work> so I think when girls realized they were staring down the barrel of 2.5 kids with someone that works in the service industry, the nerdy computer guy started looking appealing
3226 misspwn <DeliriumTremens> and heres misspwn drinking MD 20/20 from a french press, eating chips out of the trash
3225 bbbeluga <doctorsound> Just tie it off with your dick, duh!
3224 timotab <Greetings|Work> doctorsound: but it keeps falling out
3223 res0 <frisv> if I donated a testicle to a dog, could that dog impregnate a human?
3222 TenthTARDIS <Nyghtshade> Libido is reaally taking precedence right now.
3221 funkyb <zeryl> fuck alex jones
3220 funkyb <spif> I like a woman who knows how to work a tool
3219 funbeluga <Nyghtshade> If I look at your meat one more time...
3218 DeliriumTremens <funbeluga> im lickin the icing out of my last one
3217 res0 <bbbeluga> girls have two sides to cuddle
3216 DeliriumTremens <GreetingsADM> Cuddle Party 2 Electric Snuggaloo
3215 Merlin00 <spif> 14:24 < Merlin00> grobend: don't worry the bus doesn't run to crestwood
3214 bbbeluga <Evin> Sometimes I ejaculate prematurely, and I refer to rule #4.
3213 Omega037 <willisnutz43> yes i have loads of crack
3212 funkyb <res0> grobend is like Nyghtshade and monkers had a baby
3211 introspectr5 <bbbeluga> all the right junk in all the right places
3210 doctorsound <dolemite7> you're whiter than 12 pairs of sperrys
3209 misspwn <DeliriumTremens> The rioters are angry at the cops because the cops are wearing riot gear because of the rioters who are angry because the cops are wearing riot gear because of the rioters who are angry at the cops for wearing riot gear
3208 axe9|work <rikki|worky> and eat his heart to gain his power of attraction
3207 spif <frisv> I got free gelato the other day because their credit card system was down. I tell everyone I looted them
3206 zeryl <res0> man crush monday
3205 zeryl <res0> widebore is the only way funkyb can be satisfied
3204 nerd|gone <funkyb> I'm having fun with my new toys
3203 nerddtvg <zeryl> or even big bang beluga
3202 nerd|gone <bbbeluga> hello bbbeluga
3201 spif <jess_92> i looted the whole mall
3200 funkyb <soupmeister> I'll fuck you until you're pregnant too.
3199 Omega037 <Nyghtshade> bbbeluga did you show any your bbblowhole?
3198 doctorsound <WorkingCRC> I found used panties for $15 earlier.
3197 dolemite7 <grobend> "LETS KILL WHITE PEOPLE"
3196 memmek2k <axe9|work> look at my weird ramen....
3195 memmek2k <rikki|worky> stop that
3194 HoneyBadja <misspwn> that place just didn't sit with my butthole
3193 spif <GreetingsADM> It takes men a long time to figure out that they need to finger the tick
3192 doctorsound <misspwn> and i'm not too good for canned cheez wiz
3191 res0 <Omega037> i need a big john, maybe with some tech
3190 Omega037 <grobend> My balls smell so bad right now
3189 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> because I didn't put out in a timely fashion
3188 nerddtvg <Nyghtshade> I prefer ISIS
3187 res0 <secretninjaket> I know how to handle my own goddamn tits omega!
3186 doctorsound <Primesauce> If you aren't wearing a bowtie and a labcoat, you're not a scientist.
3185 doctorsound <Omega037> isnt Lyft that service that matches rapists with victims?
3184 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> i tend to just interject things about boobs, i know i could do better.
3183 Omega037 <bbbeluga> everyone loves the D
3182 doctorsound <ThatDeadDude> diddily doodily those vaginas
3181 spif <frisv> don't ignore nutache
3180 nerd|work <Greetings|Work> It's weird, someone must have kicked me in the nuts last night when I wasn't paying attention ( frisv )
3179 spif <Greetings|Work> Is it possible for a hangover headache to move to your testicles?
3178 dolemite7 <frisv> i assume all 3d printers print guns and dildos
3177 dolemite7 <Greetings|Work> "You may also like "Doc Johnsons Vac U Lock Knuckle Up"
3176 bbbeluga <dolemite7> although, i thought up "Texas Chodehouse" yesterday
3175 Greetings|Work <bbbeluga> how did no one grab clam choder?
3174 res0 <rikkitikki> My finger got excited there
3173 Chank <bbbeluga> nah, im a minute lady
3172 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> Bring me your butthurt, your crybags, your wimps.
3171 doctorsound <spotmonk> IF YOU LIKE NIGGAS AND KNEECAPPIN
3170 timotab <scittles> pee on it
3169 Omega037 <misspwn> i am an eyebrow nazi
3168 bbbeluga <El Dubb> I remember those little jugs. Not fond memories
3167 timotab <bbbeluga> go meat!
3166 spif <Evin> LIKE SEX WITH TREES
3165 nerd|skewl <bbbeluga> oh! can you and evin ride the bull at the same time?
3164 timotab <DeliriumTremens> You gonna show me your thrust angle?
3163 spif <scittles> i sometimes forget that humans are born with the inability to poop in a potty.
3162 funkyb <HoneyBadja> I'm pay by the piddle
3161 timotab <res0> really only saw one boob in the wild though
3160 timotab <jess_92> my ability is to slip in and out unnoticed
3159 spif <Greetings|Work> It made me realize how much our riverfront is like a vulva
3158 Greetings|Work <Killsudo> fuck jesus, he does not deliver new content
3157 spif <Greetings|Work> Praise Jesus, there's going to be an Entourage movie
3156 doctorsound <Nyghtshade> I don't like tasting poverty while I eat it....
3155 spif <Evin> so it explodes white goop in my mouth when I bite into it.
3154 doctorsound <scittles> it was super traumatizing because i puked in my sleep so I woke up in a bed of vomit
3153 Nyghtshade <misspwn> we will 69 forever apparently
3152 BadCRC <bbbeluga> I've never knitted a muffler
3151 rikkitikki <harrisonn> fapping is good for the soul
3150 spif <Omega037> trust me, i never think
3149 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> Mr. Puzzles Neverending Rape Wagon
3148 Omega037 <doctorsound> bbbeluga: We totally should get a shit for entangled|home
3147 bbbeluga <GreetingsADM> It's a good thing all my stuff is stored in the butt
3146 doctorsound <GreetingsADM> shitting bricked phones
3145 timotab <GreetingsADM> still the thought of a giant penis hanging over a king
3144 spif <res0> my brain is broken
3143 res0 <bbbeluga> to be fair, we were living in florida and the bushes run rampant in those parts
3142 rikkitikki <GreetingsADM> I do miss having a physical button though
3141 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> I WAS NOT EATING ICE CREAM ON THE SHITTER
3140 nerddtvg <Omega037> res0 just fertilized nerd with his seed
3139 timotab <bbbeluga> they came! geeez
3138 nerd|meeting <bbbeluga> CIDR, i know how to motorboat ;)
3137 spif <Evin> No, you can't make eye contact during butt sex.
3136 GreetingsADM <Notbrad> i dunno man you cant compete with anecdotal evidence
3135 misspwn <res0> we'll bang, ok
3134 spif <bbbeluga> am i going to be passed around? I'm not sure I'm okay with that
3133 Omega037 <res0> bbbeluga's all about the breasts
3132 tadni <bbbeluga> lol its always boring until you find poop
3131 spif <rikki|sewwhat> Magic powers? Better hide! Lesbian incest? No problemo
3130 spif <rikki|sewwhat> (shhh guys, maybe she'll drink so much she won't notice my molestations)
3129 TenthTARDIS <lacrimosus_> "will god make my dad buy me 200$ worth of d&d stuff? I'm taking up witchcraft!"
3128 spif <lacrimosus_> I see how it is. you do butt stuff for him
3127 spif <frisv> i want my lunch to last forever. regurgitation is crossing my mind
3126 doctorsound <introspectr5> i installed a script for irssi called UPDIKE that responds to /ctcp UPDIKE with an ASCII penis whose size is determined by system uptime on your mom
3125 TenthTARDIS <Omega037> stop recording me, this is america
3124 TenthTARDIS <Omega037> it's called a contraction...ask your mother about them
3123 TenthTARDIS <Omega037> well, it seemed like a good idea at the time
3122 Omega037 <TenthTARDIS> note to self: don't listen to Nyghtshade
3121 TenthTARDIS <spif> it's more fun when you have free bacon
3120 spif <frisv> everyone is bi for a price
3119 spif <doctorsound> Given St. Louis' high rates of Chlamydia, you're probably right.
3118 spif <Evin> Sometimes you just have to wear the underwear knowing there's a man right on your ass.
3117 spif <GreetingsADM> I totally grok disney underwear
3116 bbbeluga <Sonny> its not what you know its who you blow...
3115 Evin <Greetings|Work> and I would like to tramatize my child with large mammals
3114 nerddtvg <frisv> 2:30 in the afternoon. time for a nap? no sir it's time for your SEX ROBOT
3113 spif <scittles> i bet i could thigh squish a marshmallow
3112 doctorsound <Greetings|Work> his is much nicer and wider
3111 timotab <res0> had to do one slight tweak
3110 Omega037 <misspwn> i made a doodie
3109 Omega037 <GreetingsADM> Holy sparks! A negro!
3108 Nyghtshade <Omega037> IRC is like real time reddit
3107 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> leak upwards
3106 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> these lumps are not for grabbing
3105 timotab <bbbeluga> timotab! THERE IS AN EMBARGO ON GRABBING ME
3104 timotab <bbbeluga> but guys, its a beautiful place to bang
3103 rikkitikki <tadni> rikkitikki: ... I'm gonna have to eat you out, now, you know that, right?
3102 doctorsound <bbbeluga> misspwn, i loved your hotdog octopuses
3101 doctorsound <dolemite7> going to Dobbs to get your car worked on is like taking your computer to Office Depot for a tune up
3100 nerd|gone <Primesauce> Anyone that disagrees with the Oxford comma is a terrible human being
3099 rikkitikki <tadni> Someone, eat me out.
3098 dolemite7 <Omega037> yeah, i wanted kids too, which is why im moving to St Charles Co
3097 spif <Omega037> eh, dry anal isnt really fun for anyone
3096 res0 <Omega037> dont slam your clam on crazy
3095 bbbeluga <Greetings|Work> I want to wrap my hand around a noodler
3094 bbbeluga <doctorsound> I've got a nice pleated butthole
3093 Nyghtshade <tadni_> Until I she her, honest to dog, making out with some chick and actually enjoying it ... I'm not buying it.
3091 doctorsound <tadni > Fresh Prince of my Loins.
3090 doctorsound <Raucous> There's only gonna be seven planets left after I reck uranus.
3089 monkers <Nyghtshade> The amount of erections I've seen in locker room showers...
3088 funkyb <misspwn> fuck yo couch
3087 Omega037 <tadni> monkers: You will find, I have many holes.
3085 nerddtvg <tadni> Man, I'm so innocent. All my cock talk is/are about fights.
3084 nerddtvg <tadni> nerddtvg: Bitches be Craftin. Bitches be Lovecraftian.
3083 nerd|skewl <bbbeluga> i hardly grab people
3082 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> no water sports
3081 spif <Evin> Just imagine Jeff Daniels. Subtract 30 years and 50 lbs.
3080 spif <Evin> I only relate to people who are dead inside.
3079 timotab <harrisonn> it feels like a big hole in my toolbox
3078 nerd|gone <DeliriumTremens> scittles What I provide here is a service. It's a service not everyone can relate to or accept easily. But it's a service, none the less, that brigthens the room with a sickly shade of barf.
3077 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> I bought a gun. It's name is Daisy. It fires cat vomit directly into my slippers.
3076 TenthTARDIS <introspectr5> i call shenanigans
3075 funkyb <nerd|work> TenthTARDIS: back in those days there was a bot called redditalien. it was a good bot. a friendly bot. thenit turned on us. used by the the moderators of the #reddit channels (freenode sub delegates moderation for groups), it reported our topic changes, kick bans, ops, deops, all the good in the world. it ruined what we knew as #reddit stlouis and gave us the abomination we have today. RIP #reddit stlouis 2011
3074 doctorsound <xxxt> the police are just a bunch of haters
3073 axe9|work <monkers> yah its kinda nice being a SINK
3072 spif <frisv> we are now free to visit other places that serve foamy beer
3071 spif <monkers> minus the ballsack
3070 nerd|work <doctorsound> Chank: You're a sick fuck.
3069 Omega037 <frisv> Axe9 is a vibrator
3068 Evin <scittles> i've heard too much about your penis in the last 5 min
3067 rikkitikki <monkers> my skin color matches my penis for once ... sort of exciting.
3066 spif <monkers> you're all a bunch of niggers.
3065 spif <scittles> man. I love a country where we'd gamble $50 to see if we could eat 5 lbs of meat.
3064 spif <HoneyBadja> Santa will melt your faces off with metal!
3063 Chank <Greetings|Work> Her lips were very nice looking just not all that functional
3062 nerddtvg <res0> nerddtvg is my favorite nerddtvg
3061 spif <Evin> I'll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert.
3060 spif <Evin> And by that he means he dislikes boobs his own age.
3059 monkers <doctorsound> Hitler did nothing wrong.
3058 DeliriumTremens <frisv> i'm definitely racist
3057 DeliriumTremens <bbbeluga> i have 2 tattoos already, i dont need one on my butthole.
3056 spif <axe9|work> I do my best analysis while shitting actually
3055 spif <bbbeluga> we all know how i feel about bones in my meat. :\
3054 bbbeluga <axe9|work> I feel like lunchboobies would be enjoyable
3053 bbbeluga <GreetingsADM> My word hole is going to be so sore in the morning
3052 spif <bbbeluga> he gives me his meat and then leaves. typical.
3051 spif <GreetingsADM> She likes her meat stuffed in a warm pocket
3050 nerd|work <monkers> would you, could you, circle jerk in a box, would you could you circle jerk with a fox?
3049 nerd|work <misspwn> i can circlejerk all day
3048 tadni <bbbeluga> nograb
3047 spif <bbbeluga> its totally a power, im a cheap date.
3046 secretninjaket <GreetingsADM> the combination of jiggle and punch is mesmerizing
3045 spif <misspwn> all in moderation, except crack
3044 spif <bbbeluga> guys, its the birthday of our great country. calm the fucking freedom down.
3043 spif <bbbeluga> too much porn makes the core hot
3042 DeliriumTremens <doctorsound> Yeah, laws are for faggots.
3041 spif <Omega037> minus getting picked on at school for having horns and shit
3040 spif <dolemite7> can we go back to replacing movie titles with boobs
3039 Pb_ft <baslisks|work> get some jean co jeans and do pot under the bleachers too
3038 timotab <bbbeluga> yeah i just spoon it into my mouth
3037 spif <bbbeluga> i think that is about pubes
3036 spif <scittles> "67 fluffy divas"
3035 spif <tadni> spif: Don't know. They talk constantly online though and they "ship" her and this girl on tumblr. And the said it's cannon now or something.
3034 rikki|PDX <bbbeluga> i would eat that.
3033 spif <res0> what a dumb quote
3032 ||cw <HoneyBadja> drink 'till i'm sterile
3031 Omega037 <misspwn> entangledphoton, when my butthole stops clenching and spewing water, i'll grill some and report back
3030 entangledphoton <frisv> Why would anyone do anything in Missouri with Alton and Roxana so close.
3029 bbbeluga <secretninjaket> I have the resources for a pony party
3028 spif <Killsudo> even the dive bars survive on coke, blowjobs, and hard cash
3027 dolemite7 <bbbeluga> its terrifying inside it. There is a strap to put on your chin and its basically a padded helmet and it smells
3026 misspwn <spif> I have no class
3025 DeliriumTremens <bbbeluga> sitting on it was enough for me.
3024 spif <greetings|work> Do you wnat the taste of pickles without all that annoying chewing?
3023 spif <misspwn> see we do our own abortions it's cool
3022 Nyghtshade <Evin> you realize sunglasses don't conceal the fact that your neck is turned 135 degrees, right?
3021 Omega037 <Evin> For some reason my nipples are rock hard right now.
3020 Omega037 <bbbeluga> are you suggesting she let someone pee in her butt?
3019 spif <nerd|work> still doing boobs?
3017 spif <Nyghtshade> The Titty Farted.
3016 spif <monkers> ya just gotta circle jerk everything that comes yer way
3015 spif <frisv> yes there could be double beards
3014 spif <dolemite7> she's got a body like a crap filled sock
3013 dolemite7 <axe9|work> ball shaving?
3012 frisv <scittles> because pubes go better w/ bacon!
3011 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> clown pockets?
3010 spif <axe9|work> It makes me have the weirdest poops.. and I don't even drink that much
3009 nerd|work <timotab> I'm not coming
3008 nerd|work <bbbeluga> timotab we are going to tap dat ass
3007 Nyghtshade <TenthTARDIS> Wait, why was that quote worthy?! I've had many other better quotes!
3006 secretninjaket <TenthTARDIS> It's always fun when you have free rein
3005 bbbeluga <secretninjaket> I was a french horse once
3004 spif <bbbeluga> i want it to be known that i was not trying to sex these young men.
3003 spif <bbbeluga> "My beaver is bored and wants to play, do you have any wood for my beaver today"
3002 Omega037 <monkers> Omega037 you're a dickhead.
3001 funkyb <soupmeister> Oh yes. I claimed my territory. note to guys: if you really like a girl, piss on her lawn. It will eatablish dominance.
3000 spif <kitkatkaytee> Stop grabbing me.
2999 funkyb <kitkatkaytee> You are gorgeous. i still think soupy is gorgeous er
2998 funkyb <spotmonk> well... if it's fucks you're looking for, I deal them out indiscriminately
2997 spif <spotmonk> I'm imagining a monster with like 80 penises all over him who can't get an erection on a single one
2996 Nyghtshade <spotmonk> I just want to blow a giant load on her tits
2995 bgresham <frisv> can you grab yourself?
2994 spif <frisv> just quote dtbot then grab yourself
2993 spif <frisv> i'm watching videos of scantily clad women doing hockey stops now
2992 Nyghtshade <HoneyBadja> i thought she was nuts, then i grabbed her once and all squish, kinda gross
2991 Pb_ft <greetings|work> Don't blame Political Correctness for an expectation that you be nice to people.
2990 Pb_ft <doctorsound> Could God make a burrito so fattening that even he can't move?
2989 redfenix <doctorsound> Fucknig OSHA trying to ruin our fun.
2988 dolemite7 <scittles> then magically pull the bone out
2987 doctorsound <dolemite7> omfg, i love the qt buffalo chicken dicks
2986 timotab <greetings|work> bbbeluga is in a good mood, time for blow jobs
2985 timotab <bbbeluga> ohhhh yeah thats the part we should have cut off
2984 GreetingsADM <bbbeluga> how many of you have awkward semis?
2983 GreetingsADM <HoneyBadja> i'd always come for Evin deepthroating things
2982 funkyb <greetings|work> I want to eliminate the whites
2981 rikki|PNW <doctorsound> Fucking hipsters trying to cop my style.
2980 honeybadja <axe9|work> I'm a fucking idiot
2979 doctorsound <GreetingsADM> Napolean Dynomite is the poutine of movies
2978 timotab <redfenix> I carried that uncomfortable hunk of metal in my ass for .. some amount of years
2977 DeliriumTremens <bbbeluga> I missed boobs and vaginas!
2976 spif <HoneyBadja> bewb, bewbies, etc.
2975 spif <HoneyBadja> vaginas. why?
2974 ||cw <HoneyBadja> those kind have the V that you don't have to worry about holding it at the correct angle so you can just slide it back and forth
2973 HoneyBadja <bbbeluga> stop linking pictures of meat. its too early to get me all hungry and mouth watery.
2972 spif <rikki|PDX> Lol wait you guys don't fling poo?
2970 spif <ep|home> McDonald's makes my poop hurt
2969 spif <ep|home> I am watching Disney musical songs and it is giving me vodka ads
2968 nerd|sick <bbbeluga> i have gremlins in my head
2967 nerd|sick <res0> I am quite hot
2966 spif <Evin> the difference between a pool inflatable and a sex doll is simply shape.
2965 spif <scittles> pool fuckings man
2964 res0 <secretninjaket> mmmmm dick
2963 bbbeluga <spif> ok if no one else comes I'll just play by myself
2962 fresham <dolemite7> maybe it's a sex goblin with a carnival penis
2961 nerd|sick <scittles> lolz my printer says there's a jam in the rear door ( a° \– a°)
2960 Evin <scittles> pee on him
2959 nerd|sick <res0> this is quantum fucking we're talking about.
2958 nerd|sick <frisv> i just realized that i think theres a way for two guys to penetrate each other at the same time
2957 Pb_ft <res0> I've successfully woken up every time I've stopped sleeping.
2956 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> The cult of the gaping vagina.
2955 Notbrad <spif> daily doodles and the new one is a lot of a bit of work on the other use the new year to be a bit and I have any attachments is the way of the way
2954 Nyghtshade <frisv> We all have orgasm devices. Some are humans
2953 spif <frisv> But dick's can move in the same way dildos can
2952 spif <bbbeluga> no they can lol nevermind all of this. my parts dont move in the ways that machine did. its not the same. it was a joke to begin with and this has gone horribly wrong.
2951 timotab <bbbeluga> i have needs
2950 spif <frisv> Hands have been around longer than dildos
2949 HoneyBadja <bbbeluga> now i know how guys feel about dildos
2948 Evin <rikki|phoney> my blood is just too good
2947 spif <Nyghtshade> A few gorgeous ladies is totally worth a bunch of wrinkly ones.
2946 Omega037 <tadni> misspwn: I'm SO into poop.
2945 nerd|work <frisv> till marshmallow drips off my balls
2944 rikkitikki <scittles> take a shave, have a smore, shave some more
2943 ||cw <Evin> A little tossed salad in the shower, I mean you should always wash your salad anyway.
2942 doctorsound <greetings|work> Those uppidy white people of the Oneida Nation
2941 rikkitikki <||cw> though it's big enough that you can mitigate that
2940 HoneyBadja <rikki|phoney> who cares about pee control
2939 lacrimosus <GreetingsADM> Mac and cheese is the opiate of the people
2938 spif <doctorsound> Nothing like pulling a 6" squiggily one out between some chocolate and marshmellow.
2937 doctorsound <frisv> trim down (there) for what
2936 spif <Evin> and once or twice a year buttstuff?
2935 Omega037 <scittles> prolly monkey cock pics
2934 ||cw <Evin> nuts are good. by themselves.
2933 secretninjaket <Evin> That line is called the taint.
2932 doctorsound <misspwn> tadni, i look like a female neck beard
2931 DeliriumTremens <scittles> this is worse than when that guy kept entering and leaving
2930 Nyghtshade <misspwn> i'm down for meat ups
2929 spif <Evin> Well, some people can suck my dick.
2928 rikki|phoney <Evin> I'm socially awesome.
2927 GreetingsADM <spif> small talk is the cancer killing lacrimosus' America
2926 rikki|phoney <Nyghtshade> Triangles are spooky.
2925 nerddtvg <spotmonk> yeah... that needed grabbed. I was about to
2924 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> i guess i could play some holes, but not every weekend. it gets boring.
2923 rikki|phoney <Nyghtshade> And then your eyes get kind of glossy when it hits hard enough.
2922 spif <DeliriumTremens> step 1) drink 10 beers, step 2) french braid
2921 funkyb <rikki|phoney> bingle bangle bungle I'm so happy in the jungle I refuse to gooo
2920 spif <bbbeluga> if you like doing it in the butt, do it. If you don't then don't.
2919 GreetingsADM <bbbeluga> but it doesnt really matter unless someone is asking to do you in the butt, and i don't think anyone is offering
2918 spif <Omega037> as in happy to be pounded in the ass by another guy
2917 Omega037 <tadni|allahbaa> rikki|phoney: Have you seen my boner?
2916 Omega037 <tadni|allahbam> Omega037: I'm a racist ... and a stalker!
2915 funkyb <monkers> and i havent had a prostate exam in quite some time
2914 memmek2k <Omega037> dont argue with me, im right
2913 gandarf <Omega037> its more the size issue
2912 rikkitikki <scittles> i'm not sure my fingers fit there either. honestly haven't tried.
2911 rikkitikki <greetings|work> If you don't want a horse cock you do
2910 spif <misspwn> my penis wrinkles from cold water
2909 rikkitikki <ThatDeadDude> I find it hard to let people in
2908 Pb_ft <memmek2k> I BET SHE HAS SOME JEWISH IN HER
2907 Pb_ft <doctorsound> The way white people is...
2906 fresham <Evin> you should never forget the o.
2905 Nyghtshade <rikkitikki> I'm too busy getting on it
2904 doctorsound <tadni> Give me some of that cock.
2903 ||cw <HoneyBadja> i prefer pulled monkey :P
2902 res0 <rikkitikki> I used my more expensive one and it worked way better
2901 res0 <rikkitikki> And my more expensive one I wasn't using cuz it's way bigger
2900 ||cw <Evin> genital up.
2899 tadni <Evin> Your mom is a bony prominence with no cushion.
2898 tadni <Camerongoogly> They can look funny, but that doesn't mean anything about function
2897 spif <Evin> Wrong penis secretion.
2896 spif <secretninjaket> I was referencing the role of pineapple in the taste of semen
2895 nerd|sick <Omega037> like guy on guy
2894 Omega037 <nerd|sick> don't care, I got it
2893 nerd|sick <tadni> Omega037 Same with homos.
2892 spif <Omega037> you know that chickens poop and lay eggs from the same hole, right?
2891 nerd|sick <GreetingsADM> I hope she comes back with some penis shaped Tchotchkes
2890 nerd|sick <bbbeluga> nerd|sick, the only escorting is done by the police officer students i have
2889 monkers <spif> monkers nou
2888 spif <secretninjaket> I just get to excited when I see a grabable
2887 spif <Evin> fine, I'll just stick to butt stuff.
2886 spif <rikkitikki> I can't help it, I like robot ass
2885 spif <dolemite7> put his genitals in your mouth, check. put his mouthcleaner in your mouth... NO
2884 dolemite7 <doctorsound> How can you get blumpkins if you're affraid to shit with teh other one in the room?
2883 rikkitikki <introspectr5> i can't believe in any religion that doesn't have MILF's
2882 bbbeluga <Omega037> my douchiness was a much bigger obsticle
2881 tadni <Evin> Rikkitikki hates my blonde hair and 8 inch penis.
2880 spif <misspwn> wife experience is where i sit for couple hrs watching dr phil, then clean and cook you dinner and then leave you with blue balls
2879 spif <misspwn> i told you wife experience includes no sex so you might as well get a maid costume
2878 tadni <res0> I knew someone would grab that too P
2877 tadni <res0> I knew rikki would grab it.
2876 rikki|phoney <res0> "too long to explain" also applies to my dick
2875 bbbeluga <GreetingsADM> I forgot about the penis
2874 introspectr3 <bbbeluga> damn it feels good to be a gangsta
2873 bbbeluga <spif> I missed the money shot
2872 res0 <GreetingsADM> bag of dicks is one of my favorite nouns
2871 GreetingsADM <spif> I disowned my family for being jerks
2870 Nyghtshade <Evin> Don't tell her i said she's a dude.
2869 dolemite7 <misspwn> suck it like a hose?
2868 Omega037 <bbbeluga> optimism comes out of my blow hole.
2867 GreetingsADM <kitkatkaytee> It's okay, my cunt is used to it.
2866 res0 <GreetingsADM> I like my women like I like my coffee, picked out of the feces of a medium sized feline
2865 spif <Pb_ft> err the forcing, not the fapist dictatorship
2864 doctorsound <ThatDeadDude> We should put abortion drugs in the water supply
2863 DeliriumTremens <bbbeluga> oh gosh they have wood
2862 bbbeluga <frisv> but escaping an 8 point hole was tough to do
2860 doctorsound <rikkitikki> the way white people is
2859 rikkitikki <spif> because I'm 12
2858 rikkitikki <memmek2k> TAKE US EVERYWHERE WITH YOU
2857 timotab <doctorsound> I would peg memmek2k
2856 Nyghtshade <spotmonk> my wiener works as a thermometer, but you just put things in and I say "oh, yeah, that's hot"
2855 spif <Evin> you people have the memories of goldfish
2854 timotab <jennn> Not only I am really married it's also a monogamous relationship. God, I think the joke's on me not everybody else.
2853 GreetingsADM <tadni|cananada> secretninjaket: I'm making a chart with boob size to age.
2852 GreetingsADM <secretninjaket> > 10lbs of boobs pressing against my lungs
2851 Omega037 <lacrimosus> Primesauce has the lowest hanging fruit.
2850 Omega037 <Primesauce> Yeah, you should ALWAYS wear a condom when with your sister.
2849 nerddtvg <introspectr5> oh my god bbbeluga! codex slept with wheaton....
2848 bbbeluga <monkers> hey did you guys hear biebers new single?
2847 Evin <memmek2k> so that when you push with a finger or two it cracks
2846 ThatDeadDude <jennn> You're gonna have to work on thinking more dick if you want to stick around.
2845 DeliriumTremens <Evin> I'm fat.
2844 rikkitikki <axe9|work> Another day, another clusterfuck
2843 spif <nicomachus> clearly I actually AM a US senator...?
2842 Notbrad <Omega037> ah, nothing like a shower to clean the baby puke out of your hair
2841 rikkitikki <Nyghtshade> Show me the color of your urination.
2840 Evin <wiggly> no incest pls
2839 rikkitikki <Greetings|work> Sleepy boner?
2838 rikkitikki <doctorsound> And your panties, like cheesecloth, squeeze all the juice out?
2837 doctorsound <ihcu> i wish i could have my period in a purse
2836 rikkitikki <frisv> why am I always gay in dreams
2835 spif <monkers> a scrub is a man who cant get no love from me.
2834 nerd|work <GreetingsADM> You don't consider a mustache, a Mustache considers you
2833 spif <misspwn> whatever i'm gona smoke crack and watch gossip girl
2832 Chank <nerd|work> That's because Andrew is a shitty name.
2831 Omega037 <tadni|canada> rikkitikki: You bring the 3 pack of periods, and I'll bring the grab bag of comas.
2830 bbbeluga <secretninjaket> the rolls are gigantic
2829 Omega037 <Primesauce> Our love transcends dongles
2828 timotab <bbbeluga> boobs in all shapes and sizes
2827 rikkitikki <Merlin00> Im notnthay drunk
2826 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> *clap clap clap clap* DEEP IN THE VAAAAG OF YOUR MOM
2825 lacrimosus <introspectr5> GRUMBLE GRUMBLE evin is inferior GRUMBLE GRUMBLE
2824 nerddtvg <rikki|phoney> Evin but aren't dicks also for suckers
2823 rikki|phoney <bbbeluga> but you cant help the buldge
2822 nerddtvg <GreetingsADM> I feel like it was bigger
2821 rikkitikki <GreetingsADM> My first Real Doll"
2820 nerddtvg <tadni> rikkitikki Teach me how to drive Vag.
2819 nerddtvg <tadni> rikkitikki: My Little Horny.
2818 DeliriumTremens <Evin> For whom the butt fucks
2817 misspwn <Monkeypaws> love talkin penis
2816 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> THIS IS GOING TO BE THE WORST SHIT EVER
2815 Nyghtshade <Omega037> rikki is as smooth as a baby's placenta
2814 axe9|work <Nyghtshade> The other one is where you end up needing to jerk off with barbed wire while a monkey paddles you with a rake.
2813 timotab <nerd|gone> maybe an inch shorter? it's pretty long right now
2812 axe9|work <El Dubb> it only happened once, and then never again. I assume that I shat out the cancer
2811 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> you're all just afraid of the all mighty uterus
2810 rikkitikki <El Dubb> the cuter the girls, the greater the obligation
2809 doctorsound <GreetingsADM> Each dad joke is a beatiful snowflake
2808 axe9|work <ihcu> my vote is intl house of cocks and undergarments
2807 Evin <axe9|work> Though.. it is nice to squirt tailgaiters...
2806 nerd|work <Evin> I grill things so hard.
2805 nerd|work <res0> riKKKitiKKKi
2804 spif <bbbeluga> i dont really know if i want to think of my brats as skin flutes of pork
2803 secretninjaket <doctorsound> I bet they squeeled like little bitches
2802 rikki|phoney <El Dubb> My Magic Man is lonely, and he needs a friend
2801 rikkitikki <Primesauce> Penis in butt is natural and pure
2800 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> always waiting for your meat to warm up.
2799 bbbeluga <Primesauce> I'm always making it rain my fluids
2798 secretninjaket <Primesauce> secretninjaket, THOSE aren't the holes I'm talking about!
2797 spif <secretninjaket> haven't tried any rape role plays...
2796 poisomike87 <lacrimosus> and usually your belly and vag are stretched out.
2795 funkyb <doctorsound> She's gonna get wrecked by some balls alright.
2794 Omega037 <secretninjaket> I'd like to grab your grabables )
2793 Omega037 <Primesauce> That's why I'm so offensive.
2792 timotab <res0> orgasm
2791 SirWigglet <secretninjaket> oh i have genitals.
2790 timotab <SirWigglet> So how much penis touching is going on in these conversations?
2789 dolemite7 <res0> I make whale parts for the American working man, because that's what I am, and that's who I care about.
2788 res0 <tadni> I would do it with him, but we tried once and even with the complete lack of skill on my end, I was so much bigger than him, it was no effort..
2787 Nyghtshade <res0> vagina swimming pool
2786 timotab <bbbeluga> apparently llama eyes look like really floppy vaginas
2785 Omega037 <lacrimosus> timotab is an avalon slut
2784 timotab <SWOLE> i dont think i got off
2783 timotab <dolemite7> it can be discouraging, though, especially if it's weaker than they're expecting and they're really far between.
2782 timotab <||cw> I'd also like to give it a .5 1" lift in the rear :)
2781 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> oh you boys and playing with your sticks
2780 HoneyBadja <Nyghtshade> There was like a Cm and a half scratch on my dick... and it just slowly oozed blood.
2779 nerd|work <dolemite7> Tonight on Newschannel 5... Rabid prostitutes biting the penis heads off of unsuspecting johns, and what the police plan to do about it
2778 doctorsound <DLbot> BECAUSE I'M A FUCKIN' IDIOT
2777 timotab <GreetingsADM> No butts, just a sex therapist talking about it
2776 GreetingsADM <introspectr5> long and painful or just long?
2775 misspwn <DeliriumTremens> my god that baby looks jewish
2774 Omega037 <misspwn> i don't want you intimidated by my large weiner
2773 Omega037 <misspwn> res0, you gona stay out of my underwear drawer right
2772 rikkitikki <spotmonk> I want to rape Nyghtshade's wife!
2771 ||cw <kitkatkaytee> Or they honk at me because I cant cross the street.
2770 timotab <axe9|work> Would be funny to put the device in a machine with a dildo, so when it connected BAM!
2769 spif <ihcun> whatever I'm cool, just wait and see
2768 timotab <Omega037> timotab is right
2767 Omega037 <res0> your pinkies fuck mothers?
2766 timotab <bbbeluga> how did you know i like goats?  _ 
2765 bbbeluga <Omega037> needs more blowhole
2764 timotab <bbbeluga> well im all yours now El Dubb
2763 timotab <bbbeluga> you dont look like you are bout to stick your hand in someones butt at all...
2762 timotab <doctorsound> The sooner you accept it, the sooner we can blame more things on you.
2761 rikkitikki <misspwn> bitch just eat the meat
2760 rikkitikki <tadni> Draw taints?
2759 nerd|work <rikkitikki> nerd|work: is a bot
2758 doctorsound <res0> misspwn: are you anal about your beads?
2757 spif <misspwn> i wish i had a full beard
2756 Omega037 <misspwn> yeah Omega037 you ruin everything
2755 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> and i figured fuck it, she can have a fart jar
2754 timotab <res0> rikki is hardly what I'd call "advanced"
2753 Omega037 <misspwn> he's a tiny fucker
2752 Omega037 <spotmonk> when I scroll reddit and I see bbbeluga has been grabbed I do see it's usually timotab grabbing her
2751 rikkitikki <bbbeluga> well, yes. especially if there is a penis inside it
2750 rikki|phoney <doctorsound> I'mma fuck that lawnmower real good
2749 rikki|phoney <Merlin00> the best handjobs are the ones where they use their mouth
2748 Omega037 <