ID Grabbed by Quote :
6070 frisv <NefariousAMG> omg that was amazing last night
6069 funkyb <Omega037> uncircumcised would work too
6068 funkyb <Omega037> blind people are generally some of the safest people to punch
6067 bofh|wurk <Electropoop> Im a big fan of bbc
6066 Nyghtshade <kerouac> i don't beleive you have an ass, Electropoop
6065 anotherbofh2 <Nerdshade> I think the movements required to create two stable oscillations with dual dicks would be beyond the range of movement feasible with human hips and glutes.
6064 anotherbofh3 <jsgrant> monkers: I'm a low-functioning artist.
6063 Nyghtshade <kerouac> "oh my, these section 8 negroes have an irc channel"
6062 Nyghtshade <Chank> bofh|werk i fixed !grab
6061 Omega037 <Electropoop> My 2 breasts and vag confirm that
6060 funkyb <monkers> make america gluten again!
6059 funkyb <Omega037> you probably got the white bonus, but took a big hit for gender
6058 Robbles <frisv> gotta get a dick toaster
6057 funkyb <kerouac> i can eat a whole tube of cookies like pez
6056 Electropoop <frisv> like my sister has this dog that keeps jumping over their fence. their solution is better fence, my solution was to break the dogs legs
6055 Robbles <GreetingsADM> That's probably the most satisfying nuts I've ever put in my mouth
6054 Robbles <Omega037> jsgrant has a husband?
6053 bk <Omega037> she then proceeds to drop her pants and drag her labia accross the floor
6052 Omega037 <bk> Omega037: you're lucky; usually I have to pay someone $100 to shit on me
6051 DLbot <frisv> it's like gruel you just take a mouthful and swallow
6050 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> there were no tacos other than my dusty taconite one
6049 rikkitikki <bk> that would involve shoving her arm up your vagina
6048 Merlin00 <frisv> let trump penetrate you
6047 Merlin00 <DeliriumTremens> its like lack of blood cold
6046 monkers <bk> not what I'm looking for
6045 Omega037 <monkers> try to be positive, be excited
6044 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> ah the ol' slap and tickle
6043 funkyb <misspwn> dt will do it
6042 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> bet that thing weighs like 50lb
6041 funkyb <cloaks> i dont like cloaks
6040 CoachMcGuirk <misspwn> i just want the meat
6039 Electropoop <bk> new vegas doesn't get built until years after the bombs drop, DT
6038 DLbot <frisv> that sounds like diaper territory to me
6037 DeliriumTremens <Electropoop> I love touching things
6036 anotherbofh <introspectr3> you sticking cigarettes into old people?
6035 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> The Queen of Outer Space has three enormous breasts
6034 frisv <mdchap> my dick is more powerful than that laptop
6033 Merlin00 <DeliriumTremens> frisv: what the fuck is wrong with your dick
6032 Robbles <|mErLin|> I don't think diddling people is leaving them alone
6031 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> if i could do that in bed without making a huge mess i would
6030 anotherbofh <frisv> tortillas dont have feelings
6029 DeliriumTremens <frisv> but now when i go on walks i dont have an alibi for why i'm hanging out with 13 year old girls
6028 Merlin00 <monkers> fuck you, you look old and shitty too.
6027 funkyb <NefariousAMG> Yeah I grunt when i get my swell on in the gym, so everyoe can see how jacked and tan i am...totally dt
6026 funkyb <Barro> sometimes I think I should be shitting through a boba straw.
6025 Robbles <demophoon> deez nutz make me happy
6024 Robbles <anotherbofh> That's like saying you should hire an illiterate guy to manage the library cause they're unrepresented in librarians
6023 anotherbofh <frisv> oh yeah good idea i should butt chug it
6022 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> so they're gonna pump you full of sperm?
6021 TGWB <anotherbofh> or Busty Cops 4 also about leadership
6020 Merlin00 <anotherbofh> it wasn't the best, but still beats most of the crap i slop into the channel
6019 anotherbofh <Merlin00> that is a terrible grab
6018 Robbles <anotherbofh> I don't wanna rent one... I wanna take her kennel back to her natural habitat and set her free
6017 Omega037 <Robbles> i think omegas right
6016 Robbles <jeepnaked> Beer cans in your ass, don't knock it until you've tried it
6015 colinahscopy <frisv> they call me the pickle dominator
6014 DeliriumTremens <mdchap> yeah jake you fuckin dumbass
6013 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> I cant stop pooping
6012 ||cw <frisv> it's larger than even i expected
6011 NefariousAMG <DeliriumTremens> cookies, penises, mdchaps tasted them all
6010 funkyb <Omega037> you could try linux and just have it not work in the first place
6009 Merlin00 <DeliriumTremens> I have spent $0 on donkey dick
6008 ||cw <frisv> there we go just had to shake it
6007 Omega037 <Robbles> sometimes its a "teen incest" day
6006 Omega037 <bbbeluga_> how long do edibles last in your pee
6005 mdchap <frisv> i'd have to jack off like 5 times beforehand to make sure i wouldn't get accidental boners
6004 Merlin00 <misspwn> i feel like omega is going to be peering in my windows trying to coach me on how to concieve
6003 Nyghtshade <kerouac> i follwed him on linkedin and he makes me hungry
6002 DeliriumTremens <frisv> i got caught masterbating by a short mexican guy in a public bathroom
6001 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> i bit into a cherry tomato and it shot the juice to the back of my throat, now i know how Robbles feels
6000 Robbles <Chewbaccer|work> talk about trains and see if a locomotive pops through their pants
5999 bk <frisv> i would've rather them took it out and reinserted it
5998 bk <Nyghtshade> Oh... but no milk to make em creamy
5997 DeliriumTremens <frisv> my piss smells like the bridgeton landfill fire dumped in rio olympic sewage
5996 rikkitikki <frisv> well, if i pooped in burger kings deep fryer, does anyone notice?
5995 Robbles <Omega037> i think my dong is better than Fuller House
5994 Robbles <DeliriumTremens> You don't need to worry about the bears anyway, they are all lethargic from smoking weed every day.
5993 frisv <misspwn> looking at how small it is, i literally cant even
5992 bk <NefariousAMG> the hot salami is delicious
5991 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> ima milk Merlin00
5990 Merlin00 <DeliriumTremens> ive never ridden the metrolink
5989 GreetingsADM <mdchap> yep I just got that. I know I should have a voucher from when I bought lady gaga tickets 5 years ago
5988 Omega037 <rikkitikki> I would suck a cock for free
5987 GreetingsADM <mdchap> fn. even my mom shits on my fashion choices
5986 rikkitikki <Nyghtshade> My wibbly wobbly dingly dongly thing.
5985 rikkitikki <bbbeluga> sugar coated blowjobs are only a concern for the diabetics
5984 timotab <Omega037> id have to check my rods though, its been a while
5983 bbbeluga <frisv> fingers suck cause i use them a lot for fingering
5982 Robbles <frisv> i'm voting for hilary cause we'll save money on her salary by only paying her 77% as much as obama
5981 ||cw <Ellesta> It's hard to fall asleep when I keep getting pounced on
5980 suttin <frisv> i am sitting upon a throne of chocolate cupcake crumbs
5979 funkyb <wcchandler> i'll hit your bumper cover gurl
5978 funkyb <misspwn> i'm always available
5977 Robbles <frisv> so basically they need to make tortilla condoms for my burritos
5976 mdchap <frisv> if i had to wrap a tortilla around my dick every time i had sex, i'd have hundreds of babies
5975 mdchap <DeliriumTremens> APPARENTLY I FART IN MY SLEEP
5974 funkyb <Nyghtshade> Today's the day when GreetingsADM lost his mind.
5973 Robbles <DeliriumTremens> mexican drugs dont expire
5972 funkyb <||cw> dicks are pretty easy to wash...
5971 dolemite7 <frisv> i'm trying to give you $3.50 for you to mix milk, ice cream, set it on your ass and twerk it
5970 Robbles <GreetingsADM> it still counts as wiping if you collect your poop remnants in a jar
5969 Robbles <DeliriumTremens> I can expand your horizons, but first you must expand your brachioles.
5968 funkyb <Nyghtshade|Work> There is a God. And he exists solely to design people who piss me off.
5967 Robbles <frisv> "hey i know you might be on a date but i just wanted you to know you look like a big fuckin nerd"
5966 Omega037 <rikkitikki> I need to get a weed card, but I'm lazy
5965 funkyb <NefariousAMG> i'm not trying to get you a virus or anything. Others can attest, i'm not that kind of person
5964 introspectr <TGWB> DeliriumTremens you mom knows how to handle my dick
5963 TGWB <Lapper> "My good sir, I don't pretend. I imaginify."
5962 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> frothy chocolate edema
5961 Omega037 <Electropop> im so excited to get bangs
5960 Robbles <NefariousAMG> I blame it all on the small feet/large boobs issue. I'm topheavy
5959 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> Is it the live action version of "Everybody Poops"?
5958 dolemite7 <TGWB> hmm.... i might try that.... i think itd taste really salty though
5957 Robbles <TGWB> it looked so grabbable though
5956 dolemite7 <TGWB> this dude is sticking his hand down his underwear and straight attacking his dick
5955 TGWB <Merlin00> what's wrong with pissing at a park
5954 Robbles <bk> rikki gets wet enough on her own
5952 timotab <frisv> conflicting instructions, m&ms in anus
5951 TGWB <GreetingsADM> is booby trap like tits in a box?
5950 TGWB <DeliriumTremens> this is why you'll never get coitus
5949 Merlin00 <mdchap> all of my no shows are black
5948 dolemite7 <frisv> the best thing about online penguin porn is that there's no smell
5947 Omega037 <TGWB> whats coitus?
5946 Merlin00 <frisv> i'm masturbating to Merlin00 watching train videos
5945 GreetingsADM <mdchap> I talk to my mom almost every day
5944 TGWB <Robbles> TGWB: thanks to two girls one cup, i've seen shit too
5943 rikkitikki <ThatDeadDude> I'll have you know I've yolod at least 3 times
5942 TGWB <ThatDeadDude> ANAL VORE
5941 rikkitikki <Omega037> back in my day, there were like 12 pokemon
5940 rikki|awaaay <Omega037> cant an old jew be miserly anymore?
5939 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> im gonna dress up like a fox and sneak into Chewbaccers coop once a week and steal eggs
5938 n <frisv> i gave your mom the in
5937 Robbles <bk> robbles couldn't stop thinking about my enormous penis
5936 TGWB <frisv> hey, i'm all for lactating in public as long as you have nice tits
5935 Mart <GreetingsADM> want to nurse in your own home, too bad, go to Wal
5934 Omega037 <Nyghtshade> I have a cousin I'd totally bang
5933 TGWB <misspwn> Nef|phone: maybe he tripped over his purple velvet platforms
5932 Omega037 <TGWB> im just not sexually attracted to my parents
5931 DeliriumTremens <TGWB> if you dont believe anything else that i say, believe me when i say that i WILL NOT EVER do drugs
5930 DeliriumTremens <GreetingsADM> Josh is giving me a rub down at 3
5929 bk <rikki|phoney> Hot oil on soft boobs!?
5928 Robbles <frisv_phone> I just don't wanna smell like dong all day
5927 Merlin00 <misspwn> Merlin00: if i get under your desk your wife will hate me
5926 Butters_ <Nyghtshade|Work> August 24th, Jihad, Islam, dirty bomb, throwaway phone, sprint att, St. louis 11:35 PM page ave, kill.
5925 Butters_ <grobend> Anyone here selling nuclear material?
5924 Merlin00 <DeliriumTremens> I'm gonna go in there and press my fuckin butthole up to the crack in the stall door and show him regret.
5923 Robbles <DeliriumTremens> did you get a haircut with a happy ending?
5922 mdchap <grobend> I could go for some dick in my ass.
5921 bk <bbbeluga> do you even eat their meat?
5920 funkyb <wcchandler> i feel like a cat and you're petting me and getting super close to my butt so i just shove it higher and higher in the air
5919 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> i've seen bigger but dang
5918 k27463 <bk> and misspwn's dick won't fit in the bathroom
5917 Butters_ <misspwn> next person to shout penis is gona get a cockmeat sandwich
5916 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> cause you'd have to pee in my butt and i know you'd rather suck off a dead rat
5914 Robbles <Omega037> apparently as you get fatter, you need more inches
5913 Robbles <frisv> i bet brittbot lives in an apartment
5912 Nyghtshade <anotherbofh> And I have no doubt that your mirror is currently looking for a good therapist
5911 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work> We keep finding gummy bear heads stuck in weird places
5910 DeliriumTremens <frisv> i'm wearing a pedometer today to measure how much of a pedophile i am
5909 anotherbofh <frisv> attack in belgium: waffles compromised
5908 mdchap_ <axe9|work> I got poop on my finger once and it almost made me throw up :(
5907 Nyghtshade|Work <frisv> keep missing 3's little cock
5906 Merlin00 <Nyghtshade|Work> I totally jerked it in that cell.
5905 Merlin00 <mdchap_> the dude in this car commercial is way too attractive to have 4 kids
5904 Robbles <frisv> good they won't notice when you shit outside now
5903 DeliriumTremens <Electropop> ugh. I cant find a good opening.
5902 DeliriumTremens <frisv> Omega037 we were trying to find chocolate gold coins the other day and it was tough, where do you go
5901 _Deity <frisv> your whole dental hygiene process is too smug even for me
5900 Nyghtshade <demophoon> 1 free butt cleaning with purchase of any arbys meal
5899 Omega037 <Nyghtshade> Good to know. No vaginal raspberries.
5898 Electropop <DeliriumTremens> but she didnt tell me she had two waters break, spinning her like Gravitron
5897 Nyghtshade <Omega037> it feels like you came later
5896 qLazarus <kerouac> FUCK YOU
5895 kerouac <Merlin00> fuck you, buddy
5894 Merlin00 <IneedE> nigger
5893 timotab <Omega037> anal had some crazy spike in 2009
5892 Omega037 <NefariousAMG> I was just being a bitch for fun.
5891 Merlin00 <_Deity> If they are legal they can look 12 and I'm fine with it
5890 Nyghtshade <FalseProphet> if you were any more whipped this would be on fetlife?
5889 rdm <frisv> you trim cause you like compliments at the urinal
5887 Robbles <DeliriumTremens> I have the TARDIS of buttholes now.
5886 funkyb <misspwn> i'll shut you down with my dick
5885 Robbles <themanfromstan> I mean it depends how hot, and it was mom/daughter maybe
5884 Robbles <GreetingsADM> Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes a picture of your mom is just a picture of someone you'll spank it to
5883 Robbles <NefariousAMG> I'm a chick. i don't need his mom in my spank bank
5882 Robbles <Nyghtshade|Work> you put the fucker in motherfucker.
5881 GreetingsADM <DeliriumTremens> mine was tiny
5880 Robbles <Omega037> but understand that the box is like 3 times bigger than the thing
5879 Robbles <f1ngertoes> usually it's the chicks who cry when i have an orgasm
5878 Robbles <kerouac> everyone needs an orgasm
5877 GreetingsADM <hawkgpg> the only things i know in ASL are dancing, condom, and thank you
5876 Robbles <frisv> apparently they issue winter weather advisorys for 3 to 5 inches. if thats the case i've been dropping winter weather advisories on your mom all month
5875 DeliriumTremens <mdchap> I'll give you $25 if you shit on my chest
5874 ||cw <Omega037> wife is already 1cm dialated too
5873 Robbles <Omega037> i think releasing a box of bats in a jail cell would be more effective than releasing a batman
5872 Omega037 <misspwn> drink more semen and eat banananannanas
5871 Robbles <Omega037> is that why you like to have sex with armidillos?
5869 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> I'da slapped a friend if he told me to "drink the flower jizz"
5867 k27463 <dolemite7> well, SOMEONES gotta have some standards in this place
5866 Merlin00 <misspwn_> maybe if you eat my ass dt
5865 NefariousAMG <mdchap> lol is it really only 1/2"?
5864 k27463 <Ellesta__> I'd let an owl poo on me
5863 k27463 <mdchap> I feel like I'd be sexy AF if I were a woman
5862 kerouac <misspwn> grobends mom was keeping it under lock and key until someone ate her ass
5861 Deity_phone <mdchap> boo this Deity_phone
5860 Deity_phone <bbbeluga> Omg this fish
5859 k27463 <bbbeluga> i'll have to come next time
5858 bbbeluga <DeliriumTremens> theres tons of meat in the garage
5857 k27463 <misspwn> dt got me from a discount bin :(
5856 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> Maybe if you put something in your butt that would all change.
5855 DeliriumTremens <Chewbaccer|work> I need to give you those meat logs
5854 k27463 <frisv> i need to get an r/dtbot tattoo
5853 k27463 <frisv> are you distributing brown bananas to the porcelain gods?
5852 Omega037 <Nyghtshade> SHE WAS ONLY 12
5851 bbbeluga <||cw> pounding and bottoming out is something I'm good at
5850 k27463 <frisv> shoe goo can accomplish anything. it even seals girls mouths shut when you dont want them screaming in your basement anymore
5849 k27463 <Ellesta> but what else am I going to stick my penis in
5848 k27463 <CoachMcGuirk> i have better odds of winning Caitlyn Jenner's vagina.
5847 N3rfdude <Ellesta> "must have an inch of caked on dick cheese pls"
5846 DeliriumTremens <NeckMoustache> I like the whole package.
5845 Robbles <rikkitikki> how can anyone hate boobs
5844 k27463 <Ellesta> quit fondling your sister
5843 Omega037 <bk> I am an active pooper
5842 k27463 <Nyghtshade|Work> it's because my dick is so big, a whale is the only thing that makes sense.
5841 k27463 <Nyghtshade|Work> You haven't lived until you've snorted the dried and crushed up foreskin of a jewish 13 year old.
5840 k27463 <athetos> do asian genitals pixelate at birth, or does it happen during puberty?
5839 Ellesta <GracieLou> I like his juice.
5838 Merlin00 <GreetingsADM> I would take a drink of just about anything
5837 bbbeluga <frisv> i pulled a grobend and ate his ass yesterday
5836 k27463 <frisv> put your hands on me in my skintight jeans
5835 funkyb <secretninjaket_> Hopefully, he'd be a little worn out after sleeping with me!
5834 funkyb <secretninjaket_> Yea! Put it in my mouth!
5833 bk <Ellesta> I'm a lady today!
5832 k27463 <Barro> I only buy TVs made before 1980 so when I watch porn I can't see how jacked up those chicks really look
5831 GreetingsADM <Chewbaccer|away> I don't cancel drinking
5830 bk <secretninjaket_> Essentially you gotta stretch it to make it stop.
5829 Chewbaccer <GreetingsADM> That's why he can't get a new job, he's staying with his abusive spouse (boss) for the sake of his kids (servers)
5828 k27463 <Nyghtshade|Work> I feel as though my cock will never be complete.
5827 dolemite7 <Omega037> gave my wife her first painful kick/punch in the cervix
5826 Nyghtshade <colinahscopy> #blamektrains
5825 DeliriumTremens <mdchap_> but its tiny
5824 k27463 <NefariousAMG> oooh, i'm gonna put desj in my wagon
5823 _Deity <Nyghtshade> I have had my fair share of having things getting shoved up my dick, in this life.
5822 DeliriumTremens <mdchap> omg I'm so wet
5821 NefariousAMG <secretninjaket_> Who doesn't love my boobs?!
5820 Electropop <spotmonk> I'd let Omega037 knock me up, as long as he's on time with the child support and I don't have to talk to him
5819 Merlin00 <Ellesta> yea and I'd rather not get arrested for torrenting games
5818 k27463 <frisv> Nyghtshade are you currently experiencing a bukkake?
5817 timotab <Chewbaccer> Mine is going to be ugly and hairy
5816 Omega037 <NefariousAMG> you win you fat jewish piece of shit. I hope your children grow up to hate you
5815 colinahscopy <frisv> is he having a reverse baby?
5814 k27463 <frisv> i put my underpants on backwards so i can poop through wang hole w/o taking underwear off
5813 bk <f1ngertoes> toes are important
5812 k27463 <chicken_butt> well i personally put imos salad dressing on my fiances boobs, so....
5811 k27463 <misspwn> well now that i know he's into that, i'm gona start pooping with the door open
5810 k27463 <Ellesta> I bet she gave weird handjobs
5809 Omega037 <Godric0619> never masturbated your own dog?
5808 Omega037 <jsgrant> Omega037 Yeah, you were right.
5807 Omega037 <Godric0619> Just because I have not sworn my vagina to one person doesn't not mean I don't know how to love
5806 _Deity <NefariousAMG> gdi, i hate it when torrents get to like 98% and fail. speaking of breaking the law.
5805 colinahscopy <DeliriumTremens> it'll eat up the day like grobend eats up an ass
5804 bk <Omega037> i got to see some serious hyena cock at the zoo today
5803 funkyb <misspwn> a rule of my taint
5802 DeliriumTremens <frisv> Nice boner
5801 funkyb <mdchap_> "DT likes it when I shit on his chest"
5800 misspwn_ <grobend> I eat ass
5799 GreetingsADM <dolemite7> tip: remember to not get too fucking high before it
5798 k27463 <Ellesta> I always fart to assert my dominance
5797 Electropop <Godric0619> Full disclosure: am not Jewish. Just love passover
5796 _Deity <cupcakez> I've been pooped on
5795 _Deity <damon> i think trump is a lot smarter than palin
5794 DeliriumTremens <mdchap_> "HERE'S DONUTS I FORGOT TO WRAP MY DICK"
5793 _Deity <Electropop> damn black heads
5792 NefariousAMG <mdchap> I need a bigger dick
5791 k27463 <Godric0619> My android does need a hymen. It is such a slut and how else will i trick a good, respectable man to marry it?
5790 GreetingsADM <Godric0619> Yes, the whole thing. And he won't come unless you say it perfectly, with true american vigor
5789 k27463 <chicken_butt> You're a gay lass, Ellesta
5788 k27463 <GreetingsADM> there is an old man's penis
5787 k27463 <NefariousAMG> Finally. Took FOREVER to get in here
5786 k27463 <Ellesta> You don't need a wife, you can just masturbate
5785 NefariousAMG <secretninjaket> I mean most dicks are not dealbreakers. At least, you can't gag on a four inch cock!
5784 mdchap <Electropop> Like I get anal.
5783 funkyb <Nyghtshade> I have licked a girls butthole before.
5782 introspectr <Omega037> i was thinking about getting a bidet, but that would be more a gift for me than my wife
5781 Omega037 <Ellesta> my poops have been SOOOOoOooOO fun
5780 Omega037 <Nyghtshade|Work> Is there a tinder for cougars?
5779 bbbeluga <Roquefort> gimme that stinky, that nasty, that gushy stuff
5778 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> "streaming" "webcam" "pointed to" "his butthole"
5777 Electropop <k27463> just the tip though
5776 k27463 <Electropop> I dont think that would fit
5775 GreetingsADM <frisv> at least with a girl, you know they ain't gonna turn out like desj
5774 colinahscopy <GreetingsADM> you will be dick deep in baby gifts
5773 timotab <Electropop> timotab is a cool dude
5772 timotab <bbbeluga> timo is very nice
5771 k27463 <Electropop> embrace the nip
5769 NefariousAMG <DeliriumTremens> my balls look like a gorilla praying between my legs, i think they can handle it
5768 k27463 <bk> you can replace your vibrator with my package, bb
5767 bk <Chewbaccer> and I keep coming back to "why don't they just use a vibrator", then I think "well, maybe I don't understand"
5766 k27463 <Ellesta> Can't I just lay in bed naked all day?
5765 k27463 <_Deity> Also, my doctor told me not to lift more than 10 lbs.. which means I need a nurse to hold my dick when doing anything with it
5764 NefariousAMG <secretninjaket> There is definitely a fart button in my vag not gonna lie.
5763 _Deity <NefariousAMG> he didn't call anyone a nigger or a faggot
5762 k27463 <NefariousAMG> an orgy is no fun if its cold
5761 NefariousAMG <mdchap> that is not my bra
5760 NefariousAMG <Godric0619|WORK> Tiny, sparkly herpes
5759 k27463 <Ellesta> I'm jealous that it's not inside me
5758 k27463 <mdchap01> nothing better than friday morning sex while playing hookie
5757 Butters_ <frisv> my man dollars are now worth more women dollars
5756 mdchap01 <DeliriumTremens> I would fold up a Peel pizza and fuck it if society would allow it.
5755 k27463 <Godric0619|WORK> To survive, one must put their dick in the crazy of life.
5754 k27463 <Ellesta> I get erections, they're just secret.
5753 k27463 <Nyghtshade|Work> Because I'm capable of having erections and thus I must be a sexual predator.
5752 NefariousAMG <Omega037> and CS is for people who cant cut it as Comp Eng
5751 k27463 <NefariousAMG> y'all are lucky i'm wearing pants
5749 bk <k27463> i also don't know what's considered small and what's considered large
5748 funkyb <GreetingsADM> I don't mind the baby poop color
5747 dolemite7 <frisv> maybe i'll get him some goo for xmas
5746 k27463 <frisv> my iq was 200, but then desj came into the chat and now it's 7
5745 k27463 <ThatDeadDude> I think the others in my apartment building would be unhappy if I peed in the atrium
5744 k27463 <frisv> i moved in with gf strictly for wifi
5743 Butters_ <mdchap> work boners are the worst
5742 frisv <Chewbaccer> You brought twat back into my life
5741 colinahscopy <misspwn> i should take my IUD out and let the wrath unleash onto dt
5740 bbbeluga <Ellesta> gdi I should've killed the dragon and got the eye!
5739 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> Don't wash your dick with sriracha
5738 Godric0619|WORK <||cw> TWSS
5737 k27463 <NeckMoustache> No, I pooped on the floor to assert dominance.
5736 k27463 <NeckMoustache> NO, OPEN COMMUNITY HOLES.
5735 k27463 <bbbeluga> because i would be a creeper and totally look at a penis
5734 k27463 <GreetingsADM> You don't grab someone's nuts without asking first
5733 k27463 <bbbeluga> cuz i'd like to humpback at my place
5732 mdchap <frisv> how much back would a humpback hump if a humpback could hump back?
5731 introspectr <GracieLou> is that as in funky butt?
5730 k27463 <bk> fill all the holes
5729 JManTop <k27463> we might make little whiny mini ktrains
5728 k27463 <Ellesta> I will squeak your pants off with dat clarinet
5727 k27463 <mdchap> what if you like chicks with dicks
5726 k27463 <GreetingsADM> donkey is an underrated protein
5725 colinahscopy <frisv> yes. i often hear myself saying "damn, that girls got a lot of surface area"
5724 k27463 <Godric0619|WORK> Asians are 2$
5723 chicken_butt <frisv> where is the fucking westboro baptist church when you need them?
5722 k27463 <f2ngertoes> i would inhale lady gaga's fart and hold it like a bong hit
5721 JManTop <JManBottom> I'm the penis
5720 k27463 <Ellesta> Aw I don't have a butt flap
5719 NefariousAMG <secretninjaket> OH no my boobs are leaking?! emergencies
5718 NefariousAMG <mdchap> my butt is like a forest
5717 k27463 <Ellesta> omg it's too long
5716 k27463 <Ellesta> All you people need to stop trying to die
5715 NefariousAMG <Ellesta> Hint: it's my clit
5714 k27463 <TisTheJMan> Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over the oilfields dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners.
5713 bk <Nyghtshade> Respect my right to fuck tailpipes
5712 k27463 <bk> if I wanted to hook up with dumbass hoosier chicks, I could've probably had a four way
5711 k27463 <mdchap> would you fuck her with a shoe, would you fuck her in a zoo
5710 k27463 <NefariousAMG> colinahscopy yeah, you're a solid 7
5709 k27463 <GracieLou> I gots the booty
5708 Chankstr^ <mdchap> funkyb, do you shave your butthole
5707 k27463 <mdchap> rdm wants to fuck me
5706 bk <k27463> apparently i just have a bad sense of humor
5705 Nyghtshade <DeliriumTremens> be assholes to eachother all ya want, but i'll just ban you
5704 Nyghtshade|Work <Godric0619> I am being fancy and typing in a French accent
5703 TisTheJMan <Merlin00> it's not that he's prude (well maybe he is), but he's just naive
5702 grobend <Greet|work> and I tasted my own nuts
5701 k27463 <frisv> i need a lopatamy
5700 sushi_ <TisTheJMan> probably a daddy with sugar issues
5699 k27463 <frisv> i think Nyghtshade|Work can pass as a black single mom
5698 k27463 <frisv> now say you want to make your dick bigger
5697 Butters_ <sushi_> rapeseeds sounds like semen
5695 k27463 <mdchap> my balls aren't that stretchy yet
5694 sushi_ <mdchap> my balls are hairy AF. I'm too scared of scrotum cuts to shave them
5693 k27463 <NeckMoustache> That's the other thing. Your hairy balls are not going in my mouth.
5692 Cleve <NeckMoustache> Blood isn't a very effective lubricant in my experience.
5691 Butters_ <frisv> i heard from 2 sources that your penis got stuck in the spokes
5690 k27463 <Merlin00> I need to pee, but I don't want to walk outside
5689 k27463 <GreetingsADM> it's more like a fat alcoholic relationship
5688 sushi_ <k27463> GreetingsADM: can i join you in the awkward hole?
5687 k27463 <Godric0619|WORK> Yeah but with beards, like an hour later it still smells like your vag
5686 GreetingsADM <Godric0619|WORK> I have had sex with bearded men! My only complaint is when their beard starts to smell like your vagina.
5685 k27463 <Merlin00> mdchap just gets a lot of attention because chicks dig down's syndrome
5684 Butters_ <frisv> they probably speak asian
5683 Butters_ <chicken_butt> shit, I could go home and fuck my dog if I wanted. Why should my employer get flak for that?
5682 Butters_ <NeckMoustache> It's okay. Math gives me boners too.
5681 Butters_ <frisv> if you have a protractor you can measure your boner angles
5680 GreetingsADM <mdchap> my chrome was already fucked by my porn habits
5679 DeliriumTremens <Ellesta> its so big!
5678 k27463 <Ellesta> Ya the problem with a 24 inch dick is trying to find an equivalently long hole
5677 mdchap <NefariousAMG> i'm afraid of my shower. I fell in it last week and have had to be really careful. THere's a slick spot I can't unslick
5676 k27463 <mdchap> they won't take my plasma cuz I have downs
5675 k27463 <Ellesta> My bed is so cozy. And I'm naked. Fuck Yeah!
5674 DeliriumTremens <sushi_> i like the cock
5673 TenthTARDIS <Nyghtshade> TenthTARDIS, is just like the doctor. You have to need him bad enough.
5672 k27463 <Godric0619|WORK> Trust me, I took 2 years of Swahili. I'm pretty much a genius.
5671 sushi_ <hydro> don't poke me while you're wet
5670 Ellesta <sushi_> i kind of really wanted to grab "[20 29 18] i mean i rub my boobs on my coworkers boobs all the time "
5669 k27463 <sushi_> penis is great
5668 colinahscopy <chicken_butt> "FILL ALL MY HOLES"
5667 k27463 <misspwn> biggest jerk goes to misspwn
5666 Nyghtshade|Work <misspwn> this thing is huge
5665 chicekn_butt <introspectr> proof!
5664 Nyghtshade|Work <Butters_> are you a girl?
5663 Butters_ <Nyghtshade|Work> Is your ISP from a cereal box?
5662 Butters_ <chicekn_butt> drink ranch
5661 MerlinFAT <NefariousAMG> you'd have to put tape over her disgusting mouth.
5660 k27463 <TisTheJMan> I wasn't able to develop the cure in time, so I escaped in a helicopter
5659 k27463 <sushi_> i wanted to grab it
5658 sushi_ <Nyghtshade|Stuff> I love cream pies.
5657 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> its einsteins fourth law of shit conservation
5656 TGWB <dolemite7> i want a halloween condom that looks like mummy wrappings
5655 TGWB <chicken_butt> death by bible is brutal, trust me
5654 dolemite7 <TGWB> I like to live on the edge of what my parents tell me to do Merlin00
5653 k27463 <mdchap> I also have nice breasts
5652 TGWB <Nyghtshade> A fish ate my cum.
5651 k27463 <TGWB> at least half the population of desmet is black
5650 k27463 <chicken_butt> TGWB can i pay you to do yard a speedo
5649 sushiii <frisv> what's a 6 year old boner in unit measurement, like 1.5 inches?
5648 k27463 <Nyghtshade|Work> Well were both naked and I was sitting in a laundry basket.
5647 k27463 <frisv> she needs huge.... assets
5646 Nef|WalkingDead <NeckMoustache> Okay, fine, I snorted cocaine out of her labia
5645 colinahscopy <DeliriumTremens> its all good and fun until the hotdog comes back for a second visit
5644 bk <mdchap> ooo maybe I can get five guys
5643 mdchap <k27463> frisv: we should do it in a wash u classroom
5642 k27463 <mdchap> I'll bring rdm's pocket pussy
5641 TGWB <k27463> TGWB: then stop giving blowjobs with your nose
5640 colinahscopy <DeliriumTremens> The allen wrench got stuck, now my dick looks like half a swastika.
5639 k27463 <mdchap> Suck it slut, slut fucking bucket list.
5638 NefariousAMG <mdchap> five guys put your meat in my mouth
5637 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> its also illegal to have children with deer out of wedlock
5636 frisv <Electropop> HOW BIG IS THIS THING?
5635 TGWB <mdchap> no his problem is that he has 2 buttholes
5634 k27463 <mdchap> Roses are red, violets are blue. fuck off I hate you
5633 sushi_ <mdchap> to impress a chick: helicopter dick
5632 TGWB <DeliriumTremens> oh wait thats a turd
5631 TGWB <bbbeluga> tits are not balls
5630 DeSJ2017 <boobend> Oh fuck a bag
5629 DeSJ2017 <frisv> i like my women how i like my trains: long with a large caboose
5628 Colin|FOODS <misspwn> dont be pb and jealous
5627 TGWB <chicken_butt> i would pick the lesbian engineer (she can bring a friend), movie star, high school babe and her aborted kid, and myself. enough to have one crazy sex party. everyone else watches through the window from the outside
5626 colinahscopy <GreetingsADM> It's Bootyspergers
5625 _Deity <Merlin000> technology is our salvation
5624 _Deity <k27463> it took me two years of IRC way back when to figure out what ":)" meant
5623 colinahscopy <Nyghtshade> Well the answer would be 0, becuase a true whore would already have your cock in her mouth.
5622 NefariousAMG <Ellesta> We need a new Samuel Jackson book: Go The Fuck To Class
5621 Nyghtshade <Ellesta> but I can appreciate nice tits
5620 bk <Ellesta> I can give my blood to all of you
5619 k27463 <Chewbaccer> HOLD ON, DONT CUM YET. I HAVE TO GET ON IRC
5618 bbbeluga <DeliriumTremens> mdchap is the master of the tuck
5617 Omega037 <mdchap> I'm like 90% flaccid right now
5616 GreetingsADM <reinheitsgebot> These 15 Pictures Show How Your Region Has Changed Over 6 Years
5615 TGWB <bbbeluga> to be fair, baby jesus gets gassy and cries too
5614 bk <Ellesta> Mmm bile jizz
5613 k27463 <mdchap> bbbeluga, in my experience its sit around awkwardly for 20 minutes wondering if you can touch her, then get to the fuckin
5612 Nyghtshade <boobend> Let me suck your dick for food
5611 sushi_ <Nyghtshade> DeSJ2017, you don't like floppy cocks?
5610 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade> floppy cocks and abs
5609 DeSJCarHunt <Merlin00> I do the murdering gurl
5608 k27463 <mdneedschapstick> gotta be flaccid so I don't get their hopes up
5607 k27463 <chicken_butt> you want a decent chub, no more no less
5606 DeSJ2017 <mdneedschapstick> chicagoland sounds like a terrible amusement park full of murder and corruption
5605 sushi_ <frisv> i just made a butt appointment
5604 k27463 <Ellesta|Mobile> I'll have my own party. With black jack. And hookers.
5603 DeSJCarSearch <mdchap> put your dick in his butt?
5602 DeliriumTremens <k27463> god why am I super sweaty
5601 k27463 <mdchap> my first car was a 2001 red Camaro convertable. That car got me mad pussy. God damn do I miss it
5600 k27463 <DeSJ2017> yeah... he got liver cancer from my comments....
5599 DeSJ2017 <k27463> DeSJ2017: you wish you had a hooker like her
5598 k27463 <NeckMoustache> I am the second coming of Michael Jackson.
5597 NefariousAMG <bk> my dick is so hard it puts scratches in diamonds
5596 NefariousAMG <Ellesta> nothings harder than your dick bk
5595 NefariousAMG <kerouac> i need to urinate before i get a boner, brb
5594 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> What becomes of those with ass hairs like fallen timber?
5593 k27463 <GreetingsADM> anal bleaching = too far; anal shaving = just far enough
5592 k27463 <sushi_> why not just pee in a toilet?
5591 A_A_Ron <anotherbofh> I was just impressed by the size of your strapon bb
5590 DeSJ2017 <spotmonk> I want to see all your legs
5589 Merlin00 <frisv> pretty sure i could've hit a home run in wrigley yesterday
5588 Omega037 <Nyghtshade> Y'all niggas be vicious.
5587 DeliriumTremens <frisv> more people on the bottom isn't going to solve anything
5586 Omega037 <frisv> shemale tax
5585 k27463 <ThatDeadDude> ass to ass forever
5584 GreetingsADM <kitkatkaytee> Have you guys not seen my glorious penis?
5583 ThatDeadDude <chicken_butt> I'm chugging water so that I can get up and pee every 20 minutes. Keeps me moving...keeps me awake
5582 NefariousAMG <mdchap> yeah I drink pineapple juice everyday so my cum is a dessert
5581 bk <Chewbaccer> just put a communion wafer on your dick, and you're in
5580 k27463 <NefariousAMG> fucking christ. Do you even know what you type or do you just word diarrhea all over.
5579 k27463 <Chewbaccer> I'm starting a marketing campaign to rebrand blowjobs as suckfuns
5578 k27463 <mdchap> naked australian women having sex with me
5577 mdchap <NefariousAMG> if you're sleeping, mdnap. If you're wearing a hat, mdcap. If you're in the bathroom, mdcrap. If you're dropping sick rhymes, mdrap
5576 funkyb <bbbeluga> so i need to come out while playing chess after swapping costumes with my opponent and eating a sausage pizza in the shape of pulaski's head
5575 sushi_ <grobend> I love the taste of asshole
5574 NefariousAMG <mdchap> I jerk off in bed
5573 bk <spotmonk> if you want to have sex with someone on the first date you should have sex with them on the first date
5572 k27463 <dolemite7> condoms, a pumpkin and copies of desj's face
5571 NefariousAMG <DeSJ2017> do you know what material plastic spatulas are made of?
5570 dolemite7 <DigiGrl|Wrk> I need pictures.. of these puppies
5569 dolemite7 <memmek|gdi> There are gay engineers and their lives are better than yours
5568 NefariousAMG <DeSJ2017> i looked up Mushroom Stamp NefariousAMG
5567 NefariousAMG <DeSJ2017> how do you do something gay?
5566 NefariousAMG <bk> I'm fine with that because I'll only match with girls who have good taste in phones
5565 NefariousAMG <funkyb> because Omega037 porks all the women in the toot
5564 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> I wish they did pedos
5563 funkyb <bo`> .
5562 _Deity <k27463> nothing gay about a miata
5561 DigiGrl|Wrk <k27463> DT can we clone a female version of you so I can marry her?
5560 k27463 <Electropop> Let me find my school drug dealer
5559 mdchap <Electropop> I wouldnt want my bottle to have vagina juices all over the part I drink
5558 DeSJ2017 <NeckMoustache> Do I have to stop shaving my asshole?
5557 DeSJ2017 <JeepNaked> I make up for the age with cock size
5556 DeliriumTremens <NeckMoustache> I hope my sexual peak is fun.
5555 Merlin00 <frisv> i wonder what the going rate is for blow jobs
5554 Omega037 <bk> I command you to fuck.
5553 chicken_butt <frisv> chicken_butt it's not underage if they arent born yet
5552 frisv <f2ngertoes> sounds like what my dad said when he impregnated my mom with me: "it's mountin' time!"
5551 Deity_Phone <monkers> im in elles ts
5550 NefariousAMG <mdchap> bk maybe one of these is the one. you'll get married and have whopper juniors
5549 Deity_Phone <Nyghtshade> mdchap want to go murder some people?
5548 DeSJ2017 <chicken_butt> don't be a dummy, cum on her tummy
5547 k27463 <Nyghtshade> Yea you need to go ball one of those cute HS chicks before you put your heels to the ground.
5546 bk <NefariousAMG> last time i checked, I like penises.
5545 k27463 <glockenspiel> if we're instruments, does that make omega a Jew harp?
5544 _Deity <Nyghtshade> GAH. I want to kill something right now.
5543 GreetingsADM <k27463> what sort of shit are they made from?
5542 k27463 <NefariousAMG> why poop with any lights on?
5541 k27463 <GreetingsADM> yeah, replace that guys damaged cock
5540 grobend <DeSJ2017> those were simpler times
5539 k27463 <GreetingsADM> how about a bag of just the breasts
5538 kerouac <misspwn> a sukkah my dikkah
5537 _Deity <k27463> i notice that i have one when i'm tired...
5536 k27463 <GreetingsADM> You couldn't handle this ass
5535 k27463 <mdchap> I know because I have md in my name so I'm a doctor
5534 _Deity <DeSJ2017> no i lie rdm
5533 bk <DLbot> oatmeal raisin cookies are perky cookiebritches.
5532 NefariousAMG <Chewbaccer> There's this drunk chick who works for John Deere sitting at the hotel bar, and I want to feed her her own uterus
5531 k27463 <frisv> do you want your kids to turn out like desj? no? then send them to normandy
5530 dolemite7 <frisv> i think my back wallet pocket is like dilbert's tie
5529 anotherbofh <Nyghtshade> I'll have dick cheese this fall
5528 NemoHoes <bk> you could use portals to fuck yourself
5527 _Deity <Omega037> i tried having sex last night, it didnt go well
5526 DeSJ2017 <barrotek> gold bond is like having 10,000 little elves tickling your balls
5525 BruiseJenner <chicken_butt> i'm on my period
5524 _Deity <sushi|phone> I contain low levels of mercury
5523 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade> I want one of those japanese jerk off machines.
5522 mdchap01 <DeliriumTremens> i always hope the red banana jizz will taste good, but it never does
5521 mdchap01 <Omega037> Merlin00 already gave me his throbbing cock this morning
5519 funkyb <Merlin00> that's why I want some refugees
5518 DeSJ2017 <ThatDeadDude> pig husbandry is a very respectable profession
5517 mdchap <misspwn> click my cock
5516 DeSJ2017 <ERICK Engineer> Yes anotherboth, we can make robots to automate dildos
5515 DeSJ2017 <anotherbofh> Does an automation engineer find the best way to make the giant robot dildos move automatically?!
5514 DeSJ2017 <anotherbofh> We may want to apologize. With our penises.
5513 mdchap <Nef|phone> People need to stop being afraid to ride it
5512 moist <Nyghtshade|Work> Ellesta, how do you deal with your moistness then?
5510 moist <chicken_butt> i wouldn't say jizz is a lotion type. more of a gel
5509 DeSJ2017 <frisv> everything is "the ____" like "the loop" "the hill" "the chuck" "the ted drewes murder exclusion zone"
5508 DeSJ2017 <bofh|phone> So it's more like a mason jar of whoopass?
5507 DeSJ2017 <moist> "i'm gonna make you so moist tonight"
5506 Ellesta <NeckMoustache> And God damn it, I don't want to stare at Spock while I'm getting porked.
5505 k27463 <frisv> hey baby wanna watch some porn on my 52 inch mirror
5504 k27463 <NeckMoustache> I mean, any porn that's more aimed at women is going to look preferable to watching a dude choke a chick with his dick, unless you're into that.
5503 DeSJ2017 <frisv> when it comes to bread i got the keys to the bakery
5502 mdchap01 <k27463> imma fuckhead
5501 k27463 <mdchap01> speaking of anal, here's bbbeluga!
5500 k27463 <frisv> oh I can anal
5499 bk <Dmoney|mobile> I meant your only a few inches from doing it natural lol
5498 f2ngertoes <DeSJ2017> whatever the hell makes you sleep at night you half assed piece of shit advice giver
5497 DeSJ2017 <Nerfdude> your homework is part of the system
5496 kerouac <Ellesta> skittle jizz
5495 spotmonkers <frisv> my hard ons are older than desj
5494 spotmonkers <EllestAFK> cause i think its in the vajajay
5493 introspectr <frisv> genders need not be black and white
5492 DeSJLunch <NeckMoustache> Damn it. I should have scheduled a threesome today to celebrate bisexuality.
5491 DeSJFreeTime <NemoHoes> if mangos are boobs it is most definitely me
5490 k27463 <Evin> I should have been a lesbian, this would never have been an issue.
5489 DeSJ2017 <Nef|phone> The butthurt is strong in here
5488 k27463 <frisv> if there's fluff on the muff than she's old enough
5487 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade|Work> 17+ Is old enough to put my penis in.
5486 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade> But I held a mexican at arrow point in my house once.
5485 timotab <Nyghtshade> I have to let it grow out for a week or two so the ends are long enough.
5484 Nyghtshade <Spotphone> Don't get mad when i don't want to fuck
5483 k27463 <mdchap01> fuck me because I enjoy baseball, amirite?
5482 Ellesta <k27463> two words dick blisters
5481 NefariousAMG <Ellesta> TIL k27463 has the herps
5480 NefariousAMG <ThatDeadDude> It is... just too big
5479 DeliriumTremens <mdchap> I feel like a dick that big would be more of a turnoff than a turnon
5478 rdm <NefariousAMG> or cum socks?
5477 k27463 <monkers> i eat meat now
5476 sushi_ <bk> don't run over muh dick
5475 rdm <Chank> frisv: i broke it since you wanted to be more gay
5474 funkyb <Nerfdude> She slowly licked and tickled his peeny, and, because she was so smart, combined the words in her head, like an expression explorer of old.
5473 funkyb <GreetingsADM> damn it, it's like his anus is coming right at me
5472 funkyb <GreetingsADM> but that mustache tickles so sensually
5471 Nerfdude <Chewbaccer> I'm always more curious about how badly their cooters and weiners smelled back in the old days
5470 bbbeluga <Nerfdude> when was pulling out discovered? because in boardwalk empire it's all creampies
5469 k27463 <Nerfdude> gotta be over 5.5" to please me bb
5468 k27463 <NefariousAMG> your mom is tight
5467 DeSJ2017 <DeliriumTremens> DeSJ2017: fuckin fart in a jar and hand it to her
5466 dolemite7 <frisv> so we just blast like fist full of it on our trays
5465 NefariousAMG <Nerfdude> i just pooped the consistency of steak n shake chili
5464 k27463 <Ellesta> but I poop from there
5463 funkyb <Ellesta> You can punch me all you want
5462 k27463 <f2ngertoes> p.e.n.i.s. personal electronic nicotine inhalant system
5461 NefariousAMG <Ellesta|Mobile> I'll come out when the lights go out or I have to fart
5460 f2ngertoes <k27463> get back here...monkers is breathing really loudly on stream
5459 NefariousAMG <Ellesta|Mobile> I hope he takes short showers though. And doesn't immediately start masturbating as soon as he lays down.
5458 k27463 <Ellesta> He's in my shower
5457 bbbeluga <Ellesta> I just ate a weiner, it was delish.
5456 ||cw <frisv> we can suck ass together
5455 k27463 <mdchap01> I'm only a dick in assholes
5454 NefariousAMG <k27463> i have no balls
5453 bk <misspwn> but you'll be able to jerk off and pick your kid up
5452 bk <Ellesta> If I just had a cuddling pillow and a dildo, I wouldn't need a man
5451 k27463 <frisv> no foreskin to shield me from possible dick tans
5450 Omega037 <f2ngertoes> i got an unlicked dick
5449 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade> Suck the balls of flesh out with a vaccum.
5448 timotab <Evin> Centipedes? In my vagina?
5447 bk <Nexus8> those little metal of these days
5446 _Deity <Nexus8> i still got some of those assholes in my mouth
5445 NefariousAMG <NeckMoustache> Put a candle in the butt and ice the beej.
5444 Ellesta <GreetingsADM> There's a difference between a scar y dick and a scary dick
5443 Electropop <f2ngertoes> can we all just agree that the human vagina is an awesome cavern of mystery that should be respected and worshipped?
5442 NefariousAMG <Ellesta> my vagina sunk in even further now
5441 k27463 <Ellesta> I can probably fit in a lot more places now
5440 anotherbofh <secretninjaket> The notorious "I'm a man" incident
5439 introspectr <anotherbofh> I don't usually agree with DeSJ2017, but this time I'm making an exception
5438 anotherbofh2 <Evin> Banging me is scary.
5437 Ellesta <NeckMoustache> My pussy is grotesque like every other pussy.
5436 k27463 <Evin> I never get to see you anymore now that everyone here either wants, wanted or eventually some day will want my penis.
5435 k27463 <Ellesta> I love me some blue waffles
5434 k27463 <Ellesta> K I'm black
5433 Nyghtshade <Ellesta> I'll paint with my penis
5432 bbbeluga <Nerfdude> i want to be a spooky marionette in the audience at my own funeral
5431 Omega037 <bbbeluga> its all wrinkly like a ball sack, but i can fix that
5430 kitkatkt|work <dolemite7> We never did find a secret bunker filled with illicit drugs, but along the way we sure learned a lot about kitkatkt|work.
5429 Nyghtshade|Work <kitkatkt|work> Nyghtshade|Work: that's right. im into bdsm.
5428 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade|Work> And the little fucker ate one of her eyes.
5427 DeSJ2017 <DeliriumTremens> tickle its butthole
5426 bk <Chewbaccer> If you dont want to flick her bean, then she's no more than a 7/10
5425 k27463 <GreetingsADM> godfrey is just white alton
5424 Nerfdude <bk> "the japs"
5423 funkyb <misspwn> i have tissues up my nose!!!that'll teach it
5422 NefariousAMG <bk> my organ doesn't make much sound but it packs a punch where it counts
5421 f2ngertoes <bbbeluga> they might find coal dust in your pee
5420 breakdancingcat <mdchap> breakdancingcat is literally a menstrual cycle
5419 k27463 <bbbeluga> I like my beer obsidian, like my heart
5418 k27463 <secretninjaket> You know how I love my porns
5417 _Deity <DigiGrl|wrk> mdchap awww dumb girls need love too... I can't spell for shit and Merlin still loves me P
5416 _Deity <DeSJ2017> how the fuck do you motorboat balls?
5415 Omega037 <spif> i can't stay away from this channel, you guys are too awesome
5414 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> its like fucking a lawnmower
5413 CoachTheJerk <GreetingsADM> Intro doesn't see race, gender, or religion, he only sees host
5412 Omega037 <k27463> yeah i'm retarded
5411 GreetingsADM <Chewbaccer> It can be like a body bag for Jesus
5410 Nefariousamg <k27463> i'll let you play with my clit mouse tonight
5409 NefariousAMG <bbbeluga> Why not just scissor then
5408 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> i mean i already shoved my dick in his IRC mouth, but i know hes still here
5407 k27463 <Ellesta|Mobile> I love all cocks
5406 k27463 <Ellesta|Mobile> IT'S HARD TO BE ME! MY BELLY BUTTON IS RUINED
5405 k27463 <GreetingsADM> I think we're looking at the same penis, here
5404 k27463 <Ellesta2> Carpetsexual yes
5403 bk <Nyghtshade> Have to jerk off with barbed wire after that.
5402 bk <Ellesta2> But you know my ex used to rub his dick on the carpet to masturbate
5401 DeSJ2017 <_Deity> keep thinking about NOT fucking up
5400 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> my mom is a finely tuned machine
5399 _Deity <GreetingsADM> I thought I was in
5398 Nerfdude <bbbeluga> gotta tell everyone how fat they are, that they all have small dicks, and what you would do to thier mom
5397 dolemite7 <GreetingsADM> and those sweet, sweet Grandma's cookies
5396 timotab <anotherbofh> ... I'm just here for the dick pics
5395 k27463 <frisv> you think if we drive my gf's new jeep cherokee down cherokee street we'll get a cherokee discount?
5394 _Deity <frisv> beards on women is now cool
5393 k27463 <NefariousAMG> mmm..sausage
5392 DeliriumTremens <NeckMoustache> Yes, I ruined my mother's Christmas.
5391 _Deity <Ellesta> How did you know it was chocolate, did you lick it?
5390 dolemite7 <Ellesta> I once put my roommates lifeguard whistle in the toilet and promptly put it back in its place.
5389 funkyb <NeckMoustache> Wtf, Evin, you have mouth butt herpes and you didn't warn me before rim jobs?
5388 funkyb <ThatDeadDude> Doesn't sound fun to poop out of your back
5387 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> the ol' waggly noodle party whistle
5386 Omega037 <CoachMcGuirk> demophoon is also an affirmative action hire, i didnt assume he would know anything beyond that
5385 bk <DeliriumTremens> if we had 4 people we could all be on the kitchen table
5384 mdchap <Chewbaccer> I'm gonna get raped by a deer tonight
5383 k27463 <mdchap> kiwi's crying face looks like it got a money shot in its eye
5382 NefariousAMG <f1ngertoes> Oh frisv I'm an ambidextrous whacker :)
5381 Omega037 <funkyb> TIL I work for your sister's babys daddy
5380 CoachMcGuirk <misspwn> he's gona have to relearn how to jerk off
5379 k27463 <DLbot> DeSJ2017 is a differently abled dischargetool.
5378 frisv <k27463> 1. i get addicted to EVERYTHING 2. I'm too poor to drink cause I spend all my money on trains
5377 DeliriumTremens <Evin> I'd rather punch people in the ass to fuck them.
5376 dolemite7 <frisv> f1ngertoes should get a captain hook attachment for his hand so he can get dildos attached to it and such
5375 DeliriumTremens <mdchap> taking it in after work tomorrow
5374 frisv <Merlin00> also, the best handjobs are the ones where you use your mouth
5373 deity_phone <mdchap> waiting for my mouth to stop being numb so I can take meds without getting water everywhere
5372 NefariousAMG <Omega037> i played dodgeball last week and ripped my pants in half
5371 Deity|Phone <Omega037> my coworkers also wanted me to play soccer down in Manchester, but i think ill just hurt myself
5370 Merlin00 <NeckMoustache> I guess I work out my abs while pegging.
5369 mdchap <NeckMoustache> Eating out makes me think you're a boring fuck.
5368 dolemite7 <Nyghtshade> If I were rich I'd make it my business to gentrify STL.
5367 dolemite7 <frisv> "i'm a _married man_ looking for a _married man_"
5366 NefariousAMG <bbbeluga> You guys want to get laid or no?
5365 timotab <bbbeluga> I'm riding
5364 k27463 <GreetingsADM> you have to pay a lot of money to have something as stupid as raising the center of gravity for a stroller
5363 _Deity <GreetingsADM> Yeah, you gotta throw away the cum dumpster every few years
5362 monkers <Nyghtshade> Hey bing worked!
5361 k27463 <bbbeluga> my mom is cheap
5360 Omega037 <_Deity> triangles are usually associated with lesbians
5359 Omega037 <misspwn> i only accept big dick women
5358 NefariousAMG <f1ngertoes> shut up Omega037
5357 NefariousAMG <kerouac> i'm drinking rye and smoking a joint in the doorway, letting the lighting flashes illuminate me like i'm humphrey bogart in key largo, and i look awesome doing it
5356 bk <Ellesta> Sometimes you find things in crevices
5355 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> I'm the HAPpiest GIRL in the WHOOOOLE usa
5354 mdchap <DeliriumTremens> i want to dip my balls in it
5353 _Deity <NeckMoustache> Evin is a quality gay.
5352 _Deity <mdchap> I'd suck a dude off for a mill
5351 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> im not the one that needs soft pant caresses on my legs to be comfy
5350 CoachMcGuirk <DigiGrl|wrk> Merlin00: our child better not have your bowels
5349 bk <frisv> sushi_ is like the embodiment of ELI5
5348 introspectr <frisv> oh yeah, there's frisv in a lot of people
5347 _Deity <Ellesta> I'm sure I'd like it
5346 DeliriumTremens <mdchap> just ate a grape and i jizzed in my pants
5345 Omega037 <mdchap> we should fuck each other's mothers
5344 k27463 <NefariousAMG> where are people going to park for the orgy
5343 bk <CoachMcGuirk> bk, maybe it was 6 then, i dont know. all i remember is, it was a lot shorter than 9
5342 rdm <frisv> i like my men how i like my windows, hung and unresponsive
5341 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> I'm not sure what happened in that bathroom it smelled like shit. I don't mean "it smelled like someone recently dropped a bowl buster" kind of shit, but "shit out of water" shit. You know what I mean.
5340 k27463 <Nerfdude> yeah, we'll murder a bunch of mcdonalds employees with fire
5339 funkyb <mdchap> so I'm super nekkid
5338 NefariousAMG <mdchap> fuck my computer chair smells like sweaty ballsack
5337 _Deity <mdchap> nobody's gonna grab that?
5336 sushi_ <mdchap> I was bullied because of my CP
5335 NefariousAMG <mdchap> I smell bad
5334 Evin <NefariousAMG> so this IS an orgy on friday?
5333 frisv <mdchap> bbbeluga is going so we'll have a decent set of tits on the team
5332 nerddtvg <NeckMoustache> Ugh, my sneezes are reminding me of Peach's hip bump attack in Super Smash.
5331 _Deity <Merlin00> I plan on changing spark plugs in my tractor and picking stuff from the garden
5330 k27463 <NefariousAMG> 99 problems but misspwn ain't one
5329 CoachMcGuirk <Nerfdude> yeah your balls are a supermax prison, that's manly as fuck
5328 CoachMcGuirk <Nerfdude> i need to solder my ball tubes
5327 Nerfdude <Evin> Oh no I don't inhale cigar smoke, I thought we were talking about penis.
5326 Nerfdude <bbbeluga> you are triggered all the fucking time, go make a tumblr and see who gives a fuck
5325 Merlin00 <Nerfdude> i smoked a black and mild while driving around listening to the new dr dre album and now i have diarrhea
5324 bk <Omega037> if you see a clear penis, then you know for sure
5323 NefariousAMG <sushi_> no, xt has a very nice cock
5322 monkers <CoachMcGuirk> nefarious i won nothing im a loser.
5321 monkers <CoachMcGuirk> im a total loser
5320 monkers <sushi_> i'm just an idiot, hurr durr
5319 NefariousAMG <NeckMoustache> ; w ; Electropop, come back to St. Louis so I can eat your dip forever.
5318 CoachMcGuirk <NefariousAMG> it's nice to know people at a bar.
5317 nerddtvg <monkers> did someone say anal? ^_^
5316 sushi_ <bk> can you quack like a duck when we fuck?
5315 nerddtvg <Electropop> I can handle hot. I'll just get more naked.
5314 CoachMcGuirk <monkers> ya'll are gay
5313 CoachMcGuirk <demophoon> i'm not dumb sushi_
5312 bk <Ellesta> As long as I get the arm pits, vag, ass and underboob I'm great
5311 Nyghtshade <mdchap> that's not an orgy. that's a gangbang
5310 Nyghtshade <mdchap> I'd be up for an orgy
5309 CoachMcGuirk <sushi_> what's 'hide the snake'
5308 _Deity <monkers> nigga i just woke up
5307 _Deity <DeliriumTremens> just guess i'm a r tard
5306 _Deity <techlib> i only date chicks with masters degrees
5305 _Deity <DeliriumTremens> misspwn: that's cause your ass is full of dicks
5304 _Deity <techlib> dont' make me kill you all:)
5303 Omega037 <techlib> the nigger michael brown was a thug that did a strong armed robbery and was killed justifiably
5302 Omega037 <techlib> Obama says you will live next to niggers like Michael Brown
5301 NefariousAMG <mdchap> I'd be a whore for probably a shamefully small amount of money
5300 timotab <dolemite7> SHIT ON A DESK
5299 CoachMcGuirk <bonkers> i put fagboy on ignore and your half convo's are perterbing me.
5298 frisv <DLbot> It's a damn good thing brittbot doesn't know how much I hate his guts.
5297 CoachMcGuirk <misspwn> DeliriumTremens: i am not responsible for your bowels
5296 kerouac <mdchap> helicopter dick
5295 CoachMcGuirk <rdm> I miss josh grobend
5294 Nerfdude <bbbeluga> a butt in your balls?!
5293 DeliriumTremens <NeckMoustache> I'll lick someone else's butthole but I'm not about to suck my butt molecules off their dick.
5292 k27463 <frisv> That's not a wireless mouse..... It's vibrating
5291 DeliriumTremens <GreetingsADM> but that got too hard for me pretty quickly
5290 k27463 <sushi_> i'm covered in pussy
5289 bk <ThatDeadDude> I am a minority! woo!
5288 bk <GreetingsADM> though I've never seen a hymena or a pyenis
5287 bk <NeckMoustache> You told me I have a tuna can vagina. :(
5286 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> my father has electrified a surprising number of things around their cabin
5285 k27463 <mdchap> its due to my heroin addiction
5284 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> butt clenchingly fun
5283 nerd|work <hydro|phone> please just leave my nips alone
5282 bk <mdchap|OG> holy shit it's pouring. I'm so wet
5281 funkyb <ThatDeadDude> monkers I've been deep in your state of mind the last week
5280 Omega037 <bk> buy a couple of cheap cocks
5279 k27463 <NefariousAMG> implying the dong, but not specifically stating it
5278 Omega037 <bbbeluga> cant judge a flaccid penis
5277 Merlin00 <k27464> and i don't want to work for a railroad
5276 DeliriumTremens <Electropop> I love tiny little ones. >:
5275 DeliriumTremens <scittles> really what i want to know though is why there's no michael brown beanie baby.
5274 funkyb <ThatDeadDude> DICK SHOULD EAT A YOU
5273 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> butt to face, butt to face, butt to face, butt to face
5272 bk <secretninjaket> I'm bringing the meat tray... DILDOS FOR EVERYONE!
5271 NefariousAMG <monkers> whenever i get banned im like... ughhh better jerk it
5270 f1ngertoes <Merlin00> f1ngertoes has a point
5269 introspectr <DeliriumTremens> Little does everyone realize that the true meaning of life is becoming comfortable with the sight of ones own butthole.
5268 NefariousAMG <Evin> frisv should shave his bunghole so he doesn't have to power wash.
5267 Nerfdude <brittbot> Nerfdude: monkers has 1 testicle.
5266 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> is the butthole shaved?
5265 funkyb <k27464> Party is short on monkeys
5264 mdchap <kerouac> i want to don a portable cheetah butt
5263 GreetingsADM <NeckMoustache> I suck out the warm gooey insides and then crunch on the exterior.
5262 Chewbaccer <f1ngertoes> I'd suck her dick
5261 bk <mdchap> that's a hot tranny then
5260 Electrohwk <bk> how are 61 people going to fit in your vagina misspwn
5259 sushi_ <DeliriumTremens> lets all get high and fuck some sluts
5258 k27463 <NefariousAMG> don't open the file that says 'p0rn'
5257 nerddtvg <DigiGrl|Wrk> monkers: sounds like you are getting a date tonight
5256 k27463 <DigiGrl|Wrk> yes I am older, older and wiser.. muhahaha
5255 introspectr <DeliriumTremens> i only read penthouse
5254 DeliriumTremens <k27463> so had help getting it in and stuff
5252 mdchap <k27463> after the internet, real life is kinda meh
5251 Merlin00 <bbbeluga> i mean we totally need some more custom reporting people in our lives
5250 misspwn <Electropop> ...
5249 mdchap <f1ngertoes> the skullet lives on in spirit
5248 nerddtvg <Electrobrah> God. being a girl sucks
5247 k27463 <bk> I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now
5246 NefariousAMG <bk> 15 foot python in my pants
5245 Electropop <mdchap> I'll show you a 15 foot python ;)
5244 bk <dolemite7> "squirting" is just a classy way to say "i got fucked until i pissed myself"
5243 Nerfdude <f1ngertoes> guys guys my girlfriend just OD'd I put ice up her ass and pussy what do I do now
5242 scittles <monkers> sometimes i wish i worked in a factory in china.
5241 ||cw <DeliriumTremens> You made me groan before I even had my coffee.
5240 bk <Nerfdude> i ate half a sausage biscuit i found in my truck this morning and now i'm a poop machine
5239 rdm <Electropop> I wasnt going to touch your shit.
5238 Electropop <DeliriumTremens> yah last time misspwn didnt shave her knees our house ended up with melted siding
5237 Merlin00 <kerouac> time to put on some fresh balls
5236 rdm <scittles> we need to go deeper
5235 k27463 <Evin> Woah. Woah. I have never knowingly put my dick into frisv's mouth that he is aware of.
5234 DeliriumTremens <NeckMoustache> Put your dick in his mouth one last time before you put on the black bag.
5233 monkersLovesXT <Merlin00> Omega037's people invented comedy
5232 Merlin00 <_xt> as they walked in, they nervously said THANK YOU, knowing they were THANKING ME FOR THEIR RAPE, to which I grinend and said , its my PRIVILEGE
5231 _Deity <AbbyBorden> _Diety is. The best.
5230 k27463 <Merlin00> I'll get foreign exchange students and threaten them with deportation if they fuck up
5229 nerddtvg <spotmonk> 2939sq feet? that'd take me like a whole week to cover it in semen
5228 Nerfdude <bbbeluga> Your mom sucks my dick
5227 Merlin00 <mdchap> you guys are dicks
5226 k27463 <frisv> vegan virgins who live at home only interested in sex and politics is not the way to a womans heart
5225 k27463 <bk> Known as the Sleeping Pokémon, Omega037 has been said to weigh over 1,000 pounds and for a time was considered the heaviest known Pokémon.
5224 _Deity <AbbyBorden> I'll use my mouth to expand something.
5223 k27463 <anotherbofh> or tell people to bring you a scoop of their crap and find one you like
5222 funkyb <kerouac> not really
5221 offDaHeezy <bk> the doctors advised your family to keep love as far as possible from you
5220 k27463 <secretninjaket> If you have food bbs, try pooping?
5219 offDaHeezy <GreetingsADM> Bang Caboose
5218 k27463 <misspwn> my first words to dt were "hi fgt"
5217 k27463 <secretninjaket> I'm trying to be like somewhat of an adult
5216 offDaHeezy <Omega037> why has the price of balloons gone up? inflation
5215 brandon_ <frisv> maybe it's cause you smell like provel
5214 Merlin00 <k27463> have train stuff to do :D
5213 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> nerdiest nerd this side of the nerdissippi
5212 nerd|work <k27463> nerd|work is the best nerd
5211 rdm <f1ngertoes> so when she bends over it says mom but when she's on her back it says WOW
5210 rdm <f1ngertoes> I want my future gf to get an M tattoo'd on each butt cheek
5209 DeliriumTremens <frisv> I pop collars and pop() arrays
5208 dolemite7 <rdm> Sometimes when I poop at work, I make loud sounds, then fake cry
5207 NefAMG <frisv> gf has still not confirmed she has received my poop
5206 k27463 <frisv> i hope to one day join the taco elite
5205 k27463 <frisv> i am so sending a taco followed by poop
5204 mdchap <DeliriumTremens> this bacon is spittin more than yo mom during a 3am handjob
5203 NefAMG <ThatDeadDude> who doesn't associate uteri with bacon?
5202 rdm <Nyghtshade> Do me!
5201 nerd|work <bbbeluga> its like a neck wrap thing but it fits other places (it looks super weird when i put it under my boobs but no one is usually home and it stays close to my heart stop judging)
5200 _Deity <k27463> i'm basically a cat
5199 _Deity <rdm> and I'm willing to pay for it
5198 rdm <NeckMoustache> rdm, you're the coolest and definitely not the least bit annoying.
5197 k27463 <NeckMoustache> You can pump me full of something. c:
5196 frisv <mdchap> I just measure it. 11 inches
5195 k27463 <Evin> First I have to seduce the hubs, then scittles will just come tumbling after.
5194 Evin <scittles> what's wrong with semen and cheese
5193 k27463 <Evin> True story. Lots of things not good for me; staying out late, getting up early, eating copious amounts of cheese, eating copious amounts of semen; but sometimes you just do things.
5192 nerd|work <Electropop> I'll sneak it in my shirt!
5191 rdm <mdchap> because you touch yourself at night
5190 MagicMike <f2ngertoes> dt it ain't big... but it's LONG
5189 k27463 <Ellesta> How do you slip it into their juice boxes?
5188 Electropop <bk> I've got nipples, DTbot, can you milk me?
5187 nerddtvg <k27463> everybody loves nerd
5186 k27463 <bk> SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY
5185 k27463 <NeckMoustache> I give all of my fucks to charity, so I don't have any to spare.
5184 nerddtvg <introspectr> i read a nicolas sparks book once :(
5183 bk <NefariousAMG> usually we'll get in 3 4
5182 DeliriumTremens <NefariousAMG> except it's teeny and hard to get used to
5181 mdchap <Electropop> I just moaned scittles
5180 k27463 <scittles> (cheesecake porn)
5179 k27463 <NeckMoustache> I don't remember wearing pants.
5178 _Deity <monkers> but chank comes in here like once a fuckin eon to ban me and thats about all he's good for.
5177 nerd|work <frisv> saw "head" and "blow" and was disappointed
5176 _Deity <CrazyCatCat> _Deity is a sexy old fat guy
5174 DeliriumTremens <scittles> yes i am tarded
5173 bk <Evin> You should never put actual wood in your vagina.
5172 DeliriumTremens <GreetingsADM> I need a forehead diaper
5171 NefariousAMG <questions> Y'all are immature as hell
5170 Electropop <bk> I'm not saying she's loose from having sex... mostly because she had to fit Evin's massive head out of her vagina
5169 DeliriumTremens <ajwalsh44> i need one of them things for my usb vibrator
5168 ThatDeadDude <NeckMoustache> I don't have semen. :(
5167 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> just wrap your balls in saran so they can't touch
5166 Evin <NeckMoustache> It doesn't count until your balls drop.
5165 NefariousAMG <Omega037> but clearly im hitler
5164 sushi_ <bk> if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my trains
5163 nerd|phone <introspectr> when is it not a good time to roll in deer shit!?!?
5162 anotherbofh <AbbyBorden> Well, NOW I'm aroused.
5161 CoachMcGuirk <f1ngertoes> I'd apologize but apologies trigger me, personally
5160 mdchap <elle|mobile> Luckily it's mostly eggs so it slid right down. Giggity.
5159 k27463 <frisv> who gyms in pants
5158 Electropop <bk> bedtime banana is my nickname for muh dick
5157 nerddtvg <bk> and a REAL PENIS
5156 timotab <nerd|phone> I make babies
5155 bk <NefariousAMG> because we couldn't be friends if you liked fat Jews
5154 bk <Electropop> man thats too small for me.
5153 DeliriumTremens <newhere> i can't lick my genitals so... I have to interact with other people
5152 sushiiii <DeliriumTremens> crackhead puppet shows in the parking lot are the worst
5151 k27463 <sushiiii> what? i totally identify as a poo kin
5150 _Deity <bk> vaginaspider
5149 CoachMcGuirk <bk> well, you're as terrible a human as you are a bot
5148 Electropop <bk> 50 Cent is going to drink tomorrow because he's upset about filing for bankruptcy
5147 dolemite7 <Omega037> like someone who is 19 thinks "I'm an adult and I know everything. I don't need to listen to anyone."
5146 dolemite7 <Omega037> work will set you free
5144 bk <Merlin00> yes, it is small
5143 rdm <bbbeluga> ps MagicMike did you get it in
5142 _Deity <Omega037> i had trouble in that shower alone
5141 Merlin00 <Electropop> I like my legs being touched.
5140 kerouac <monkers> sexy monkey
5139 DeliriumTremens <demophoon> i have not played with it yet
5138 sushiiii <Electropop> a hot stump
5137 Electropop <scittles> too bad it wasn't, i need excuses to turn around in his driveway  _ 
5136 mdchap01 <DeliriumTremens> man i've got a big ol' squiggly turd bullet in my chamber that i'm gonna have to fire off soon
5135 k27463 <bbbeluga> yeah that grundle needs updating
5134 NefariousAMG <ThatDeadDude> Who doesn't love a little human trafficking?
5133 NefariousAMG <spotmonk> I have the cleanest asshole this side of the mississippi
5132 mdchap <spotmonk> will you peg me, AbbyBorden?
5131 monkers <spotmonk> i try to climb into the girl i stalk's bed around an hour after she goes to sleep
5130 bk <NefariousAMG> I don't want to put on pants and go get propane though.
5129 bk <NefariousAMG> we usually talk about food, poop, sex, music, or computers in here
5128 DeliriumTremens <Electropop> bk comes out of nowhere
5127 Electropop <scittles> free abortions in recognition of amazon prime day
5126 _Deity <newhere> *polishes something else
5125 bk <AbbyBorden> i have more than enough holes if you know what I mean.
5124 nerddtvg <mdchap> I'm just an exhibitionist
5123 mdchap <AbbyBorden> Let me upload the one of me getting gangbanged. it shows my best angle.
5122 kerouac <Electropop> dick is good.
5121 mdchap <f1ngertoes> Ryan Seacrest can surf a piece of plywood up my ass
5120 k27463 <CoachMcGuirk> deity is basically a male stripper
5119 mdchap01 <DeliriumTremens> i wear misspwns cat stockings
5118 Nerfdude <Omega037> tell your mom that your vagina already has a bunch of cocks scheduled so you dont think you can fit him in
5117 bk <bbbeluga> i like how some whales are so bumpy
5116 bk <hydro> couldn't they have at least chubbed them up first
5115 Omega037 <bbbeluga> i mean that i dont have a penis or testicles to impregnate anyone with
5114 _Deity <monkers> play with me!
5113 bk <Effinwha> As long as there's high speed internet and I don't die, I'll be fine.
5112 mdchap <k27463> DeliriumTremens lets do it
5111 _Deity <hydro> nobody wants to !grab a dick
5110 f1ngertoes <mdchap> I'm too sexy to wear clothes
5109 k27463 <Merlin00> if I'm doing anything that will result in my balls sticking to my leg, I wear boxer briefs
5108 k27463 <Electropop> I just got out of the shower at the right time
5107 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> So the arch is much like your mom?
5106 monkers <sushi__> basically, stubbornness is not so good after a while
5105 NefariousAMG <f1ngertoes> Yeah right, like the moment I find ANY pussy I'm gonna just hand it over. I'll keep that shit for myself kthx
5104 mdchap01 <Electropop> Slowest pull out ever.
5103 Nerfdude <CoachMcGuirk> if i could get that high quality heroin in a soldiers coffin heroin, tahtd be great
5102 NefariousAMG <Omega037> id rather one had a cock
5101 Omega037 <CoachMcGuirk> anal love
5100 _thelaw <kerouac> thing is huge
5099 mdchap <DeliriumTremens> my pee looked like a jagged #2 pencil
5097 mdchap <f2ngertoes> it's sorta wet, but i can bring some gasoline and light that bitch up
5096 mdchap <f2ngertoes> yeah, i got wood
5095 NefariousAMG <secretninjaket> Sandwiches are not dicks though
5094 anotherbofh <f1ngertoes> but it definitely smells like dead fucking animal
5093 _Deity <sushiiii> i think im actually sobering up
5092 _thelaw <kerouac> i may be a dick soon
5091 _Deity <k27463> wrist gets stiff and just won't move
5090 f1ngertoes <mdchap> props to any woman that can pee in a butt
5089 Merlin00 <_thelaw> im so brown
5088 _Deity <Omega037> cuz i spit hot fire
5087 _Deity <Omega037> you need to learn a softer touch, like _Deity, xt, or me
5086 Electropop <_Deity> deep in the vag
5085 sushiii <monkers> whereas i am a gentle flower.
5084 bk <Omega037> also, the fact that historically we did something doesnt mean its the best diet for us
5083 bk <secretninjaket> Glad to know my smile reminds you of the joker killing people
5082 _thelaw <secretninjaket> I'm a scientist not a computer expert
5081 f1ngertoes <mdchap> Omega037 is so fucking sexy
5080 spotmonk <NefariousAMG> I like to watch. I don't play
5079 _Deity <spotmonk> go off by yourself and blow a load on her favorite shirt
5078 _Deity <bbbeluga> except greetings, he's great
5077 SillyGoose <bk> "finger sleeve" is the size of condoms that _Deity uses
5076 nerd|work <Tumblrina> but im still the creepy old guy.
5075 frisv <bbbeluga> if i can shove em in there and they stay for the most part, i'm keeping it
5074 bk <spotmonk> I don't want to talk to omega, all he talks about is his time in japan and impregnating his wife
5073 k27463 <Electropop> God LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME SEX
5072 bbbeluga <f2ngertoes> fun fun
5071 _Deity <hydro> vagina bubbles are your butt's way of telling your vagina secrets
5070 nerd|games <mdchap01> So many drugs and tits
5069 Omega037|Work <monkers> some smug faggot.
5068 kerouac <mdchap01> scittles hows the mouth
5067 funkyb <axe9|work> DeliriumTremens just go into #linux and assert your dominance by stating "I get to have the sex on a regular basis, bow to me for I am now your leader"
5066 funkyb <_Deity> your micropenis is almost that big (so danielle says), you should have some experience with that
5065 bk <bbbeluga> My dna shall live in the sewer
5064 mdchap01 <DigiGrl|wrk> I LOVE MEAT
5063 DeliriumTremens <scittles> i want a black baby ;(
5062 bk <Omega037> ill try to find a pic without her on a cock
5061 Omega037 <bbbeluga> im a cheap date
5060 k27463 <f1ngertoes> Omega037:chairs::monkers:women
5059 TriggerWarning <NefariousAMG> I mean, I'd like to have a boyfriend
5058 _Deity <Electropop> misspwn paint me like wanna of your french ladies
5057 mdchap <Electropop> You guys are rubbing off on me
5056 bk <Electropop> You dont just show up and be like "I WANNA SHOOT YOU"
5055 Omega037 <mdchap> yeah I'd put my face in dat ass
5054 Omega037 <mdchap> yeah I'm actually 7 years old
5053 _Deity <Omega037> i wish i could come, but im going to a baby party
5052 _Deity <mdchap01> Yeah I've tried facials and she was like... Never again
5051 f3ngertoes <Nyghtshade> f3ngertoes dream girl is Doctor Girlfriend
5050 _Deity <f3ngertoes> "hidden like Tupac" is just a euphemism for "dead"
5049 _Deity <MerlinPhn> Deep
5048 NefariousAMG <hydro> when i think glory hole, i'm thinking mouths
5047 NefariousAMG <Omega037> bk, i actually run three of the largest sites on an internet
5046 nerddtvg <spotmonk> better just stay home and masturbate
5045 nerddtvg <spotmonk> I only fuck hot dead people
5044 Notbrad <Omega037> i have money
5043 DeliriumTremens <frisv> they're SO WRINKLED
5042 k27463 <frisv> brb gotta poop in a washing machine
5041 nerd|work <bbbeluga> you can find anything on the internet, guys
5040 Notbrad <secretninjaket> If you come to trivia or karaoke you can honk my boobs! Offer only to Notbrad
5039 NefariousAMG <frisv> if i get a raise equal to my negotiating, i will have a party
5038 k27463 <frisv> i just learned i have tex mex herpes
5037 k27463 <scittles> poop smoothies
5036 NefariousAMG <spotmonk> I'd have gotten STD tests between partners, but the doctors don't want to see me more than once or twice a week
5035 NefariousAMG <spotmonk> going to the doctor isn't like getting laid. you shouldn't be that excited to get your vag touched
5034 bbbeluga <hawkgpg> deity knows so much women's health he's practically a republican
5033 timotab <DeliriumTremens> We learned at monkers party that eating a lot of watermelon can give you more powerful erections later in the day.
5032 DeliriumTremens <mdc> but yeah it's pretty huge
5031 frisv <DeliriumTremens> misspwn did a longer one that paid like $200
5030 k27463 <frisv> big jaw dt they call him
5029 scittles <bbbeluga> i want to marry a dog and a man
5028 _Deity <NefariousAMG> I'm never prepared for the heart attack that he gives me.
5027 bk <_Deity> worst case scenario I have a fist
5026 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> our inspector said ours work surprisingly well and were in great condition considering their age
5025 bk <Electropop> Its either my brother are going to cuddle, or someone is sleeping on the couch.
5024 _Deity <Electropop> You wanna be naked?
5023 Electropop <happyincolor> they are very courteous and stay off the bed for the whole minute spotmonk lasts
5022 nerd|work <GreetingsADM> No thanks, Deer Fucking Expo is the same weekend
5021 DeliriumTremens <spif> the issue is that people were bringing it in because it wasn't banned in the park then pulling it out while on the rides
5020 GreetingsADM <NefariousAMG> but I know a ton of people up there. I'm like the Spif of that bar.
5019 ktrains <GreetingsADM> I had to go watch my niece poop in the pool instead
5018 k27463 <frisv> stupid quote % has now increased from 95% to 96%
5017 k27463 <_Deity> kthx
5016 spif <Merlin00> I haven't shit my pants since I was like 10
5015 _Deity <NefariousAMG> we left meatspin on my friend's mom's computer once while they were out of town. She was not happy
5014 ||cw <dolemite7> as experienced as i am with inserting objects into other spread objects
5013 NefariousAMG <spotmonk> I assume I let BK cum on my face and then beat my teeth out on his knee
5012 timotab <rdm> so you want to cyber?
5011 _Deity <Electropop> Chris took good care of me last night
5010 Merlin00 <Electropop> I had sex last night
5009 nerd|work <barro> time to deliver small women to baton practice.
5008 funkyb <entangledphoton> do my balls taste like cancer to you?
5007 frisv <DeliriumTremens> how does one motorboat a man
5006 spif <ThatDeadDude> hot girl needs to have a regular ass watering otherwise it withers and dies
5005 _Deity <ThatDeadDude> nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say but nothing comes out when they move their lips just a bunch of lua shit and motherfuckers act like they forgot about _dei
5004 k27463 <f1ngertoes> what if I got desj's face tattooed on my anus?
5003 bbbeluga <misspwn> but a big red box in the wall beeps all day
5002 mdchap01 <barro> I just want jesus out of my butthole
5001 k27463 <frisv> stop commenting on my snug asshole
5000 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> I think I'm going on an all taco diet.
4999 Nerfdude <hydro> every vagina might as well be a penis
4998 spif <frisv> Gdi I just burned my weiners
4997 _Deity <frisv> i'm gonna put so much lettuce on your hot dog
4996 DeSJ2017 <f1ngertoes> I like to fuck ladies
4995 DeliriumTremens <NefariousAMG> I put in like 8 things last week.
4994 k27463 <introspectr> why is frisv suddenly the smug asshole? and how can i take the title from him?
4993 DeliriumTremens <mdchap01> holy shit I need that in my mouth
4992 nerd|work <||cw> bk's gonna give us 5 inches
4991 Merlin00 <mdchap01> We all know lebron now that we saw his dick on national television
4990 nerd|skewl <bk> TIL nerd|skewl wants channing tatum bad
4989 k27463 <anotherbofh> yeah... it's the same gender, but now I'll have two dicks
4988 Merlin00 <bbbeluga> k27463: my answer for everything you say is going to be get a different job
4987 nerddtvg <||cw> add flames, lose pubes
4986 _thelaw <misspwn> i vape dicks
4985 bk <k27463> my organ buddy is playing organ at that game
4984 NefariousAMG <frisv> it's hard to fart unless i'm standing
4983 spif <frisv> i don't think my sphincter works when i'm horizontal
4982 k27463 <Electropop> ...I mean maybe frisv penis has a lot of cum, and thats what he meant.
4981 ||cw <barro> no. but i also need my butthole enlarged by 10mm.
4979 Nyghtshade <timotab> NefariousAMG: you had an erroneous period
4978 anotherbofh <NefAMG|sing> I have enough porn
4977 timotab <Chewbaccer> It's ok. You can touch it If I ever actually come to a trivia night
4976 Omega037 <Electropop> Im going to shoot her and her hubby in a few weeks.
4975 _Deity <bbbeluga> your bedroom is probably the bestest, eh
4974 k27463 <frisv> get some decent tires for all your prius c burnouts
4973 Merlin00 <NefariousAMG> I guess if I want a relationship, I'm gonna have to pay for it.
4972 _Deity <sushiiii> now i feel really dumb
4971 kerouac <frisv> everyone dies in alton
4969 _Deity <grobend> If I was in a room with _Deity, Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, a gun & 2 bullets, I would shoot _Deity twice
4968 Electropop <kerouac> i got your 4 inches of blowing magic right here
4967 DeSJ2017 <NefariousAMG> it's not gay unless balls are touching
4966 DeSJ2017 <hooblehoff> poop cup them rdm
4965 k27463 <frisv> JOIN BITCHES WHERE BOOBS = MAX_NUM;
4964 _Deity <NefariousAMG> what, I'm too stupid to know that
4963 k27463 <scittles> now i want a tiny umbrella tattoo
4962 frisv <f1ngertoes> pinball. I'm sure it's the finest entertainment in South Roxana next to meth
4961 bk <_thelaw> do you always schedule your sexy times for trivia night?
4960 _Deity <spif> I'm just lazy
4959 funkyb <f2ngertoes> https://scontent ord1 xpa1/v/t1.0 9/10421313_902687133123016_6684118741558593908_n.jpg?oh=89ca9a1eec7250a7f19c685c60db2132&oe=55FB2694
4958 spif <anotherbofh> ...butt stuff?
4957 _Deity <monkers> i wanna see yer trains
4956 k27463 <dolemite7> I'M A PANCAKE FUCKING MASTER
4955 f2ngertoes <bbbeluga> i need some meat
4954 Omega037 <sushi_> id like to have sex with a girl with beef curtains
4953 grobend <sushi_> if you can lose weight so fast why dont you start now? maybe in a few months you could be considered a human being
4952 grobend <Omega037> ?
4951 Omega037 <grobend> DTbot why dont yu suck my cock you fucxking nigger faggot jew pig
4949 sushi_ <_Deity> cmon, show those amazing breasticles off
4948 k27463 <scittles> i was squished in the back of a tiny sedan between two sisters
4947 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> PIZZA'S NOT FOR BREAKFAST! *removes belt*
4946 scittles <frisv> she better like penis trains. daddy ain't raising no lesbian
4945 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> im the only reasonable person here
4944 spif <Nyghtshade> Kate Upton, will you autograph my dick for me?
4943 k27463 <frisv> Nyghtshade are you sure it was your girlfriend and not like... a moldy cantelope
4942 ||cw <frisv> can you handle this much python?
4941 Omega037 <Merlin00> a.k.a. the rape cellar
4940 _Deity <_thelaw> lets ship the body parts to ecuador bit by bit
4939 k27463 <frisv> I like my women how I like my wine: white and cheaper than gas
4938 k27463 <sushiiii> _Deity: you should live in my closet. ill take you out and play with you sometimes. then put you away.
4937 _Deity <frisv> if you dont i will
4936 rdm <f2ngertoes> as a straight gay man you learn the art of discretion quickly
4935 _Deity <rdm> my butt doesn't even hurt
4934 k27463 <Electropop> If I ever quit a job I wanna strip my clothes and walk out naked.
4933 k27463 <bk> I think I'd rather read about genocide
4932 k27463 <ThatDeadDude> why does scittles love hubs?
4931 funkyb <NefariousAMG|job> I need to teach a class on how to not to be dumb
4930 k27463 <Merlin00> I feel like I want to give Electropop advice, but I don't know how to tell her in a way that seems reasonable to stop being young and making mistakes
4929 Merlin00 <k27463> that leave more to the imagination
4928 nerd|skewl <dolemite7> one person's gross is another person's breakfast
4927 _Deity <_thelaw> dont let people look at yo boobs!unless you want them to
4926 bk <k27463> we were crammed in the back as it was
4925 _Deity <frisv> i'd eat one
4924 _Deity <||cw> _Deity and xt are the hot ones?
4923 ||cw <Merlin00> I may be able to do both
4922 k27463 <xxxt> sushiii, no, i try to commit a crime per day
4921 frisv <dolemite7> i went to the penguindome at the zoo a few weeks ago and it smelled exactly like the asian supermarkets on olive
4920 k27463 <bk> the only person who _Deity doesn't think sucks is _Deity
4919 k27463 <bk> your mom has an uncontrollable vibrator
4918 Omega037 <Nerfdude> i was watching homoerotic hugfighting
4917 sushi_ <Nyghtshade> who's vag was so long she could suck it.
4916 k27463 <Nyghtshade> Only I have a penis.
4915 spif <Omega037> and my cock aint that big
4914 frisv <rspectr> someone forgot to tell my landlord i stink
4913 k27463 <scittles> they used children to sharpen the police unit
4912 spif <frisv> ... thats like the second straight bungventriloquist in a row
4911 k27463 <Nerfdude> totally worth it, that's a whole day of hitting girls in the face
4910 Omega037 <bbbeluga> haha i read genetically modified orgasms
4909 _Deity <Electropop> yeah Ive been shooting surfers..
4908 dolemite7 <_thelaw> even if you dont require a blended taco. youll get it!
4907 nerd|skewl <brittbot> http //
4906 nerd|skewl <Notbrad> can we take a minute to hate on the blacks?
4905 k27463 <DigiGrl|wrk> NefariousAMG|job: I'm sorry to hear about your resting bitch face.
4904 k27463 <frisv> too many people die in the scottrade center
4903 NefariousAMG|job <k27463> i'm really in the mood
4902 nerd|work <k27463> yeah i'm not the biggest fan of meat
4901 nerd|work <dolemite7> coughing so bad i farted in my cube. had to clear out and lay low for awhile
4900 funkyb <misspwn> i wish i had a script for insulin for mary
4899 _Deity <f1ngertoes> cause I fucked him in the ass and he liked it
4898 k27463 <rikkitikki> I'm basically a grandma sloth
4897 bbbeluga <bk> rikki loves the meat
4896 funkyb <rikkitikki> I should probably go to a doctor again one day
4895 _Deity <Nyghtshade> Where I could excercise draconian authority and make children bow before my Might.
4894 _Deity <sushiiii> i love how this cream comes out of the tube. its just so &. magical
4893 sushi_ <Omega037> sushi_, i clean it sometimes
4892 _Deity <f2ngertoes> 0% rapist
4891 NefariousAMG <monkers> kids are smelly
4890 bk <Omega037> we dont really go into the city
4889 Omega037 <grobend> I DO NOT LIKE NIGGERS.
4888 _Deity <Derfnude> I am here for homoerotic wrestling
4887 Omega037 <sushi_> is it supposed to like.. entice me to go towards the cock?
4886 rikkitikki <hydro> SEE, I PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT WOMEN SAY
4885 _Deity <grobend> Should I masturbate in front of my dad, or nah?
4884 NefariousAMG|job <scittles> so you're just sucking on skittle flavored what exactly?
4883 introspectr3 <NefariousAMG|job> no, but next time I go down, I will for sure.
4882 k27463 <dolemite7> NO, NOW I DO THANKS TO YOU
4881 k27463 <frisv> i'm going to burn down alton if you don't come
4880 bk <bbbeluga> girls are silly, boys are dumb, its really a wonder any of us end up doing it
4879 rdm <k27463> #showerthoughts
4878 _Deity <grobend> I like dick
4877 NefariousAMG <bbbeluga_> GIRLS DONT WANT DICK PICS
4876 Omega037 <secretninjaket> I totally crop dusted my coworker after he was super mean to me
4875 monkers <secretninjaket> I mean I'm a late bloomer and most of you have probably had more than me
4874 Evin <_thelaw> Evin you cunt
4873 spif <GreetingsADM> For boob measurements, you have to put in an emoji
4872 k27463 <GreetingsADM> Man has a dick = TMI
4871 Omega037 <_thelaw> verga? its penis
4870 k27463 <NefariousAMG|job> rdm is a hot mess today
4869 Merlin00 <k27463> i drink too much :\
4868 Omega037 <GreetingsADM> Just be friends with lots of people and masturbate
4867 scittles <secretninjaket> I was tied to trees as a kid, and that's probably why I'm weird.
4866 k27463 <bk> your mom is an american cheese like product
4865 GreetingsADM <misspwn> follow your nose right to my lean pocket
4864 Omega037 <spif> not unless he has a stroke every night
4863 k27463 <Omega037> is provel a GMO?
4862 rdm <k27463> plus i'm moody and weird, like a cat
4861 spif <bbbeluga> put it in my mouth
4860 scittles <k27463> frisv: trains suck
4859 k27463 <sushiiii> this channel never fails to penis.
4858 NefariousAMG <monkers> i like doing housework with Deity
4857 funkyb <monkers> think like... baller monkey
4856 k27463 <GreetingsADM> Spif and Yaquis, sitting in a tree
4855 sushi_ <k27463> choo choo
4854 Omega037 <FalseProphet> quality beats qulility
4853 k27463 <frisv> they see me rollin, they hatin, patrollin they trying to catch me trollin' desj
4852 scittles <k27463> i'm irresistable
4851 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> I'm just going to practice shitting my pants in public and asking minimum wage employees to help clean me up.
4850 k27463 <bbbeluga> couldnt wait to get it in
4849 k27463 <scittles> omg you guys guess what i found at aldi last night
4848 NefariousAMG <k27463> i hate spilling warm things on my bare legs while cooking
4846 spif <bk> too tight for the strapon
4845 nerd|work <bbbeluga> or tiny penis to be that close to the balls
4844 frisv <secretninja> It sounds too delicious for me not to be allergic to it.
4842 _Deity <f1ngertoes> you make me complete
4841 k27463 <frisv> hmm do i pee my pants while bike riding or walk all the way to the bathroom
4840 k27463 <frisv> this might be the end of recreational kickball as we know it
4839 k27463 <bbbeluga> but do you really know this whale?
4838 _Deity <barro> they swallow it every time.. it was easier than I thought it would be
4837 _Deity <frisv> i wonder if any physical media will ever replace cd's for music
4836 bbbeluga <frisv> I would take longer than a full day to masturbate in every bathroom
4835 DeliriumTremens <bbbeluga> umm i just put a piece of tape over mine
4834 frisv <Merlin00> I anticipate pumping about 60 gallons/day
4833 k27463 <frisv> I LOVE FAKE ITALIAN
4832 timotab <ajwalsh44> push to start (pooping)
4831 nerd|gone <frisv> k27463 it sucked. i want my poop back
4830 f2ngertoes <Blastoise> tell that to the garden variety white trash who frequent this channel
4829 k27463 <grobend> There's these "Stop campus violence" posters put up all around my campus and the bitch in the poster is not nearly hot enough to get raped
4828 Electropop <NefariousAMG> Electropop is awesome, don't get me wrong
4827 Electropop <NefariousAMG> me tool.
4826 Omega037 <Blastoise> i've never known jews to be honest
4825 _Deity <sushi_> my fingers pretty much do it on their own
4824 Blastoise <sushi_> you make a good amount of money, but it ain't gonna last with all the little lard asses you produce with your lard ass sperm into your lard ass wife
4823 spif <DeliriumTremens> but my nipples cant melt steel beams
4822 Omega037 <Electropop> I have seen a dick before
4821 Notbrad <NefariousAMG> got it. Normally I don't care if stuff gets grabbed, but when Ktrains posts a link about cooking with semen, there's a danger of embarassment in anything that i say
4819 NefariousAMG <bk> "Everybody needs Jews." k27463
4818 bk <bbbeluga> being dangerous is totally cool you know
4817 Merlin00 <monkers> what can i say, i love pee.
4816 Merlin00 <DigiWrk> HUGE black shlong will stick in my memory forever _
4815 _Deity <spotmonk> I used to wank to USA up all night all the time as a kid
4814 _Deity <frisv> _Deity's cool
4813 DeSJinterwebs <frisv> _Deity is all about the loose skin
4812 _Deity <DeSJinterwebs> defense mechanism ACTIVATE
4811 _Deity <k27463> hey some people want to be assburglars
4810 k27463 <frisv> it was prob Merlin00
4809 _Deity <Merlin00> monkers: if you're only going down like 3" you'll be okay
4808 spif <frisv> plus, i know so much about anuses now
4807 dolemite7 <ajwalsh44> i bet desj has gotten his tongue stuck on a pole
4806 k27463 <frisv> i used to put that on my dating profile you should see the size of what i have in my pants. my colon in huge
4805 ||cw <Nyghtshade> I charge 50 100 bucks.
4804 Omega037 <hawkgpg> i actually grow my own meat
4803 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade> fuck me sideways
4802 k27463 <spif> I know your mom
4801 DeSJ20I7 <dolemite7> My Latino pride is offended by your boner.
4800 DeSJ2017 <DeSJ20l7> Merlin00 i want you to put your penis in my mouth and fill my throat with your sweet sweet nectar of the gods
4799 DeSJ2017 <DeSJ20I7> HERE
4798 DeSJ2017 <frisv> on my 22inch monitor it's almost half a penis long
4797 _Deity <Blastoise> mmm long pork
4796 Omega037 <Electropop> I just wish I had more of me.
4795 _Deity <Omega037> just remember that relationships grow where you water them
4794 DeSJ2017 <GreetingsADM> But if you get aids, having sex with a baby will cure you
4793 DeSJ2017 <spotmonk> DON'T TELL ME HOW TO READ THINGS
4792 DeSJ2017 <spotmonk> shakes my gooch
4791 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade_> need a dental dam for that shit
4790 DeSJ2017 <bo`> ass to face
4789 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> but that's when pitch perfect 2 comes out!
4788 spif <dolemite7> Homosexual sex, really not enjoying this too much. Homosexual sex, prison. Homosexual sex, stretchmarks around the mouth area. Oh hi. I'm just flipping through the index of my Queer Handbook. Holy God. I can get a merit badge just for being jizzed up.
4787 DeSJconfused <spotmonk> (?à?)HHHHH
4786 DeSJconfused <dolemite7> A CHICKEN IN EVERY BOT
4785 Omega037 <spotmonk> but I NEED this dick pic now!
4784 dolemite7 <sushi_> who eats warm tuna?
4783 DeSJ20I7 <frisv> i bet it makes your farts smell tropical
4781 spif <dolemite7> also good for greasing each other up
4780 spif <frisv> lubed pancakes
4779 Merlin00 <DeSJ2017> Merlin00 I want to gurgle your balls
4778 spif <frisv> my ass isn't gonna know what hit it
4777 DeliriumTremens <axe9|workin> yeah I just realized I blew my load yesterday. *transfers more in*
4776 Omega037 <DeSJHomework> ... i feel kinda dumb now...
4775 spif <spotmonk> I hope she comes back later. i need someone to harass while i masturbate
4774 timotab <dolemite7> Lock out car thieves by keeping your keys in the freezer
4773 DeSJ2017 <dolemite7> Y'ALL SOME GAY ASS COPS
4772 DeSJ2017 <TheDeity> You are all whores
4771 DeSJ2017 <spif> ain't no party like a vomit party cause a vomit party throw up all night
4770 nerd|work <dolemite7> ???LA COCAÍNA???
4769 _Deity <monkers> oh, well give him my name
4768 DeSJ2017 <hydro> mitochondria are the diarrhea of the cell
4767 DeSJ2017 <demophoon> your mom is one way to protect your nuts
4766 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> Okay, you win DeliriumTremens
4765 DeliriumTremens <rdm> wb :D
4764 xxxt <rdm> no wonder she dumped you
4762 DeSJ2017 <Nyghtshade> Pacific Rimjob?
4761 funkyb <Omega037> like i just finished memorizing the tax code and then cured polio
4760 bk <Electropop> nevermind a sister is doing it
4759 Omega037 <_Deity> where dat nigga monkers be?
4758 DeSJ2017Studying <_Deity> she would wear crazy cocks?
4757 _Deity <DeliriumTremens> i made frozen pancakes cus i was too lazy to make scratch pancakes
4756 sushi__ <xxxt> omega, can you even see yours
4755 Omega037 <xxxt> i dont always pull out in time.
4754 Omega037 <sushi__> NOBODY PEES IN MY BUTT
4753 _Deity <bk> I used a lollipop on your mom
4752 bk <k27463> trains suck
4751 sushiiii <frisv> your mom makes more sounds than any other whale
4750 DeliriumTremens <DeSJ2017> i like being with little kids
4749 DeSJ2017 <DeliriumTremens> the poop or the container
4748 bk <DeliriumTremens> DeSJ2017: if I don't keep her stocked in diamonds and rattlesnakes, then she wont tickle my butthole
4747 spif <bk> and a game being something you do between viewing naked pictures of women
4746 ThatDeadDude <frisv> i like joining tables and writing about their relationships. i'm like a table matchmaker
4745 DeliriumTremens <ThatDeadDude> blowjobs are like tailors' second favourite currency
4744 bk <f1ngertoes> I just put two in my mouth by themselves for some reason. now I'm having trouble swallowing
4743 kerouac <Merlin00> I try to stay on a heavy booze and delicious food diet
4742 bbbeluga <bk> the old eggs might be more experienced, but younger eggs taste better
4741 rdm <frisv> scittles is like a fake orgasm. says she's coming but never does
4740 spif <DeliriumTremens> these pants are making me thirsty
4739 dolemite7 <frisv> the day people rise against moms is the day this country goes to shit
4738 TheDeity <frisv> in soviet russia, mom has you!
4737 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> The barriers to poll entry were too high
4736 DeliriumTremens <frisv> i need a larger, adult one
4735 k27463 <monkers> so we outsourced our riots to Boston?
4734 k27463 <frisv> sweetheart = cousin
4733 DeliriumTremens <frisv> i gotta blow on it and put it in janky sideways just to get it to work
4732 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> The universal theory of frisv and tents states that a frisv at rest neither creates or destroys tents, and all tents and perpetually in one of two states; frisved or not frisved. This is a universal constant.
4731 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> Some say there's no distinction between where frisv ends and the tent begins.
4730 _Deity <GreetingsADM> like a good six inches
4729 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> I was so happy i didnt know wether to shit or go blind
4728 _Deity <k27463> i am only attractive to overweight black women with multiple children
4727 _Deity <secretninjaket> Maybe it was my face when she had her hand/ arm all up in there. Does this hurt? Other than the fact that your hand is up a finger size hole. No. NOT AT ALL.
4726 bk <El Dubb> my lady bits don't want your sympathy
4725 _Deity <bbbeluga> No, I just don't like tiny holes
4724 _Deity <monkers> yah its massive.
4723 bk <anotherbofh> I... I think I'd be ok with being a dildodragon. Soaring high on my dildowings, destroying the countryside with my dildobreath
4722 rikkitikki <bbbeluga> I think all people are different and that's why we're all great
4721 timotab <anotherbofh> Couldn't be, his ass was like the first place I checked
4720 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> alright off to get volcano supplies
4719 _Deity <f1ngertoes> I am awesome! thank you
4718 _Deity <sushiiii> pm me for address
4717 Blastoise <pikhq> Do you run a bitcoin farm?
4716 Omega037 <pikhq> They're probably genuinely pleased to see a genital issue resulting from use of a legitimate sex toy in a legitimate fashion.
4715 Omega037 <Electropop> is 40 dollars a good price for a vibrator? >>;
4714 anotherbofh <GreetingsADM> Chances are if you can speak to a rabbi about it, you probably don't need to cut off your own arm
4713 Omega037 <rikkitikki> my hooves are split
4712 rikkitikki <Omega037> i used to trust Obama until I realized that his name backwards is Am a Bo
4711 bbbeluga <GreetingsADM> I have, but I prefer the beef
4710 Blastoise <pikhq> Blastoise: I've visited Houston. I melted.
4709 _Deity <Blastoise> does it cook in its own juices or what
4708 rikkitikki <Blastoise> haha there's a bot for every occasion on this irc
4707 scittles <rikkitikki> I'm the only one that matters in here
4706 rikkitikki <misspwn> if there is liquid in there suck the juices out with yo mouth
4705 rikkitikki <frisv> as a rich white male i'm so sick of being oppressed
4704 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> little tiny burgers and shit coming out of his pores
4703 _Deity <rikkitikki> _Deity: I'll have you know, I ate bacon this morning
4702 _Deity <Blastoise_phone> I found Jesus
4701 rikkitikki <scittles> Octopus vs Crab: you won't want to miss this
4700 spif <frisv> i'm a known racist
4699 rikkitikki <scittles> but i can't trim the box down at all. it's longer than i want
4698 timotab <dolemite7> the unsqueezable kimmy scrotum
4697 k27463 <monkers> on a ktrain never comin back, wrong way on a one way track
4696 Nerfdude <k27463> CANT STOP THE PAIN TRAIN
4695 hydro <Omega037> _Deity, nobody wants to make a kid with you
4694 rikkitikki <Blastoise> I had no idea IRC could be so dramatic and cliquey
4693 _Deity <DeliriumTremens> i did accidenally run down some peckers though
4692 rikkitikki <barrotek> 4 poop sessions today!
4691 demophoon <rikkitikki> If liking John Mayer makes me a basic white bitch I don't wanna be anything else
4690 bk <scittles> that's when you start fake gagging
4689 rikkitikki <bk> just floppy dead squirrel
4688 dolemite7 <frisv> what's next? police order human to shit inside dog's house for dog to see what it feels like
4687 bk <rikkitikki> (I'm slow)
4686 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> If my grundle was a skillet, you could cook a dozen eggs at a time on it.
4685 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> all the fat dudes with the neckbeard 'tudes go "MONKERS ROCKS! MONKERS ROCKS!"
4684 rikkitikki <dolemite7> MY FAMILY'S LIVED ON FOOD STAMPS SINCE 19899
4683 rikkitikki <dolemite7> I'M A FUCKING ANGRY ASIAN MAN TOO
4682 rikkitikki <_Deity> I agree and disagree with everything everyone believes in
4681 _Deity <f1ngertoes> mother fucker shit
4680 bk <rikkitikki> "I'm more important to stare at"
4679 timotab <frisv> keep swallowing my testicles
4678 spif <rikkitikki> I should probably stuff it as I go, too, I always forget to do that and it gets lumpy and YES I REALIZE THIS SOUNDS HILARIOUS
4677 monkers <frisv> i assumed cable was like $60 and internet was $40. $142 seems high
4676 rikkitikki <frisv> nothing gets people more excited than food cooked with a truck
4675 dolemite7 <frisv> sometimes i squeeze the bag droppings into my mouth
4674 nerd|work <scittles> 'cause she's a landwhale
4673 _Deity <sushi_> i need someone to peel me :<
4672 rdm <Electropop> I started using last summer, and havent switched. My skin can handle it
4671 bk <rikki|phoney> Itty bitty rikki committee
4670 bk <GreetingsADM> ah, rikki|phoney found the butthole
4669 bk <DeliriumTremens> YOU DID THIS TO ME
4668 k27463 <bk> dolemite7 is a code word for "black"
4667 rikkitikki <hydro> THIS IS MY OPINION
4666 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> frisv is an antiroom
4665 rikkitikki <Merlin00> all these terrible bots are the worst thing since the holocaust/slavery
4664 bk <GreetingsADM> penis has no effect
4663 spif <scittles> sweaty women always smell sort of like skunks to me
4662 spif <rikkitikki> You can buy dates (the fruit) or dates (hookers)
4661 rikkitikki <dolemite7> have you tried spraying your legs down with non stick cooking spray before putting your pants on
4660 k27463 <bbbeluga> I am a semi strong independent lady that don't need no bot's approval
4659 spif <rikkitikki> I successfully changed my pants
4658 spif <_Deity> oooh donkey punches are elite
4657 GreetingsADM <hydro|> i trusted the wrong fart yesterday
4656 spif <fris5> i didn't ask for a penis
4655 spif <scittles> here come the penii
4654 DeliriumTremens <dolemite7> i'm stupid, don't ever listen to me
4653 frisv <DeliriumTremens> Thanks Doebama
4652 DeliriumTremens <frisv> "a wash u study finds deer are more likely to run into slower cars, giving them a greater chance at surviving while still being an asshole nuisance"
4651 timotab <GreetingsADM> calling a semen slurp a taste test is like saying you're planning to eat a baby
4650 DeliriumTremens <frisv> i like my celery how i like my women: wet and from the supermarket
4649 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> mary brought a bag of dildos
4648 Nerfdude <spif> I also nerdjack all the time
4647 k27463 <Derfnude> oh man it's a hole
4646 bk <bbbeluga> I DONT WANT TO FINANCE SHEETS
4645 xxxt <k27463> "you look like a bk but you're always a res0 to me" record this next
4644 k27463 <bbbeluga> duh, i sail all the time. that's how i get to know the whale
4643 Omega037 <NefariousBIG> that's cool. I'm going to purchase a bag of dicks today
4642 nerddtvg <hydro> THE KID POOPED ON THE TOILET TODAY
4641 introspectr <timotab> Joffrey kills dumbledore!
4640 DeliriumTremens <bbbeluga> SMORES AND BALL SHAVING
4639 _Deity <f1ngertoes> my mom used to frequent a gay male stylist
4638 Nerfdude <dolemite7> il SHAVE BIG MONKEY AT MENARD'S kj
4637 funkyb <Nerfdude> i have a buffalo boner
4636 nerd|gone <f1ngertoes> "being a cunt is bad for your health, i'm just trying to smoke a fag"
4635 nerd|gone <Nyghtshade> I'm so hot.
4634 nerd|work <rikki|phoney> remember me as the face of lace
4633 bk <Nerfdude> i heard pruitt igoe was just a test for the eventual controlled demolition of the world trade center
4632 timotab <GreetingsADM> I think mine might be 20"
4631 k27463 <GreetingsADM> I'm getting reincarnated as a dung beetle
4630 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> so they will be like business casual onesies
4629 bbbeluga <frisv> I already mount in shower
4628 k27463 <frisv> Rule #5: there is always an Electropop joke
4627 Omega037 <frisv> Nice. I've done that but want to do others
4626 timotab <k27463> it doesn't even hurt
4625 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> Things that a 6 year old does that are annoying: talking like Jar Jar Binks
4624 DeliriumTremens <GreetingsADM> DeliriumTremens: always depends on which one you get. I was quite pleased by the size
4623 frisv <DeliriumTremens> scittles: did you just say frisv looks like pierce brosnan?
4622 nerd|work <scittles> barfing twinkies in the bathtub
4621 sushi_ <_Deity> i totally read that as "mac died so I wiped out my anus"
4620 sushiiii <f2ngertoes> next german you see with a weapon you rape the dog shit out of him. i don't care if it's a baby with a butter knife in one hand and mama's titty in the other you chop him up
4619 rikkitikki <dolemite7> GET YO TITTIES OUT MAH FACE, KATE UPTON
4618 _Deity <Electropop> I get it for free at my apartment complex.
4617 rikkitikki <bk> it's like 3.5 4"
4616 spif <GreetingsADM> Someone with pendulous breasts
4615 DeliriumTremens <GreetingsADM> Maybe if more women talked with their tits, they wouldn't have to calm them so much.
4614 rikkitikki <dolemite7> what kinda sick fuck are you, frisv??
4613 spif <rdm> 9 if they are midget hookers
4612 dolemite7 <GreetingsADM> That's easily a 2 hooker freezer
4611 frisv <monkers> peep futures are on the decline.
4610 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> i had a really weird dream last night, but the only thing i remember is waking up and saying to myself "that was a really weird dream"
4609 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> the only thing that is truly infinite is your moms waistline
4608 _Deity <Nyghtshade_> I'll download it
4607 rikkitikki <Omega037> kerouac, i dont think there is anyone here who doesnt think im an asshole
4606 _Deity <kerouac> breasts are usually good pounded out, breaded and baked
4605 rikkitikki <hydro> that might explain the penis
4604 rikkitikki <introspectr> if you walk into a pancake house and ask for a waffle, you're asking for trouble
4603 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> Water can weight it down a bit so I usually lean over and squeeze it with a towel to dry it off as best as I can
4602 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> And I like the butts
4601 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> funkyb: my grundle is impenetrable
4600 Nyghtshade <DeliriumTremens> Is that the last 10 minutes of work where you have to shit really bad but you're going to hold it and try to make it home?
4599 DeliriumTremens <Electropop> LIKE ITS A BEAUTIFUL ASS
4598 bk <rikkitikki> I like St. Louis... It's a neat place.
4597 _Deity <rikkitikki> Electropop: I'll do it for free
4596 rikkitikki <Primesauce> Men in the mode of awesome worship Primesauce
4595 rikkitikki <kerouac> i may be high
4594 rikkitikki <kerouac> i LOVE weed
4593 sushi_ <hawkgpg> also, my first time i got off easy
4592 sushi_ <hawkgpg> i think like over half my snaps have been my dick.... to my other guy friends
4591 sushi_ <DeliriumTremens> are we talking about pineapples still or have we started a code convo about butt plugs
4590 DeliriumTremens <_Deity> i did MONKERS
4588 rikkitikki <scittles> there's a dildo in my bucket dear liza dear liza
4586 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> Good lord, TIL I have bowels of steel
4585 nerd|work <bbbeluga> boobs ARE superior
4584 demophoon <rikkitikki> "I haven't been fucked like that since grade school"
4583 nerd|gone <Killsudo> I can see your mom in your face
4582 nerd|work <dolemite7> You'd Be Surprised At What You Actually Ate Last Night
4581 nerd|work <scittles> porn needs more hats
4580 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> 37 dicks!
4579 _Deity <Omega037> good thing im obese instead of chubby
4578 spif <rikkitikki> Sometimes you just have a very satisfying shit
4577 rikki|sewwy <monkers> yes to rikki's butt
4576 Nyghtshade <bbbeluga> yeah, if you cant watch porn what's the point
4575 demophoon <rikki|sewwy> Banana twinkies sound fantastic
4574 Nyghtshade <Nerfdude> I like poop
4573 DeSJ2017 <frisv> i need more butt pics
4572 monkers <nerd|work> no quote
4571 nerd|work <frisv> if it's not trending on twitter, it didn't happen
4570 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> DESJ IS JACK FINKEL IS EINHORN
4569 scittles <brittbot> scittles:
4568 DeSJ2017 <bk> bareback riding?
4567 rikki|sewwy <DeliriumTremens> Uh oh, I feel another bucket of catfish comin' on...
4566 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> right when i wake up i feel fine but wet
4565 nerd|work <rikkitikki> I read that as "turns me on"
4564 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> Have you ever dumped a bucket of catfish into a pond? That's what my poop was just like.
4563 kerouac <misspwn> whatever kerouac you're the real OG
4562 DeSJ2017 <monkers> just dont cross the streams.
4561 _Deity <DeSJ2017> rikki|sewwy i dont even need to see those stats to know that you are the nicest person on here. YOure awesome!!
4560 Merlin00 <bbbeluga> i did enjoy the boobs
4559 DeSJ2017 <GreetingsADM> I have pubes older than that
4558 monkers <dolemite7>
4557 DeSJ2017 <dolemite7> probaby sniffing the cum trees
4556 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> The jizz trees are in full bloom here at work.
4555 spif <rikkitikki> I'm probably the biggest jerk in this room, to be honest
4554 monkers <kerouac> monkers: taht's because your penis is made of gold
4553 rikkitikki <kerouac> this channel is only for people that fuck kerouac
4552 rikki|sewwy <kerouac> i've been a douche for much of my life
4551 bk <scittles> OMG why can't i blue things anymore
4550 DeliriumTremens <scittles> sometimes? They're always hard. ours are separate and it's still hard
4549 funkyb <introspectr3> It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do.
4548 funkyb <f1ngertoes> I can unclench my butt for a little bit
4547 funkyb <FalseProphet> my girlfriend/girlthing/place I put things
4546 _Deity <Electropop> I do like Tyrese
4545 introspectre <reddit stlouis> I am you
4544 bk <Electropop> oh shit its good friday
4543 Omega037 <Electropop> Chankster my roommate was too scared and I have never done it before so..I had to google howto
4542 spif <bk> yeah, I sell coke
4541 frisv <GreetingsADM> you come in a few seconds after lightning
4540 bk <scittles> hubs has gone to mouth goatee thing
4539 DeliriumTremens <GreetingsADM> got it, timotab farted so loud the window rattled
4538 dolemite7 <frisv> i drank all my peeps milk today ;(
4537 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> the worst part is having to keep your mouth open for so long
4536 rikkitikki <scittles> ugh my mouth is starting to hurt.
4535 dolemite7 <scittles> good jaw workout
4534 bbbeluga <bk> you seem like someone who would be an ass master
4533 nerd|gone <bbbeluga> he's a cool guy that lives in st louis, mister sand in my florida pants
4532 Electropop <Nyghtshade> I haven't desensitized my penis to the point where I need to jerk off with steel wool and have a monkey slap my ass with a barbwire wrapped club to get off yet.
4531 k27463 <rikkitikki> sushii|interneti: get back in my sex dungeon
4530 spif <bk> bk stands for "beer king" clearly
4529 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> "SPEAKING OF BALLS!" rikkitikki 2015
4528 spif <sushi_> they totally do butt stuff
4527 misspwn_ <monkers> im easy.
4526 ajwalsh44 <brittbot>
4525 rikkitikki <bk> I can't believe it's nut butter
4524 monkers <Nyghtshade> faggit
4523 ||cw <scittles> the ol' bus in hole routine
4522 spif <frisv> unzipping is how babies start in the first place
4521 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> Thanks a lot frisv. I fucking trusted you, and now I'm sitting here eating chips and salsa the day AFTER national chip and dip day like some kind of asshole.
4520 k27463 <dolemite7> We're talking about the discreet cloning of eastern european prostitutes on a massive, MASSIVE scale
4519 monkers <_Deity> thanks DTbot
4518 monkers <_Deity> there is no reason to be upset
4517 monkers <TenthTARDIS> And you beat me
4516 monkers <frisv> I can measure lots of things in penis units
4515 k27463 <TenthTARDIS> YOU CAN'T DO THAT
4514 _Deity <TenthTARDIS> I agree with _Deity
4512 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> so there's always butt plug sitting on the counter of the kitchen
4511 _Deity <Omega037> an oil check was shoving your thumb in their ass
4510 introspectr <dolemite7> Shoutout to uteruses, the original 3D printers
4509 _Deity <Nerfdude> I am going to go outside and murder the shit out of my neighbors
4508 _Deity <sushi_> _Deity has a huge cock
4507 _Deity <frisv> My friend passed out now we can't 3 way anymore
4506 monkers <sushiiii> were like fish rescuing superheroes lol
4505 rikkitikki <dolemite7> I AIN'T ASHAMED
4504 _Deity <sushi_> i'm not into black men unless i'm drunk
4503 timotab <bbbeluga> so your grandpa got to feel those!?
4502 Nyghtshade <_Deity> I hope someone comes
4501 bbbeluga <frisv> helicopter is like hula for your penis
4500 _Deity <Merlin00> of course I missed the damn oil bottom because my cash is still settling :(
4499 timotab <bk> I think hydro gave me an STD :(
4498 spif <Merlin00> spif the comedy genius
4497 spif <Merlin00> balls and asshole
4496 Merlin00 <brittbot>
4495 _Deity <rikkitikki> One rikkitikki is enough to blow your mind
4494 rikkitikki <_Deity> I just have low standards when it comes to identical twins that are willing to share me
4493 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> would you eat 10 fart flavored spiders just because they were $1.50?
4492 spif <dolemite7> this place is cursed with urinary problems
4491 Omega037 <anotherbofh> "Industry Leading Frozen Semen Technologies"
4490 bk <rikkitikki> I only have one fan
4489 Nyghtshade <|mErLiN|> it's really fucking wet right now
4488 |mErLiN| <sushi_> ._.
4487 timotab <Electropop> hey..clean balls matter.
4486 Omega037 <misspwn> stick it in her butt and wake her up
4485 bk <rikkitikki> Also those boobs prolly weigh like 5 lb each
4484 timotab <Electropop> I mean..I can send you one with me topless for science
4483 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> you might as well boil barf over an open flame
4482 k27463 <rikkitikki> Join my cult and suck my dick
4481 rikkitikki <bk> hahaha he REALLY wants this hot dog I'm eating
4480 rikkitikki <k27463> not everything in my life is train related
4479 sushi__l <misspwn> or you'll never get to pee in that butt
4478 bbbeluga <barro> preferrably right in the tip of a chubbed out dong.
4477 introspectr5 <Merlin00> the only time people talk religion in here is to belittle others' religious beliefs
4476 DeSJ2017 <dolemite7> an animated gif of a guy fucking another guy in the ass and the fuckee's dick spinning around like a helicopter
4475 scittles <DeSJ2017> oh please, Ive seen people pee in other peoples butts on a couch before at a party, I think I can handle it
4474 DeSJ2017OAFK <dolemite7> burman's be thy name
4473 Omega037 <grobend> niggers
4472 scittles <frisv> no one said lather peanut butter on your crotch and let a dog chew the hairs off
4471 k27463 <frisv> i think scittles has discovered a celebrity jeopardy category. "goats ear train". "i'll take goatse art rain for $200"
4470 k27463 <res0> the giver is my spirit animal
4469 spif <misspwn> oh god the poop is coming back
4468 spif <Nyghtshade> The fear of reprecussions needs to outweight the desire to punch someone in the face.
4467 Omega037 <xxxt> if it wasn't for date rape i'd never get laid.
4466 nerd|sportsball <DeliriumTremens> KILL WHITEY
4465 nerd|sportsball <Electropop> I DONT FUCK WITH YOUUUU
4464 nerd|church <bbbeluga> you can do it, put your back into it
4463 nerd|church <aaronn> but... but... im white!
4462 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> well tripe looks like grey spongebob dick
4461 Omega037 <Electropop> how do you even start kinky sex
4460 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> your face looks damned good on you
4459 nerd|gofyourself <bbbeluga> i swear to bob spif, you bring a pie and i will be on your face
4458 nerd|gofyourself <drdasos> I'd love to rid the world of all the whites
4457 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work> I want to put more into it
4456 bbbeluga <frisv> yeah get something stiff to stick through that hole ;)
4455 GreetingsADM <rikkitikki> like, if I ever cosplay someone that isn't 12
4454 rikkitikki <frisv> Fool I am a cracka
4453 ktrains <kitkatkaytee> Now I smell like I worked at 5 guys
4452 sushiiii <scittles> christian science
4451 ktrains <frisv> ktrains is his nick he uses so we can grab his ass
4450 spif <secretninjaket> heels help with the booty shakin though
4449 sushiiii <frisv> aldi has great prices on titty sprinkles
4448 spif <sushiiii> the penis thing again? you guysssss.
4447 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> introspectr3: you still gonna keep pooping now that you're a professional turd?
4446 rikkitikki <drdasos> I have a PhD in studying dat ass
4445 memmek2k <rikkitikki> Electropop: warning, this may turn into a birthday orgy
4444 Merlin00 <axe9|work> Merlin00 got me pegged.
4443 spotmonk <bbbeluga> come if you can, if you can't that is okay too. I just wanna have a night of fun.
4442 frisv <bbbeluga> i needed at least double that
4441 funkyb <misspwn> good i was just gona bring condoms
4440 _Deity <crevecoeurchick> It's penis. Stop sugar coating the penis.
4439 nerddtvg <willisnutz43> sucked anymore dicks lately?
4438 nerddtvg <spotmonk> the video I shot with your mom involved a train
4437 introspectr <baslisks|work> if he went any deeper he'd be ramming the uterus of my mind
4436 introspectr <kerouac> nerddtvg: yeah , for she had to have sex with you twice to get it
4435 sushiiii <Omega037> i would absolutely fail as a father otherwise
4434 spif <_Deity> enough dick blood*
4433 Omega037 <k27463> misspwn am i a sperglord?
4432 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> your mom is the Orly of french vaginas
4431 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> i wonder if Nyghtshade ever broke both of his arms
4430 _Deity <willisnutz43> you're a peice of shit, goodnight.
4429 deity|phone <willisnutz43> no, but there's a need to hope you suffer before you die if you drive like an idiot.
4428 rikki|afk <MadTony71> well I'm glad you guys ar making 'new' people welcomed, rofl, and by that I mean yer not.. rofl
4427 Merlin00 <crevecoeurchick> Yes, i will do nudes.
4426 _Deity <crevecoeurchick> Can i have the item first before the head?
4425 funkyb <kitkatkaytee> We're all technically eskimo brothers. Minus the sex. And substitute it for facebook friendship with monkers.
4424 _Deity <crevecoeurchick> I dont even need the monies.
4423 demophoon <rikkitikki> I want my buttplug as elegant as my outfit
4422 _Deity <MadTony71> I've come close a few times, but eventually I'm going to get 100% fed up with the rat race and disappear into the weeds never to be seen again...
4421 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> your mom's related
4420 bbbeluga <scittles> i like hello kitty so i'm pretty much expert in all things japanese
4419 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> DT wa kawaii desu = DT is cute
4418 k27463 <DeliriumTremens> what colored dress is Leonard Nimoy going to wear to his Llama themed funeral being streamed live after the conference on Net Neutrality?
4417 Omega037 <_Deity> they have 15 year old girl prostitutes also
4416 _Deity <Omega037> thats why you gotta have like 5 guys on the line
4415 Omega037 <kitkatkaytee> What's your name jailbait?
4414 Omega037 <rikkitikki> RIP llama_beans' bowels
4413 _Deity <frisv> I'll be right behind you res0
4412 _Deity <DeliriumTremens> frisv smells like turds
4411 Electropop <DeliriumTremens> kitkatkaytee: it's a known fact that chinese food tastes 3x worse when you have to eat it with silverware
4410 dolemite7 <misspwn> i just shampooed the rug
4409 Nerfdude <willisnutz43> DeliriumTremens be postin' n00ds for d00ds that only the pedos would view also
4408 de|it|e <res0> I'll give you an inch around 2am
4407 res0 <bbbeluga> YOU WOULD ENJOY IT IF THEY ARE OLD
4406 spif <memmek2k> Yup, cuz male sexuality is completely uncontrollable and it's completely on women to make sure they're not too provacative
4405 spif <frisv> I would totally not put a penis in jennn
4404 kitkatkaytee <Primesauce> No, because squirting implies that the woman enjoyed it. I don't want anyone to have fun but me.
4403 rikkitikki <memmek2k> a hemipenis if you will
4402 k27463 <frisv> you're not showing off your penis enough
4401 rikkitikki <de_it_e> I fuck me all the time even though im too hot for me
4400 spif <rikkitikki> Slappin' all them taints
4399 spif <bbbeluga> clearly i enjoy snacking on ballsax
4398 Nyghtshade <deity_> I totes love the fatties.
4397 rikkitikki <frisv> i wouldnt even need your dick after all that
4396 kitkatkaytee <rikkitikki> Why did no one grab that
4394 k27463 <kitkatkaytee> Dick pics are best pics.
4393 k27463 <rikkitikki> Everyone wants a know it all when she has an ass that doesn't quit
4392 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> I'm basically the Dr. Phil of this channel.
4391 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> hopefully i dont turn into a pigfucker
4390 Nerfdude <res0> I am a pretty princess.
4389 rikkitikki <_Deity> i mean, i may be good, but i am usually drunk when its happening
4388 Omega037 <misspwn> i get the squirts daily
4387 nerddtvg <nerddtug> not all of us can be as cool and sexy as you :(
4386 rikkitikki <memmek2k> rikkitikki: I like fish dicks.
4385 TenthTARDIS <GreetingsADM> You should play with more boobs, they're fun
4384 nerd|work <frisv> can confirm, am older brother and ridiculously hetero
4383 nerd|work <bbbeluga> Sorry guys, im gay now.
4382 nerd|work <bbbeluga> I have no brothers so I can't be blamed for turning them gay!
4381 rikkitikki <GreetingsADM> You're not Mormon unless you attend a Utah Jazz game
4380 k27463 <Electropop> masturbate.
4379 GreetingsADM <spif> well captain planet does turn people into trees
4378 spif <GreetingsADM> a planet where it never reaches 4:20
4377 TenthTARDIS <_Deity> kerouac, let me know when you go to asia... i would like to bone a native
4376 rikkitikki <res0> WHERE IN THE WORLD IS RIKKI SAN DIEGO
4375 spif <kerouac> now you'll never see my 1/2 inch peen
4374 rikkitikki <Electropop> I smell so damn good
4373 rikkitikki <kitkatkaytee> rikkitikki is creepy, that's why we keep her here.
4372 _Deity <kerouac> i want to stick my toungue in that yummy cheese
4371 nerddtvg <GreetingsADM> Turd Burglar is among my favorite insults
4370 bbbeluga <kerouac> glad to hear my penis is still an option
4369 _Deity <kitkatkaytee> that im best gay of the day
4368 rikki|afk <DeliriumTremens> awww sleet sleet sleet sleet
4367 spif <bbbeluga> that's just a light spank really
4366 rikkitikki <memmek2k> romance with me is always a jolly good show
4365 res0 <rikkitikki> sounds like a wet drone
4364 DeliriumTremens <frisv> i love nuts
4363 k27463 <frisv> all my weight is in my junk
4362 nerd|work <frisv> your mom has a red button
4361 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> I'm changing my name to Handfist McSnatch
4360 k27463 <bbbeluga> i feel like it is still hard
4359 res0 <frisv> The best part about gay porn is that there is no smell
4358 rikkitikki <frisv> man, necks are awesome
4357 Omega037 <res0> a bigger, blacker dick cake
4356 res0 <misspwn> mm dark meat
4355 k27463 <dolemite7> misspwn's mom is hot
4354 Electropop <frisv> "welcome to michigan. fuck michigan"
4353 rikkitikki <frisv> can i pledge 6 inches of my dick to slap across her face?
4352 Omega037 <Electropop> Is it hard?
4351 nerd|gone <rikkitikki> I find it pleasurable
4350 nerd|gone <rikkitikki> "Oh, is this about myself? Sweet."
4349 GreetingsADM <scittles> axe9|work: she's legit psycho, but not in the obvious ways where people feel sorry for you
4348 nerd|work <frisv> CAUSE YOUR JUNK IS INACTIVE
4347 _Deity <bbbeluga> What tickles my blow hole is a great subtitle
4346 Omega037 <_Deity> your butt gets pumped
4345 Omega037 <bbbeluga> i love your wiener, llama_beans
4344 rikkitikki <Electropop> look younger rikki
4343 Electropop <GreetingsADM> so, plenty of places to bury the bodies
4342 nerddtvg <rikkitikki> If I had a cock I'd totally buy that
4341 nerddtvg <k27463> i still suck
4340 Omega037 <_Deity> yu gotta pee on an underaged girl
4339 _Deity <Merlin00> everyone is DTF when _Deity is involved
4338 spif <frisv> maybe i'll just kiss a burrito and get a free evin
4337 introspectr3 <bbbeluga> booo orcas
4336 k27463 <frisv> Electropop i hope you're just going on dates for the free meals
4335 DeliriumTremens <frisv> excited for chubbies tonight
4334 frisv <Nerfdude> Netscape says I need a plugin to see this content
4333 Electropop <sushiiii> i shit on my desk daily. its good for the soul
4332 k27463 <dolemite7> "How much can't could a white girl can't if a white girl literally could not even?"
4331 Nerfdude <Omega037> aopjfep give me GREEN ewqifpjeqwp !!!!! yaya :):):(
4330 spif <Nyghtshade> The dog wants your butthole.
4329 kitkatkaytee <GreetingsADM> though you typically don't have to soak a penis in water for a week to get it to grow to its fullest size
4328 ||cw <GreetingsADM> My soup pot would pirrouette on the flat tope
4327 Omega037 <misspwn> i'm half tempted to make a CL post to find some lady friends
4326 grobend <GreetingsADM> He's saying no, but really he wants it
4325 spif <GreetingsADM> if butts had nipples, then we'd have somethign to talk about
4324 spif <rikkitikki> You can penetrate an ass
4323 spif <GreetingsADM> Just make sure you get in the box before the can, the other way is unhygenic
4322 rikkitikki <frisv> it must be weird to have a guy cum inside you
4321 _Deity <frisv> F it i'm getting a donut and not telling anybody
4320 res0 <misspwn> cucumbers are great for that too
4319 k27463 <misspwn> world needs more misspwn
4318 res0 <misspwn> i make finger goal and look through just fine
4317 Omega037 <llama_beans> licking my pants
4316 spif <scittles> i've got a hankerin for fun dip
4315 spif <spotmonk> my name is Gene and I'm totally a male prostitute
4314 spif <scittles> "if i could live on any planet it'd be uranus"
4313 GreetingsADM <frisv> i dont care about paying but i try to make the girl feel a little guilty so they'll make it up
4312 whiteruski <Nerfdude> My hair clogged the toilet :/
4311 k27463 <res0> I read that as "Pornography meeting"
4310 spif <whiteruski> your mom's pussy is so dry that the crabs carry canteens
4309 nerddtvg <Nerfdude> It's all fisting and snapbacks
4308 nerddtvg <res0> that was quick
4307 _Deity <monkers> i'll lick a girls ass too i dont give a fuuuck.
4306 Omega037 <misspwn> is there anything you don't do, other than anal?
4305 spif <Electropop> How do I make it stop? Find someone to randomly suck on them?
4304 res0 <bbbeluga> and im not sensitive i can take things
4303 spif <scittles> poop is out of fashion?
4302 spif <scittles> then it sounds like you just need to let your nipples flow free
4301 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> Would you rather poop one horse sized poop, or a hundred duck sized poops?
4300 k27463 <frisv> will her poop be larger than a duck?
4299 spif <GreetingsADM> People do pegging all the time on the tables at Cracker Barrel
4298 k27463 <dolemite7> I WILL SHIT ON EVERYTHING YOU LOVE
4297 spif <Primesauce> Ladies love a bedazzled cock
4296 bbbeluga <spotmonk> becca is excited that his penis doesn't work
4295 bbbeluga <spif> lol
4294 spif <scittles> i'm going to drink booze tonight and have crazy sex just to spite them, if anyone has any marijuanas they can bring me i'll take that too
4293 timotab <axe9|work> I remember my first one. it was pretty fun.
4292 Nerfdude <Killsudo> listening to an animal cry in pain from a rubber band on their nuts is just upsetting when it's for no reason
4291 TheDeity <misspwn> llama_beans, this weekend we might be doing girl things if you are into that stuff
4290 spif <bbbeluga> but then the moaning got more excited than painful
4289 nerd|skewl <TwoWorlds> oh, okay, kinda like when the female corn is on her period
4288 spif <frisv> maybe he will electropop your cherry
4287 k27463 <dolemite7> thank you and here's my ip address
4286 introspectr3 <frisv> I gave your mom an error 413 last night
4285 bbbeluga <introspectr3> Tits are the Alpha and the Omega, the First and Last, the Beginning and the End.
4284 res0 <llama_beans> ah tacos
4283 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work> my balls hurt today for some reason
4282 k27463 <bbbeluga> how many inches did you get ;)
4281 nerddtvg <res0> bbbeluga is a secret racist
4280 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> my cream was delicious, thanks for asking res0
4279 nerddtvg <Omega037> man, i gotta poop
4278 nerddtvg <DeliriumTremens> it's poop all the way down, boys!
4277 timotab <bbbeluga> separate tubs seems to make it harder to do it
4276 timotab <dolemite7> I PAID FOR A LADY, NOT CORY AND TREVOR
4275 dolemite7 <misspwn> always falling out my pocket
4274 k27463 <spif> bbbeluga: I'M SORRY
4273 memmek2k <rikkitikki> I'll show ya my kinda panties Electropop
4272 happyincolor <rikkitikki> I like my clothes to support human suffering
4271 dolemite7 <rikkitikki> DeliriumTremens: excuse me, I wear period accurate crotchless bloomers
4270 DeliriumTremens <Electropop> JUST FUCK BIEBER
4269 rikkitikki <_Deity> people will never lose the desire to learn new ways to fuck
4268 rikkitikki <frisv> train porn will be the new thing in 2015
4267 k27463 <Electropop> Sounds hard..
4266 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> or that smell when you fart under the covers after eating white castle and it slowly creeps from under the covers right into your face
4265 funkyb <ThatDeadDude> I guess more cunt than poon
4264 happyincolor <spotmonk> I think it's a fickle mofo
4263 timotab <happyincolor> we really want to come this year
4262 rikkitikki <DLbot> misspwn's boobs are perky appleballoons.
4261 Electropop