ID Grabbed by Quote :
2635 timotab <dolemite7> There is human poop hidden in a Superman lunchbox somewhere along Hwy 40. The timer starts NOW
2634 Omega037 <bbbeluga> i am one of those girls that has dated many bearded men
2633 timotab <nerd|phone2> We've already cocered boobs and penises. Cricut and restaurants.
2632 introspectr7 <spotmonk> I'll take your mom to the matresses
2631 nerd|phone <spotmonk> I have a science survey for the ladies
2630 rikki|worky <baslisks|work> bear fucking
2629 nerd|work <doctorsound> Oh, the ravioli was delicious, and now my farts are making me hungry.
2628 timotab <bbbeluga> then i am an asshat
2627 rikkitikki <Evin> I calm rikkitikki down with penis.
2626 Evin <frisv> apparently you need to work on your grabbing
2625 frisv <rikkitikki> damn frisv I was gonna grab that XD
2624 rikkitikki <tele_> i'm fucking sexy as fuck
2623 dolemite7 <tele_> but like pink in the middle
2622 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> i think you mean dicking
2621 rikki|phoney <ThatDeadDude> although of course, one cannot survive on one's own breastmilk
2620 rikki|phoney <Evin> Man, i'm so offended. Look at how offended i am.
2619 rikki|phoney <dolemite7> if you don't like black people, then no, it's not a safe area.
2618 rikki|phoney <HoneyBadja> it's like 3" thick
2617 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> ...
2616 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> You like sleeping in pee? Cus thats how you wind up sleeping in pee.
2615 rikkitikki <misspwn> and i'll slap you with a slice of bolonga
2614 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> I have a husky Chank
2613 spif <dolemite7> you want work or insert rows into your spankbank
2612 timotab <baslisks|work> I may have had the same woman
2611 ||cw <CaptainTacoSauce> She did say it, but not in the way that she'll actually follow through.
2610 spif <DeliriumTremens> every man for himself, suckers
2609 Notbrad <DLbot> Notbrads balls are filthy sploogetaxis.
2608 nerd|phone <bbbeluga> but.... poop on your phone
2607 bbbeluga <nerd|phone> I don't want shit on my phone
2606 timotab <||cw> alt.binaries.erotica.highheels.sheep ?
2605 nerd|work <doctorsound> It's not like we strive for high quality your mom jokes around here.
2604 spif <Omega037> is google a pokemon?
2603 spif <||cw2> I just wait for it show up on facebook
2602 timotab <DeliriumTremens> but i think its a bit of a stretch
2601 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> karen is too busy sucking my dick
2600 ||cw <res0> I have a stroke sometimes, but only if I'm lonely
2599 doctorsound <Omega037> and she doesnt think me drinking her milk is funny
2598 Notbrad <res0> so I guess you'll get a keep rikki weird bumper sticker on your ass.
2597 rikkitikki <res0> KEEP RIKKI WEIRD
2596 res0 <misspwn> Omega037, i can't wait till you hit this
2595 timotab <DeliriumTremens> jesus it looks like they lopped a horses dick off onto your plate
2594 timotab <funkyb> but i've been using it more so might as well tweak it
2593 timotab <||cw> I don't have a blow up matress though
2592 timotab <doctorsound> Centipedes? In *my* vagina?
2591 rikkitikki <Omega037> i like the teeth
2590 timotab <rikkitikki> timotab you look very adorable <3
2589 Evin <rikkitikki> misspwn me, Evin and bbbeluga are gonna have a spanking threesome
2588 Nyghtshade <Evin> So unless you get a hall pass to go on some sort of cock safari, you ain't seeing.
2587 rikkitikki <Nyghtshade> I smoked a single cigarette and watched porn before I was 18, I was pretty hardcore.
2586 Omega037 <introspectr7> save some, i'll need some when i get off
2585 timotab <||cw> so thick, so tender
2584 rikkitikki <Chank> 15 52 < Chank> GAMING IN THE STREETS
2583 rikkitikki <doctorsound> Well, alpacas have better wool...
2582 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> man i havent sharted in like 10 years
2581 timotab <nerd|phone2> But remember, I'm fat and I know it
2580 spotmonk <bbbeluga> THERE ARE MANY STICKS IN MANY PLACES
2579 timotab <DeliriumTremens> taint weak, balls are sweaty, pubes like grub worms, moms spaghetti
2578 timotab <bbbeluga> I can't help it DeliriumTremens, you are so sparkly
2577 ||cw <dolemite7> it'll keep the cum out of her eyes
2576 dolemite7 <misspwn> i like porno
2575 nerd|work <timotab> maybe rikki|worky likes getting wet
2574 ||cw <bbbeluga> So I'm gonna just get back to work. Financial aid packages are more entertaining than arguing about electronics.
2572 res0 <misspwn> that's why we pay victoria secret to partially keep our secrets
2571 timotab <baristaTam> now suck my cock!
2570 timotab <rikki|phoney> let's get back to talking about Evin's above average cock
2569 DeliriumTremens <res0> except you would get swallowed up in mine because you're tiny.
2568 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> blown out buttholes anonymous
2567 res0 <rikkitikki> I'm cool
2566 timotab <DeliriumTremens> dolemite7: i bet you rubbed one out to Bordello on my BBS, didn't you
2565 ThatDeadDude <dolemite7> not only am i proud to admit i am one of the few guys who actually have jacked it to ascii pron, but my conquests also include the princess from faxanadu, priscilla from wall street kid, a couple strip poker games for the C=64 i cant recall the name of, and the animated version of janine melnitz from the real ghostbusters
2564 res0 <misspwn> mmm bananananannaas
2563 funkyb <dolemite7> i got 15 pokemans yesterday
2562 timotab <res0> but it's highly unlikely that nerd|work is Chankster^'s mother
2561 Chank <axe9|irssi> Yeah... maybe I'm just an idiot or something _
2560 rikki|phoney <Omega037> my wife is willing sometimes
2559 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> You would think playing transformers and making gun noises would get old. But you would be wrong.
2558 Omega037 <res0> I'm both a vageater and a pussysucker
2557 timotab <bbbeluga> i do like happy endings
2556 timotab <bbbeluga> you might get rid of your cough by eating a girl laced with nyquil...
2555 timotab <bbbeluga> fine, just get a pump for them blow them up a bit.
2554 nerddtvg <dolemite7> nerd and timo are on a grabbing spree
2553 timotab <bbbeluga> i wouldnt let you not get in silly
2552 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> i motorboated a girl
2551 timotab <bbbeluga> nothing says I love you like a video with out pants
2550 timotab <bbbeluga> i thought i already declared my love for rikkitikki
2549 nerddtvg <dolemite7> i want an okcupid for goats
2548 nerddtvg <misspwn> RecursiveChaos, has convinced me to get this goat stimulator package
2547 rikki|worky <bbbeluga> Penises have mouths? I have so much to learn. No wonder I'm single.
2546 RecursiveChaos <funkyb> the 2nd crack whore was what did it.
2545 nerd|work <kessme> well then you just took the abuse like a champ
2544 res0 <bbbeluga> if it is black, that might be a problem.
2543 RecursiveChaos <Omega037> my point is that there are girls who like fedoras and neckbeards
2542 unflipper <Nyghtshade> Unflipper has the borderline sentience of a mentally handicapped 2 year old
2541 Nyghtshade <HoneyBadja> shit is normally brown
2540 spif <res0> misspnw, rikkitikki, and a turkey baster
2539 timotab <res0> misspwn has a nice beard
2538 rikkitikki <bbbeluga> I feel like a pussybadja would be knee deep in the poon.
2537 spif <bbbeluga> Oreos make you feel better right? Weren't they found to be the cookie version of crack? I know people love crack.
2536 RecursiveChaos <rikkitikki> I never know what to do with my face
2535 rikkitikki <nerd|work> oh res0. you're adorable
2534 res0 <rikkitikki> I was gonna grab that
2533 nerd|work <bbbeluga> No, she said my lungs sounded great. I'm sick of getting naked so they can look at my insides anyway.
2532 timotab <rikki|phoney> rambone
2530 timotab <bbbeluga> i do love it
2529 ep|home <Omega037> so, i finished
2528 rikkitikki <dolemite7> Nooks are for birds
2527 rikkitikki <bbbeluga> sex is just great in general
2526 breakdancingcat <Nyghtshade> Triangles are spooky
2525 rikkitikki <spotwork> rikkitikki is magic
2524 introspectr7 <Nyghtshade> I just have my drug dealer buy me alcohol... I wouldn't have the balls to ask a stranger...
2523 timotab <memmek|work> rikkitikki: I don't think you need Chank's help to look weird.
2522 PyroBadja <rikkitikki> 9 is the best though
2521 rikkitikki <axe9|irssi> I have a chamber pot
2520 rikkitikki <misspwn> i has to make tinklerains
2519 Nyghtshade <CoffeeBadja> i just dropped my nuts all over my lap
2518 rikkitikki <recursivechaos> Mmmm, yeah, you like that dirty, dirty sock in yah?
2517 Omega037 <res0> am I really about to go to bed before rikkitikki?
2516 timotab <rikkitikki> wow $40 exactly in ones
2515 timotab <misspwn> about 8" long
2514 rikki|phoney <misspwn> check out that package
2513 timotab <bbbeluga> well amazing is good enough for me
2512 timotab <res0> I just imagined bbbeluga as a whale shaped train engine
2511 rikkitikki <Nyghtshade> No tight asian strange for the bizarre white man?
2510 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> 15 dudes skinny dipping playing dragon?
2509 timotab <recursivechaos> Lot's of vagina eh?
2508 rikkitikki <bbbeluga> I could be your girlfriend rikki!
2507 timotab <El Dubb> behold the mighty octopus
2506 timotab <Nyghtshade> Have you heard of Huey Lewis and the News?
2505 recursivechaos <HoneyBadja> he'd just blast it on the floor
2504 unflipper <nerd|work> YES! I GOT IT!
2503 nerd|work <Omega037> is "broad" sexist?
2502 rikkitikki <Nyghtshade> He needs his nuts chopped off...
2501 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> cum oddity
2500 res0 <bbbeluga> im just saying, giant penises are terrifying.
2499 recursivechaos <CitizenK_> I become death, destroyer of productivity
2498 rikkitikki <recursivechaos> I'll herniate your dick for you.
2497 recursivechaos <rikkitikki> I need a man to tell me what to do
2496 timotab <spif> My brain filter is always lousy
2495 Omega037 <res0> DrDinosaur clouds get penetrated by airplanes and birds
2494 recursivechaos <Omega037> turtles have massive cocks
2493 recursivechaos <DrDinosaur> His cloaca is sexy
2492 rikkitikki <Omega037> Can I squirtle on your jigglypuffs?
2491 recursivechaos <misspwn> got it, i will give that a try. rikkitikki how much hair ends up in your buttcrack?
2490 HoneyBadja <recursivechaos> The white keys were too mainstream.
2489 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> it's getting started that is difficult for me
2488 timotab <HoneyBadja> for best results, do it while touching her
2487 res0 <funkyb> very handy little dongle.
2486 nerd|work <Nyghtshade> Beating Trouser Snakes.
2485 timotab <SneakyPhil> nuh uh, not dealing with burning to death
2484 rikkitikki <Nyghtshade> You know, I used to hate rap, but then I started smoking pot with black people.
2483 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> fucking Caillou piece of shit fuck bald shit
2482 rikkitikki <CookieBadja> i have you know i'm farting farts that could peel paint off walls right now
2481 recursivechaos <CookieBadja> meh, looks like i pissed myself, i'm gonna go walk around a bit
2480 rikkitikki <recursivechaos> I feel ilke I need to be on acid now
2479 CookieBadja <rikkitikki> Hey man, you're free to come get these cookies any time
2478 timotab <nerd|work> I'm weird like that
2477 timotab <SickBadja> funkyb: i get a free physical / blood work yearly, other than that the only other problem i have is a slight pain in my ass
2476 res0 <rikki|phoney> I always have lesbo dreams when I ovulate
2475 rikki|phoney <nerd|work> knees up with a vagina
2474 nerd|work <bbbeluga> i am not afraid of a bag of dicks
2473 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> SACK UP
2472 timotab <RecursiveChaos> Does that mean I have the shittiest box then? Woohoo?
2471 RecursiveChaos <misspwn_> i want the DP replication partner
2470 DeliriumTremens <misspwn_> well they gave me loads of sauce
2469 timotab <Camerongoogly> I pooped water for the next several hours
2468 rikkitikki <misspwn_> the fuckkkkkkkkkkkk DeliriumTremens
2467 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> That's when you crack the table in half with your dick and spill their breaded lardballs all over the casino pattern carpets.
2466 res0 <rikki|phoney> (phew nobody grabbed that)
2465 rikki|phoney <res0> "I need to fill your cavities"
2464 dolemite7 <poiso> welp looks like my number one comment on reddit is about anal prolapse
2463 RecursiveChaos <rikki|phoney> Or else you start getting mulatto underpants
2462 spif <bbbeluga> sometimes my fingers just know what to do
2461 rikki|phoney <LillyL> 5 inch?
2460 RecursiveChaos <DLbot> RecursiveChaos is a slack jawed taintclown.
2459 rikki|away <Omega037> now im just stuck her with the troll and the barista strangler
2458 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> god you're so jewish
2457 RecursiveChaos <spotmonk> I wonder if they fucked the cow first
2456 timotab <RecursiveChaos> Well, baby sandwiches on fresh bread *is* rather delicious.
2455 RecursiveChaos <El Dubb> dropping. loads.
2454 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> I keep going back and forth on the babies thing.
2453 timotab <Notbrad> im reading the askreddit thread on my cock in your ass
2452 RecursiveChaos <Omega037> hmm, is the study of bird sex called pornithology?
2451 Nyghtshade <bbbeluga> reddit has taught me that ducks are super rapey
2450 spif <rikkitikki> I think I'm the resident female creep in here
2449 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> but i have a giant hole in the crotch
2448 Chank <||cw> bet that'll hurt on the way out
2447 Notbrad <DeliriumTremens> i get my daily dose of cute from my gopro butthole cam
2446 rikki|phoney <RecursiveChaos> Get them protein poops on
2445 RecursiveChaos <HoneyBadja> i have a rather large chest, like the bone structure, i'd look odd being too skiny
2444 timotab <rikki|phoney> I got 40 of something for you to cram in Nyghtshade
2443 Notbrad <Evin> Except i am right.
2442 RecursiveChaos <misspwn> if everyone knows i'm capable of being nice they'll have a heart attack
2441 spif <Camerongoogly> Went out in the sun today... I needed the D
2440 HolyNerd <RecursiveChaos> I want to feel your love from my very bowels.
2439 funkyb <misspwn> no she's laying belly up and stretched
2438 nerd|work <bbbeluga> i just dont even control my fingers sometimes
2437 RecursiveChaos <DeliriumTremens> I like my cheese like I like my women, hormonal and bloody moody once per month.
2436 spif <dolemite7> i got "ropey veins" in mine
2435 memmek2k <RecursiveChaos> Not just for spotmonk anymore!
2434 timotab <dolemite7> so every time i see "DP", that's what i think about.
2433 timotab <dolemite7> THIS IS *URINE*
2432 RecursiveChaos <HoneyBadja> always badja with your penis
2431 RecursiveChaos <DeliriumTremens> good, i can't STAND bosnians
2430 funkyb <RecursiveChaos> My guy is also holding his leg in the air
2429 memmek2k <jennn> I'd rather stick it between my toes and smoke it.
2428 funkyb <bgresham> serious question. can you grab a quote of yourself grabbing a quote?
2427 timotab <HoneyBadja> i do the grab under the balls and push forward thing
2426 rikkitikki <jennn> this is why I refuse to hang out with jews
2425 timotab <jennn> He wants it in the butt he just won't do an enema first as required.
2424 timotab <HoneyBadja> someone give me nuts
2423 funkyb <rikkitikki> perfect funkyb
2422 RecursiveChaos <DeliriumTremens> spif: mostly ballgags and cock rings
2421 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> I should buy one of those green lasers and cut the thing off myself
2420 nerddtvg <res0> I like eating meat
2419 lacrimosus <dolemite7> you're like a gay octopus at a boner buffet
2418 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> if I was an octopus, i would be able to grab more people at once. And also bring all of the groceries upstairs at one time.
2417 misspwn_ <nerddtvg> bbbeluga you have great quotes
2416 nerddtvg <bbbeluga> i will grab all of you
2415 misspwn_ <dolemite7> iirc
2414 misspwn_ <rikkitikki> whiskey is nasty
2413 rikkitikki <Omega037> mine was basically the smallest
2412 rikkitikki <lacrimosus> being morbidly obese is totes more healthy than keto.
2411 rikki|phoney <DeliriumTremens> foreskinballoon is good
2410 res0 <spotmonk> oh captain my poopcaptain
2409 spotmonk <dolemite7> timotab is an ignorant poopcaptain.
2408 timotab <bbbeluga> don't touch my kitten balloons
2407 rikki|phoney <res0> a phone just for fuckin
2406 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> get a tossed salad so there's sweet onion sauce in your butthole
2405 rikkitikki <spotmonk> so much meat and sweet sauce in my mouth
2404 ThatDeadDude <entangledphoton> rambone 19 times in 24 hours?
2403 spif <timotab> Rambone is more popular than shit
2402 rikkitikki <ThatDeadDude> perfectly possible if you convert it to a strapon
2401 dolemite7 <rikkitikki> Sounds like some kind of future gay marriage
2400 dolemite7 <RecursiveChaos> [grundle intensifies]
2399 Evin <rikkitikki> Little blonde kids are so freaky
2398 RecursiveChaos <entangledphoton> it's gone all soupmeister in here
2397 rikkitikki <RecursiveChaos> WIPE IT?
2396 RecursiveChaos <Evin> This message brought to you by the makers of Rambone. Have a Ramboning problem? Call 1 800 GETS OFF
2395 ||cw <RecursiveChaos> I mean, it *sounds* really big, but it's not to hard to get your lips around it.
2394 RecursiveChaos <Omega037> i feel like i just waterboarded an infant
2393 timotab <res0> friends of rambone have good sex with hipsters
2392 timotab <baristaTam> not the first time I've been called a moonbeamdumpling
2391 timotab <dolemite7> RecursiveChaos is a dicknose poopnazi.
2390 timotab <bbbeluga> rikki, we can slut this place up together
2389 timotab <bbbeluga> grab your ladies balloons
2388 DeliriumTremens <RecursiveChaos> Well, depends on the night, but I'd come.
2387 timotab <bbbeluga> as someone that owns 2 breasts, i am boycotting that word
2386 timotab <SleepyBadja> or, like a really nice rack screen printed on the shirt, but someone digitally added nipple hair
2385 timotab <bbbeluga> like with my body, not my car
2384 ep|home <SleepyBadja> nobody likes overcooked noodles
2383 timotab <ep|home> I meant to say goodnight, but my noodles were boiling
2382 spif <RecursiveChaos> Welp, now rikkitikki's started Skynet
2381 rikkitikki <RecursiveChaos> Eventually, all of the DTbot quotes will be in reference to other DTbot quotes. It'll be recursive chaos!
2380 dolemite7 <RecursiveChaos> "Long in the tooth"? How about "Tough in the Grundle?"
2379 introspectr7 <bbbeluga> i meant that as a sexual joke but it came off as murderous and now i feel bad
2378 timotab <jennn> All that matters is that I'm old and wiser.
2377 RecursiveChaos <DrDinosaur> We don't accept implied pedophilia. It needs to be expressly written out.
2376 Chank <misspwn> good thing i don't like fun, or i'd be jealous
2375 timotab <bbbeluga> i can only handle one crazy lady and that lady is me
2374 El Dubb <HoneyBadja> jesus makin' it rain divine jizz
2373 Pajamalamb <Notbrad> cant deny that girth
2372 Pajamalamb <RecursiveChaos> He's like the cumming of christ.
2371 Pajamalamb <RecursiveChaos> I like women that fake it, it gives the impression that they think we care.
2370 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> whoops craps
2369 memmek2k <RecursiveChaos> erybody want's to put their nuts in jennn
2368 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> I just coil the rest into my pocket
2367 ||cw <SickBadja> nobody likes fried balls
2366 timotab <breakdancingcat> yeah well im strange
2365 axe9|work <dolemite7> dolemite7 is a white trash shitbiscuit.
2364 recursivechaos <Evin|work> ITS A MAP OFF FAP OFF
2363 memmek2k <Camerongoogly> Chickens are like mini dinosaurs, bro, and are chock full of brotein and Vitamin RAWR.
2362 timotab <Camerongoogly> YOU CAN'T IGNORE MY GIRTH
2361 timotab <bbbeluga> take all your clothes off first, obviously french whales don't wear clothes
2360 introspectr3 <bbbeluga> yo bitch, you mine.
2359 introspectr3 <DeliriumTremens> "he was actually the ugliest ugliest princess"
2358 poisomike87 <introspectr3> mmmmmmmm these purple monkey balls are beautiful
2356 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> FUCKING COCKKNOBBER
2355 dolemite7 <rikkitikki> wait what about DP?
2354 dolemite7 <RecursiveChaos> Circular reasoning works because circular reasoning works because...
2353 dolemite7 <nerd|work> Tuff actin' Taint action
2352 RecursiveChaos <misspwn> but now i'm just a homeless lesbian with longer blonde hair
2351 nerd|work <RecursiveChaos> Downside of /ignore join, no penis beer
2350 spif <jennn> I think I just pissed myself
2349 RecursiveChaos <DeliriumTremens> Give a man a keyboard and he will cut you with his edge. Albert Einstein
2348 rikkitikki <RecursiveChaos> It's important to purge such urges rikkitikki
2347 Nyghtshade <Notbrad> I'd get a credit chip implanted into my dick in a hearbeat tbh.
2346 ||cw <rikkitikki> also, come gather this ruffle
2345 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> cant just jam it in there like a train into a garage
2344 memmek2k <rikkitikki> IT'S A WEDNESDAY MORNIN GRAB OFF
2343 rikkitikki <memmek2k> fuck it.
2342 memmek2k <rikkitikki> TIL RecursiveChaos is a pedophile????
2341 memmek2k <RecursiveChaos> mmm, braces
2340 memmek2k <rikkitikki> I already said I've seen more dick than all of you combined
2339 memmek2k <tikk1> Speaking of dicks...
2338 tikk1 <HoneyBadja> i mean, we're all adults, if my dick flops out of my boxers it's not like people haven't seen one.
2337 RecursiveChaos <baristaTam_> I think someone ran rm rf on my dick )=
2336 memmek2k <DrDinosaur> peanut butter fuck time was fun while it lasted.
2335 dolemite7 <misspwn> i really have to pop again gdi redbull you dont' give me wings you give me the doodies
2334 timotab <tikk1> I should make a big pile
2333 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> Sometimes you're just sitting there and all of a sudden turds are crashing down your back door.
2332 nerd|work <DrDinosaur> Replace it with my sultry, seductive voice.
2331 DrDinosaur <dolemite7> Every black person is a motherfuckin fuckknob.
2330 tikk1 <Merlin00> this is why I don't like british humoUr
2329 DrDinosaur <dolemite7> My mom is a pie eating pussyhammer.
2328 tikk1 <Merlin00> it's just poop particles, semen and dead skin
2327 timotab <HoneyBadja> lol he looks like he is sucking on something nasty tasting
2326 spotmonk <HoneyBadja> some of these nuts are huge
2325 spif <HoneyBadja> the poo always trickles down his face
2324 spif <wcchandl1r> wouldn't the 'poo also trickle down your face, though?
2323 HoneyBadja <jennn> This thing is bigger than my vibrator.
2322 dummey <Evin> sexual favors.
2321 tikk1 <HoneyBadja> i want to punch a baby
2320 tikk1 <HoneyBadja> i always do it in socks
2319 tikk1 <wcchandl1r> what about doing it barefoot?
2318 tikk1 <HoneyBadja> i'm just really lucky at pressing random buttons that look like i can conversate
2317 timotab <Katty> after a full season of growing, they were about 2 inches long
2316 timotab <jennn> I can too but my 5 month pregnant looking belly tells me maybe I should slow it down.
2315 rikkitikki <misspwn> i would only toss out the boobs as a plea bargain
2314 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> so she still had a fish vagina?
2313 timotab <memmek2k> up and down
2312 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> i want to go fucking fishing
2311 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> I was gonna grab that
2310 rikkitikki <RecursiveChaos> I'm going to send that to my GF who loves tongue action.
2309 ||cw <HoneyBadja> i mean it's either i'm sleeping wrong or it's all that penis i've been sucking that's causing my neck to be weird.
2308 rikkitikki <dolemite7> and cum
2307 timotab <rikkitikki> And raped my sister
2306 Nyghtshade <bbbeluga> fkajdflajfe'
2305 spif <HoneyBadja> i saw my CC bill and almost shat a turkey
2304 rikkitikki <RecursiveChaos> Look at the size of my girk!
2303 DeliriumTremens <Chank> one stud which wasnt wide enough
2302 Evin <rikkitikki> I always assume they are picturing me naked
2301 rikkitikki <memmek2k> fuck me
2299 RecursiveChaos <spotmonk> makes me look like a ratard
2298 memmek2k <rikkitikki> I love nuts
2297 memmek2k <rikkitikki> GIMME YOUR NUT PICS
2296 Evin <axe9> USE YOUR TONGUE
2295 dolemite7 <jennn> If there's no donkey show then I'm not interested in watching.
2294 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> it wears cock sunglasses
2293 rikkitikki <RecursiveChaos> HoneyBadja is going to have the smoothest penis in the channel!
2292 memmek2k <RecursiveChaos> How can DrDinosaur be both a dick in a box and the dandiest man in space?
2291 timotab <blastissimo> Its not like theyre made of super concentrated laxatives or anything
2290 rikkitikki <axe9> vagina ways....
2289 rikkitikki <RecursiveMoops> My whiskers > kitten whiskers
2288 rikkitikki <wcchandler> anderson cooper is a very sexy man
2287 RecursiveChaos <Evin> Well, that wasn't the goal, but, hey, free penis.
2286 rikkitikki <RecursiveChaos> I have to turn my head and cough why touching my balls
2285 RecursiveChaos <El Dubb> sriracha makes everything worse. damn you, Primesauce
2284 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> without a fleshlight, obviously.
2283 RecursiveChaos <rikkitikki> People always say "girl you so ratchet"
2282 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> I want to make a "hugs not drugs" shirt but have it say "farts not sharts" instead.
2281 rikkitikki <Evin> semen and tears.
2280 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> in my experience.
2279 rikkitikki <misspwn> hungry, haven't pooped yet, off to a great start
2278 dolemite7 <HoneyBadja> have you ever pissed so hard you get a cramp in your dick?
2277 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> It's like a butthole, only half asian.
2276 memmek2k <DeliriumTremens> Today is the day where everyone feels a slight tickle in their memmek2khole
2275 nerddtvg <CityGirl> GET OFF nerddtvg
2273 dolemite7 <memmek2k> unfortunately you can't make fingers and wrists bigger by working out
2272 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> crotch coozies?
2271 rikkitikki <El Dubb> gimme them panties
2270 rikkitikki <RecursiveChaos> It's cute until I gotta sit their and pick the lace outta my ass.
2269 rikkitikki <RecursiveChaos> Me neither, lacy boyshorts get wedged in my crack too much.
2268 spotmonk <memmek2k> ||cw: yes, but I haven't figured out where to put it yet
2267 rikkitikki <memmek2k> but isn't that the ideal nipple?
2266 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> become a fullonrapist
2265 RecursiveChaos <jennn> I'm just saying, we need to end bullying by any means necessary
2264 ||cw <rikkitikki> Watch out boobies
2263 rikkitikki <Nyghtshade> I have this massive liberty boner.
2262 DeliriumTremens <Evin> it isn't my fault all women are subs who just want to be spanked by someone they can call daddy.
2261 rikkitikki <Chank> EVERYONE NEEDS POTS AND PANS
2260 Evin <DeliriumTremens> I need to moisturize my hands so this dude doesn't shake hands with a wad of sandpaper
2259 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> "Don't stick your dick in my mouth and tell me its roses. If you need money, just ask!"
2258 rikkitikki <Evin> I hate everyone.
2257 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> they have clits the size of wombats
2256 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> i wanna lift cars off of babies and stuff
2255 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> it's the same thing wcchandler does with calling penis "vagina"
2254 lacri|work <DrDinosaur> Aside from those factors, humans are worthless.
2253 lacri|work <entangledphoton> The 800 pound penis in the room.
2252 ||cw <lacri|work> it shortens the amount of body you have to hold up, so you can get the same range of motion but lighter load if you do it from the knees
2250 memmektikki <RecursiveMemmek> I'M ASIAN BUT NOT REALLY.
2248 ||cw <Notbrad> RecursiveChaos likes to flick the immature bean
2247 rikkitikki <dolemite7> you're the best dressed chicken in town
2246 dolemite7 <spif> saying stupid things on the internet always gets you a good answer because there's always some nerd who wants to show off how smart they are
2244 GreetingsADM <Evin|phone> Duck you android.
2243 RecursiveChaos <rikkitikki> TIL DT likes to pee on his women
2242 timotab <RecursiveChaos> Some of us will never be a porceline doll of a woman, and should just accept that.
2241 lacrimosus <DrDinosaur> Babies are never cute. They go from looking like aliens to looking like small awkward humans that don't know anything to small jerks that think they know everything.
2240 timotab <DrDinosaur> Nope. I need the whole finger.
2239 DeliriumTremens <Nyghtshade> Omg... I should make a video of me popping my dick bumps.
2238 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> Nyghtshade: would that be like fucking a jar opener?
2237 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> the nipples edge
2236 memmek2k <lacrimosus> You're an annoying attention whore... you don't have to do anything, your existence is offensive.
2235 rikkitikki <baristaTam> I'm very aroused now.
2234 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> have you ever farted so hard you feel like you maybe lost part of your soul?
2233 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> but instead of milk, for semen
2232 funkyb <baristaTam> fun for grabbin
2231 DeliriumTremens <Notbrad> im sure his weiner is a big tangly knot
2230 dolemite7 <RecursiveChaos> It's a good thing we have DTbot to remember all of the terrible things we've said.
2229 HolyNerd <BaristaTam> "you're not fat but my dick issss"
2228 HoneyBadja <Nyghtshade> I was just talking about how I'd love to plow that sweet ass of yours and make you sweat pure passion.
2227 GreetingsADM <bbbeluga> mine is just a little floppy
2226 timotab <rikkitikki> Either way, I'm weak
2225 nerd|work <misspwn> surprised i didn't break my hand earlier
2224 HoneyBadja <Evin> If funkyb grabbed me any more often, I'd start charging him and complain about how he never listens to me.
2223 memmek2k <RecursiveChaos> I WILL FUCKING CUT YOU
2222 lacri|work <Evin> bitch, I will bench press yo face.
2221 timotab <misspwn> i got away with half an inch
2220 DeliriumTremens <Camerongoogly> My left ass cheek looks like Gorbechev's head
2219 lacri|work <DrDinosaur> Well, obviously Obama is going to go to war with all of America. He already has. It's called Obamacare.
2218 funkyb <wcchandler> "with a vagina like that you just gotta plow it. it's not a mower." my boss after looking up labiaplasty on wikipedia
2217 RecursiveChaos <MayTheHorseBeWit> Non consensual is the only way mindfucking should be done
2215 doctorsound <lacrimosus> Let My People (hipsters) Drink?
2214 Nyghtshade <GreetingsADM> well, mine has an elongated end so I guess its a standard
2213 doctorsound <fris_> JSON of a bitch!
2212 memmek2k <rikkitikki> Just take kitkatkaytee, she looks young
2211 dolemite7 <Evin> are you talking about DDR machines, or HIV positive asian trannies?
2210 rikkitikki <Camerongoogly> The secret world of alex mack gave me my first stirrings of what I eventually came to realize was a boner
2209 rikkitikki <dolemite7> keira knightley's face looks like she's perpetually got her dick stuck in the neighbor's cat's ass
2208 dolemite7 <doctorsound> If you need some more nut butter...
2207 Notbrad <Merlin00> doctorsound, I wasn't planning on it buttfucker
2206 memmek2k <Ryxeria> it's true, pussies are way more durable than dicks
2205 rikkitikki <fris> you can use your hands, we wont tell anyone
2204 timotab <rikkitikki> I'm 100% sure getting kicked in the balls is worse, though
2203 timotab <wcchandler> reminds me of the chick sucking on her used tampon video
2202 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> godzilla twerking for you $5 billz
2201 memmek2k <DrDinosaur> I prefer my women actually be 12.
2200 Chank <doctorsound> It always makes me think of going down on some chicken breasts
2199 Chank <memmek2k> lacri|work: My penis is a great return on your investment.
2198 dolemite7 <rikkitikki> wieners?
2197 HoneyBadja <wcchandler> dolemite7: the worse part is when it looks like a pube and you just trimmed yourself
2196 nerd|work <wcchandler> you don't remember your own grabs?
2195 memmek2k <misspwn_> last night my mouth tasted like bloody asspennies
2194 rikkitikki <doctorsound> Keeping up the trend of rikkitikki boob grabs
2193 doctorsound <rikkitikki> Is a breastaurant like hooters or something
2192 rikkitikki <DeliriumTremens> #rslt unwittingly visits a rape dungeon
2191 bbbeluga <spotwork> I'd blow 3 4 inches on top of your clean driveway
2190 ramocles <Merlin00> you can grip my penis
2189 ramocles <HoneyBadja> can't beat these fingers boyo ;)
2188 dolemite7 <gandarf> It's definitely a good arm workout. I'm too sore to shovel my own snow, if you know what I mean.
2187 gandarf <HoneyBadja> i only poop doilies
2186 Chankster <DeliriumTremens> Shoveling the car in converse was like shoveling with trader joes bags wrapped around my feet.
2185 El_Dubb <Ryxeria> people need to calm their tits
2184 TheGodComplex <TheGlobComplex> Nyghtshade was too busy pounding strange to play vidya like you kids.
2182 dolemite7 <HoneyBadja> have you ever farted so hard your back cracks?
2181 rikkitikki <Merlin00> I need to get a 2nd penis installed after reading the responses
2180 Chank <||cw> you stick it in the hole and wiggle it a bit
2179 bbbeluga <GreetingsADM> They have to be pretty firm for the ball remover to work well
2178 Chank <jennn> But if you put a hotdog in a fleshlight, magic happens.
2177 Jocefus <HoneyBadja> i say schlap, like in that song i can't remember the name of where he's like "reach back like a pimp and schlap a hoe"
2176 dolemite7 <HoneyBadja> they do, but i've noticed mostly women like DP10
2175 timotab <Notbrad> for my eyelashes so i look extra pretty
2174 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> i dont want to look like an asshole, so i'll just keep using my hand
2173 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> nerd|work: you've gone full retard
2172 Omega037 <DeliriumTremens> Evin has a penis shaped piercing in his penis.
2171 GreetingsADM <bbbeluga> Is assy the boy version of sassy?
2170 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> like wiping peanutbutter out of shag carpet
2169 lacrimosus <Omega037> primesauce, God wont let anything happen to us
2168 bbbeluga <timotab> oh, wait, you might be talking about food
2167 timotab <bbbeluga> timotab, you always come out of the wood work to grab my wierdthings
2166 Omega037 <bbbeluga> im super exotic.
2165 nerd|work <dolemite7> "and make them with a tight mesh screen. perfect."
2164 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> got some funk on your buds?
2163 lacrimosus <GreetingsADM> God Hates Reps
2162 GreetingsADM <Camerongoogly> Distance running is for prey.
2161 dolemite7 <wcchandler> i'm watching national lampoon's vegas vacation in high def... if i didn't have SD when i was a kid my balls would've been peas by now. 5 minutes in and already almost busted one. it's like they're not allowed to wear bras or something. it's great!
2160 gandarf <wcchandler> if my mom was her, i'd be all up in that incest
2159 gandarf <monkers> Before I give it back circumcision, meat is bad, poor people, bicycle, skinny girls, kittens.
2158 memmek2k <monkers> fuck you doctorsound I fight the system!
2157 timotab <axe9|focusSprint> Not quite as supple as the originals, but I'm super happy for $20
2156 monkers <partypat> I don't hate black people, I don't care about them. I was talking about shenanigans.
2155 partypat <timotab> is anyone here jealous that Chank uses nipple clamps?
2154 lacrimosus <GreetingsADM> Omega037: Snap into your colon!
2153 Gandarf <Omega037> Oralnuts?
2152 doctorsound <DSBot> Hi beastly... i don't need rest, I'm DSBot.
2151 HoneyBadja <Gandhi> I promise i wont nuke you
2150 ThatDeadDude <ajwalsh|STL> wcchandler: how long did you hold that poo in
2149 Chank <doctorsound> I thought all Indians did tech support?
2148 Chank <DeliriumTremens> speak for yourself, my ballsack is majestic. booyakkasha
2147 Chank <DeliriumTremens> ever had a poop standoff? where you and another person are pooping in different stalls in a public bathroom, but neither wants to be the first to finish?
2146 rikkitikki <Chank> RICH MAHAGONY
2145 DeliriumTremens <ThatDeadDude> well, for those who want it, I'm sure the technical difficulty of a machine that fires a dildo at you when you spread your cheeks is pretty similar to one firing a beer
2144 rikkitikki <ThatDeadDude> Mr Peewee goes to the dildo store?
2143 DeliriumTremens <HoneyBadja> i do, i tuck my dick and balls back and everything
2142 rikkitikki <res0> find a friend that's ovulating and get your eggs from them
2141 rikkitikki <witchqueen> At any fat level, you can have the D
2140 El_Dubb <DrDinosaur> One day, when you least expect it, I'm going to fuck your baked goods. And it will be glorious.
2139 monkerbot <misspwn> tipping is for chumps
2138 dolemite7 <wcchandler> you ever try squirting hair spray on it? ha
2137 wcchandler <jennn> I like to fake it.
2136 Evin <CityGirl> HoneyBadja give it to me!
2135 jennn <Evin> gonna have to chop off the boobs and tape them to the bottom of your feet.
2134 DeliriumTremens <ThatDeadDude> gonna get me some soup bone
2133 nerddtvg <bbbeluga_> these redskins are killing me
2132 Chankster^ <Ryxeria> I plan to have mine replaced by fake boobs so I can look like a pornstar before that happens
2131 doctorsound <dolemite7> Sorry doctorsound, i haven't seen ThatDudeThatDiddlesMyButthole around.
2130 funkyb <Evin> your mom has a sata port inside, for hacking
2129 funkyb <monkerbot> i dont want to use a product my grandma can use, it's not powerful enough.
2128 funkyb <HoneyBadja>
2127 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> stay retardeder fffffffuck yeah
2126 rikkitikki <Chank> id volunteer to follow women and lift their boobs for them
2125 ||cw <doctorsound> Just slide in!
2124 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> "Wow there's a lot of people here!"
2123 bbbeluga <Camerongoogly> MY GIRTH IS NOTICABLE
2122 bbbeluga <Notbrad> pretty like my butthole is pretty
2121 Notbrad <jennn> our eyes are not / the vagina is supposed to match the shape of my eye
2120 rikkitikki <witchqueen> You guys are odd
2119 memmek2k <misspwn> i need at least 7"
2118 rikkitikki <res0> we all line up on the road with our orifices exposed
2117 rikkitikki <entangledphoton> I want to go get more coffee, but I have a raging erection.
2116 rikkitikki <jennn> You are so doing an enema before I do you.
2115 dolemite7 <Nyghtshade> And then so many centuries from now it will perplex archaeologists, this piece of ancient footwear is entirely coated in genetic material.
2114 rikkitikki <dolemite7> technorogy \o/
2113 memmek2k <jennn> Poopmail has changed my life and boosted my confidence. I used to think no one cared or thought of me until I started receiving weekly poopmail.
2112 jennn <memmek2k> you couldn't get mr miyagi if he was blind and into small boobs
2111 rikkitikki <jennn> I missed out on yet another chance at pegging. Fuck.
2110 dolemite7 <lacri|work> when life gives you lemons, you have a lemonparty
2109 Omega037 <lacrimosus>
2108 monkers <kitkatkaytee> I was gonna go lower, but I decided against it.
2106 jennn <doctorsound> Meh, those asian penises just never seem to fill me up.
2105 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> Spanky's is that sex shop place really far north, right?
2104 GreetingsADM <Nyghtshade> I think my Stomach would rupture if I ate more ATM.
2103 jennn <DeliriumTremens> Primesauce|phone: that wasnt a fat bald girl, that was spotmonk
2102 DeliriumTremens <Ryxeria> Someone fill me in here
2101 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> DrDinosaur: that's a nice penis
2100 rikkitikki <Evin> FREE MUFFIN
2099 dolemite7 <rikkitikki> scissor me timbers lacri|work
2098 ||cw <CityGirl> Notbrad: DrDinosaur got the penis a while back.
2097 rikkitikki <entangledphoton> I called my girlfriend, "Ryan" during sex for you!
2096 rikkitikki <lacri|work> DrDinosaur: hokay. go bang the ladies and come back and tell me about it.
2095 rikkitikki <entangledphoton> I need to fuck vicariously through you
2094 anotherbofh <lacri|work> maybe my ovaries will finally shrivel up and fall out
2093 doctorsound <HoneyBadja> doctorsound: mix some tang in that routine and you can have poo tea tang
2092 doctorsound <HoneyBadja> farts are just turds honking on the way out
2091 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> said she ordered me a diamond cock ring too
2090 dolemite7 <wcchandler> i was going to ask for a pic but then i remembered there could pervs in here who'd get off to that :/
2089 DeliriumTremens <SoCo_cpp_> crack it an slice your dick in half.
2088 doctorsound <HoneyBadja> like, bruce springstein's face bothers me, but meh
2087 memmek2k <Evin> she totes cares about my tiny peen.
2086 monkers <misspwn> i don't need to dress up in a top hat to pretend i'm original
2085 rikkitikki <Primesauce> Sex is evil. You're all sinners.
2084 rikkitikki <dolemite7> mary todd lincoln's v looks like abe's beard
2083 rikkitikki <ThatDeadDude> electric shocks to the nipples
2082 rikkitikki <wcchandler> then i kinda hoped for some necro action
2081 doctorsound <misspwn> i'm just snotty
2080 doctorsound <ThatDeadDude> you can take the hoodie out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the hoodie
2079 doctorsound <Camerongoogly> I put all my attributes into ass
2078 Evin <misspwn> i vote finger but you can choose
2077 Evin <ThatDeadDude> To be honest I wouldn't know what to do with it if I had such a thing
2076 timotab <Evin> I doubt it'd hurt, you're very small.
2075 fris_ <DSBot> I've lost my cat facts!
2074 nerd|work <CityGirl> All the men I date are well endowed with penises the size of forearms.
2073 ThatDeadDude <CityGirl> ThatDeadDude: i never made the glory hole connection
2072 HoneyBadja <CityGirl> there's no Jesus, promise
2071 ||cw <HoneyBadja> godzilla in heels is kinda sexy
2070 rikkitikki <Pb_ft>
2069 ThatDeadDude <Evin> platonic butthole tickling, sounds like a band.
2068 rikkitikki <ThatDeadDude> Start with pinkie, and move up to bigger fingers
2067 rikkitikki <wcchandler> yer right. i cried because i didn't have morning wood
2066 ||cw <CityGirl> All I can think about are wet hobos.
2065 dolemite7 <Merlin00> is that really worth !grabbing?
2064 timotab <dolemite7> i don't eat Loins Choice as much as i should
2063 nerd|work <DeliriumTremens> I will chort your mommas port
2062 lacrimosus <Camerongoogly> vagina is latin for "the part you stick your penis in"
2061 HoneyBadja <jennn> I get hit in the face with balls all the time. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a 12 year old boy to do it to me.
2060 jennn <lacri|work> this is creepy, I feel like monkers is going to go jerk it to 6 year old rikki
2059 rikkitikki <jennn> man, all this reminiscing is making me miss my mom's electric scissors
2058 ajwalsh44 <ThatDeadDude> for some reason I decided to be edgy and said "love is like trying to count how many marbles you can fit in your rectum"
2057 DeliriumTremens <Evin> sometimes it has to come out surgically.
2056 memmek2k <DeliriumTremens> I once rowed my way out of a 9 parsec black hole in my intergalactic kayak in under 12 space minutes
2055 funkyb <wcchandler> is semen/ejaculate kosher?
2054 CityGirl <doctorsound> We just penis her, and then leave...
2053 monkers <lacrimosus> man. I used to love raw potatoes.
2052 timotab <herefromhouston> Haha, I have to search and dig through stuff at victorias secret
2051 doctorsound <lacri|work> I have a 9" and I think that is probably more than I would ever want in an actual partner
2050 rikkitikki <ThatDeadDude> he hasn't figured out penis either
2049 monkers <CityGirl> rikkitikki: my instructor said, "your whole life you've been sucking it in, not any more, let it shake!"
2048 Chank <rikkitikki> I enjoy the stalking of homoerotic scenarios
2047 rikkitikki <doctorsound> my panties are so wet
2046 dolemite7 <CityGirl> do you have any idea the things that would end up in your ass on a dare?
2045 dolemite7 <doctorsound> jennn, I just want to see his pipe
2044 funkyb <doctorsound> Is that like a 21st century "Did I stutter?"
2043 doctorsound <Primesauce> I'M LITERALLY THE HITLER OF LOGIC
2042 rikkitikki <monkers> hehe bootyclapasaurus
2041 ThatDeadDude <||cw> aww yeah, creative fingering...
2040 rikkitikki <ThatDeadDude> I think I'm similar ||cw. I don't use official fingering, that's for sure
2039 monkers <HoneyBadja> ThatDeadDude: Ware Stainless Pineapple De Corer/dp/B000GA53CO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1384795203&sr=8 2&keywords=pineapple+corer
2038 lacrimosus <CityGirl> I use kittens.
2037 monkers <lacrimosus> Primesauce you're wrong. monkers is always right.
2036 Chank <HoneyBadja> i'm gonna use it's HDMI ports so hard...
2035 rikkitikki <lacri|work> that's a lot of penis.
2034 spif <DeliriumTremens> sounds like a bullshit pancake to me
2033 jennn <HoneyBadja> i wish i knew why exactly houndstooth bothers me so much
2032 timotab <jennn> Just watching those big dicks makes my jaw hurt.
2031 timotab <jennn> I'm going to have Goofyman be my maid of honor
2030 monkers <doctorsound> What a shitty quote.
2029 lacri|work <entangledphoton> Don't make me stab you in the sexguts.
2028 rikkitikki <wcchandler> assholes are interesting
2027 Evin <DrDinosaur> I'm gonna kiss you at the wedding when I marry your daughter, FortyGirl
2026 timotab <CuddlyBadja> when i'm big spoon, i'm classy, i tuck it back
2025 timotab <mojowo11> no idea what just happened, but i'm pretty sure i'd be able to trade this sense of fulfillment i feel for a blowjob or two on the free market
2024 timotab <mojowo11> "got way too much butt stuff at the moment, willing to trade it 5:1 for some good doggy style"
2023 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> you must take some big shits
2022 Evin <DeliriumTremens> i miss big fat burrito
2021 memmek2k <rikkitikki> I hope I'm that hot when I'm her age
2020 ThatDeadDude <AllBiznassGirl> ALL ASS, ALL THE TIME
2019 poisomike87 <spotmonk> if she's cremated she probably takes up significantly less of it
2018 funkyb <DrDinosaur> Dude, have you never studied alchemy? Making gold is easy.
2016 timotab <copywriteher> I can't just pimp out my vagina like that
2015 rikkitikki <jennn> My vagina is a shrine. Not all can worship there.
2014 misspwn <jennn> doctorsound Buck up. Take it like a man.
2013 misspwn <doctorsound> And I'm still sore!
2012 DeliriumTremens <dolemite7> hardee's burger patties taste like open booty
2011 introspectr3 <SoCo_cpp_> with out that paperwork , she aint getting nothing but the noodle
2010 lacrimosus <DrDinosaur> One time, an orphan asked for a second serving of gruel, so Google slapped the kid across his face, killed his dog in front of him, and told him that he could eat the dog. But didn't let him cook the dog.
2009 lacrimosus <CityGirl> Maybe that's why my butt is big. I am absorbing other butts.
2008 CityGirl <soupmeister> It's part of a new diet I'm trying. I am now a shittatarian.
2007 anotherbofh <misspwn> it's fully finished down there
2006 jennn <Camerongoogly> My ass doesn't get shoved in anyone's face. That's just an optical illusion caused by its horizon.
2005 lacrimosus <Primesauce|phone> Got it. So, say "hey, stupid, you should give me your number or else I'm going to bird you."
2004 memmek2k <Evin> sorry I wasn't an incompetent child. because my parents had me circumsized and fed me meat and declawed our cats.
2003 timotab <GreetingsADM> Squats+running=death and diarhea
2002 introspectr4 <spotmonk> you mean I could see naked girls by giving them laptops?
2001 memmek2k <Primesaws> Sometimes I think I might talk about banging dudes a bit too much.
2000 Omega037 <monkers> hah i put out some wet food for the cats, and cleo didn't come and i was like "oh shit cleo died". but she just got stuck in a closet. \o/
1999 ||cw2 <ep_net> is that when everyone puts on a blindfold and you start kissing and whatever sex the person you liked kissing the most is the one you are attracted to?
1998 rikkitikki <spotmonk> i wanted to hate fuck the fuck out of her
1997 Merlin00 <ramocles> so, for those of you who still think i'm alive... consider me fucking dead. i'm disowning reddit stlouis.
1996 Merlin00 <ramocles> i live alone, and i have a gun. the area i live in is pretty safe. i think more about using on myself than anyone else
1995 memmek2k <rikkitikki> Eat it, violate it, bury it, burn it
1994 monkers <ramocles> because in the end, all humans die, indentured in the hive
1993 rikkitikki <ep_net__> I could fill rikkitikki with beer and drink her and probably only be buzzed
1992 rikkitikki <HoneyBadja> but prefer a warm pink center
1991 rikkitikki <CityGirl> more like bent over in the woods
1990 rikkitikki <CityGirl> I feel like there are easier ways to hump
1989 funkyb <wcchandler> you're a good whore if you can walk the streets during the day
1988 funkyb <dolemite7> the party don't stop until EVERYONE'S pregnant
1987 funkyb <res0> I wonder how many people who consider killing animals for food to be murder don't see abortion as murder either
1986 timotab <CuckooGirl> I'm not advocating using everyone's toothbrush, but in a pinch if I have sex with you, i will use your toothbrush
1985 timotab <CuckooGirl> your wife's vagina is festering all day
1984 doctorsnipe <wccanary> i'm not really a sex hungry man whore who talks inappropriately to chicks in here... it's DrDickcissel's fault
1983 EviningGrosbeak <misspwn> i'm like a succubus that when the money pit is dry it's time to move on to greener pastures
1982 funkyb <ThatDrongo> Yeah jeez DeliriumTremens, screwing even strip clubs up
1981 dolemite7 <Merlin00> DeliriumTremens, I'll sell you some for $150 per 1/2 quart
1980 ||cw <GreetingsADM> You could probably have sex on top of a tortoise and they wouldn't mind
1979 nerddtvg <anotherbofh> The four of us can watch their faces go from "Goddamit, busting another halloween party" to "Who the fuck calls the cops on the chess nerds?"
1978 dolemite7 <ramocles> you can't truly watch My Little Pony unless you have a black dildo in your ass.
1977 ramocles <dolemite7> fuckin billy barty
1976 FalseProphet <Camerongoogly> With handies, the other important thing is to not give the penis an Indian burn
1975 Omega037 <Camerongoogly> Evin, if I was to suck dicks, I'd be awesome at it. I don't do things halfway
1974 rikkitikki <monkers> ill rape you.
1972 Notbrad <fris_> Quinton the querier curiously queries for queers
1971 DeliriumTremens <doctorsound> You can go see Baldknobbers, that's kinda like the bunny ranch.
1970 rikkitikki <ramocles> the admonishing pedoman
1969 rikkitikki <SoCo_cpp_> supporting characters, like that chick trying to figure out what she is supposed to do while the other chick in the threesome porn is getting banged.
1968 doctorsound <Lapper> "My kink is tiny rocks."
1967 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> Rule 1) Don't stab an asshole.
1966 dolemite7 <misspwn> i will throw eggs at people who come at midnight
1965 DeliriumTremens <wcchandler> oh god... my wife had period shit the other day. stained the bowl and damn near clogged the pipe. had to double flush it
1964 ramocles <DeliriumTremens> wcchandler has a small penis
1963 rikkitikki <dolemite7> Stank n Skank: Famous for Slutburgers
1962 rikkitikki <h0neybadger> tried sweet love once, with a donut, glazed sugar is sharper than it appears
1961 rikkitikki <h0neybadger> i prefer sour love
1960 rikkitikki <Chank> ill give you some "milkrings"
1959 rikkitikki <h0neybadger> i prefer "cock pocket" over penis pouch
1958 rikkitikki <misspwn> i call that the penis pouch
1957 memmek2k <rikkitikki> So it feels like I'm wearin' nothin' at all. Nothin' at all. NOTHIN AT ALL! /flanders
1956 funkyb <ramocles> i'm much worse than anyone gives me credit for
1955 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> i am pretty sure i ate bugs and assholes fried with bananas
1954 lacrimosus <jennn> I spent extra money on a really pretty vagina but you couldn't tell at all after I shoved the face through it.
1953 rikkitikki <CityGirl> so many vaginas
1952 rikkitikki <CityGirl> I should have seen that one coming
1951 rikkitikki <CityGirl> I feel like ginger on the labia would be potentially uncomfortable
1950 funkyb <Merlin00> another option is to just eat a dick
1949 funkyb <Evin> I've got everything hair
1948 memmek2k <Evin> I thought buttsex was like a fine wine, it got better with age and from time to time you have to rotate.
1947 CityGirl <memmek2k> there will always be time for Evin and I to have buttsex
1946 memmek2k <CityGirl> There's still time for you and Evin to have butt sex.
1945 bbbeluga <DeliriumTremens> a guy can only play so much transformers before his throat hurts from talking like megatron
1944 Chank <CityGirl> DEBAUCHERY FOR THE WIN!
1943 Evin <jennn> It's not until I put it between my legs that it became so gross.
1942 dolemite7 <wcchandler> fleshlights and blues clues
1941 ||cw <SoCo_cpp_> Damn, I meant to rub a drier sheet on my shirt at so staticy
1940 DeliriumTremens <jennn> seriously though, Pan is like the dream man. It combines my love of men and goats into one fuckable thing.
1939 nerddtvg <Evin> so it wasn't a god, it was just a bull. a sexy, sexy white bull.
1938 Merlin01 <jennn> some guys would enjoy watching their wives mate with a bull
1937 timotab <bbbeluga_> i have no idea what youre talking about but i really want to say "your mom wasnt complaining last night"
1936 ThatDeadDude_ <Primesauce> I want to respond with "add more yeast" to any relationship advice requests I get from now on.
1935 ||cw <res0> I'm really into cycling... does that make me a pedal phile?
1934 TheGodComplex <||cw> Chank's the fastest grab around!
1933 Chank <rikkitikki> Chank: well I already orgasmed today so I'm gonna go ahead and say no
1932 DeliriumTremens <res0> hey baby, how about you and me terminate ports in the bedroom tonight
1931 Notbrad <spotmonk> sometimes living next to the dog park in my apartment complexes really throws of my wanking abilities, but I'm almost to a point where I can come on command
1930 nerddtvg <ThatDeadDude> his penis is dog shy
1929 timotab <ThatDeadDude> say you were polishing it and made a mistake
1928 DeliriumTremens <nerddtvg> lacri|work, if there are people going to be there I'll go and fill in your place
1927 timotab <bundtkate> I could turn El Dubb into a cape were I there murdery skin y type. But, alas, I am not.
1926 ThatDeadDude <Primesauce> I get yelled at when we talk about blumpkins
1925 timotab <bundtkate> I feel like boning while pooping would be difficult. Or at least messy.
1924 lacri|work <Primesauce> Cannibalism isn't nearly as fun without boning each other.
1923 timotab <bundtkate> Like, people bone and then eat each other? I think there were Craigslist ads for that in Germany ...
1922 nerddtvg <ThatDeadDude> I wonder if there have ever been cannibalism "orgies"
1921 nerddtvg <bundtkate> Big Pharma wants everyone to have ALL THE BONERS!
1920 ||cw <wcchandler> your mom is skipped because of odd shaped regional zones...
1919 DeliriumTremens <Evin> I eat meat. and nuts. and meat.
1918 DeliriumTremens <fris> my current phone is 4 years old now. older than most 3 year old kids
1917 timotab <rikkitikki> DeliriumTremens: you taste like shit!
1916 Notbrad <||cw> boobytrap backwards is partyboob.
1915 timotab <Chank> i want some fiber
1914 nerddtvg <axe9|work> lol that was an awesome your mom:
1913 ThatDeadDude <jennn> I miss the pole.
1912 ThatDeadDude <||cw> it seems longer because corn
1911 dolemite7 <rikkitikki> is that... should I grab that
1910 CityGirl <memmek2k> I'm pretty sure most of those beers are from El Dubb's penis.
1909 CityGirl <memmek2k> I feel like I should comment that I appreciate El Dubb's penis
1908 nerddtvg <DrDinosaur> I understand all penises.
1907 nerddtvg <Ryxeria> I don't want to understand penises, and yet I do
1906 timotab <El Dubb> it was over 12 inches long and about 5 inches in diameter
1905 dolemite7 <nerd|work> meeting time, this load will have to wait
1904 timotab <axe9|work> EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND MEEE
1903 Chankster^ <DeliriumTremens> i need drywall tape balls
1901 timotab <dolemite7> HEY BUDDY, TURN THE PORN CRANK, WILLYA
1900 timotab <rikkiPad> MENSTRUATION
1899 nerd|work <FalseProphet> nerd|work, come over here and I'll make you my gay of the day
1898 ||cw <timotab> if it's the wrong shape and ruins your SIM, would it be a template of doom?
1897 DeliriumTremens <gzg> Too girth follows, but it's really not that bad for how much I eat and don't move.
1896 memmek2k <Evin> well we're suppose to come after the Ds, so.
1895 timotab <spif> depends
1894 timotab <dragon^> We erect large pyramids on christmas
1893 memmek2k <rikkitikki> Also I don't have trouble of getting semen all over when I jack it
1892 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> do left handed people masturbate like they write? like...having to curve their arm all weird like a snail shell so they don't get semen all over?
1891 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> aint no body got time for a sweaty asscrack
1890 timotab <CityGirl> My breasts make men happy, not shudder!
1889 dolemite7 <rikkitikki> I don't know if I've ever had tang, honestly
1888 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> I'm not sure how I feel about being a penis whisperer.
1887 spif <dolemite7> random pubes on your desk at work
1886 timotab <DopePope> She really should have gotten that bleeding vagina checked out
1885 nerd|work <dolemite7> Chankiana Jones and the Search for Penis
1884 Chank <Notbrad|work> i penis myself all day long
1883 DeliriumTremens <Killsudo> fuck my fingers
1882 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> KILL KILL KILL
1881 ||cw <spif> Merlin00: moral of the story, don't have friends
1880 DeliriumTremens <lacri|work> I thought you were meaning the other bits
1879 rikkitikki <soupmeister> Fuck me in the ass.
1878 Chank <spotmonk> I'm just squirrel looking for a nut
1877 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> go to Tropical Liquers and pick up skanky, questionably aged chicks
1876 funkyb <misspwn> your face isn't kosher
1874 timotab <lacri|work> Ahem that is a slightly long one.... but I'll go for it.
1873 lacri|work <spotmonk> if I'm not getting a blowjob in the car first date, there isn't a second date
1872 lacri|work <Evin> it's not like she's that choosy, she's from the internet.
1871 DeliriumTremens <CluelessGirl> I was searching Chinese Lady Boy thinking I would get fashion blogs and got porn.
1870 DeliriumTremens <||cw> isn't that what the perineum is for? keeping the ports separated?
1869 CityGirl <fris_> penis timing is crucial
1868 ||cw2 <fris_> yes i'll be "homebrewing" some brown trouts after chili tomorrow
1867 lacrimosus <El Dubb> CityGirl kisses dicks!
1866 ||cw <spotmonk> no. I want her to hit my balls with a stick
1865 spotmonk <CityGirl> I've had the Mormon boys a few times, too.
1864 Chank <CityGirl> no penis for you timotab
1863 memmek2k <Notbrad|work> can i penis successfully
1862 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> yum yum bumble bee tuna, i like bumble bee bumble bee tuna
1861 Omega037 <spotmonk> penis
1860 funkyb <spotmonk> I would eat Jennn's face off
1859 Chank <spotmonk> well... I don't like buttstuff unless it's done to me... so maybe?
1858 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> 97 doublesided dildos in my ass
1857 bbbeluga <anotherbofh> funkyb: having a couple bits to push the ol' handjob through are essential
1856 dolemite7 <spotmonk> I feel like at some point you have to sleep with your mother just so you can see why everyone else is into it
1855 lacri|work <spotmonk> I inserted a few minutes of useless drivel into your mom last night
1854 funkyb <entangledphoton> I digged holes
1853 dolemite7 <misspwn> i have a hose
1852 doctorwork <funkyb> ah yes, the old white van barney costume scam
1851 dolemite7 <Evin> I mean, when she can't do the remote ram install, she has to do one in person.
1850 rikkitikki <dolemite7> I'LL WEAR *YOU* AS PANTS
1849 rikkitikki <Evin> I think dawn's planning to do things to my head.
1848 dolemite7 <DrDinosaur> The secret lizard illuminati is the only thing that keeps the comets away.
1847 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> Yeah, how many people have mentioned "throbbing donkey dicks" huh? DID YOU SEARCH FOR THAT?
1846 funkyb <Chank> DeliriumTremens: would not make a good stay at home mom
1845 Omega037 <spotmonk> baby jesus' vagina
1844 dolemite7 <jennn> Yours are very pretty CityGirl. I just like the bigger bushier kind is all.
1843 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> what is a toothbrush?
1842 Evin <rikkiPad> CROTCH IT
1841 ||cw <axe9|work> I didn't prefer my filet sauced though....
1840 DeliriumTremens <Katty> timotab: how did bath time go last night?
1839 DeliriumTremens <wcchandler> if it's too big your arm gets worn out quick
1838 Omega037 <Evin> You just have to penis correctly.
1837 bbbeluga <Omega037> to get to the actual pole
1836 El <Notbrad> how do you know when its time to penis
1835 CityGirl <El Dubb> Evin got all of the penis
1834 Evin <||cw> it's basically 5 seconds and it's over, with a huge mess
1833 timotab <Evin> memmek2k is barely responsible enough to dress himself, let's not overburden the guy.
1832 lacri|work <entangledphoton_> you can suck my halloweiner!
1831 bbbeluga <doctorsound> Guzzling Cummer?
1830 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> fuck it, I'll take it again
1829 DeliriumTremens <copywriteher> YOU'RE ALL INVITED TO THE GANG BANG
1828 DeliriumTremens <jerkmonk> with a face like that he's just looking for a dick in h is mouth
1827 misspwn <DeliriumTremens> why not both?>
1826 DeliriumTremens <DrDinosaur> Aww, dag! I missed the weiner patrol?!
1825 doctorsound <bbbeluga> also, i totally bat eyes at nipping. I can't help it. I am sorry.
1824 entangled|home <bbbeluga> OMG i have that hole right now!
1823 doctorsound <butterscotch> fuck that. i'm out.
1822 memmek2k <copywriteher> I need to get laid
1821 DeliriumTremens <memmek2k> I know, I need to. I want to lift your bar so bad.
1820 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> 5 ball play eh
1819 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> I once caught the linnens on fire
1818 entangledphoton_ <Evin> doesn't matter; hauled stuff?
1817 CityGirl <Evin> Goat semen is probably not all that healthy.
1816 dolemite7 <monkers> wait you put your dick through a hole?
1815 spif <Tyler> I thought that read penis, either way, same concept.
1814 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> so I can sell all the grandmas
1813 rikkitikki <spotmonk> he got 5 guys to fuck him for lunch?
1812 DeliriumTremens <Evin> DT's hernia, now in two convenient locations; Manchester and 141 and Page and Lindbergh to better serve you!
1811 bunkfy <DeliriumTremens> because fuck emacs
1810 DeliriumTremens <Evin> I store all kinds of stuff in your mom's trunk.
1809 spif <bbbeluga> alright, this one was in texas so I can't really go back for his blood. but maybe next time.
1808 rikkitikki <timotab> like a whore in an elevator?
1807 lacri|work <spotmonk> your asshole bleach job makes you look old?
1806 rikkitikki <dolemite7> actually, my hair was in the dog's bowel this weekend.
1805 entangledphoton <rikkitikki> As a grungy butthole, I am offended
1804 DeliriumTremens <dolemite7> KNOW WHEN TO SCROTUM
1803 Chank <jennn> Foreskin is so complicated.
1802 rikkitikki <Chank> its just a never ending stream
1801 Chank <jennn> I know how to covertly finger myself.
1800 Chank <jennn> Would it be bad to stick my finger down my underwear to see if my period has started then wipe my finger on the bus seat? I don't want to enter the gross bathroom.
1799 Chank <jennn> I just had to use a panty liner as a kleenex.
1798 Chank <jennn> I prefer clean butt sex or none at all.
1797 Chank <jennn> Getting poked in the butt will probably feel better than this
1796 dolemite7 <entangledphoton> I always expect poop
1795 entangledphoton <memmek2k> aw yiss, penis beer
1794 lacri|work <entangledphoton> GTL, brah
1793 spif <rikkitikki> Also I'll sleep with it naked if you chip in another $50
1792 timotab <soupmeister> "Bent Furby"..... isn't that a type of gay?
1791 lacri|work <DrDinosaur> soup is coming
1790 funkyb <wcchandler> memmek2k: if it helps, one of the first animals I killed were a goat
1789 dolemite7 <rikkitikki> Even if I'm high I doubt I could eat more than one
1788 phonemonk <bbbeluga> i think most all boobs are great
1787 timotab <rikkitikki> Apparently the star stitch causes a lot more shrinkage than I expected
1786 dolemite7 <CityGirl> Does anyone have a butt plug they aren't using?
1785 timotab <bbbeluga> well girls dont get boners. we are lucky that way. no one has to know we are horny.
1784 timotab <lacri|work> there was no hair! it was like deli meat slices even, but it was not good tasting.
1783 dolemite7 <memmek2k> might be time for some extra mobility wrist work
1782 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> i have a wooden one too
1781 Chank <misspwn> i found dt's porn stash and made comments on it
1780 Chank <wcchandler> and i offcially announce i have a 10 inch penis... doesn't make it real
1779 timotab <wcchandler> wow. pegging is nice...
1778 timotab <memmek2k> til wcchandler is into underage women and overage men
1777 entangledphoton <DeliriumTremens> and yes, i have a bit for boring said hole
1776 spif <ConXtion> Just some solid enema action and you're good to go.
1775 spif <Evin> Oh, just BJs and handys?
1774 spif <doctorsound> We can put our ballrubbing video online!
1773 timotab <Evin> look doctorsound, if we have to have a little gay sex to get dawn on board, then that's what we've got to do.
1772 jerkmonk <copywriteher> YOU GET THAT KID OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW
1771 jerkmonk <copywriteher> I'M HURR FOR THE ORAGUY
1770 jerkmonk <copywriteher> penis is pretty rad
1769 timotab <bbbeluga> boobs are awesome
1768 timotab <bbbeluga> we probably shouldnt have made out so much
1767 timotab <doctorsound> *cover my wang in provel, and suck it off
1766 spif <studlybro> you all like AWWww im so sorry, you must be insane heres a butter roll
1765 misspwn <monkers> ok im gay
1764 doctorsound <Camerongoogly> prison wine... does things to a man
1763 dolemite8 <misspwn> i'd prefer it to be you nerd|work than some homeless guy
1762 Pb_ft <memmek2k> Pb_ft: I WAS BOMBING YOUR MOM WITH MY AIRPLANE
1761 ramocles <Ryxeria> Mark my words, I will touch it.
1760 jennn <DrDinosaur> For some reason, I always feel worse after Ryxeria masturbates.
1759 Chank <misspwn> i don't care if he's smaller
1758 ramocles <entangledphoton|> I would like to try a horse
1757 memmek2k <doctorwork> He's like the Pol Pot of Hitlers
1756 soupmeister <doctorwork> I can't remember if I can actually fit my hand in it though.
1755 Chank <doctorwork> New from Playtex, the rikkiPad. Absorbent and so kawaii. Now in fun lolita print!
1754 funkyb <doctorwork> I'm already damaged goods
1753 timotab <entangled|home> timotab, I am like the Mary Katherine Gallagher of grundle smelling
1752 memmek2k <bbbeluga> I also like to give bjs which I heard is pretty rare.
1751 dolemite9 <jennn> You're nothing but a slanty eyed (with double lid) cupcake tease and my mouth is not happy!
1750 timotab <soupmeister> But it's not like a sub or something, it's usually tiny.
1749 rikkitikki <Katty> NO ONE SAY PENIS
1748 ramocles <dolemite8> Taint Louis, the mid west's premiere taint enthusiasts convention
1747 timotab <bbbeluga> i have been. i have strange features
1746 ramocles <Primesauce> It's far better with memmek2k grabbing it.
1745 memmek2k <Primesauce> The only thing better than Sleepless in Seattle is cuddling with memmek2k
1744 Chank <wcchandler> hmm... "temple of doom" that will now be the nickname of my wife's vagina when menstruating
1743 misspwn <wcchandler> it's like a tsunami it doesn't come all at once, it's slow.
1742 Omega037 <bbbeluga> but HOLY COW did i see a lot of vagina
1741 timotab <bbbeluga> its a white stain
1740 Evin <CityGirl> bbbeluga will you touch El Dubb's weiner?
1739 timotab <entangled|home> When my grundle is all sweaty you will be sorry, timotab
1738 dolemite8 <ramocles> I thought I hired you to fix computers, not to dance around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots!
1737 memmek2k <DrDinosaur> "Now, nephews, this video is going to teach you everything you need to know about getting the ladies. Step one: Call them 'the ladies,' cause bitches love being called ladies."
1736 lacri|work <DrDinosaur> CityGirl, you capitalist pig dogs will learn from your mistakes one day!
1735 spif <lacri|work> a sexual cloud.
1734 spif <DrDinosaur> big ass cloud
1733 doctorwork <dolemite8> Nutmeg In Chains is one of the best bands of the 90's
1732 timotab <lacri|work> sounds like a good way to get some twigs in your hooha
1731 spif <bbbeluga> nite entangled! thanks for the pic
1730 Omega037 <countrymonk> I'm a poser
1729 Omega037 <CityGirl> People, be warned, if you put your ass in my face, I will touch it.
1728 timotab <copywriteher> that's why he is supposed to hit my cervix I suppose.
1727 Chank <copywriteher> HIT MY CERVIX.
1726 jennn <kitkatkaytee> Sometimes, you just need a good drilling yourself.
1725 jennn <lacri|work> why would i get a dude to do my drilling for me?!
1724 ramocles <doctorwork> Sorry, we forgot about kitkatkaytee's penis
1723 lacri|work <doctorwork> just rub your junk on the bottom of the keyboard tray
1722 doctorwork <Evin> doctorwork has the prettiest boners.
1721 memmek2k <doctorwork> I DON'T WANT YOU TO DRINK ME
1720 timotab <DawnIsreal> that's... quite a gap for all your stuff
1719 Omega037 <DawnIsreal> are you saying his penis is hostile?
1718 spif <CityHen> Sorry, no penis today.
1717 Pb_ft <||cw> y'all need jesus
1716 Chank <Evin> Butt peeing is entirely unsexual.
1715 timotab <rikkitikki> The other ones always feel too greasy
1714 ramocles <doctorwork> Make sure you get those anal pleats right
1713 memmek2k <Ryxeria> Penises are just silly
1712 lacrimosus <CityGirl> Evin doesn't like bjs.
1711 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> I mean, let's be for real, bj's are not the excitement of a girl's life
1710 ramocles <dolemite8> OIL UP AND FUCK
1709 memmek2k <axe9|meeting> memmek2k: 10/10 would bone
1708 axe9|meeting <jennn> buttsex is so much prep work though
1707 ramocles <rikkitikki> that's a biggun
1706 memmek2k <||cw> I don't need to happy fun shit at work
1705 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> we got a 4pack of old english
1704 axe9|work <Omega037> well, toilet time is MY time
1703 timotab <kitkatkaytee> I've been hanging out with soupmeister way too long.
1702 dolemite8 <DeliriumTremens> i cant stop pooping
1701 memmek2k <doctorwork> Evin, you should take tips from spotmonk
1700 Chank <memmek2k> jennn: if you bought the swiffer sander, and duct taped a vibrator to it, you'd have a jury rigged sander
1699 DeliriumTremens <entangledphoton> it's a bunch of fat topless guys
1698 entangled|home <Evin> Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
1697 entangledphoton <lacri|work> I will be asleep all night and will leave the door unlocked if you would like to take care of that entangledphoton
1696 memmek2k <jennn> doctorwork: I have a clit and it kind of works.
1695 memmek2k <Evin> especially the ones with piercings. it's like LOOK AT IT, LOOK AT ME, LOOK DAMN IT.
1694 spif <ramocles> wcchandler is a pedo!!
1693 spif <Evin> yeah, she requires at least 4 5 drinks, pizza and sunflowers.
1692 memmek2k <copywriteher> I'll eagerly spread these lips for pizza
1691 DeliriumTremens <ramocles> if you don't drink, you're a boring cunt and all your stories suck
1690 DeliriumTremens <dolemite8> PICK UP STICKS AND SIZZURP
1689 memmek2k <Evin> FUCK YOU DOCTORWORK
1688 memmek2k <dolemite8> IT'S A JAKE OFF
1687 ramocles <DeliriumTremens> and now they can eat AT MINIMUM a small dumptrucks worth of flaccid donkey dicks.
1686 ramocles <Sammer> I get enough taint at home.
1685 spif <bbbeluga> just throwin out my quotes timo? That might be my only quote
1684 Chank <||cw> everyone has their first time
1683 ramocles <timotab> The pork sword of ramocles
1682 DrDinosaur <DeliriumTremens> When your anus is full of regret, the game of gay chicken has gone too far.
1681 nerd|work <wcchandler> "i rub my dick on expensive shit. i rub my dick on expensive shit" "it's like an angel peed in my mouth"
1680 timotab <doctorsound> You Obviously Like Owls
1679 timotab <bbbeluga> timo, you are the best!
1678 memmek2k <El Dubb> Ryxeria, get in here
1677 dolemite8 <CityNotAGirl> I'm totally all about the anal.
1676 dolemite8 <||cw> slingers will fix what ails you, or give you a new ailment, either way, you won't be the same after!
1675 ramocles <spotmonk> you've seen the girls I date.. and I still won't microwave tuna
1674 memmek2k <jennn> Jews don't turn the women on during sex though so it's all good.
1673 doctorwork <Omega037> reform means that your gay, female rabbi tells you its fine to eat bacon while driving on saturday
1672 DeliriumTremens <jennn> axe it's kind of impressive
1671 Merlin00 <derpa> but not as gay as me
1669 DeliriumTremens <ramocles> i'm building a blowjob robot
1668 Evin <CityGirl> I really do not understand tentacle porn
1667 memmek2k <El Dubb> I bust my carb load once a week. I likes it
1666 memmek2k <Evin> no, I know she's not 15. That's actually more ideal, less prison time.
1665 ramocles <jennn> You going to milk them axe? Milk the milk out of them baby!
1664 ramocles <jennn> axe9|work I want the small ones. Big ones are too much to handle.
1663 memmek2k <copywriteher> tis just how I look
1662 entangledphoton <girk|work> Why can't we all just have cloacas? Birds and frogs got this figured out
1661 ramocles <Evin> I typically need a penis for a lot of things.
1660 ramocles <DeliriumTremens> Evin typically needs a penis for that.
1659 memmek2k <ramocles> i would, but i don't know what you look like, and i'm not a gambler
1658 DeliriumTremens <copywriteher> stop being a little bitch and eat some peanut butter
1657 DeliriumTremens <dolemite8> i can't get "FROZEN MIXED VEGETABLE COCKS" out of my head
1656 memmek2k <doctorwork> Actually, this is perfect, if we teach all the old people how to twerk, then the young people won't do it. They'll instantly become more attractive, I can inseminate them all, and then my spawns can take over the universe!
1655 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> I'm just going to follow her around and wank in the bushes
1654 ramocles <CreveCoeurChx> That would mean blowing a lot of people.
1653 dolemite8 <doctorwork> Low flow urinals: All the great smells of a Porta Potty, without any of the fun associated with being outside.
1652 doctorwork <wcchandler> tell that to my krokodile addiction
1651 memmek2k <DeliriumTremens> feminism is silly, imos sucks, its called PANERA bread, exercise and fitness is dumb, the county is better than the city, windows 8 is better than windows 7, MrHacks isn't such a bad guy
1650 Primesauce <lacrimosus> 100 penises is too much, even for me
1649 entangledphoton <Evin> Just because I tongued doctorsound's anus when he was black out drunk ONE TIME doesn't make me gay.
1648 timotab <DeliriumTremens> when they perfect it and really good equipment fits in my pocket without looking like a robot boner, then i'll try again
1647 spif <Evin> doctorsound always wants 5 guys, that manslut
1646 lacri|work <DeliriumTremens> not by the skin of my tainty taint taint
1645 DeliriumTremens <ramocles> that dude has more mood swings than a playground at a mental institute
1644 Merlin00 <Cameronclinicy> Without being able to lay hands on you, I can't offer a ton of advice
1643 lacri|work <entangledphoton|> curtsying is always the best option
1642 spif <lacri|work> i agree with spif. this whole having feels thing is bullshit
1641 dolemite8 <wcchandler> for culture i go to /r/aryanbrotherhood
1640 timotab <rikkitikki> thanks for lookin at my shorts
1639 doctorsound <Evin> Just because I made out with primesauce one time doesn't make me gay.
1638 lacri|work <doctorwork> Also, Obama got a *black* dog. Coincidence? Or proof that Obama is a white hating racist muslim Kenyan?
1637 ramocles <girk|work> "A day in the life of a taint"
1636 dolemite8 <ramocles> Taint Hurtin' apply directly to the taint
1635 dolemite8 <memmek2k> and nuts make everything better anyway
1634 DeliriumTremens <nerd|work> DeliriumTremens: I wasn't! I was shitting on the laptop :D
1633 lacri|work <DeliriumTremens> People doing their jobs doesn't give me a boner.
1632 Chank <dolemite7> Sorry Chank, i haven't seen my penis around.
1631 memmek2k <copywriteher> because our genitalia goes together like Peanut butter and jelly.
1630 memmek2k <littlepanda> I'm a connosieur of nut butters
1629 dolemite8 <Chank> ITS A DIFFERENT UNIT
1628 ramocles <DeliriumTremens> The all new Grundle Guard Banana Hammock with patented Protaint Technology.
1627 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work> Dudes skateboarding on weiner dogs
1626 jennn <lacri_work> you wouldn't know the difference between an o ring and an o face.
1625 ramocles <Evin> fucking asians, believe in 4 armed gods, don't believe in having lunch after like 1:30.
1624 Chank <DeliriumTremens> ramocles: awww, i thought you were going to take on the persona of a salty sea captain and tell tales of the deep
1623 DeliriumTremens <Camerongoogly> I'd rather be less special, and more laid.
1622 DeliriumTremens <bbbeluga> oh, i want to get it in.
1621 timotab <memmek2k> but mixed grip works as well
1620 timotab <Camerongoogly> next deadlift day isn't until the weekend, and I can always do mixed grip
1619 anotherbofh <DeliriumTremens> I'll get to smell that next week!
1618 ramocles <monkers> pumpkin chunkin is redneck science.
1617 ramocles <rikkitikki> memmek2k: I really wish I could grab that
1616 ramocles <doctorwork> DeliriumTremens, are you talking about semen too?
1615 nerddtvg <soupmeister> nerddtvg_ I beg to differ. Good things come in little packages, they smell like God's farts, taste amazing, and cause pure unbridled joy.
1614 nerddtvg_ <soupmeister> Jessica_92: Don't bother going to college, you might just want to go back to pre school.
1613 DeliriumTremens <dolemite8> it's all fun and games until you're shitting in the middle of a phone conference
1612 ramocles <copywriteher> it will make you want to put panties on just so you can get them wet
1611 ramocles <dolemite8> taintscaping
1610 timotab <entangledphoton> lacri|work: I might have one of those in my mystery boxes
1609 DeliriumTremens <Merlin00> Big Butts Like It Big Diary Of A Cockaholic
1608 girk|work <Pb_ft> are you watching the swedish chef anally penetrate chickens DeliriumTremens ?
1607 ramocles <Pb_ft> mine's short, so it's easy
1606 timotab <rikkitikki> You can't grab that!
1605 nerd|work <timotab> stuffed with sausage if I remember righly
1604 rikkitikki <ramocles> i'll sprinkle you with my love...
1603 ramocles <jennn> How did you get the big stuff in?
1602 ramocles <Evin> aaaand now I realize how creepy that sounds.
1601 poisowork87 <copywriteher> jennn just gotta get condom outta da fishbowl first
1600 ramocles <rikkitikki> Specifically the nipple pinchy
1599 dolemite9 <spotmonk> I was going to look for some porn to wank to, but I'll just hold on a second and see what happens in here
1598 spotmonk <rikkitikki> NO NIPPLE PINCHY
1597 spif <ramocles> i want my illegal immigrants mechanically separated
1596 DeliriumTremens <dolemite9> these shopvacs aren't going to fuck themselves, ppl
1595 soupmeister <entangled|home> How not to be a Christian: Step 1 read the bible
1594 entangled|home <doctorsound> As an expert on mashed potatoes, I disagree
1593 nerddtvg <lacrimosus> math is from the devil
1592 doctorsound <lacrimosus> I just judge and let the lord sort them out later
1591 dolemite8 <rikkitikki> beating... cucumber...
1590 ramocles <spif> yeah but everyone wants meat
1589 DeliriumTremens <rubikscubefreak> i'll banana stuff your sausage peppers
1588 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> Evin: you want to "taste a rainbow"?
1587 lacri|work <rikkisewwy> I'm totally hardcore
1586 ramocles <monkers> "What is your oldest child?s middle name?" OK FUCK YOU SECURITY QUESTIONAIRE. NOW ITS PERSONAL.
1585 girkabob <Evin> And I haven't even pooped today.
1584 ramocles <rikkitikki> And the craaaazy boobs
1583 Pb_ft|work <doctorwork> I swear, the developers of Outside are lazy
1582 doctorwork <jennn> Ball gag for cats
1581 ||cw <Jessica_92> i mean, i'm sure there are at least a few willing participants at old age homes, walmart, all you can eat buffets...
1580 rikkitkki <doctorwork> soupmeister, want to go to a ballgame with me so we can get those wieners in our mouths?
1579 memmek2k <axe9|work> TACO TITTIES
1578 ramocles <soupmeister> I'm OK with "totes". As in I'm going to kill doctorsound, chop him up, and distribute his body parts evenly between 5 totes.
1577 dolemite8 <CityGirl> doctorwork my kid is at your house going through your drawers
1576 doctorwork <DeliriumTremens> I'm a huge hipster.
1575 memmek2k <soupmeister> Eeeyup, off t' chemists for me stool softeners. Not been able to shite for a week.
1574 entangledphoton <DeliriumTremens> DOWN TO THE APOTHECARY WITH YOU, M'LAD
1573 DeliriumTremens <kitkatkaytee> i am surrouded by black people
1572 ramocles <memmek2k> I can assure you, jennn's penis works.
1571 DeliriumTremens <soupmeister> And she shoved a hamster up his bottom and it traveled all the way up his GI tract, up his throat, then ATE HIS BRAIN.
1570 doctorwork <kitkatkaytee> Y'all are a bunch of losers, sitting in front of your computer, stroking your beards.
1569 spif <CityGirl> seriously, don't sell crack and you're pretty much fine
1568 lacri|work <soupmeister> spif: You're a cunt.
1567 ramocles <soupmeister> LACRIMOSUS IS A NAZI
1566 memmek2k <rikkitikki> What if I TICKLED YOU
1565 DeliriumTremens <misspwn_> i pull on all the weiners
1564 dolemite8 <doctorwork> Now we can get back to penising each other
1563 memmek2k <DeliriumTremens> memmek2k and i have the butthole to prove it (
1562 DeliriumTremens <memmek2k> might try switching grip
1561 derpa <lacri|work> hmm. do we now have a penis bot?
1560 memmek2k <DeliriumTremens> I smear all of my notes in feces on the cubicle wall with my hands.
1559 memmek2k <derpa> Weird Buttsauce
1558 lacrimosus_ <NetPhoton> Primesauce, your muscles are larger than one of my heads
1557 El_Dubb <Primesauce> I think half of my body weight at any time is booze.
1556 lacrimosus_ <Primesauce> NetPhoton flashes his staff all the time
1555 doctorsound <merica> by putting special characters in your quotes, you make them impossible to grab ?
1554 merica <doctorsound> ??
1553 Phoneton <NetPhoton> you can't have twerking and swag without but stuff
1552 lacrimosus_ <NetPhoton> I poked around in Primesauce's server closet... if you know what I mean
1551 lacrimosus_ <Camerongoogly> I think abortion is much more merciful than being born into Granite City
1550 doctorsound|work <lombo> technicolor dreamcat?
1549 CityGirl <Evin> including giant rhino butt screws.
1548 ||cw <spotmonk> it can't do anything, other than give orgasms
1547 memmek2k <misspwn> i won't wana scissor
1546 memmek2k <entangledphoton> Primesauce: Prepare your anus: I am coming.
1545 lacrimosus_ <entangledphoton> Turn ons include: Curry and soul crushing.
1544 axe9|work <DeliriumTremens> At this point it's more of a "Fuck DT date."
1543 memmek2k <DawnIsreal> it was so weird when doctorsound shaved.
1542 entangledphoton <memmek2k> entangledphoton: you're delicious ; )
1541 timotab <jennn> I scored lowest on words of affirmation
1540 ||cw <dolemite8> PC Beeps For Treats
1539 derpa <CityGirl> you guys are just ruining my furry fun
1538 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> it's ok I have a giant head
1537 memmek|work <El Dubb> memmek|work, it tastes good
1536 doctorsound|work <dolemite9> Newpork 100's
1535 anotherbofh <wcchandler> i feel like I should have slaves in the backyard
1534 ||cw <jennn> And by that I do mean get a new wife
1533 derpa <doctorsound|work> timotab is just a set of teeth we want to put our dick in
1532 doctorsound|work <DeliriumTremens> she's like 0.85 timotabs
1531 memmek2k <monkers> I <3 my penis.
1530 Merlin00_ <monkers> in my defense, i'm seeing if she would be compatible in a healthy relationship, not, oh look a big wet vagina i want to put my dick in that and fuck it and if she says no fuck her. what you're implying is pretty offensive in itself, so, there's two sides here eh.
1529 Merlin00_ <monkers> i consider myself a feminist
1528 derpa <DeliriumTremens> Nobody wins in the game of LARP
1527 entangledphoton <doctorsound|work> Penises everywhere!
1526 timotab <Primesauce> I'll just nuke England. For funsies.
1525 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> so if they give me grief at financial aid office, i will shit fire balls at them
1524 Pb_ft <derpa> remember rule #1 of business. if you want repeat customers, you must penis them.
1523 doctorsound|work <rikkitikki> I hate being wet...
1522 memmek2k <derpa> watching the right and left debate is like watching two monkeys fucking a football
1521 doctorsound|work <CityGirl> I have PMS and I will steal a gun.
1520 lacri|work <Merlin01_> sharks can grow legs, it's evolution
1519 SchwarzwindZero <Evin> What good would it do? The high velocity sharks would come right through the door.
1518 memmek2k <derpa> i don't talk about your penis memmek2k
1517 memmek2k <axe9|work> derpa: You have width but I have length
1516 memmek2k <DeliriumTremens> HAVE FUN BEING FAT SHITHEAD
1515 doctorsound|work <monkers> so we all have the same strain of herpes
1514 memmek2k <copywriteher> please don't send me flowers at work
1513 Evin <axe9|work> fris_: Do they keep you quite moist?
1512 dolemite8 <rikkitikki> And it always seems like there's too much sauce even if I don't add any...
1511 Chank <funkyb> also, if you're gagging, don't go so deep XD
1510 Pb_ft <memmek2k> a couple of arduino boards, because what can't you do with those things?
1509 axe9|work <anotherbofh> Micropeniscenter is my favorite store
1508 lacrimosus_ <||cw2> yeah if you're gonna eat an ass well, you might as well be stoned
1507 entangled|home <doctorsound> Yeah. I'm doing some experimenting
1506 ||cw <derpa> half black prostitute, half sugar glider
1505 Chank <CityGirl> I mean, do guys really care if the boobs are a B or a C? When naked time comes around, nobody cares.
1504 memmek2k <DrDinosaur> PLAY WITH MY LITTLE TURTLE!
1503 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> I'm not very adventurous when it comes to meat
1502 derpa <doctorsound|work> "Does your health insurance cover penis ensmallment"
1501 Chank <rikkitikki> Also, I gotta say, you got some nice ta tas jennn
1500 derpa <Merlin00> hilter would have put them all in an oven
1499 doctorsound|work <derpa> blowgies
1498 derpa <axe9|work> DrDinosaur: Lots of boobs? or mostly dong?
1497 doctorsound <CityGirl> not enough to make a study
1496 doctorsound <CityGirl> I'm still impressed by the diversity of penises
1495 Pb_ft <Evin> oh well, I'll die like I lived. Poorly.
1494 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work> I have a full que of 'FAG' invoices
1493 nerd|work <entangledphoton> @Igetabonerwhen I squeeze littlepanda so tight she dies.
1492 dolemite8 <||cw> come one man! we're trying to advance the english language here!
1491 dolemite8 <entangledphoton> I will have sex with most technology. I can't help that my first reaction to something new and shiny is to fuck it!
1490 entangledphoton_ <CityGirl> your potato was hugeness
1489 ||cw <entangledphoton_> I need the pork.
1488 dolemite8 <kitkatkaytee> Jesus Christ I want to see that penis work it!
1487 doctorsound|work <thatonejimguy> a bunch of freakin circle jerks
1486 Muskett <ajwalsh44> there's a lot you can do with hard meat
1485 dolemite7 <memmek2k> he doesn't get off completely scott free
1484 dolemite7 <misspwn> no face full of fuck yet
1483 dolemite7 <DeliriumTremens> i dont have the body fatigue today, mostly just a face full of fuck
1482 DeliriumTremens <doctorsound|work> oooh, I'd make a hot cop stripper
1481 dolemite7 <El Dubb> Kiss From A Rose is timeless though
1480 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work> Like... I feel like as the president, you could get much better strange....
1479 memmek2k <entangledphoton> My days are typically bonerific
1478 entangledphoton <DrDinosaur> You're chocolate bear spanks me with my own belt while I'm half naked.
1477 lacri|work <memmek2k> i think at this point we're looking at a fuck inversion in which we need e beers to get drunk enough to start giving fucks again
1476 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> El Dubb isn't a homewrecker, he's a pussy wrecker.
1475 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> I'm into substance, but I appreciate a total package.
1474 funkyb <El Dubb> I chock full of 'substance'
1473 DeliriumTremens <Camerongoogly> being attractive just gets you the approach, it doesn't keep them there
1472 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> Katty_: when El Dubb puts on "C'mon Feel The Noise" and flexes his pecks to the beat, you wont stand a chance
1471 timotab <misspwn> i'm a sassy black woman on the inside
1470 grobend <lacri|work> like 1 boner a day can keep your readership going till you are less pained.
1469 memmek2k <entangledphoton_> I need boners to keep my social status
1468 memmek2k <entangledphoton_> derpa: I can vouch for her realness. We can stalk her house sometime and I'll show you.
1467 jennn <doctorsound|work> You heard it folks, be brutally honest to spif, because it won't hurt his feelings...
1466 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> He was crawling around in holes.
1465 derpa <El Dubb> but my wang needs attention
1464 jennn <DeliriumTremens> Prepare your anus!
1463 doctorsound <jennn> My nails constantly cut through toilet paper and rake my asshole. Then my nail comes away all brown and bloody.
1462 doctorsound <El Dubb> on second thought, let's not login to irc today. 'tis a silly place
1461 El_Dubb <DrDinosaur> That's why I require my passengers to give me road head, so they can't talk to me.
1460 Evin <entangledphoton> It poured so much fluids
1459 El_Dubb <DeliriumTremens> i will walk outside, punch a photon, and it will travel all the way back to the sun and slap its mother
1458 memmek2k <lacrimosus> why aren't you putting them in my mouth right now?
1457 memmek2k <lacrimosus> as much alcohol as there is in her, i would figure she could both disinfect dishes and break down anything you would want to garbage dispose..
1456 memmek2k <DeliriumTremens> QUICK FUCK IT WHILE IT'S FRESH
1455 DeliriumTremens <Katty> you put your hands on the large muscles, either side the spine. push down and up
1454 dolemite7 <jennn> Except you don't just start going by dick once you get old.
1453 Chank <dolemite7> Please read: a pathetic plea for your panties from Jimmy Wales
1452 Chank <CityGirl> plus size panties available for sale!
1451 DeliriumTremens <rikkitikki> What do I care if some dude wants to jack off to my discharge
1450 Chank <rikkitikki> Sometimes I just look at naked ladies to see how different the boobs and nipples are
1449 derpa <rikkitikki> wieners?
1448 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> I think if I were a girl, I'd only fuck fat guys, as there's lots more physical contact. As a fat guy, I just swallow the girl for the same effect
1447 derpa <Evin> my sack isn't that saggy.
1446 dolemite7 <spotmonk> does "I've got hardwood flooring installed downstairs..." mean she has a penis?
1445 lacri|work <Camerononcally> also, I'm incredibly good looking, as well as humble
1444 DeliriumTremens <dolemite7> rhubarb all up in your coal chute
1443 DeliriumTremens <El Dubb> this ruins the orifice
1442 timotab <CityGirl> He's going to be Beaker. I'm going to be Ms. Piggy.
1441 doctorsound|work <DawnIsreal> haha, I like tarders.
1440 lacri|work <doctorsound|work> I like to keep turtles in my vagina.
1439 lacrimosus <Primesauce> I'm a sharknado
1438 derpa <Evin> right, or where I can find a penis.
1437 ||cw <DeliriumTremens> Chank is the only one who can tonguepunch DTbots fartbox
1436 dolemite7 <CityGirl> I'm providing ample opportunity for penis beer today
1435 doctorsound <kitkatkaytee> Like being boned in the ass surprisingly.
1434 dolemite7 <entangledphoton|> I have not eaten today and pooped 3 times. Am I creating matter?
1433 girk|work <DrDinosaur> Shave lightning bolts into the dogs.
1432 DeliriumTremens <poisomike812> but there were no pockets just stupidity
1431 DeliriumTremens <doctorsound> Well, I still buy vinyl, but that's really hard to fit in the CD tray.
1430 Chank <entangledphoton|> I would penis CityGirl, but I Holly know her!
1429 dolemite7 <doctorsound|work> Ultra conservative saltwater taffy
1428 spif <jennn> I'm gonna stuff your backpack so full!
1427 ||cw <nicholascloud> BEHOLD
1426 spif <||cw> lets leave the punny business to timo
1425 lacri|work <jennn> I need to make some feathers for my ass.
1424 entangledphoton <El Dubb> white is right
1423 misspwn_ <CityGirl> pulled it right off the vine and stuck it in my pie hole
1422 memmek2k <rikkitikki> El Dubb: Sweaty, but satisfying?
1421 ||cw <entangledphoton> Fast fact: In order to assure complete lack of mouth pregnancy one may wrap the penis in bacon.
1420 derpa <DrDinosaur> He's so gay he made me come.
1419 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> I'm too busy sucking to deal with you!
1418 rikki|phoney <DrDinosaur> Oh! How about I just dress like a dragon and then have sex with your husband?
1417 Evin <CityGirl> but not that much pressure
1416 lacrimosus <Primesauce> Uh.... as long as I can put it inside of my mouth, I'm pretty open to whatever!
1415 lacrimosus <Primesauce> White primesauce needs booze badly
1414 entangledphoton <CityGirl> Penis is my favorite!
1413 lacri|work <doctorsound|work> Retirement? What's that? My retirement plan is to die when I'm 65 in a freak bear skydiving car crash
1412 lacrimosus <doctorsound> Primesauce, passing out leads to Reganism
1411 entangledphoton <jennn> sad and scraggly sounds like you could be talking about my vagina
1410 DeliriumTremens <entangledphoton> YOU TRY WALKING AROUND WITH AN ERECTION HALF THE DAY!
1409 soupmeister <dolemite8> cajole these moles' and voles' holes with your poles...
1408 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> Or do you need to be close enough to feel the boom.
1407 DeliriumTremens <drewn3ss> dood, I love Aqua
1406 entangledphoton <DeliriumTremens> I know you can walk on water, but can you walk on this much beer?
1405 entangledphoton <lacri|work> derpa considers it his birthday every time he exits a vagina...
1404 lacri|work <derpa> it's really hard not to cum when strangling someone to death
1403 dolemite9 <kitkatkaytee> TAKE MY CAT DAMN IT
1402 nerd|work <dolemite9> Chank can you rebuild DTbot's quote queue by using r/DTbot and then magically taking the newest ones and cramming them back in there asswell?
1401 derpa <DeliriumTremens> El Dubb likes to get elbow deep in cat.
1400 soupmeister <Chank> where she could penis after she joined
1399 lacri|work <wcchandler> death to all arabs!
1398 axe9|work <CityGirl> El Dubb I missed penis, it was a problem.
1397 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work3> That where you use the yeast from a penile yeast infection to start your mash>
1396 memmek2k <Ryxeria> also, blowjobs is definitely how I solve all my debt problems, so I approve of that comic
1395 timotab <doctorsound> Yep, I musta sucked 20 dicks there
1394 timotab <littlepanda> I will light your cheese
1393 dolemite8 <CityGirl> She is very adventurous with meat.
1392 memmek2k <doctorsound|work> And she does have some nice holes.
1391 lacri|work <jennn> Umm, so what about when you're giving a guy a bj and he's the one that throws up? That's a bad sign right?
1390 ||cw <lacri|work> go set up your presentation and quit taunting me with your pretzel penis entangledphoton
1389 El <ep|phone> I am so much better at giving myself a handjob than anyone else and that is free.
1388 ep|phone <monkerton> "the poop hole isn't a loop hole"
1387 lacri|thangs <Primesauce> El Dubb, our love transcends time.
1386 axe9|work <DrDinosaur> I'm so delicious and sticky.
1385 dolemite8 <DeliriumTremens> saving my forearm
1384 memmek2k <soupy> Hymen = cheesecake... got it.
1383 soupy <lacri|work> you are on drugs, its okay
1382 memmek2k <entangledphoton> You were in an out of here faster than DrDinosaur in a vagina
1381 derpa <dolemite8> "just sit on this bench here, put your arm on the back, cross your legs and act natural... say mayor mccheese!"
1380 derpa <Katty> and the squeal was coming from the under bits
1379 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> littlepanda come with and pet my hairs
1378 CityGirl <Camerongoogly> the weird kids from high school never stop being weird, we just learn how to roleplay normal better
1377 lacrimosus <doctorsound> Let's just say you've got a butt upgrade. A buttgrade if you will.
1375 nerd|laptop <DrDinosaur> Indeed. kitkatkaytee knows how to grab when vibrators are involved.
1374 lacrimosus <timotab> I would have thought you'd be an expert at blowing, spotmonk
1373 memmek2k <||cw> oh god the nipples
1372 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> someone get me a glass of water, it's dope time
1371 funkyb <derpa> i sell fisting licenses
1370 lacri|work <memmek2k> As an engineer, I would like to point out that the schematics for the device labeled "women" have a significantly wider tolerance than noted in the key, and tend to be either poorly labeled or overlabeled
1369 derpa <ep|phone> misspwn's charm is all in her stank.
1368 lacri|work <entangledphoton> I can do the intercourse!
1367 dolemite9 <DeliriumTremens> ah the ol' drawer full of dongs
1366 ep|phone <spotmonk> you're sitting in a stall and the rambone come blasting through the wall and then a smaller penis comes through and you think "oh god, I'll suck this one just so I don't have to deal with the other thing"
1365 ep|phone <DrDinosaur> I'm going to stretch out all the boob parts!
1364 memmek2k <rikkitikki> Well can you really blame them, children are so sexy
1363 derpa <CityGirl> that would freak me out more than a misplaced pee hole
1362 derpa <entangledphoton> internet vag has lost all mystery
1361 DeliriumTremens <ep|phone> No joke! Have you seen the price of cardamom lately?
1360 entangledphoton <DeliriumTremens> girls should just wear pasties all the time
1359 DeliriumTremens <jennn> I can put some asian on your inside CityGirl
1358 DeliriumTremens <axe9|work> Coffee makes my butthole feel weird :(
1357 entangledphoton <DeliriumTremens> yeah, quite ugly, but i've had much uglier
1356 memmek <lacri|work> my micropenis is uncircumcised. you could certainly try it..
1355 lacri|work <entangledphoton> look, brojobs until the cows come home but at the end of the day I need a hole that is not DrDinosaur's mouth.
1354 ||cw <derpa> spotmonk: you'd bang a piece of soaked cardboard
1353 derpa <DeliriumTremens> "stop reheating fish, it smells like your moms crotch"
1352 derpa <entangledphoton> if anyone has to out penis me I am glad it is memmek
1351 spotmonk <littlepanda> better in my belly than a box
1350 memmek <soupy> I love how everyone else is "OMG ARE WE GONNA DIE?" and Chank is all "NEED GIRKA PIC OMG"
1349 doctorsound <CityGirl> CheeseMonkies I'm on drugs, it makes me surly
1348 funkyb <Katty> guy with a trombone, YES.
1347 DeliriumTremens <lacri|work> your sister is very attractive
1346 derpa <entangledphoton_> lacri|work: what is that and why is it eating like a people?
1345 derpa <wcchandler> CityGirl: time to upgrade the hover round
1344 lacri|work <DrDinosaur> Yeah, who uses condoms anyway?
1342 lacri|work <CityGirl> This is like a douche commercial. Everyone runs when they douche.
1341 DrDinosaur <CityGirl> Camerongoogly got the penis already
1340 entangledphoton <CityGirl> jennn: but coffee is kinda hot on the boobs
1339 derpa <monkers> EP show us the PENIS
1338 memmek2k <jennn_e_kim> Whoa who said they have to be over 21?
1335 memmek2k <axe9|work> OOOH! Lets start the Saint Louis Eugenics Club!
1334 derpa <El Dubb> fuck it and all other things as well
1333 funkyb <soupmeister> Change is bad. Why don't you people understand?
1332 entangledphoton <lacri|work> women are the worst, amirite?
1331 CityGirl <lacri|work> "I fell right on his penis! It wasn't my fault!"
1330 lacri|work <El Dubb> NOOOOOO. MY JUICES!!!
1329 memmek2k <rikkiPad> I am definitely vocal though
1328 DeliriumTremens <soupmeister> twerking is the hottest thing since dry blowjobs
1327 derpa <misspwn> i'm all about the D
1326 memmek2k <lovingcouple> Im just gonna cut to the chase then, I am a 23 year old male looking for a girl to join me and my girlfriend for a threesome
1325 DeliriumTremens <lacri|work> spent like 10 minutes frustratedly masturbating trying to finish without throwing up
1324 memmek2k <entangled|home> he was born in planes. His ancestors raised the planes from kites. A noble breed, they became one with their planes. They formed a symbiotic lifestyle. Now the planes obey the pilots in exchange for fuel and the chance to travel to far off lands to attract mates.
1323 entangled|home <DeliriumTremens> Solvent Peckers Lonely Toast Fap Band
1322 dolemite9 <soupmeister> I CAN'T FUCKING POOP
1321 ||cw <derpa> it will be satisfying but emotionally draining... like fucking a burning dolphin
1320 DeliriumTremens <derpa> mushroom stamp of almost certain paralysis
1319 memmek2k <littlepanda> it was large and intimidating and filled the peripheral vision on my left side with rainbow colors
1318 Camerongilly <lacrimosus> I do jerks comfortably
1317 memmek2k <entangled|home> I'll flash my penis to anyone, but I get self conscious in the gym
1316 funkyb <entangledphoton> have fun storming the castle!
1315 dolemite8 <lacri|work> the idea of putting cucumber in it sounds worth a try as well...
1313 memmek2k <jennn> We do not ovary shame in here, boys.
1312 memmek2k <axe9|work> I should give my dick sideburns next time....
1311 Chank <misspwn> because no one pays me for it. because i won't let them pay me for it
1310 lacrimosus <kitkatkaytee> The confetti is all soggy, vagina goodness
1309 DeliriumTremens <DrDinosaur> I hate birds. they are the worst. worse than Ryxeria
1308 DeliriumTremens <doctorsound> Civil Life
1307 Primesauce <littlepanda> mmhmm. no copse in the bamboo shoots is safe from my sexual exploits now.
1306 dolemite8 <axe9|work> I donno, I was like... hey lets put this in my mouth
1305 soupmeister <axe9|work> I just put on my sunglasses when I sat down at my desk.... and wondered why I couldn't hear my music...
1304 DeliriumTremens <jennn> mouth to hardrive
1303 ||cw <memmek2k> oooooh don wan upset hur
1302 funkyb <jennn> God I sound like a whore
1301 memmek2k <CityGirl> stimulation overload and I just shut down
1300 wcchandler <axe9|work> Man... I remember getting tips. I miss it
1299 CityGirl <wcchandler> there's just piss everywhere
1298 soupmeister <El Dubb> that's some quality bird sex
1297 DeliriumTremens <jennn> kitkatkaytee: Does your vagina have a double lip like your eyes?
1296 Pb_ft <||cw2> it's like lowering the interstate speed to 45 because this one guy was doing 120 and killed someone
1295 memmek2k <wcchandler> i just pooped and it's bubbling
1294 entangledphoton <CityGirl> I'm good on penises
1293 PartyPat <CityGirl> I admired your pen from across the table, Lapper.
1292 PartyPat <Camerongoogly> There can never be total equality between the sexes because of the tyranny of biology
1291 memmek2k <axe9|work> Wow, martha stewart was a fox....
1290 poisowork87 <jennn> I can't imagine the amount of money I would have lost on the pirate ship.
1289 entangledphoton <DeliriumTremens> I have J Lo's ass, I'm set for life.
1288 lacri|work <entangledphoton> I spend my weekends shitting on dicks for science.
1287 soupmeister <entangledphoton> I think I could forcibly poop a dick out of me.
1286 DeliriumTremens <memmek2k> they can squirt that tube into my belly anytime.
1285 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> where as wcchandler slammed on the D
1284 entangledphoton <doctorsound> I just don't think they put enough provel on mexican food
1283 memmek2k <CityGirl> Don't pee on me.
1282 doctorsound|work <entangledphoton> she's a lacri bian
1281 doctorsound <Camerongoogly> I assume a cabbie is more authentic if they're religious garb, the same way I like chinese restaurants with spelling errors in their menus
1279 lacri|work <entangledphoton> what's weird about that? I give myself the old elbow treatment at least 3 times a week
1278 lacri|work <monkers> hehe, lacri is like data from star trek. She's not human, but in a way, she's more human than any of us.
1277 DeliriumTremens <memmek2k> soupmeister: if you can handle the soreness, I'd keep going. it'll get better in a week or two. But otherwise, nbd to start slow
1276 memmek2k <CityGirl> That's true. El Dubb is 100% brown sugar
1275 memmek2k <jennn> I want to pee on you
1274 RecursiveChaos <LostAncient> Batsmen!
1273 Camerongoogly <CityGirl> flash light
1272 jennn <entangledphoton> I thought she was a virgin who got immaculate Herpes.
1271 memmek2k <jennn> I don't know how to pitch a tent.
1270 dolemite8 <kitkatkaytee> Okay, I srsly need a cucumber. But I am too lazy to go to the store.
1269 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> rubikscubefreak I think one Elton is gay tilt
1268 CityGirl <RecursiveWork> entangledphoton always gets the penis first
1267 dolemite8 <jennn> I wanted some colored ones but didn't like them on my face.
1266 soupmeister <wcchandler> jennn: got a pic showing 'em off?
1265 dolemite8 <rubikscubefreak> i think y'all motherfuckers need jesus
1264 poisomikework <jennn1> sometimes I just pulled a tampon out so it's like a desert
1263 poisomikework <jennn1> unless you're spitting on the vagina cause it's too dry, then slobber is appropriate
1262 entangledphoton <jennn> I'm sabertooth! I'm wolverwine!
1261 poisomikework <jennn> worms that come out the butt hole really freak me out something fierce
1260 CityGirl <entangledphoton> jennn was the less white blur
1259 lacri|work <entangledphoton> I wear a heart on my sleeve and butts on my back
1258 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> Like Reddit's content but love YouTube's delivery? Try! (self.ShittyLifeProTips)
1257 CityGirl <doctorsound|work> entangledphoton is fast on that penis
1256 entangledphoton <Ryxeria> My dreams always involve dongs
1255 DeliriumTremens <lacrimosus> Just got done shaving the nutmeg.
1254 doctorsound|work <jennn> I'm never satisfied
1253 DeliriumTremens <dolemite8> my back feels good and my bottom feels goood
1252 DeliriumTremens <doctorsound|work> Just wait until I split you open with my ass tool.
1251 derpa <dolemite8> I *WANT* WOOD
1250 derpa <spotwork> then I don't have to hear her talk while I masturbate
1249 funkyb <lacri|work> nuts are almost entirely fats.
1248 derpa <soupmeister> wcchandler: I have no problem eating penis.
1247 axe9|work <DeliriumTremens> dont call kitkatkaytees vagina your "junk box"
1246 DeliriumTremens <wcchandler> yeah, and you can't lick the juices when they end up on you :(
1245 DeliriumTremens <spotwork> Someone just asked me if I ever get told I look like Brian Posehn. I said "yeah... I would get it all the time on Chatroulette. People be like 'are you Brian Posehn?' and I'd be like 'Does this look like Brian Posehn's dick?'"
1244 derpa <CityGirl> A penis isn't good enough? You have to be able to put a love seat and a coffee table in there?
1243 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> Whoever puts the most stuff in it wins?
1242 DrDinosaur <CityGirl> it's an anus, not a storage locker!
1241 DeliriumTremens <derpa> i want to go fisting
1240 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> I'm thinking if your "snail trail" is sticky, you need medical attention
1239 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> give me $5 and I'll pinch you
1238 derpa <CityGirl> "Read the instructions, cunt!"
1237 derpa <jennn> I want to smell like your bodily waste
1236 El_Dubb <memmek2k> or grind your own nuts into a butter and add cocoa powder/butter
1235 DeliriumTremens <DrDinosaur> wcchandler, let me go try uploading a dick pic and find out.
1234 derpa <rikkitikki> lacri|work: More like eat their period
1233 DeliriumTremens <DrDinosaur> DT is a traditionalist. He only let's misspwn poop regular poop onto him.
1232 lacri|work <entangledphoton_> rikkitikki: I wear antiperspirant on my grundle!
1231 El_Dubb <Primesauce> But if I wanted to shove an ecig up my cooch, would they tell me not to?
1230 doctorsound|nix <DeliriumTremens> so its a version of a dildo/tupperware party
1229 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> funkyb, you'll always be the gay of the day to me.
1228 memmek2k <El Dubb> black people eat lotion, CityGirl
1227 memmek2k <CityGirl> I still love gay musical theater kids!
1226 misspwn <CityGirl> I need some meats.
1224 CityGirl <bundtkate> DTbot beers for penising CityGirl
1223 memmek2k <DeliriumTremens> Yolo swag 420 bitches
1222 derpa <dolemite9> i blew it.
1221 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> that pickle looks so good
1220 lacri|work <DrDinosaur> I'm super pale. Therefor I'm extremely patriotic.
1219 lacri|work <DrDinosaur> youlysses, I am NEVER sarcastic.
1218 DeliriumTremens <bundtkate> That's ok tho. I fucking love commas.
1217 Chank <lacri|work_> there is always an excess of tea and scrotum around here
1216 ||cw <poisomike87> thats how I am sadly. watch your leg once I get friendly with you its mine for the night
1215 POISOMIKe <bundtkate> She's ready for eating. ||cw has had girkabob ripening in his basement for a few days.
1214 DeliriumTremens <derpa> jennn has built up her own unique yeast strains, too
1213 derpa <work|endearing> but if the other guy has a much bigger penis, you're in trouble
1212 lacri|work <DeliriumTremens> It's not "gay chicken" if you're just planning to meet up and kiss eachother.
1211 DeliriumTremens <work|endearing> Do NOT ejaculate into the ice water. It will melt the ice.
1210 DeliriumTremens <derpa> i'd smother myself in brown mustard and relish... i'd be delicious
1209 CityGirl <work|endearing> we are going to need a razor of decent quality and some ass bleach
1208 lacri|work <CityGirl> DrDinosaur is the most prolific inappropriate toucher/kisser
1207 DeliriumTremens <DrDinosaur> Donna was the worst thing in all of time and space.
1206 DeliriumTremens <funkyb> some people like 1 hole, some wackos do 3
1205 derpa <doctorsound|work> I totally want to do Sir Bearington
1204 memmek2k <derpa> the only person you can't pick on is work|endearing, cause he's a delicate flower
1203 derpa <CityGirl> chicken booty? no. totally cute
1202 DeliriumTremens <derpa> wcchandler: i understood one word of that... box
1201 jennn <DeliriumTremens> nipples as puffy as cumulonimbi
1200 DeliriumTremens <work|endearing> one time a lady farted next to me and I didn't even smirk
1199 DeliriumTremens <work|endearing> it's kind of like if a naked mole rat were mixed with uncle from jackie chan adventures
1198 funkyb <kitkatkaytee> Such... whores.
1197 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> my arms get tired before I have trouble getting it up again
1196 Chankster^ <soupmeister> weinr is now the official spelling
1195 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> I had a black felt hat and everything. I was so cool.
1194 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> you dip your pee in it i think
1193 dolemite8 <memmek2k> ...why is that colon red?
1191 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> fuck IE so hard
1190 lacri|work <derpa> fine.... for buildup = legos during sex
1189 memmek2k <entangledphoton_> I would be really interested to see endearingnoises' patronus.
1188 derpa <DeliriumTremens> one douchebag with an epipe is more than enough for this group of people
1187 memmek2k <entangledphoton_> Shouldn't we be swimming in penis by now?
1186 lacri|work <Primesauce> I'm morally flexible, does that count?
1185 lacri|work <work|endearing> my penis is insidious
1184 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> well i already want a lot of meat in my mouth
1183 DeliriumTremens <Chank> DT IS MY HERO
1182 DeliriumTremens <dolemite8> if it's got "Kum" in it, it's got to be good
1181 derpa <soupmeister> entangledphoton_: Your nipples are always so pink.
1180 soupmeister <DeliriumTremens> lol nut butter
1179 dolemite8 <entangledphoton_> Unfortunately for them, high altitude climbers would have the best chance of staying conscious in a room where the air supply is provided purely by farts.
1178 dolemite8 <DrDinosaur> My general philosophy on life is that a significantly larger proportion of the human race needs to be on fire than our current state.
1177 derpa <misspwn> i pooped out a gerbil once
1176 derpa <soupmeister> No, misspwn, you're a fag.
1175 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> i'm a legit gay
1174 CityGirl <derpa> i need to murder a hooker
1173 Chank <derpa> DeliriumTremens: and before you know it, you're watching cougar town and drinking 8 bottles of wine per week.
1172 derpa <DeliriumTremens> The Soggy Grundle isn't going to moisten itself!
1171 derpa <dolemite8> Golden Girls Gone Wild
1170 DeliriumTremens <wcchandler> i find a lot of things arousing
1169 doctorsound <DeliriumTremens> Same reason some people want penises in their butts. Preference.
1168 baslisks|work <breakdancingcat> i toss my own salad every day
1167 lacrimosus <CityGirl> pants are for suckers
1166 lacrimosus <baslisks> fact: the milky way contains all known psychopaths.
1165 DeliriumTremens <entangledphoton_> Come camping with us and I promise you showers of gold
1164 DeliriumTremens <Merlin00> when you feel another dude's boner in your back, that can't be a good deal
1163 DeliriumTremens <dolemite8> ain't no bagel like an everything bagel cuz a everything bagel has everything
1162 derpa <memmek2k> heh, grabbing boners.
1161 memmek2k <axe9|work> I was getting boners around 10 years old
1160 entangledphoton <crittercam> See hot pussy prancing on keyboards today!
1159 lacri|work <entangledphoton> I can't wait for Journey to the Center of the TARDIS
1158 bundtkate <DeliriumTremens> you accidentally an orifice
1157 doctorsound|work <Katty> entangledphoton: naga please
1156 DeliriumTremens <doctorsound|work> My sperm is so fertile, no IUD will stop it.
1154 DeliriumTremens <doctorsound|work> Visiting any other gas station is like literally being sent to Auschwitz.
1153 funkyb <CheeseMonkies> IN YO BUTT
1152 Pb_ft <memmek2k> lacrimosus: you've been missing out. Primesauce smells gooood
1151 DeliriumTremens <derpa> your mom wouldn't even fit inside a baseball field.
1150 lacrimosus <DeliriumTremens> my penis is the superior race
1149 lacrimosus <DrDinosaur> A stash of nanners is what we call it when endearingnoises, ep_net, and I hang out.
1148 lacrimosus <Camerongoogly> To level up your whoriness, you must gain (s)EXP
1147 ||cw <Pb_ft|work> I can fuck my bears just fine thanks
1146 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk_> bacon homework doing bacon homework
1145 Pb_ft|work <||cw> ha! i'm so old my grundle could break your foot
1144 Chankster^ <Pb_ft|work> hmm... obvious grab is obvious
1143 lacrimosus <Primesauce> But Jews have all the jewtrients I need!
1142 lacri|work <Primesauce> I'm going to beat you up with blues jitsu
1141 Chank <work|endearing> "I'll make a man out of you" is what I listen to when I've masturbated too many times earlier that day and I'm close to finishing again but it hurts
1140 memmek2k <Pb_ft|work> that's why you don't hold the paddle in your asschecks spotwork
1139 DeliriumTremens <work|endearing> I would love a pube donut
1138 Chank <kitaktkitty> I mean, next thing you'll know, people will be marrying animals.
1137 soupmeister <crittercam> Want to watch the birds and the bees?
1136 funkyb <CityGirl> "I'm interested in the post bachelorette degree in medicine." NOU
1135 derpa <CityGirl> my ass super hurts
1134 lacri|work <crittercam> Can this sexy mongoose conquer your snake? Find out at
1133 lacri|work <crittercam> See what THIS squirrel is willing to do to get a nut in it's mouth!
1131 bundtkate <DeliriumTremens> I have three headed sperm
1130 derpa <DeliriumTremens> i had to smell to make sure it wasnt piss
1129 DeliriumTremens <derpa> funkyb you need gay practice. DrDinosaur gives lessons
1128 derpa <work|endearing> would you say she's been... eaten out?
1127 lacri|work <work|endearing> I am the ingrown toenail on the foot of evil
1126 DeliriumTremens <soupmeister> Balls on Jennn A new fragrance from Endearing Smells.
1125 derpa <soupmeister> I want to be naked with you work|endearing
1124 DeliriumTremens <spotwork> I gave her the ole salt spray
1123 DeliriumTremens <CitySalty> my pants are all crunchy and stiff :(
1122 derpa <work|endearing> this old guy was all like, "you're supposed to roll it, not pack it you noob"
1121 DeliriumTremens <dolemite8> i once ate 2 footlong seafood delight subway subs in one sitting
1120 dolemite8 <crittercam> It's mating season, and wild young bucks are hunting for YOU
1119 dolemite8 <crittercam> Playful young pussies are waiting for you to make them purr at
1118 Pb_ft|work <archbot> [Chank] I think so, but I'm not sure. Ask John Lennon if it is.
1117 Tiroch <baslisks> Am I Demon and Knights of Caldonia have merged in my head
1116 lacrimosus <Primesauce> I like my women to be so skinny that they fall through normal toilet seats.
1115 Tiroch <crittercam> Want to know why they call it "fucking like bunnies"?
1114 Tiroch <crittercam> Find out the REAL meaning of spread eagle, at
1113 derpa <DeliriumTremens> YOU FUCKED IT UP DERPA
1112 DeliriumTremens <crittercam> These hot young birds are waiting for your seed.
1111 poisomikework <soupmeister> I dunno... the wafer is a pretty integral part of the Kitkat experience.
1110 CityGirl <derpa> Wangernumb!
1109 DeliriumTremens <crittercam> "Would you entreat on my backdoor," quoth the Raven "I'm a whore"
1108 Pb_ft|work <||cw> sometimes it takes me 3 days to do laundry because I go to sleep instead
1107 Pb_ft|work <crittercam> Have you ever wondered why they call them "box" turtles? Find out at
1106 dolemite8 <crittercam> See how many nuts these eager young hamsters can fit in their mouths.
1105 dolemite8 <crittercam> Young snakes looking to shed their skin just for you!
1104 dolemite8 <crittercam> Meet young horny chipmunks in your neck of the woods TONIGHT
1103 soupmeister <bundtkate> I assume returning from a meeting counts for re penising. >.>
1102 DeliriumTremens <crittercam> have you ever seen a young, tight bodied racoon fist herself?
1101 DeliriumTremens <crittercam> looking to see a sexy squirrel or rabbit do dirty things on cam?
1100 DeliriumTremens <crittercam> seriously... who doesn't like a good rimjob?
1099 crittercam <soupmeister> FUCKING COCKS
1098 dolemite8 <crittercam> nothing better than a hooker on a tuesday afternoon
1097 Tiroch <DeliriumTremens> TIL soupmeister prefers to do one big load
1096 lacri|work <DrDinosaur> The atheist diet contains a modest amount of baby meat.
1095 dolemite8 <DeliriumTremens> CityGirl: soupmeister cooked a can of hormel on a hot plate in his hotel room and gave himself a Jr. Tee Ball trophee and tells everyone he won a chili cookoff in Texas once.
1094 Katty <crittercam> http //
1093 Chank <crittercam> SLUTS! ALL OVER THE PLACE!
1091 dolemite8 <derpa> Cry cunt; and let slip the dogs of r/stl!
1090 DeliriumTremens <baslisks|work> but now you can fill it with your soggy grundle
1089 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> i hate you entangledphoton_
1088 soupmeister <derpa> you could have the jennn special: The blue waffle with discharge topping, that comes with a side of Burning Herp fries (tobasco covered home fries)
1087 dolemite8 <DeliriumTremens> I'll never see The Soggy Grundle off the ground ;_;
1086 DeliriumTremens <spotmonk> I was molested by the baby : (
1085 lacrimosus <baslisks|work> lesbian snow angels
1084 lacrimosus <ep_net> so drink gay instead!
1083 lacrimosus <Primesauce> Putting sugar in tea is as bad as putting jews in gas chambers. THAT'S HOW STRONGLY I FEEL ABOUT THIS!
1082 doctorsound <Camerononcall> If you made coat for keeping floozies warm, you could call it the floozy koozie.
1081 lacrimosus <DrDinosaur> "Oh no! The sky is falling! Run, Mr. Archeoptryx!"
1080 lacri|meeting <ep_net> well, stoners are queer bait
1079 derpa <ep_net> I don't need all these penises
1078 derpa <lacri|meeting> ep_net, you want 2 penises in you?
1077 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl> I was a total shithead.
1076 wcchandler <lacri|work> it's like ky jelly for your brain. it's like ky jelly for your mouth
1075 Chankster^ <entangledphoton> nobody actually likes air mattresses. I would rather sleep in a nest of blankets on the floor
1074 timotab <zero619> Actually I was planning on asking where one applies for the license to become a safe sexual outlet
1073 WhatIsAnArch <dolemite8> Birches ain't shit but oaks and hickorys
1072 DeliriumTremens <wcchandler> i'mma give myself a facial tonight, then.
1071 derpa <DeliriumTremens> i'm glad i cleaned up down there
1070 GaryEffingOak <WhatIsAnArch> One time I tried fisting a rhino. It was surprisingly easy.
1069 DeliriumTremens <misspwn> i could crack a watermelon in half with my leg muscles
1068 Pb_ft|work <CityGirl> I think an unseparated life from anyone is unhealthy
1067 derpa <DeliriumTremens> my butt cheeks hurt
1066 wcchandler <derpa> their dad was angry, but fuck that lazy bum
1065 bundtkate <wcchandler> i WANT THE D!!!!
1064 funkyb <derpa> Dude, satan is in my house. he killed my mom, and turned her into a bull
1063 lacri|work <entangledphoton> sharing whiskey is sharing love
1062 lacri|work <zero619> Baby squirrels and blowjobs for everyone!
1061 Katty <RonJonJovi> oh my god, I want that in me
1060 lacri|work <jennn> Honey, the pee would run down your leg and INTO your rubber boots.
1059 derpa <CityGirl|work> jennn squirts breast milk and pees on me
1058 DeliriumTremens <CityGirl|work> that's not a fight, that's a sex puddle
1057 DeliriumTremens <funcrimosus|work> entangledphoton likes the D
1056 DeliriumTremens <derpa> i baited you perfectly, queer
1055 funkyb <DeliriumTremens> maybe the miniature mexican in your stomach gets excited and starts jumping up and down firing pistols in the air, causing you to hiccup.
1054 Pb_ft|work <DrDinosaur> Belgian Underwear Never Did Taint Kate's Ass, Though. Eww.
1053 Pb_ft|work <jennn> pinch, pull, aim and shoot
1052 Chank <derpa> we're all just looking for someone to touch our genitals
1051 ||cw <wcchandler> do they make kegels for the butt?
1050 CityGirl <entangledphoton_> damn, I wanted to get the first penis in
1049 remstar <jennn> toys don't help me at all. I need an actual penis inside of me.
1048 justincase_ <wcchandler> yeah, I like everyone. everyone has something to bring to the table tits, dicks. Does it really matter late at night with the lights turned off?
1047 Chank <remstar> Primesauce: I love sluts! Sluts rock! It's just, you know, it's just gotta be the right slut, you know?
1046 derpa <wcchandler> i don't discriminate on genitalia.
1045 lacri|work <Primesauce> "Oh, baby. I want to be one of your wives and respect you as the head of the household."
1044 lacri|work <entangledphoton_> yep, every woman wants to bury her face in the tentacle love salad
1043 derpa <Katty> 1 finger down! 4 to go!
1042 doctorsound <Primesauce> I'll give you a "St. Louis" 2"
1041 Chankster^ <lacrimosus> I don't have boobs. why would you look at me?
1040 derpa <jennn> I got spoonfuls of discharge.
1039 timotab <funkyb> DeliriumTremens, loves the crack
1038 funkyb <Pb_ft|work> yaaay alcoholism
1037 DeliriumTremens <entangledphoton> i have some pi earrings somewhere
1036 funkyb <spotmonk> felchers: preventing pregnancy since 3000 bc
1035 funkyb <jennn> my chinese leaked onto my pants now I smell like a beefy chinaman.
1034 DeliriumTremens <wcchandler> DeliriumTremens: you're supposed to pull one off and swim with your men
1033 spif <entangledphoton> I sacrifice my flesh for bacon
1032 doctorsound|work <baslisks> I have both but someone was playing with my piercings and loosened a ball
1031 memmek2k <entangledphoton> Irish I were Korean!
1030 CityGirl <jennn> wcchandler I'll milk your asshole for you.
1029 DeliriumTremens <jennn> The "my vagina stinks you need to fix it" doesn't seem to get me anywhere with him.
1028 entangledphoton <DrDinosaur> St. Louis: Come for shitty pizza, stay because you have an STD and no one will love you anywhere else.
1027 funkyb <ricco> so friendly gropes at the grocery checkout are a no?
1026 CityGirl <lacrimosus> I love naked dick lifting pizza parties!
1025 doctorsound <DrDinosaur> June Jellyfish
1024 Chank <funkyb> 'Here's the deal, I'm not a hands on guy unless you need me to be. We're all big boys here. I don't really care what you work on, when you work, or how you like to approach problems. At the end of the day all that matters is are you helping to move the dial."
1023 derpa <entangledphoton_> I meant to say something about the petting before the wangs were grabbed
1022 derpa <entangledphoton_> I am so full of wangs I could have wangs coming out of both ends
1021 spif <lacri|work> goosing someone is sticking a finger up their bum
1020 axe9|work <lacri|work> you guys really don't get how hard I *actually* work to faking being this good at social interaction
1019 spif <entangledphoton_> I need to go get wangs!
1018 jennn <derpa> jennn screams her own name during sex
1017 DeliriumTremens <dolemite8> vaginas look like big red catcher's mitts
1016 lacri_work <entangledphoton_> jennn: I fluff bulls for interspecies porn shoots
1015 spif <jennn> You know we all come in here way to much when we are having an actual discussion about cock arms and whether or not they can be cocks.
1014 jennn <lacri_work> jennn is an excellent yeast receptacle.
1013 derpa <jennn> I beat derpa's mother!
1012 Pb_ft|work <entangledphoton_> jennn pretty sure there is just a huge gap in the sheet. That's how we know it's you
1011 spif <entangledphoton_> there are always whore moans around here
1010 spif <derpa> she's never beat me off. then again, i've never paid her the 2 dollars for it either
1009 derpa <axe9|work> How'd ya pull it?
1008 dolemite8 <derpa> little known fact: The Janito is a drink much like a mojito, but sold solely to janitors
1007 Pb_ft|work <derpa> looks like i'm pleasuring an elephant, and doing the helicopter at the same time
1006 DeliriumTremens <derpa> kitkatkaytee: is that where you went after my thing?
1005 spif <Epistatic> don't worry, the worst it could do is make you schizophrenic and drive you insane
1004 memmek2k <lacri|work_> CityGirl always gets all the penis
1003 lacri|work_ <entangledphoton_> I love artists! They make really pretty drawings in the foam of my latte
1002 poisomike87 <jennn> J Lube is a good use. Used on farms for birthing animals. However, if you get the powder mix is very stringy. Not sure I want that in my vagina but the gays swear by it.
1001 spif <Muskett> lots of people have 'deduced ethics from pure logic'. Amazingly, all of those ethics looked exactly like the ethics they had going in
1000 entangledphoton_ <lacri|work_> til ep_net is actually your wifi enabled penis?
999 lacri|work <DrDinosaur> Do you think that people who get off on pain are jealous of people with fibromyalgia?
998 spif <ep_net> I'd bang her if she like bought me an iphone or something
997 soupmeister <Camerongoogly> i tried to show what happens when someone gets Iced and the crotch of my jeans couldn't take it
996 Pb_ft <doctorsound> It's like the nyquil challenge. Polish off a bottle and see if you can crank one out before you pass out.
995 spif <doctorsound> no, dudes jerking off on trainsets
994 spif <DrDinosaur> The human body is a disgusting pile of organs and bacteria. It is not beauty.
993 timotab <lacrimosus> I'm sure it would have been both direct, and as a result indirect nudity of others?
992 timotab <lacrimosus> no, my underwear are attached to my body like barbie, doctorsound
991 lacrimosus <Pb_ft|work> girl knows how to handle a bat'leth
990 lacrimosusholic <Primesauce> lacrimosusholic, how many times are you going to fondle me before you just admit your love for me and we have crazy, disappointing monkey sex?
989 Pb_ft <lacrimosusholic> cause we don't already have enough guys around here looking to get pegged [
988 Pb_ft <Jimmy> shit, i'm here 5 minutes and you have me pegged
987 Pb_ft|work <derpa> Pb_ft|work: is so white, plantation owners would be his slaves
986 drewn3zzzz <Evin> I'm a reasonable assassin. I can't just go axing people professionally without a return on investment.
985 spif <CheeseMonkies> groping is one thing, naked dicks are another.
984 spif <lacri|work> I refuse to have a good time
983 derpa <GaryEffingOak> cocks are the best
982 dolemite8 <axe9|work2> She orgasmed so hard she dislocated her toe once... that was kinda... awesome
981 spif <derpa> i'd have sex with Evin if he paid me. i'm too good to give it away for free. even a nice dinner and a beer would do
980 lacri|work <entangledphoton_> ||cw: could mix them together. "Sheep for dilithium!"
979 Chankster^ <Pb_ft> Don't quote me
978 Chank <Evin> I'd rather be a cat then a ryan.
977 lacri|work <Evin> it sounds like the post enema discharge from some rigid redheaded highlander.
976 spif <Ryxeria> I would rather do 20 rectal exams than touch Primesauce
975 lacrimosus <Primesauce> You're a falafel ball.
974 GaryEffingOak <jennn> lacri|work Just give the penis the ole sniff test first.
973 GaryEffingOak <lacri|work> quit grabbing me you jerks
972 spif <lacri|work> I dunno, most of the time it's kind of hard to work in "have you washed this thing recently" before giving a bj...
971 spif <CitizenKane> Not that I suck dick, but if I did I don't think I would ever suck an unwashed one
970 axe9|work <entangledphoton_> Who doesn't wash their dick? I soap that guy up even if the rest of me is gonna stay dirty. It's just polite
969 CitizenKane <jennn> That's why I have a nose clip I constantly keep hanging around my neck. Unwashed dick doesn't taste as bad if you can't smell it.
968 Pb_ft|work <memmek2k> I really think windows 8 should have been sold as "windows for tablets if you have anything else this operating system will do strange things"
967 DeliriumTremens <jennn> my pussy can be pussy too though
966 spif <CityGirl> every time I step away, I come back and the room is full of gay sex
965 spif <jennn> As long as the balls don't touch it's not gay.
964 jennn <GaryEffingOak> gay chicken just turns gay when i'm involed
963 spif <bundtkate> But I'm not eating me, so it's ok. If I ever consider auto cannibalism tho, I'll make sure to skin myself before eating myself. Y'know, to get rid of membranes.
962 poisomike87 <catwrangler> to an extent, then they just start molesting furniture and attaking invisible birds.
961 Chank <entangledphoton_> I always shit out whole cookies in oblong form
960 spif <spotmonk> I need a toilet computer chair
959 memmek|nix <lacrimosus> I fucked a mermaaaaaaid!
958 CityGirl <baslisks|work> I wish I could fuck around too but I cannot
957 Pb_ft|work <misspwn> i got pickle whipped
956 jennn <kitkatkaytee> jennn: This is why soupmeister is such a brat. You raised him all wrong!
955 CitizenKane <jennn> A turkey baster is not enough. I need all the sperms!
954 axe9|work <Evin> then you could call it jew chew
953 memmek2k <Pb_ft|work> lacri|work is the jewciest.*
952 Pb_ft|away <soupmeister> Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Evin, the illiterate writer!
951 lacri|work <soupmeister> I forgot where I was for a second and just said "I'm going to kick her in the cunt" to one of my coworkers.
950 derpa <Evin> Are we talking about your tent or your butthole?
949 lacri|work <derpa> i just want my chicks to be old enough to drive themselves to the seedy motel
948 derpa <Pb_ft|work> didn't realize that they were that big, ||cw
947 derpa <spotmonk> I always set the bar low. If I sleep with a girl and she doesn't say "you're not as small as you led me to believe" than I haven't done my job
946 timotab <rikkitikki> jennn never wants to fist me (
945 jennn <CityGirl> I would totally give it to you jennn
944 poisomikework <baslisks> fuck you took my shit
943 poisomikework <baslisks> but you can't pick your friends nose
942 Pb_ft|work <jennn> Jesus, are we still talking about math?
941 lacri_work <derpa> yeah, he's black from the waist down. which means he's good at running from police
940 doctorsound|work <lacri|work> punk is silly. it revolves around being homeless and dirty, and peeing on the streets..
939 doctorsound|work <TheGodComplex> TIL flava flav is steamcrunk
938 spif <CityGirl> I also like asshole
937 lacri|work <Cuddlesauce> I hate everything white.
936 memmek2k <entangledphoton> And I am for beating the fuck out of children
935 spotmonk <jennn> Nice balls are easier to lick.
934 derpa <jennn> An enema would help with that
933 derpa <lacri|work> Primesauce, you always come first
932 lacri|work <baslisks> he just likes sucking robot coks
931 spif <baslisks> I would hose them down before I fucked them
930 poisomike87 <derpa> Participates By Feeling Taints
929 lacri|work <Evin> why would you bring pee into a butthole? Because you can, that's why.
928 ||cw <Primesauce> Aww, yeah. Put your tower in axe9|work's trunk.
927 Chankster^ <TheGlobComplex> I look at the kinsey scale while I jerk off.
926 Chank <axe9|work> Evin: I have no qualms either, I'll hit a women first if it looks like she's going to hit me hard enough to reduce my ability to defend myself.
925 spif <jennn> and you palmed my crotch you bastard!
924 Evin <baslisks> don't have to get naked to beat the shit out of someone and call them names
923 girkabob <jennn> You people and your strange ideas are really rather quite alarming sometimes and creep me the fuck out.
922 girkabob <Camerongoogly> the landing is funny because of all the women walking around in heels on the cobblestones like baby giraffes
921 axe9|work <derpa> Penis Belongs Fully Torqued
920 lacrimosus <Primesauce> How can I love a woman that I haven't shared with entangledphoton?
919 DrDinosaur <axe9|work> YEAH BITCH! SWALLOW MY NOOBS! ALL OF THEM!
918 lacri|work <baslisks|work> my penis is a performance device
917 axe9|work <CityGirl> bundtkate, but we're dating, I thought we shared our feels and memories?
916 lacri|work <derpa> 9 out of 10 people enjoy gangrape
915 lacri|work <Primesauce|phone> Ankylosaurus is the best dinosaur. There is no need for discussion.
914 dolemite8 <DrDinosaur> I don't pee in a girl's butt until the third date! Because I'm a fucking gentleman!
913 axe9|work <timotab> English women lactate tea
912 doctorsound <baslisks|work> bbsdm
911 lacri|work <derpa> dongleweights the new product from bowflex
910 entangledphoton_ <memmek2k> lacri|work: I guarantee my mom is not enough to satisfy your needs
909 Pb_ft|work <baslisks|work> hands, knees, discarded bandaids, and probably penetration
908 lacri|work <entangledphoton_> My idea date involves ribs and sex
907 memmek2k <jennn> just stick it in dry please
906 TheBroChad <Ryxeria> I dunno, the cervix is just shinier than I expect
905 lacri|work <Primesauce> My lap is the best place for activities
903 soupmeister <derpa> i have moody coloreds. they change my tires.
902 timotab <baslisks> I have no one to play with but myself
901 Chank <TheBroChad> I am such an ass
900 timotab <baslisks> that just sounds like I have a large sack
899 lacri|work_ <derpa> transexuals watching Saw movies?
898 spif <DrDinosaur> That means my total ball sucking roll was actually 25! doctorsound_'s balls are sucked so goos!
897 lacri|work_ <El Dubb> my rim job modifier is extremely high
896 lacri|work_ <DrDinosaur> Ball sucking is not a class skill, though, so it's such a point drain to get the modifier that high!
895 doctorsound|work <bundtkate> I mean, so far as Africa goes.
894 jennn <doctorsound|work> Unfortunately I am not available at the time for IUD testing...
893 derpa <CityGirl> My uterus is up for grabs if anyone needs one.
892 funkyb <jennn> yeah my periods look like this, just bloody sfw http //
891 spif <doctorsound|work> It's how you get the red wings by mistake
890 spif <jennn> When wearing tampons does the string get caught up between your butt cheeks and rub your anus in an annoying way?
889 rikkitikki <jennn> What the hell am I going to do with a box of dicks?
888 jennn <memmek2k> I think I'll take the hose
887 DeliriumTremens <soupmeister> It's because we have to haul around our massive schlongs all day.
886 lacri|work <soupmeister> I am an unabashed couch fucker.
885 lacri|work <DrDinosaur> lacri|work, I would look sexy as Hitler.
884 timotab <Ryxeria> always with teh huge cocks
883 timotab <CityGirlStudy> lacri, that beaver gets all the wood!
882 jennn <Primesauce> I call dibs on spotmonk's ass. I think it's probably cleaner than his mouth.
881 spif <jennn> don't use saran wrap, not worth it. I need to apologize to that girl next time I see her,
880 asimplefreak <jennn> You have lovely boobs. I want them. On me.
879 derpa <soup|work> I WANT NUTS
878 memmek|work <rikkitikki> El Dubb: No, I want all three of my dicks circumcised.
877 rikkitikki <El Dubb> so much fapping going on in here
876 lacri|work <El Dubb> to treat a vagina well is to become one with it and it's workings. You've gotta put in some hard work, be attentive, and do your homework.
875 entangledphoton_ <lacri|work> it's only weird and awkward if you don't like penii
874 spif <memmek|work> YOU'RE A WEIRD AWKARD BULGE
873 lacri|work <sewpmeister> Dealing with vaginas for men is like most people on a train. Sure, we can ride them without hurting too many people, but when it comes to driving and maintenance, there would be blood everywhere.
872 spif <rikkitikki> And it was only obvious after the pants were off
871 spif <El Dubb> I don't know how y'all deal with a vag. Those things are complex as hell
870 TheGodComplex <nodeath> I thought I would need a backcountry permit to go in there
869 lacri|work <entangledphoton_> Brits also have excellent foreskin control. I once saw sewpmeister open a beer with his.
868 derpa <entangledphoton_> Things go bad quick in derpa's bed
867 DeliriumTremens <derpa> I have to pack a lunch and a canteen to go from one side of your mom to the other.
866 lacri|work <derpa> tell them it gave you ass whiplash
865 TheGodComplex <willisnutz43> I'M SECRETLY GAY!
864 poisomike87 <lacrimosus> entangledphoton_, you gots a perty mouth, I bet they'd be worth at least 3.50
863 poisomike87 <kitkatkaytee> entangledphoton_: :(
862 memmek|work <jennn> I'd rather shove these up my ass to dissolve than in my mouth.
861 derpa <jennn> I let people get into me all the time. Sometimes without lube even.
860 TheGodComplex <monkers> i do not 'fuck dead people'
859 lacrimosus <Primesauce> I'm going to sit on El Dubb's lap while we watch porn together.
858 lacrimosus <dolemite8> mandalorians are bangalorians teeming with mitichlorians
857 timotab <CityGirl> TIL that if you stand in front of the elevator, but don't push the call button...your chances of getting an elevator are SiGNIFICANTLY reduced.
856 derpa <jennn> My penis is bigger than all of yours. And blacker than el Dubb's.
855 drewn3ss <jennn> I have pastry puff nipples. Puffy and flaky.
854 derpa <jennn> And for your information, my vaginal discharge hasn't made anybody vomit. Yet.
853 Chank <sewpmeister> jennn: Let me put this in a language you'll understand: "The effect of jennn's vaginal discharge affected Ben Affleck so much, he vomited then immediately committed suicide."
852 timotab <lacrimosus> apparently baslisks has had 5 sheep?